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Hayce lemsi one-one (female ver)
Mistake here , mistake there , je sais , mais c pas facile wallah loool 😂😂😂 big up a Hayce !!!
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Hoist the colors Cover -guitar chords (in the description)- Pirates of the caribbean
Hey guys i hope you like it , and you can try it too Here are the chords : Em , Am , Em ,B7 , Em
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2PAC changes guitar cover
#tupac #changes #acoustic #cover #rap
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Lacrim freestyle le 1er juin FEMALE VER (REMIX)
Un peu d RAP , on aime lacrim , meme les filles peuvent fair des covers lacrim !!
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Stay with me cover by merry
I am still learning to play guitar so i'm soooo sorry for my skills .. Hope you enjoy it ...
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Lacrim freestyle 1 er juin (ReMIX)
Cover lacrim freestyle
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Ed sheeran so cover by merry
I hope you enjoy it
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LiL wayne how to love cover
follow me on instagram for more covers 😘😘 @cafenus
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Kenny Wayne Shepherd's blue on black cover .
Follow me on instagram : @cafenus , for more covers 😘
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Bruno mars - It will rain (Cover)
Chords used : {v1} C,Em,C,Em,Dm,Am,Dm,G [chorus] F,G,Em,Am F,g,E7,Am,Dm,G
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Bruno Mars-talking to the moon (cover)
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