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Dread Journey Newcastle 34
Had 6 weeks break between re twists, might leave it now for 2 months I prefer it when dreads are a little bit bushier like this first clip, they seem to have more body in them. Merry Xmas to everyone 🎅🎅👻👻🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁
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Dread Journey Newcastle 44
I've started to use a different loctician now, not too sure if it's made that much of a difference to my locks, although I got told not to leave it too long in between retwists, & the last loctician (Thandi) told me every 2-3 months, my hair grows very quick, does anyone have any advice on how long they leave between retwists.
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Dread Journey Newcastle 36
Hello again, I know I said I was going to have acre twist fortnightly but time just isn't on my side these days, it's been about 4 weeks since my last one & I stress again if anyone can tell me how I can train these dreads to go to the back of my head & not the front, advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks again
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P.I.L. Rise.wmv
I've put this Video onto this Account as my other username no longer exists! Sorry about the music a it out of sync but it was a hot summers day in July & I had quite a few cans of Stella! That coupled with a day off caused chaos! Anyway ..........hope you like it!!
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Dread Journey Newcastle 29
I was pondering on the idea about getting my hair dyed blonde but got told too much bleaching would be involved.
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Dread Journey Newcastle 26
Come on people subscribe!!!! I need help in wondering if beeswax is going to be a good idea for me. First video Monday 9th June 21:51 before dying hair & washing it Second one Monday 9th 23:00 after washing & drying hair Third one Tuesday 10th 12:45pm morning after the wash Fourth One Tuesday June 10th 9:30 After retwisting
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Dread Journey Newcastle 47
Yo again peeps this video is a bit short because I used the same video to download on Instagram & you only have a minute. You can find me on Instagram Gazza_Williams1. Had to get quite a bit cut off, my hair grows so quick ! Don't know if I've regretted it or not I'm kinda liking the long hair lol.
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Dread Journey Newcastle 50
Been quite naughty! Nearly 10 weeks per retwist! Was seen by someone who retwisted in her own different way, still pleased with outcome. Will see you guys in another 3-6 months.
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Black Seed Oil
Hi, I'm hoping this stuff works, what I have just knocks your confidence to the ground. I know there's many a person in this world with a lot bigger problems then me, but I'm just trying to fix what I can fix. Any advice or comments will be appreciated. Gary
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Buddy budster vs Bella the baby !
Me two bro's
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Dread Journey Newcastle 28
10th July 2014 Re-Twist after 4 weeks of not seeing Thandi (Loctician) she also advised me that beeswax wasn't great for my hair because sooner or later I'd of got a big build up which would've turned into white bits! I got the equivalent of it though so maybe I can still leave it for another month, I'll Defo need one before 14th-15th August because Belfast here I come that weekend! I'll wait to see how long these ones start to re-form & then go from there. Hit the button to Subscribe please I'm getting no viewers !!!
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Dread Journey Newcastle 33
Hi all forgive the mistake of the dates, it was Thursday 16th October & Friday 17th October ok ? Was a very long day, enjoy & please don't forget to subscribe. Peace out Gazza
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Dread Journey Newcastle 14
At last, been done this could be the start of a new beginning Monday 20th January 2014
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Dread Journey Newcastle 45
Hi all its only been 2 months since last re twist i thought it was a lot longer, i actually prefer the dreads after a few months growth they look a lot more natural, I feel a bit balding at the top after every retwist. I'll probably see you guys in October or November I'll most probably leave it about 3 months until the next one. Thanks for watching & subscribing.
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Dread Journey Newcastle 39
Saturday 6th June, just can't believe how long they're getting, last retwist was a whole 6 weeks ago, still a little bit of Dye in there that I keep meaning to get rid of.
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Dread Journey Newcastle 23
Hi all there's 3 seperate clips on this one. 1st video Wednesday April 9th same day after getting it locked @ Maria's 2nd video Thursday April 24th same day after Thandi wasn't happy about the way hair was locked 3rd Video Saturday April 26th had to do another video because I put the WRONG video clip in lol! Hope it doesn't get boring for you guys !
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Dread Journey Newcastle 15
4th February & in dire need of a re twist which is getting done tomorrow !
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Dread Journey Newcastle 32
Thought I'd add a little bit of colour into me dreads this time, but quite honestly don't know what I think, at least I've got the option of going back to black, hopefully I'll get used to the new look in a week or two. I'm also a bit peeved that the majority of videos that are posted on here get loads of views bar mine!! 😢😢😢😢😱😱😱
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Dread Journey Newcastle 30
Sorry about the rant that I was pissed off about the maintenance of me dreads yadda yadda yadda was having a bad day lol!
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Dread Journey Newcastle 48
Greetings everyone, it's been about 6 months I think since I posted last video, I've had re-twists in between, I have to, because my hair grows really fast & the top of my head tends to look a little untidy & the hair on back of my head gets quite matty as well. I actually made this video about a week ago this Wednesday but just been busy with other stuff. I've had to limit it to 1 minute for the sake of Instagram, had an adapted you tube one, but it's been lost in space somewhere somehow! Lol. Hope you enjoy & looking forward to some of your comments. Gaz
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Dread Journey Newcastle 38
Hi 1 week has lapsed between videos. I prefer the dreads without the tips & ive just saw in my uploads that I've missed out no 36 or 37 !
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Dread Journey Newcastle 49
Not posted a video in quite a while as you can see from the dates. Today is 19/12/2017. I’ll catch up with you guys in a few months. Hit subscribe & like for me. Gary from England
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Dread Journey Newcastle 17
State of my Barnet man!
