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Cabelas 7 and 1 Cooker Smoker Smoked BBQ Pork Loin
He I will be cooking pork loin and going threw the steps of the Cabelas 7-1 smoker.
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Leather Pouch Fire Kit Altoids Bushcraft EDC Patriot Leather Company
Leather Pouch Fire Kit Altoids Bushcraft EDC Survival The maker on this EDC Survival Pouch is made by Patriot Leather Company. This will hold a small fixed blade like the ESEE Izula, the ESEE Candiru or the BK-13. patriotleatherco.com/
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https://campmaid.com/ CAMPMAID OUTDOOR COOKOUT GRILL SET WITH A 12" DUTCH OVEN A (6PC) KIT. We will have a cooking video up soon using the CAMPMAID. This is the Swiss Army Knife of Grills! This is a good for camping,tailgating,scouting,backyard,beach,survival,parks,homestead or even in a Electrical Power Outage
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Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven Review Camping
Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven Review Camping This oven is perfect for the camp or a poweroutage. We have many of videos with us cooking on this over the last 3 years.
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Bullet Lanyards DIY 40 Caliber
Bullet Lanyard DIY done on my Hornady Lock-N-Load AP reloader. The price is $10 with free shipping Paypal only. Send threw payapal use the option Friends and family only. Pm me and I will set you up with all the info. or if you have any Questions. The money is going to our sons Wrestling tourments. Thanks Justin and Jana
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ESEE Knife Family Collection
Here it is guys the whole ESEE collection and yes I have got a few new ones just other colors.
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Silver Bullet Bullion And Silver Proof Ingot Precious Metals
Happy Anniversary Gifts Silver Bullet Bullion And Silver Proof Ingot Precious Metals
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ESEE Knives Camp Lore PR4 Rewiew & Field Testing
Watch the whole video on the ESEE PR4 https://eseeknives.com/ To buy this knife see Dale at https://www.theknifeconnection.net/ All our Camplore Knives have a 90* spine. The ESEE Knives Camp-Lore PR4 is a no nonsense, hardworking fixed blade bushcraft/field knife. When it comes to outdoor chores, sometimes simple and straightforward is the best approach. The ESEE Camp-Lore PR4 is Patrick Rollins' version of Horace Kephart's classic design. The original prototype was made by James Gibson and tested extensively by Patrick during survival classes, off-trail backpacking, hiking and camping.
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Condor Tool & Knife Bow Drill Socket And Bow Drill Testing With The Matt Graham Socket
Bow Drill Fire and Review with the Condor Tool & Knife Bow Drill Socket The Matt Graham Socket. This is a excellent feeling socket with a good spin. Watch the whole video to catch the demo. The wood came from one of my job sites. Also Basswood is good wood for hand carving/Whittling spoons etc.
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5 Bushcraft Gear Tool Picks Tagged
This is total up to you if you want to publish a video. Be sure to tag 5 others if you make a video. Do not leave it open tags are meant to promote other channels. Check out all the channels. Nate Buker https://www.youtube.com/user/alternaN8 I have tagged: 1 Kevin's Adventures https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2dCEKi8nTWOkcpShY6NKsQ 2 Edgewood Outdoors https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf7nzqNdqIGlpfRY3Qer6HQ 3 SurvivorMetalMan https://www.youtube.com/user/torrenism 4 HighCarbonSteel Love https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJqVLG7aWB_ABI56TVuglYA 5 IntenseAngler https://www.youtube.com/user/intenseangler
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Cabela's Premium Vacuum Sealer Lobster & Steak Testing
Cabela's Preservac Premium Vacuum Sealer is designed with 110-volt AC and 12-volt DC capabilities that works quickly for fast results at home or in the field. Water-resistant control panel and built-in bag-roll storage with bag cutter make this sealer ideal for traveling. Easy lock-and-latch system with eight preset intelligent functions take all the guesswork out of the sealing process. Angled vacuum chamber prevents liquid from entering the pump. Includes 10-ft. 12-volt DC car power adapter, 110-volt AC wall adapter, canister port, vacuum tube, padded carry case and 10'L x 11"W vacuum bag roll. 16"L x 7-1/2"W x 3"H. Wt.: 3.4 lbs. Regular Price: $189.99
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GSI Outdoors Crossover utensils Kitchen Kit
Kit includes Pivot tongs, Pivot spoon, Pivot spatula, scraper, scrubby pad, cutting board, spicer, soap bottle, oil bottle, camp towel and a storage tote •Innovative Pivot tools rotate from stored to working position quickly and easily; tools feature reinforced handles that won't flop around •Pivot spoon includes gradations to make measuring for recipes a snap; Pivot tongs are well suited for serving salads and grabbing hot dogs off the grill •Pivot spatula features tapered edges and a serrated cutting edge to make frying, flipping and serving simple •Waterproof spice holder features 4 compartments and is easy to refill; clear copolyester resin body is lightweight and strong •Slice and dice in the backcountry with the ultralight cutting board •Use the included scraper to get your nonstick pots and pants clean; flexible rubber end helps serve up the last bits of food; hard plastic end scrapes stubborn food •2 squeeze bottles can be used to hold cooking oil and dish soap •Scrubby pad makes cleaning quick and easy •Use the included camp towel to dry your dishes •All components of the GSI Crossover Kitchen kit fit in the lightweight tote so you can stay organized; tote features separate wet and dry compartments
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Vegetable garden of 2012  growing huge vegetables
Vegetable garden of 2012. Huge crops you must see. More videos coming soon.
