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Battle Of The Little Big Puck
http://www.maplecreek.ca/ This Hockey Game is truly "Maple Creek". Locals from the Nekaneet First Nation and locals from the ranching community play hockey against one another in this epic hockey game that has been thirty years running! The third period is well worth waiting for, as that is when the "cowboys" and the "Indians" finish the game in full cowboy gear or Pow Wow Regalia! Proceeds from this very colourful and fun event always go to a local charity.
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5 Most Fascinating 2008 - Mike Kucik
Mike Kuciks passion for boxing started as a young child growing up on a farm near Cadillac. Back in the days before television, Mike and his family would gather around the radio every Friday night and listen to the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports. Admiring the likes of Joe Lewis, Sugar Ray Robinson and Rocky Marciano, a young Mike Kucik started his own training in the farm barn.
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The Best Ever RCMP Musical Ride
http://www.visitcypresshills.ca/ Watch as thousands of people turn out to watch the RCMP Musical ride with the picturesque Fort Walsh as the backdrop. This video was recorded July 21,2015 as part of coverage on Southwest TV News based in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.
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RAF Aerodrome - The Story of the Swift Current Airport
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ - Produced by Southwest TV News https://www.facebook.com/SwiftCurrentMuseum?fref=ts As part of the continuing video series Stories From Saskatchewan's Great Southwest this video highlights the story of the Aerodrome and it's impact on Swift Current. During World War 2 , part of a strategy created by Britain's Royal Air Force to train airmen overseas far away from the probing eyes of the enemy, the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, known simply as "The Plan" had training schools throughout the Commonwealth empire, including Canada, where there were a total of 107 schools located. One of those schools, #39 SFTS, was located in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Executive Producers: Lloyd Begley Susan Motkaluk George Tsougrianis
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5 Most 2010 - Jayci Wittmier
2010 Edition of the 5 Most Fascinating People in Swift Current
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Lake Diefenbaker - Sailing
Believe it or not Saskatchewan has some of the best sailing in Canada with Lake Diefenbaker leading the way. http://www.lakediefenbakertourism.com/
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Touring The Big Muddy Badlands
Showcases the Beauty and History of the Big Muddy Badlands near Coronach Saskatchewan. Call 306-267-3312 for more information. A Southwest TV News Production.
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The Attractive Lifestyle of Maple Creek
http://www.maplecreek.ca/ The town of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan offers the peaceful tranquility of living in a small town with a wide range of amenities and services.
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Swift Current Broncos Memorial Monument Unveiled
www.southwesttvnews.com December 30,1986 is a day many won't soon forget as 4 players of the Swift Current Broncos were killed on a bus accident. Now 30 years later and a special monument was unveiled honoring Scott Krueger, Trent Kresse, Chris Mantyka and Brent Ruff. The project was spear-headed by local resident Bill Lee.
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Fort Walsh Historic Trades Day
Fort Walsh is known for its history with the North West Mounted Police the outlaws and the Whiskey Traders and in this SASW feature we take a closer look at one annual event at the Fort.
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The Sundrops - Comin Home
http://www.thesundrops.com The Sundrops consists of four young siblings that are multi-talented musicians, and amazing vocalists. The song "Comin Home" was written in 2013 by Darian about their move from Grande Prairie to Swift Current. About the Band: Hailey at 12 years old, plays cello, guitar, piano, violin, and drums, and beautiful vocals, of both melody, and harmony. She has also composed a song, which will be on their new release album. Darian at 11 years old, is also a multi-talented musician who plays the ukulele, guitar, piano, violin, drums, with amazing vocals! He also has composed two of his own songs, one of which made front page on Canada Music week here in Swift Current! Check out Darians new Single by The Sundrops-Comin Home on ITunes and CdBaby!! Lara at 9 years old is one of the most persevering of all, plays the piano (her favourite thus far), guitar (including bass), viola, and just started cello as well. Most impressive is her vocal ability and beautiful tenor! She has also composed a song last summer, in which she got the highest score for in the music festival, winning a medal alongside Darian and Hailey for their personal compositions! Jesse at 8, is hard working to keep up to his siblings! He plays the violin, piano, guitar and bass along with drums. His vocals are also amazing and has been very successful at harmony as well. He is also really great on the shaker! Jesse loves the outdoors, and plenty of hugs from mom and dad!
