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Burningman foam board shelter
This 3 sheet foam board shelter is intended for a single person.
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DIY recumbent bicycle
I made this simple recumbent bicycle for a little over $100 in materials.
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Rapid deployment coroplastic tipi shelter
Plans now available for the Rapid deployment Corotipi at http://www.elkinsdiy.com/plans-2/
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Improved version of my Homeless Emergency Shelter
This version is cheaper and more robust using 2 pallets for the base and a more substantial wood locking door.
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One sheet wood electric, paddle, sail boat
This is the first boat I designed and built. It started as a kayak, then sail boat, now electric. Made from one sheet of 1/4" marine plywood and 1x12 pine side boards. This is a great beginners boat for young and old, costing a little over $100 to build.
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Homeless Emergency Shelter final test
After sitting in the elements for over six years I put my Homeless Emergency fluted plastic shelter through one more final test!
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Homeless sleeping pod Concept
My version of an inexpensive shelter that a church or other organization can construct and place outdoors on their premises to use as a winter time overflow sleeping pod for the homeless.
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One sheet coroplast motor boat
I'm Paul Elkins of http://www.ElkinsDIY.com I have 50 more interesting projects like this at my web site. Check it out!
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Rapid Deployment Emergency or Homeless shelter
Experimental prototype of a 42 square foot collapsible shelter with floor pan. Fully equipped with bed, kitchen, sits bath and storage for one person.
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Delta motor assisted tricycle
I'm Paul Elkins of http://www.ElkinsDIY.com I have 50 more interesting projects like this at my web site. Check it out!
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Outdoor Hula hoop shower curtain
My wife spied on a cool outdoor shower curtain made with fabric and two Hula Hoops, so she decided to make one.
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Multi use micro shelter on wheels
What started as a 2 sheets homeless shelter challenge has since morphed into a multi use structure for the field artist, wild life observer or used as a small office.
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Micro mobile shelter (revisited)
In this video I explore several uses for this micro mobile shelter.
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DIY outdoor mosquito net shelter
A quaint little suspended mosquito net canopy that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in the summer.
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One sheet coroplast speedboat
Made with one sheet of 6mm 4x8 coroplast, misc. hardware and 1.2 hp Game fisher motor.
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Emergency or Homeless Shelter
This frameless taped together shelter uses 6 sheets of 1-1/2" thick foil backed foam board. Sets up in several minutes with 2 people. So strong you can even sit on top of it!
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A foam board tipi shelter
I'm Paul Elkins of http://www.ElkinsDIY.com I have 50 more interesting projects like this at my web site. Check it out!
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High mileage vehicle build (part 1)
I've decided to build my main obsession, a gas powered one passenger enclosed trike capable of going down the freeway with me and groceries while achieving 150 mpg! I'll be posting progression videos as I go, so subscribe and watch the build!
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Coroplast one sheet speed boat
Plans for the Coro speed boat are now available at: http://www.elkinsdiy.com/plans-2/
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Coroplast foldable one sheet kayak / boat
Plans for the Corokayak are now available! Just click on this link: http://www.elkinsdiy.com/plans/
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DIY Coro Backpack
Here I am dinking around again with fluted plastic. This time I made a custom Back pack. I like it!
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Bugout bicycle camper
This is a playful mad max rendition of a post apocalyptic home. I designed it more for the harsh environment of the Burningman art festival, where I spent two weeks Nomading around the event.
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Revisiting my Homeless Pushcart, or the world smallest home
It's been 6 years since building my homeless Pushcart. In this video I get into the history, give more detail and tell you what I learned.
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ElkinsDIY boat and shelter plans
I've made plans for my small boats and some of my shelter creations. These are great for the first time builder. Check them out on my website: http://www.ElkinsDIY.com/plans
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Homeless Push Cart
This is a conceptual prototype of a homeless push cart. A bit overkill, but does show some possibilities.
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Homeless Shelter or Spare room
A 35 sq ft structure made with Coroplast campaign signs. I gathered 7 large signs and some smaller ones, including the lumber and screws, and set out to construct a small home, utilizing the best ideas from shelters I've made in the past. This shelter could be used for a tent city individual, or an office, an art studio, kids fort, storage, spare bedroom, or a back yard residents for a youngster almost ready to live on there own.
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Burningman pedal car
This pedal car shape is base off the old Mochet Velomobile.
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Fluted plastic motor boat
Here I am trying out my prototype Coroplastic boat using a 1.2hp outboard motor. This is a one sheet simple to make boat. Build plans available on my website at www.ElkinsDIY.com/plans
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Hog wire deck rail installation
Here I show how I used 4" square mesh Hog Wire fence panels for my deck railing, enabling us to retain our beautiful view of the Stillaguamish valley below our home. After investigating my options, I realized by purchasing a $60 galvanized 5ft by 16ft hog wire panel, I could cut it into 4 sections for the same price as one 3ft by 8ft painted section sold elsewhere. With a table saw, miter box saw, drill, bolt cutters and several had tools you too can put this together in no time. Follow along on how I put together this wonderful alternative deck railing.