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Silky Bigboy 2000 Folding Tree Saw Demo Review
This is one saw that gets the job done. It went threw the tree log like know tomorrow. And it will fit in the back pocket of some tactical pants/shorts. Also it will fit nice into any gear bag. This saw is a outstanding saw that Preformers well in the field.
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GUNS AND RIFLES BLOW EM UP FOR BOOBIES TANNERITE SHOOT 2013 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month "go pink for october" Enjoy the shoot! ww5.komen.org
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Maya Dust Fatwood Pine Sap Fire Starter Cup Cakes DIY Bushcraft
Watch the whole process of the Maya Dust Fatwood Pine Sap Fire Starter Cup Cakes DIY Bushcraft. Thanks for the tip John on using the pencil sharpener and drill on my Fatwwod/ Maya Dust i have been using it for years know. the mi woodsman https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwv6BWWcQuMTcPTOIfPJxBQ
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Rocket Stove Grilling Sausage First Cook Survival Stove
First cook with the ammo can rocket stove outdoor grilling on the survival stove. We decided to grill beer brats and made a day or it along with a few ice cool drinks Cheers. Be sure to check out the full review i did on the AMMO CAN ROCKET STOVE. Smash the bell and the subscribe button.
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Camping Cooking On The Camp Chef Oven Outdoor breakfast
Here we have a series of videos stay tuned to catch them all. Here we cooking some breakfast on the Camp Chef oven. A review to follow on this oven soon.
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In this video i will be testing and reviewing the Gobspark firesteel alone with there fiber light fire starter. Be sure to check out there link for all your firestarting needs. http://firesteel.com
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ESEE Knife Collection Update Survival
ESEE Knife Collection Update Survival
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- SOREL Bear Extreme (XT) cold weather boots - Fully waterproof - Comfort rated to -60F/-51.5C!!
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DPx Gear Survival Knives Warehouse Tour
When in San Diego our son Graduated for the USMC and we happened to get a invite to the DPx Gear warehouse. Check them out at https://www.dpxgear.com
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Pathfinder Canteen Cooking Kit Set
Here is a first look at the Pathfinder/self reliance outfitters Canteen Cooking Kit Set Review. https://www.selfrelianceoutfitters.com/products/gen2-pathfinder-stainless-steel-canteen-cooking-set
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Ontario Knife Company RAT 7 The Knife Connection TKC Review
Today we will be reviewing the Ontario RAT-7 from Ontario Knife Company along with the knife connection accessories and there Knife Builder kits. The knife features a comfortable TKC handle which provides a terrific grip and the 1095 carbon steel blade is razor sharp from the factory. The Kydex TKC Sheath is a must it works well with this knife along with the knife connection accessories. This knife is suitable for everything from tactical missions to Survival , camping , bushcraft or hunting. I recommend and buying knives and gear from TKC. I hope this helps you out and saves you some money! https://www.theknifeconnection.net/
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CanCooker Jr. Campfire Cooking Shrimp Sausage vegetables Camping
We will be useing the Can Cooker at this camp a few more times this week. Watch our Camping series and stay tuned to our channel to see the desert we cook in the Can Cooker. The CanCooker Jr. holds 1.5 gallons of food and it will feed between 6 people when it is filled
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Ruger LC9 range time out in the desert
Jana out getting some range time!
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Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak Tent 12x20 Camping Review
Today we will be reviewing the Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak tent. My wife and me will be glamping in this tent. And when i say Glamping i mean it. Wait tell you see the inside of this tent and our set up.