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Joe Sakic-Swift Current Broncos Hall of Fame
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ Hockey great Joe Sakic was inducted into the Swift Current Broncos Hall of Fame on August 6,2011. A capacity crowd was on hand to see Joe return to Swift Current in which he spent 2 record breaking years playing for the team.
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Cutthroat Fly Fishing The Oldman River in Alberta Canada - Big Trout Action
http://flyfishingexplorer.com Check out my blog Join Nick T as he takes you on a first hand trip trout fishing on the Oldman River in Alberta. Nick and his fly fishing buddy catch rocky mountain white fish and cutthroat trout and enjoy some of the best fishing in Canada.
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Swift Current Broncos Memorial Cup Team
Members of the 1989 Swift Current Broncos reminisce about winning the Memorial Cup.
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5 Most Fascinating 2009 - Trent McCleary
In 1986 the Broncos returned home to Swift Current after an absence of more than 12 years, when the franchise was purchased from Lethbridge. Among those fans welcoming the Broncos home, and eager to take part in their first training camp was a young 14-year-old hockey player by the name of Trent McCleary.
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Experience Saskatchewan's Banff - Cypress Hills Park
http://www.cypresshills.ca/ As high in elevation as Banff Alberta, the Cypress Hills Destination Area has the right mix of natural beauty with the one of kind experiences that not even Banff offers.
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Swift Current Where Life Makes Sense
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ This video attempts to answer the question Why Life Makes Sense in Swift Current. Rich in civic pride Swift Current boasts an affordable lifestyle. Home to Saskatchewan's Premier Brad Wall Swift Current is located on the Trans Canada highway and can be reached within a day's travel from all major centres throughout Western Canada -- about five hours from Calgary and two and a half hours from Regina. Swift Current is also located two hours away from the United States border. Not only is Swift Current easily accessible from other centres, the community itself is easy to navigate. Whether you are commuting to work or heading to the golf course, everything in Swift Current is nearby. With such easy access to transportation, the community is a place where industry remains competitive. Swift Current's diverse economy offers opportunities in many sectors, including agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing, and tourism. Progressive leadership has provided local investments in infrastructure along with tax incentives which have fuelled expansion both commercially and residentially. As a result growth over the last 5 years has been dramatic with a number of businesses relocating and expanding their operations. The two shopping malls located in the community both offer one-of-a-kind specialty stores, as well as national chain stores. Downtown Swift Current also provides great shopping, with distinctive shops and boutiques located along tree-lined streets and cobblestone sidewalks. With beautiful bed & breakfasts and scenic campgrounds alongside National hotels, Swift Current offers a number of great places to stay. There is something to fit any budget or travel plan. With a number of dining options, visitors to Swift Current can choose to have a sandwich at Pick-a-Deli, enjoy a hot caramel macchiato at Urban Ground Coffeehouse, or sit down for relaxing evening of dining at the Akropol. With plenty of family activities available, Swift Current is a great place to raise children. Students are able to participate in a number of extra-curricular activities in Swift Current's K-12 schooling curriculum. Local post-secondary opportunities also provide fun on-campus activities alongside a wide spectrum of programs. The premier post-secondary institution in Southwest / West Central Saskatchewan, Great Plains College has a strong focus on the future and a foundation of sixty years experience, promising Education with Energy! The college provides a wide variety of courses ranging from computers to psychology, offering a great opportunity for students to continue their education and remain in Swift Current. Swift Current is also home to the Broncos, a junior hockey team in the Western Hockey League. Their home games are played at the newly expanded Credit Union iPlex, which underwent a $15 million renovation in 2007. The iPlex features new banquet facilities, a new six-sheet curling rink, and expanded public seating. The facility has already hosted some prominent events, and sees regular crowds all winter as hockey fans flock to the arena to watch the Broncos' action-packed games. In the summer, sports lovers can enjoy Western Major League Baseball games at the ball diamonds behind the iPlex. The Swift Current Indians offer a great opportunity to cheer on the home team while enjoying an afternoon in the sun. Arts and Culture is alive and well in Swift Current from art galleries, museums, to heritage sites, there is always something to see. The Swift Current Museum and Art Gallery of Swift Current host a number of interesting exhibitions each year. The gallery is also home to the Blenders music series, which offers live music for one weekend every month, from September to May. Swift Current also offers cultural events on a larger scale, drawing audiences from across North America. Swift Current's newest entertainment destination is the Living Sky Casino, located along the Trans Canada Highway. Here you can experience the fun and exhilaration of over 200 slot machines and fast-paced action of popular table games, including Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. Living Sky Casino's Sky Centre is the place to be for the best live shows and performances, including the Stars for Saskatchewan concert series. Whether a first time visitor to the city or someone looking for new opportunities the feeling of community you will experience will seem as though you belong and just maybe provide a place where life makes sense for you.
