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~Favourite Child~ Part 5! (Sorry is short) (Read desc) 1000 subs?!?!
Song: bad blood So you've been waiting for this, but I took a while because I had no ideas 😅 And if u have any song requests, comment them and I might add em. Also, please don't scream at me to do more, I try as hard as I can to think of something, make it, put it together, edit it, add music, think of a description and title AND put it onto YouTube. It's hard work, so don't rush me!! WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! 1000 SUBSCRIBERS?!?! Thank you guys so much!! I just realised this now, so no 1000 subs special. Yet If you read all of that then say: #FavouriteChild in the comments.
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~The Spoiled Sister~ Part 1: gachaverse
Sorry I haven't been uploading lately, I'm really busy because I'm moving houses. However I've had the time to create this and yes fav child has not ended and I'm still creating it.
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~Favourite child part 4~ (gacha studio)
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~Favourite Child~ pt1 (Gacha studio)
Hey everyone! If you like this series and want part 2, like and subscribe!
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Magic chil--- ~Favourite child~ Pt3 (Gacha studio)
Wait is this magic children or favourite child? Or both?! Woah... Please watch until the end of the video! I recommend you guys get amino and on amino join the amino: Gacha______ It's a fun place! If you want to contact me, there would be the best place. (Or the comments) My user is my YouTube channel name, same for pic. Talk to me about anything! If it's private, pm me (Private message) on amino. anyways thanks for all the views and subs! I really appreciate it! I never even dreamed of having this many views on favourite child, so here's another episode! Have fun and enjoy 💙💙💙.
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~My spoilt Sister PT2~ I'm getting a kitten! (Gachaverse)
I'm getting a little kitten tomorrow! YASSSSSSSSSSSSS wish me luck for the next life I shall have with the kitten This is gonna be so adorable, I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My instagram: my channel name and channel picture!!! My dad is having second thoughts sadly, but I still getting the cat So yeah, KITTEN 🐱🐱🐱 ALSO I love cats. Don't know about you Also yes, I can post again, apparently they canceled the plan......!! Love yall. Stay sweet and stay awesome!
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~For The Love Of A Daughter~ •♡GMV♡•
No, I don't have depression and I can't relate to this, however I created it because I can. This took me hours-- no, DAYS to make! So I hope you all appreciate it. Also part 6 of favourite child is NOT coming soon, unless you want it to be a very short one again.
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My roommate is my crush? (500 subs special) (gacha studio)
So... Can you guys tell me how to get a thumbnail? I've tried.... never works. Go on amino Yeah nothing else to say Lol
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~fav child part 7! (I think)~ gacha studio
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~favourite child part 6!~ Happy now?
There you go guys, I worked hard on it but here it is. Now please don't beg for more. I'm already working on it with a few ideas.
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Lab Life (ep 1) rEaD dEsCrIpTiOn
As you can see, this included A LOT of editing. So don't scream at me for it ;-; I tried my hardest to include these small features for you! For example I could've just added a cookie in her mouth, but no! I edited a fish. Any guesses on who they could be? Fav child has taken a break. At least 1 more episode until Fav child.
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Kingdom Role play #2 ( gacha studio)
This is my 2nd video!! I hope you enjoy, and like or comment if you want part 3!!! (When layla and zac have a child)
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~Favourite Child~ Part 2! (Gacha Studio)
So I Learnt how to add proper music! like, subscribe and comment for more! Hope you enjoyed!😊
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Kingdom Roleplay! My first video (Gacha studio)
Omg! This is my first ever video, I hope you enjoy! I used powerdirector to create this video. 😄😄😄😄
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Highschool Life (read desc plz) pt1 gachaverse
So basically I got my cat an all, I forgot to show her. Anyways I got a new iPad so I had to restart, but then I accidently deleted all the frames so I had to restart AGAIN. I was super mad but I did this anyway, please tell me if there's any problems. Yes I changed my name because I dunno the old one was boring. Watch the last video because u need to vote.
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~Ask Me Dares!~ Actually watch this and give me dares ;-; (Gacha studio)
Hey guys! So Could you actually give me dares instead of doing this: You: *watches video* .... *goes into another video* Me: GIMME DARES You: nah ill watch another video with no comments, cya. Me: leave a comment plz You: ... *click on another video* AND THEN I CRI BECAUSE I IGNORED 😢
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Smol announcement!!! (MUST WATCH)
GACHA STUDIO Music: La Dee Dee Please vote! Sub and like •w• Next video coming out in about 2 days.
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Doing your Dares! (READ.THE.DESC)
I know many people won't do this, but you can send me pictures of fanart on instagram! I don't know how to link it so I'll just tell ya: my profile picture in my channel logo (ariana), and the name is my channel name, basically, me. (Profile picture: my YouTube picture. Profile name: Ariana Plays ) Don't beg for fav child! I'm still working on it. I spent a lot of time on THIS video so give me a break for ONCE ;-; Hope you enjoyed! Stay Sweet!
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~New Character Introduction Video!~ [Gacha Studio]
Hey everyone! Don't skip anything btw. Like, sub and comment for more!
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Makeover? (Gacha Studio)
Sorry I messed up in the end, anyways, the outro will be changed later on.
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Character pick 2! READ DESC!!!!!
I have nothing to say Just Don't say both Or to mix them Because I won't. And if I do she'll look ugly. So yeah Pick one And leave And watch my other videos Favourite child is still a work in progress. Yes I am doing it and no its not the finale.
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Should I do this? (Quick announcment) (Gacha studio.)
Do you want to see a fnaf roleplay? The characters will be cosplaying and acting like their characters, even if it's their opposite. *~Quick Announcment~* I have gotten very sick and I won't be making much videos alot, however when I get better ill start making daily videos again. I hope you all can support me on this because I am very sick, I only had time for this. Anyways enjoy the tiny video ❤
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💕~New Intro~💕! (Gacha studio) (ALMOST 200 subs special)
So since I wanna be popular/famous, (at least 1000 subs) I've decided that I need an intro! This is as good as I could think of, no no hate plz ;-; SHOUTOUT TO GACHA GIRL/ MY FRIEND!!!! Enjoy the next video... *cough cough* fav child part 4 *cough cough*
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GACHAVERSE?!?!?!? (400 subs?!?!)
WOAH WOAH WOAH! !! 1st. Stop with the subs guys! (Don't ;-;) I didn't even notice! Almost at 500. 2nd. Gachaverse is out! I've been waiting since like, forever! 3rd. You guys should give me more dares. Only have like 7 right now. I need at least 15. 4th. Nothing ;p
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#GachaEvilChild The Evil/Emotionless Child. (Mini movie gavhaverse)
Plot: a dragon has cursed a woman to have 1+ kids. One of them will be cursed, so the first feeling the baby feels will be the only feeling they ever feel, unless they discover other feelings. crimsons first was hatred, as she was abused ever since she was born. But then that same dragon kidnapped her and taught her as her father. I hope he notices this.. if he does, I love ye boi :3
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(50 sub special!!) Angel family (gacha studio)
I have 50 subscribers?! Wow! Anyways the song is: Sky high Don't forget to like, comment and sub!
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