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One sheet Fluted plastic kayak and sail boat
The Lil' Dipper hull is made from one folded sheet of 4mm fluted plastic. 4 bolts hold the hull together. Two 1x2 rail boards were grooved and added to help support the hull. The forward and rear deck was screwed down to these rails using washer screws. The seat is made of multi cross layered coroplast. It also adjusts in angle and bends forward for cargo storage in the rear. No glue, tape or painting was needed. Total weight, 19 pounds. I made a light weight paddle using PVC and scrap fluted plastic. Several paddle design variations were tried out before deciding on this. The boat has no attachment point for a keel or skeg. The white 'U' shaped fin was an attempt to keep the boat from wandering, but it created too much drag for my liking. I may attach it again when a good breeze comes along for proper sailing. I really like this boat! Plans available soon on my website (ElkinsDIY.com)
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Plywood electric boat
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Nomad bicycle camper
My rendition of a light weight, cheap, insulated bicycle camper to be used for year round slow touring in comfort or Homeless Nomad living.
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All terrain track chair
My cousin built this track vehicle for his handicapped father so he could get around his property.
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Vintage camper vacation gone wrong
I also learn a little adversity can restore your faith in mankind.
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One sheet fluted plastic speed boat #2
Further experimentation with my fluted plastic folding speed boat using a 3hp motor.
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How to make simple camper cushions
The bench seats in my 1963 Aloha camper were flat and looking shabby. In this video I show you a simple technique on how I upholstered my new foam cushions.
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Channel Introduction
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Burningman Briggs and Stratton motorized bicycle
This was built for Burningman several years ago. It's a 6 speed, and goes 35 mph.
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wallet credit card survival kit
1.5 ounces 3/16" thick flexible credit card size kit with fire starter, tools for knife, saw, debris shelter rake, fishing gear and compass, Could have added 'Portable aqua' pill for purifying water, but didn't.
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DIY book shelf
My wife and I were having no luck finding a low, wide bookshelf that would fit under our bedroom window, so I put this together.
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DIY car top carrier
Here's a small but low budget cargo carrier I made with one 4ft by 8ft sheet of 4mm fluted plastic, zip ties and two cargo straps. This 5 cubic foot rugged water tight box was simple to make using a measuring stick, pencil, hole punch, crease wheel and razor knife.
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Homeless or emergency shelter
I'm Paul Elkins of http://www.ElkinsDIY.com I have 50 more interesting projects like this at my web site. Check it out!
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Bicycle camper for homeless or nomad living
I show and discuss the design of my latest bicycle camper prototype.
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DIY doghouse for $35
Made with 2 sheets of fluted plastic, this is a BIG cheap and easy shelter to make. $5 plans on my website ElkinsDIY.com
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Economical high mileage reverse trike
This is the story of my 22 year long desire to build a high mileage single passenger commuter trike.
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High mileage trike build (part 3)
I'm fed up with rising gas prices and inefficient vehicles . Join me on my quest to create a gas powered vehicle that gets me and some groceries down the freeway while achieving 150 mpg.
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Sparky, a DIY electric boat
A VIDEO BUILD TUTORIAL is now available at ElkinsDIY.com/plans My other electric wood boat hulls weigh 60 and 65 pounds, and I tweak my back out every time I move them around. Sparky is my first ELECTRIC fluted plastic boat which weighs only 24 pounds without the 15 pound trolling motor or the 45 pound deep cycle battery. For the hull I used 6mm thick coroplast and 4mm for the deck. Coroplast normally comes in 4x8 sheets, so to achieve more buoyancy to carry the battery weight I extended the boat 9" by creating 2" long 'flaps' on the rear sheet end instead of folding the end like a box. The end flaps are sandwiched between the wood transom and aluminum channels using nuts, bolts and marine silicone. It does leak some, maybe 3 cups in a 2 hour ride, but the transom sits lower than the bow so you don't get wet. I'll fix the leak soon. Probably not enough caulking. The boat was fairly simple to make using mostly hand tools. It can be used for fishing or just putting around a lake. A 37 minute build video tutorial is now available at ElkinsDIY.com under the 'Plans' tab.
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The Cycle Kart
At 35 pounds this extremely low profile micro pedal kart can scoot! I used four 240mm Polyurethane scooter wheels, attaching a modified BMX hub to the drive wheel. I added dual rear brakes and a light weight bucket seat to keep from sliding out during high 'G' turns. This could be a whole new classification of quad Velomobile race cars open to high school and Colleges engineering departments. This is just a rough prototype but I envision lighter materials to make this a real high performance pedal vehicle. If you liked the background music, here's a YouTube link to Danny Godinez performing live at the old barn in Everett Washington. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQkp0ae739U
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Delta FWD micro tricycle
This 3 speed front wheel drive and steer trike was a compilation of a three bikes I had lying around: a 16" wheel folding bike, a mountain bike and a sprung bmx bicycle. I paid $10 for the mountain bike and the others were freebees. I was needing a slap together vehicle to test out my theory of using large 7" hard skate wheels on a future micro quad I have in mind, but as it came together I decided to paint the thing and give it a few accessories.
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Sparky, an 8ft DIY electric featherweight boat
A VIDEO BUILD TUTORIAL is now available at ElkinsDIY.com/plans Sparky is an electric feather weight fluted plastic boat with forward steering and speed controls, a car horn, green and red warning light, volt meter, hand bilge pump and a water bottle holder. Using a 32 lb thrust trolling motor this boat goes about 5 knots and a duration of about 3-4 hours depending on the size of deep cycle battery. Plans will be available soon on my website: www.ElkinsDIY.com/plans
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