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Opening Ceremonies - 2010 Ford World Women's Curling Championship
a look at the world teams and 1st rock throw were among some of the highlights. We will have behind the scenes interviews with team Canada . http://www.southwesttvnews.com/2010.html
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The Canadian Pacific Railway - Swift Current
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ - Produced by Southwest TV News https://www.facebook.com/SwiftCurrentMuseum The CPR: Foundation of Swift Current As part of the continuing video series Stories From Saskatchewan's Great Southwest, this documentary explores the history and impact of the Canadian Pacific Railroad in Swift Current and the surrounding communities in Southwest Saskatchewan. The railroad proved to be one of the most important developments in the history of Canada as whole, and allowed new immigrants to push west and settle the frontier. Swift Current, far from being immune to these developments had its early history shaped by the railroad, growing in part due to the path of the railroad being moved to the south of the province. This is the story of an important part of not only the history of Southwest Saskatchewan, but all of Canada. A piece of Swift Current's history that shows where we've come from, and where we have the potential to go. Executive Producers: Lloyd Begley Susan Motkaluk George Tsougrianis
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Boxing Coach Victim of Sudden Death in Ponteix
www.MyLocalTV.ca Ponteix RCMP are investigating a sudden death case involving 2 adult males from the community.
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The Swift Current Fire Department
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ https://www.facebook.com/SwiftCurrentMuseum In our newest entry in the Stories from Saskatchewan's Great Southwest series, we focus on one of the longest lasting aspects of the city of Swift Current: The Fire Department. Since its inception as a volunteer brigade in 1898, the Fire Department has been keeping the homes and citizens of Swift Current safe. While it has seen changes and evolutions through its long history, the department has made it through adversity to be a vital and respected leader in the community. This video was a co-production between the Swift Current Museum and Southwest TV News. Executive Producers: Susan Motkaluk Lloyd Begley George Tsougrianis Narration: Lloyd Begley Producer/Writer: Heather Carleton Director of Photography/Post-Production: Craig Chaplin Special Thanks To: Max Mirau Fire Chief Denis Pilon Deputy Chief Pete L'Heureux The Swift Current Fire Department Rachel Wormsbecher and Stephanie Kaduck of the Swift Current Museum
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World Curling Pins - 2010 Ford World Women's Curling
We take a look at the world of pin trading
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The Flame-The Riders Unofficial Mascot
Watch more Grey Cup at highlights http://www.southwesttvnews.com/ Produced by Southwest TV News based in Swift Current Saskatchewan
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The Cypress Hills: A Short Documentary
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ - Produced by Overtime Studios https://www.facebook.com/SwiftCurrentMuseum As part of the continuing video series Stories From Saskatchewan's Great Southwest, this documentary explores the history of The Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in Southwest Saskatchewan. From trees to a park to a tourist destination, The Cypress Hills have been a major point of interest throughout history. The hills stand as the highest point in Canada east of Banff, and host Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Boating, Swimming and all sorts of adventures. Before it was developed, however, the Park and the surrounding community underwent changes, struggles and even a music festival, before becoming the travel destination it is today. This is the story of The Cypress Hills, a shining star in the middle of the Prairies. Executive Producers: Lloyd Begley George Tsougrianis Photos and Information provided by: Glen Bowles Wes Eng Kim Zeman Royce Pettyjohn S.W. Sask. Oldtimers' Museum & Archive - Maple Creek Melody Nagel-Hisey - Park Area Naturalist Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park William Shepherd & Stephanie Kaduck - Swift Current Museum For more information on The Cypress Hills, visit: http://www.VisitCypressHills.ca Participating Sponsors: https://tourismswiftcurrent.ca/ https://cfsask.ca/southwest
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Grasslands National Park
Grasslands National Park is located in southwestern Saskatchewan near the Saskatchewan-Montana border. The Park has two separate blocks. The West Block centres on the Frenchman River Valley and the East Block features the Killdeer Badlands of the Rock Creek area and the Wood Mountain Uplands.
