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Indian neighbour - xtranormal
Next door neighbour doesn't like indian food
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Psycho therapy session - xtranormal
Guy goes to the doctor to talk about old times, but does the doctor remember
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Crazy guy on drugs in Hull (must watch)
We found this legend in the middle of Hull 8th October 2017. He was singing for hours, I would have stayed longer but it's not really my kind of music... You're welcome
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JOB INTERVIEW Insults - xtranormal
What happens when a guy speaks his mind with a potential employee. This was my first video
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Homework with perverted ginger - xtranormal
School swot helps out hottest girl in the school with her....homework
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Internet dating - xtranormal
A guy speaks to a single girl in a club, but do they know each other..
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Women & bad boys
Any women out there who want to explain why you do this? Leave a comment.
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Amazing Dancer in Bridlington !!!
Take a look at this beast! Filmed on a night out with the lads 18/05/2013 at the Hook & Parrot in Brid. NOW YES!!
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Racist cop with Indian woman - xtranormal
PLEASE COMMENT AS I'M NEW TO THESE VIDEOS & WOULD APPRECIATE FEEDBACK. Cop in a store, picks on a lady for nothing, or so you think
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Apple Headquarters - voice of siri
Apple Staff member meets siri for the first time.
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Chav can't fight
Chav starts, but can he hold his own?
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iPhone 4 vs Nokia - xtranormal
Larry gets a Nokia 6300 & his work collegue is not impressed. Guy in the office tries to show off with his new Nokia upgrade but a work collegue has the iPhone 4. Had a few problems rendering this one so had to save it 'as is' & some of the words don't sound right, it was this or nothing though folks so I rolled with it.
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