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Fatwood The Best Tree Source Ever
This tree was struck by lighting you will never see this ever well maybe some have. The Fatwood is 100% in the whole branch i got.
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Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak  Tent Review
Today we will be reviewing the Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak now i just reviewed the 12x20 last month so be sure to check that video out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1v_Jl0HIdo
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Campfire Brownies With Seth McGinn's CanCooker Camping
Open fire Cooking. Here we our trying out our first Dessert with the Seth McGinn's CanCooker. The Campfire Brownies turned out so well watch the whole video to get a real good idea on how well the CanCooker works. Be sure to check out our series of videos from this camping trip. Thanks for watching Survival Mindset
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Unboxing John Capps kicked in the door and yelled make fire
John capps channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMarlin883 For sale videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qujXF-ea9HU medium flat rate box shipping $34 Nathan4071 channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuxRgH1Jenk Fatwood, also known as "fat lighter," "lighter wood," "rich lighter," "pine knot," "lighter knot," "heart pine" or lighter, is derived from the heartwood of pine trees. This resin-impregnated heartwood becomes hard and rot-resistant. The stump (and tap root) left in the ground after a tree has fallen or has been cut is an excellent source of fatwood. Other locations, such as the joints where limbs intersect the trunk, can also be harvested. Although most resinous pines can produce fatwood, in the southeastern United States the wood is commonly associated with longleaf pine (Pinus palustris), which historically was highly valued for its high pitch production.
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ESEE Lite Knife Machete
Watch the whole video! This machete will be used to cut through the undergrowth and bush. It is common to use machetes for other jobs, such as splitting and opening coconuts, yard work, and clearing brush. Or just getting threw a thick jungle. It works well with cutting melons.
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Ruger LC9 out of the box on the range
Short video on the LC9 right out of the box. I will be doing a full review soon.
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TOPS Knives El Chete Chopping Demonstration With The Beast
Part 1 Today i took the TOPS Knives El Chete out into the woods. My video that will follow this one is of me taking down a tree with the TOPS Knives El Chete. I did a review in the begaining of the summer when this one first came out. Get a axe no get a TOPS Knives El Chete. Pure destruction one amazing tool. http://knifenews.com/best-new-outdoor-fixed-blade-2017/
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Ferro Rod Mail Call Nathan 4071 ferrocerium rod
Contact Nathan4071 for your ferrocerium rod needs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWd3jXgjGouxQ8JM6swtlQQ
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Camp Chef Dutch Oven Turkey Breast Outdoor Fire Pit Apple Honey Glazed Turkey
Campfire Cooking on the Camp Chef Dutch Oven this is the limited editing Yosemite dutch oven. Today we are cooking a Turkey Breast soaked in Apple's with a Honey Glazeing the Turkey was cooked so well Yummy! Cut apple's and use them for a trivet inside the dutch oven. You can always use them for a desert afterwards. Rub the turkey breast inside and out with butter. Generously sprinkle salt and pepper garlic all over. We injected this Turkey breast with melted butter apple juice and honey to kick it up a notch. Cook until the skin is dark golden brown on all sides sit down and enjoy. www.campchef.com
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Cabelas Smoker Barbecue Baby Back Ribs
Cabelas Smoker Barbecue Baby Back Ribs Cabela's Premium Powder Coated 7-in-1 Cooker/Smoker It is a gas and charcoal smoker, gas and charcoal grill, camp stove, deep fryer and seafood boiler in one unit 45,000-BTU burner fires up with a simple push of a Piezo ignition system Split-body design for easy access Cabela's Premium 7-in-1 Smoker/Cooker will meet all your outdoor cooking, smoking and barbecuing needs. Features a Green weatherproof, porcelain finish. Combines gas smoker, charcoal smoker, gas grill, charcoal grill, camp stove, deep fryer and seafood boiler into a single unit. The 19" LP gas cooker with hose, regulator and 45,000-BTU burner fires up with a simple push of a Piezo ignition system. Dome-mounted heat indicator helps you regulate the heat as needed for efficient, even cooking. Two porcelain-coated cooking racks let you cook up to 50 lbs. of meat on two cooking levels. Deep, 10-1/2-qt. fryer/boiling pot and perforated basket included. Split-body design for easy access. Drop-in stainless wood access door. Cooker features a sturdy, rugged tripod stand that takes up little room on your porch or patio. DWilhoite Ky Guns & Fun! https://www.youtube.com/user/dwilhoite
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Gun Range Shooting Trip My Wife And 3 Glocks
Shooting AR 500 steel out in the desert! Please click like and share this video thanks!