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Learn About The Elks
Elks Lodge #8 in Swift Current will be hosting an Information Night on April 20, at 6:30pm. Any members of the public who are interested in learning about the lodge or membership are welcome to come visit.
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The Saskatchewan Lifestyle
http://www.jdat.ca Imagine a destination that offers an affordable Lifestyle with exciting year round recreation, world class sports and an array of entertainment options. Saskatchewan is located in the heart of Canada's Prairie Provinces and boasts a solid and growing economy comprised of numerous sectors. Assisting with a solid business community, is the Province's commitment to education.Saskatchewan offers the best in k-12 schools and post secondary education at a range of locations across the Province. Saskatchewan also provides access to quality, public healthcare to all residents... Enjoy a low cost of living where everyday necessities such as groceries, gasoline and accommodations are more affordable than other centres. Our residents are known for their friendly, hardworking and generous nature...Where new neighbors soon become friends while building a strong sense of community. If you're looking for a secure career, top wages, training and a new place to call home, consider JayDee AgTech, proud to be in Saskatchewan.
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Getting Rich - No Experience Required - Film Investigates  Online Marketing
Learn more about our adventure at https://goo.gl/59jwji A film about two regular guys on a journey to discover the secret to getting rich. The film stars Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis, two Canadian entrepreneurs who attempt to answer the question of how people get rich. During their journey Doug and George attend a conference in Las Vegas and enter the world of digital marketing ( Six Figure Mentors, SFM) talking to people who have chosen the digital economy as their solution to creating wealth. From individuals in their mid ‘40’s to those entering retirement age, each share their own story of why they’re seeking the digital lifestyle as they learn the skills in how to make money online. Work from Home, affiliate marketing, laptop lifestyle these are all promises for how to get rich online but does it really work. Like all things in life it only works if you believe in it. Featured in the film : Stuart Ross Jay Kubassek John Newman Dave and Pat Sitko Dennis & Engris Morales Steve Herbert A film directed by George Tsougrianis. The post production supervisor was Craig Chaplin
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Cowboy Poetry - Tale of a Bull Rider
Bryce Burnett brings you a tale of a Bull Rider with his cowboy poetry.
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Dreamland - An Artist's Perspective
http://www.artgalleryofswiftcurrent.org/ A 10 minute documentary which introduces three artists living and working in south west Saskatchewan, Canada. After other lives and practices elsewhere these artists have moved to ideal circumstances in quiet relatively remote small villages. They have taken advantage of the inexpensive houses and deserted public building including a school and a curling rink to have studio and living spaces. From these ideal artist retreats they tell their stories share their beliefs and express their dreams. Included are Saskatchewan genre painter William F. Philpott of small town Central Butte, SK, the dreamscape painter Vlade Marasovic, and outsider artist C. George Poole, both located at the village of Admiral, SK. The three artists were brought together to present their artwork in the Summer Series 2014 exhibition project at the regional public Art Gallery of Swift Current. This documentary shows images of artist’s work, visits the homes and studios of the artist’s, and tours the exhibition at AGSC. Featured are interviews with the artists, input from AGSC Curator, Kim Houghtaling, and commentary from the artist’s agent and friend, art consultant Gordan Novak of Novak Graphics, Admiral, SK.
