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Playing guitar on the Vegas Strip
We saw this guy dressed as a wizard and I started talking musical tastes with him. It turns out we like the same bands. Then he asked me if I wanted to play and I gave it a shot. Mistakes are abound in my playing. I had been drinking all day and I was nervous. Just remember, this is an exhibition, NOT a competition.
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Yuneec Typhoon - 1st flight
First flight with my Typhoon. The 360º gimbal is a great feature. The drone flew quite well despite some very strong winds.
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water gun 8
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water gun 2
spray the riders for a quarter
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water gun 5
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water gun 4
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water gun 6
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water gun 3
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water cannon
fun at universal studios theme park
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Yuneec Typhoon drone crash
I wanted to share my stupid move so others can learn from my mistake. The drone was set to sport mode on the rabbit speed. I pulled back on the stick long before it reached me, but as you can see the momentum was too much. Luckily it didn't hit the tree, for now it seems the only damage was just the metal clips that hold the arms in place. It was a nice day to fly my new drone and all was going well. The wind was strong but the Typhoon performed well even when i took it up to 300 feet. I decided to try one last maneuver before heading home. I wanted a low pass at speed so I turned off all the safety features and let it rip. I put the stick in reverse long before it reached me, and to my horror it kept going forward and I had forgotten about the tree right behind me. Luckily it didn't land on the gimbal. The 6 clips that I ordered cost me about $22 and hopefully that is all I need to get flying again.
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water gun 7
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