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USMC Care Package For Our Son Semper Fidelis
My wife packing our son a care package USMC
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COLEMAN TUCANA TENT 16' x 10' WITH HINGED DOOR COLEMAN TUCANA 8-PERSON FAMILY TENT REVIEW a home-away-from-home with this Tucana" tent by Coleman Model: 9277-161
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GIVEAWAY WHO IS THE WINNER TO MY 500th YOUTUBE VIDEO POST PM me your address Nichole lakeerieprepper Congrats. Stay tuned to the channel for up and coming Giveaways. Subscribe and click the notification bell to be notified on all my videos i post.
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Glock 35 hot gun casing down the shirt
A Glock 35 out in the NV. desert. The calibar is .40 this place is the real deal for target shooting.
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CAST IRON WEDNESDAY DUTCH OVEN CHILE OPEN FIRE PIT Pull up a chair around the fire pit and join us. Today we will be doing some backyard cooking after a long day of chopping firewood. Take advantage of my discount promo code. My code will save you money at CampMaid. To get 20% off use my name Justin https://campmaid.com/
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ESEE Knives Apparel New For 2017
ESEE PVC patch, Velcro backed. 2 3/4 x 1 3/4 T-SHIRT FATIGUE GREEN https://eseeknives.com/
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Cabelas Smoker Apple Honey Smoked Turkey Christmas Dinner
Apple Honey Smoked Turkey Christmas Dinner! Cooked on the Cabelas 7 and 1 Cooker Smoker Smoked BBQ
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Maxpedition Water Bottle Holder 12 x 5
We finish our bags with a triple coat of polyurethane for water resistance and add a Final coat of dupont Teflon fabric Protector to repel the elements. Only the best components and designs are used • We Use complete YKK zippers and slides exclusively unlike our competitors who put YKK slides on generic zippers • We add Military grade Nylon webbing for straps, handles, and modular attachment points. Genuine Dura flex buckles and hardware add strength and functionality • Starting with large, unseamed panels of 1000 denier Nylon, we meticulously reinforce each stress point with composite thread. No unnecessary seams or polyester parts are used • The 12" x 5" Bottle Holder will hold a tall insulated container or a bottle of wine (750ml). •Main compartment: 12" high x 5" diameter, padded, with drainage grommet •Frontal: 7" x 4" x 1.5" with elastic retention •PALS attachment webbing: Front and sides •Attachment types: D-rings for optional shoulder strap, 5" TacTie (sold separately)
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Ray Mears Axe Bushcraft Scandinavian Forest Axe
Ray Mears Woodlore shop the UK's premier School of Wilderness Bushcraft. A smith at Gransfors Bruks has nothing to hide and he is proud of his professional standards. Forged by professional smiths made in Sweden
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Camp Chef Dutch Oven Table Camping Outdoor Review
We will be using the Camp Chef Dutch Oven Table in tomorrows video. Here is the review. https://www.campchef.com/camp-table-with-legs-32.html For the CampMaid COMPLETE OUTDOOR COOKING SYSTEM go here. https://campmaid.com/
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Fire Hose Work Pants Duluth Trading
Ever been confronted with an angry beaver? Those teeth are sharp! But they're no match for Fire Hose Work Pants. Take it from Mike L. in Virginia who welds U.S. Navy aircraft carriers for a living. "Tough, comfortable, the best pants I've found for constantly squatting, kneeling, plus crawling through metal dust and abrasives on the job." 11.5-oz. Fire Hose 100% cotton canvas makes them incredibly durable yet soft, with a prewashed, broken-in feel right out of the box. They repel water and stains, thanks to the FendOff™ fabric finish. Mid-leg utility pockets and back pockets have in-or-out tuckable pocket flaps with hook-and-loop closure. Staunch triple-stitched seams and an easy-moving fit.
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Tops Knives Pathfinder School Fixed Knife
This is a short review followed up with some testing on this knife. This one is a excellent EDC choice. Specifications O/A Length: 9 1/4" Blade Length: 4" Thickness: 3/16" Steel: 1095 High Carbon RC 56-58 Handle: "RMT" Black Linen Micarta Blade Color: Tactical Gray Sheath: Kydex Wieght w/ Sheath: 7.9oz Weight w/o Sheath: 10.6oz Made in USA
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