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Saskatchewan Landing Walleye Tournament
Nearly 200 competitors took to the Saskatchewan Landing for the annual Walleye Tournament.
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Walleye Fishing In Saskatchewan
Join as we take a look at the attractions at Palliser Regional Park near Riverhurst Saskatchewan.
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First R2000 Home in Western Canada
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ Tuesday, September 18,2012 was a memorable day for Lyle and Debbie Simonson as their Swift Current home was in the spotlight. Their newly constructed home is the first built in Western Canada to the new R-2000 standard. The Swift Current project includes geothermal and solar panel technology along with enhanced spray foam insulation.
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5 Most 2010 - Lyris Cappelle
2010 Edition of the 5 Most Fascinating People in Swift Current
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Maple Creek Flood- Caved Highway #1, June 22 2010
The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways is advising motorists travelling West on Highway 1 towards the Alberta Border to take Highway 4 North to gain access to Highway 7 to continue West into Alberta. Traffic is being stopped at Swift Current and directly advised of options by flagpersons, Highways Traffic Officers and the RCMP. Meanwhile, Highway # 271 from Maple Creek to Fort Walsh remains Closed due to a Bridge Out and the Lancer Ferry is still Closed due to High Water.
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Back Country Fly Fishing For Trout in Cypress Hills,Saskatchewan
http://flyfishingexplorer.com/ Check Out My Blog Fly Fishing enthusiast Nick T takes you on a tour of some the back country fishing spots for trout available on Battle Creek in the Cypress Hills Inter-provincial park in Saskatchewan, Canada. Nick practises catch and release
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March 28 - Scotland 6, Germany 8
After 8 days of world-class curling, Team Germany will take the Ford World Women's Curling Championship Trophy home after an 8-6 victory of Scotland
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New View of the Stars at Cypress Hills
http://www.mylocaltv.ca Designated a Dark Sky preserve Cypress Hills hosts the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party in which people gather from across North America to view some of the best skies in the world.As well Star gazers will enjoy a new enhancement the Cypress Hills Observatory to the Cypress Hills Inter-Provincial Park in Southwest Saskatchewan.
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Maple Creek Flood -The Day After
SWTV is on the ground talking exclusively to the Premier of Saskatchewan during his tour through the community
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Jack Dennis The Zen of Trout Fly Fishing - Calgary Alberta
http://flyfishingexplorer.com/ Check Out My Blog During a visit to Calgary, Alberta Trout Fly Fishing Legend Jack Dennis gives some advice and demos how to put some Zen into your fly cast as well as other how to fly fish.
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Business Opportunities in Shaunavon
http://www.shaunavon.com/ Located less than an hour away from the Lower Shaunavon Oil Play the town of Shaunavon, Saskatchewan is rapidly becoming more economically diverse. With a growing number of employment and investment opportunities, now is the time to become a part of one of the top three oil finds in Canadian history.
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B.C. Man Involved in $80 Million Drug Bust
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ 51 year old William Bruce Larsen of Coldstream, B.C. appeared in Queens Bench Court in Swift Current on Thursday. The day long proceedings involved presentations by the Crown and Defense Council in relation to Larsen's arrest in October 2011. Larsen is facing numerous criminal charges which he plead guilty to in connection to his role as a courier of drugs from the West Coast of Canada to the Montana/ Saskatchewan border. Court proceedings revealed that between February 2011 and October 2011, Larsen was involved in transporting 611kg of Cocaine, 95000 Ecstasy pills and assisted in the transportation of another 30kg of Cocaine through another driver. During this time Cocaine was imported from the U.S. through undisclosed meeting places, described as the bald prairie near the Montana/ Saskatchewan border between U.S. and Canadian drug couriers; then driven across Canada to the West coast at which time Ecstasy pills were exported to the U.S. off the West Coast. Larsen's involvement in the trafficking of drugs was said to be initiated by another party known as B.P. who lead the operation from B.C. The total street value of drugs imported and exported through Larsen's involvement was stated to be close to $80 Million. The Crown called this one of the most major drug busts in Saskatchewan and requested a sentencing of 18 years while the defense requested 12 years. Judge Keene indicated he required sufficient time to make his decision on the ruling and due to his schedule, this will not be announced until September 6. The accused, William Bruce Larsen seen coming out of Court on Thursday, will remain in remand until final sentencing on September 6.