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Dread Journey Newcastle 51
Was back to my regular loctician this time, sorry about the shortness of the video, instagram only lets you upload 1 minute videos so can only do 2 x 30 seconds before & after videos. I’ll probably have a few more re-twists before I post again, don’t forget to like & subscribe thanks. Peace out & stay sexy!
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Dread Journey Newcastle 25
Hello hope all this is coming together I'm gonna' do my best not to see stylist for 3 weeks now, I quite like that natty dread look anyway to be honest. May 22nd 2014
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Dread Journey Newcastle 24
You'll have to excuse whatever that was on my left eye lol! Only noticed it when playing back post, hope you don't think it was sleepy eye because it wasn't! I was all washed, conditioned, moisturized, after shaved up & all ready to go lol! Peace!
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Dread Journey Newcastle 37
Hi all if I get tips done & front of hair plaited I'll upload a new one, also check out videos 16 plus roughly about 1 year ago, can't believe how much my hair grows ! Thanks for watching Peace 👍👍👍👍👍👍
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Dread Journey Newcastle 42
Very sorry about the short of breathness had indigestion, wasn't actually going to post this video but loctician tried something new on me & I quite liked it, me hairs not all over the place now lol
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Dread Journey Newcastle 21
I fused the 26th & 27th March together, that way it saves 2 videos. Hope you enjoy & subscribe
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Dread Journey Newcastle 22
Since been getting re twisted, it's only today that me hair has been locked! "T" has never washed my hair either & again for the first time in months it's also been washed as well, the dreads were slipping out & it's because all I was getting done to me hair was retwising! I now feel I could've been going to "T" for goodness knows how long only just to get re twisted, I'll see how dreads look in a few days now that they're locked in, hope this video doesn't go on for too long.
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Dread Journey Newcastle 5
The aftermath! Forgot to put the braid spray on in the morning so did it when I got back from gym.
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Dead Journey Newcastle 13
I'm going into this appointment without any expectations, I've already been into the salon, got there about 12:40, & got told that she's not in yet but she's normally a bit late! I was going to say "that's no surprise judging by the lack of communication we've had" but thought it best no to, so I'm back in the car waiting to go in again for 1pm
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Dread Journey Newcastle 2
Just a quick one a few hrs before me twists
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Dread Journey Newcastle 12
Maybe I was just not meant to have dreads
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Dread Journey Newcastle 10
This was after me hair was took out & before it was washed, it looks a little different after a good washing, it's not as straight as what you saw & remember, I didn't actually go & see barbers, it's the 19th November now !
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Dread Journey Newcastle 46
I actually thought it was longer since my last retwist but it's only been a few months. Was seriously thinking of getting them cut off & starting again only this time with thinner dreads but 3 yrs is 3 yrs lol! Thanks for subscribing thanks for watching & no doubt I will see you guys in 2017
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Dread Journey Newcastle 11
Yo! So it's Tuesday Nov 19th & as video explains tomorrow the 20th I'm going for either locksing up or hair extensions again, if/when she puts in the extensions & I don't say "fuck me, the look good!" Then I'm gonna commit myself to locks, so until tomorrow afternoon then I suppose! Peace out.
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Dread Journey Newcastle 19
The night before the day again March 4th 2014
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Dread Journey Newcastle 16
A lot better look I think than the first twist, thanks Thandie x (Thursday 6th February 2014)
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Dread Journey Newcastle 43
Quite recent for a retwist, didn't realise it was only 2nd March which was just shy of 2 month ago, loctician says keep retwist about quarterly which I will do so see you guys in the height of the Summer! Stay blessed & thanks for watching. Gary from Newcastle England
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Dread Journey Newcastle 18
What a difference a day makes lol !!!
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Dread  Journey Newcastle 9
November 14th 2013, didn't get anything done the wanker of a barber left me out in the freezing cold waiting for him so I disappeared which was probably to my advantage because I discovered another black h/dresser in town who could also do dreads/extensions
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Dread Journey Newcastle 4
You'll have to excuse video 3 people I uploaded the wrong one lol! That one was meant for my lass. So here's video 4 ok ?
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The real way to wrap
This is how to do it lads !!
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Dread Journey Newcastle 7
Afro out after hairdresser told me my hair was too fine to dread up! Anyway video explains it all ! 3rd September 2013
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Dread Journey Newcastle 1
This is me after I've washed me hair, I used T Gel which is canny good for dry scalp. Enjoy
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Dread Journey Newcastle 3
All twisted up, quite pleased with the results because I didn't want bald patches that I've seen on dudes before where the stylist has left loads of space between twists
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Dread Journey Newcastle 6
After 3 weeks some of the twists have come out & need re-doing which I'll get done over the weekend of 31st Aug x
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Dread Journey Newcastle 27
June 23rd 2014, I'm gonna start using beeswax on me dreads because I'm getting too much frizz as they grow & they sometimes look untidy, was spending £40 every fortnight with Thandi my locktician, at least now they can start to look a little bit neater in between re-twisting with her, not too sure if I'll stick to that particular beeswax though because it's quite chemical enhanced, might try other products very soon.
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Dread Journey Newcastle 35
Sorry about lateness of this video was having trouble uploading, might even go for a fortnightly re twist this time round but definitely won't leave it as long as last time. Here's hoping for another good year of long locs & happy new year to all my Subscribers.
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