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Manitoba Man Victim in Swift Current Accident
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ A Winkler Manitoba Man was the victim of Semi Pedestrian Collision in Swift Current on Thursday, March 22, 2012. As RCMP continue their investigation into a Semi-Pedestrian accident along Highway #1 in Swift Current on Thursday, they have now confirmed a 31 year old Man from Winkler Manitoba as the deceased pedestrian. The name of the Man is not being released at the request of his family. No charges have been laid against the driver. The accident occurred around 2:00am on Thursday along Highway #1 and the 6th Avenue Exit. RCMP and their Traffic Re-Contructionist Team, were on the scene throughout Thursday morning with traffic in the Eastbound lane of the #1 Highway diverted to the South Service Road.
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Wild Rides at Swift Current Rodeo
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ Bull Riding fans weren't disappointed at the Cody Snyder PBR Invitational as the sold out crowd enjoyed nonstop action. The event was held on May 28,2011.
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Swift Current & Area News - October 3 2017
http://www.southwesttvnews.com/ Covering the Local News of Swift Current and Southwest Saskatchewan. In this episode of Southwest TV News: Maple Creek Landfill in the National Spotlight Decorative bird houses, potted planted a two hole golf course are a few of the unique aspects of the Maple Creek Landfill. Windscape Kite Festival Boosts Local Economy Kite flyers and tourists from around the world bring in millions to the Swift Current economy each summer making the festival a valued player on the tourism scene. SCBEX Member Business of the Year The Swift Current Chamber of Commerce has announced Black Bridge Brewery as the Business of the Year leading up to the annual SCBEX Awards on October 27. Trusted news personality Carol Andrews has anchored Southwest TV News for 12 years providing local news and information from across Southwest Saskatchewan including the communities of Eastend, Gravelbourg, Herbert, Kyle, Leader, Maple Creek, Morse, Shaunavon, Swift Current and Val Marie. Our programming is available at http://www.southwesttvnews.com and on SaskTel Max Local on Demand Channel 48.
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Why You Should Visit Cypress Hills Park
http://www.cypresshills.ca/ Check out some of the great recreation available at the Cypress Hills Interprovincial park
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CJFB TV 1980s Flashback
This video showcases news stories covered by CJFB in the 1980s. CJFB was a CBC affiliate based in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. It was operated by the Forst family from 1957 -2003. This video was commissioned as part of the Swift Current Centennial Celebrations.
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Saskatchewan Landing Walleye Fishing Tournament
Its been an exceptional year for fishing at the Saskatchewan Landing. The weathers been gracious and the waters clear. Anglers at the annual walleye tournament say the fish are reeling in easier and larger than ever before. Participation at the tournament was the best theyve seen in over 10 years.
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Cyclists Tour Southwest Saskatchewan
http://www.mylocaltv.ca/ 40 cyclists from across the Province departed from Swift Current on Sunday morning for the Great Annual Saskatchewan Pedal. The seven day bike tour organized by the Saskatchewan Cycling Association tours the Endless Sky of Southwest Saskatchewan.
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The History of Swift Current: The 1970's
Presented by the Swift Current Centennial Committee as part of Swift Current's Centennial celebrations, The History of Swift Current takes us on a journey through the highs and the lows of the creation and growth of the Frontier City. There was more to the 1970's in Swift Current than the Saskatchewan Summer Games in 1976. The Civic Centre was taken down in a storm, and soon after the Broncos were taken away by Lethbridge. We gained a celebrity in Billy Buffalo, lost him, then got him back (at least for while). With a thriving arts community, it wasn't all doom and gloom in Swift Current in the 70's. The Allied Arts Council, Folkfest and the Stars for Saskatchewan series all found their footing in the 70's, and have become staples of the community ever since. For related photos and videos, visit: www.sc100.ca This video was produced by Overtime Communications. www.otime.ca
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