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Bill Maynard net worth: How much was the late Heartbeat actor worth? HUGE fortune revealed
Bill Maynard, who died today at the age of 89, was an English comedian and actor. But what was his net worth when he died?He was most famous for his role as Claude Jeremiah Greengrass in Heartbeat, which he starred in from 1992 to 2000,Bill died today, March 30 2018, in hospital in Leicestershire, shortly after suffering from a broken hip, his daughter in law told the BBC today.Born Walter Frederick George Williams, he also played the character of Fred Moffat in ITV comedy programme The Gaffer from 1981 to 1983. Related articles The popular show Heartbeat to become a stage play Bill Maynard dead: Heartbeat actor passes away aged 89 Bill’s career started in 1953, when he appeared in Henry Hall’s Face the Music on his first television broadcast.He was married twice; first to Muriel Linnett in 1949, until she passed away in 1983.He then married Tonia Bern, the widow of world speed record breaker Donald Campbell, in 1989, but the pair later divorced.Bill is succeeded by one son: pop singer Maynard Williams, the leader singer in the band Ryder, born 1951, and Jane Linnett, born 1954.But what was Bill Maynard’s net worth when he died? He is said to have a net worth of $18 million (approximately £13 million). Rich list: Celebrities with the highest net worth Wed, January 24, 2018 Celebrity net worths that may surprise you. Play slideshow Getty 1 of 14 Rich list: Celebrities with the highest net worth GettyThis wealth was earned through his acting and writing career which spanned more than 75 years.Bill’s salaries ranged hugely through the years, with his role in Carry On Matron in 1972 earning him just £800.His last role before he died was in drama programme The Moorside in 2017, which concerned the disappearance of Shannon Matthews.Stephen Hawking had a huge net worth when he passed away earlier this month, at the age of 76.He was known for this work in the scientific field and his discoveries over the years and renowned as one of the greatest scientists of all time.GettyHowever he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at an early age, with his first symptoms being discovered when he was at University of Oxford.He was diagnosed with the disease when he was a 21 year old university student in 1963.Despite having a life expectancy of just two years, he defied odds and went on to live another 55 years.The professor accumulated $20 million (£14 million) upon his death, according to celebritynetworth.com.His work includes a number of best-selling books alongside his research on black holes and cosmology.
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Matteo Guidicelli’s best-kept secret is out
Matteo Guidicelli’s best-kept secret is out: . Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 Matteo Guidicelli with his parents Gianluca and Glenna during his birthday party—FACEBOOK PAGE OF GLENNA GUIDICELLI  Alabang’s—and Matteo Guidicelli’s—best-kept secret is finally out: guess where people in the south go to get their Italian food fix?  Da Gianni. Not only does the name sound Italian. It is truly Italian.  That’s only half the story. The other half is—and, face it, this is the initial draw—“Da Gianni” refers to show-biz swoon Matteo Guidicelli’s grandfather whose family made the Philippines its second home. ADVERTISEMENT  Matteo and his family opened Da Gianni a few months ago, a very quiet opening so that it almost seemed Alabang’s best-kept secret, with only its folk checking it out.  Then by word of mouth, the news spread that Da Gianni has Quattro Formaggi truffle pizza and Risotto with porcini and black truffle, Osso Buco—and lemon sorbet—to die for.  Even before it could open officially, the quaint resto at Westgate, Alabang, has diners at lunch, merienda and dinner, even on weekdays—that is a feat in the south where restaurants usually have dead weekdays. At Da Gianni, one lucky Sunday afternoon, a selfie by Rowell Santiago, with Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo, and Sandy Tan Uy —FACEBOOK PAGE OF SANDY TANUY    When Matteo celebrated his birthday last March, Da Gianni turned into a party place, where celebrities streamed in to dine, party and to sing. Rubbernecks had a heyday, especially when Matteo’s girlfriend, Sarah Geronimo, showed up, looking so y yet ultra slim in striped stretched mini, her hair a relaxed bob that barely touched her shoulders.  Matteo, Sarah and their musician friends jammed until past midnight, giving Matteo a birthday to remember, especially when Sarah unabashedly asked Matteo in the middle of the song—“Talaga? Totoo ba?”  What the question meant—and what the answer was or would be—might remain unknown for some time, but then, that night, in March, Da Gianni’s by-now famous truffle pizza tasted so well when combined with—love.  Matteo’s birthday made Da Gianni all the more known, especially when such lifestyle movers and shakers as Virgie Ramos would come all the way to Alabang just to do lunch there, with friends such as director Rowell Santiago, scenographer Gino Gonzales, businesswoman Sandy Tan-Uy. ADVERTISEMENT  Aside from the pizza, pasta and steak, they look forward to Matteo whipping up his Tiramisu. (That, you must really try.)  Yes, Matteo can cook. In truth, the Guidicelli family can cook.  The home in Cebu and Manila built by Matteo’s grandparents, Franca and Gianni, became known for home-cooked Italian specialties. During his birthday dinner,Matteo Guidicelli (center) is greeted by guests led by Dr. Vicki Belo-Kho and Dr.Hayden Kho (both flanking Guidicelli).    At Matteo’s birthday dinner, the Guidicellis’ longtime friend, Gabriele Boschi, who was with his wife Julie, recalled how they looked forward to visiting the Guidicelli home because it was there that they could have #MatteoGuidicelli’s, #best, #kept, #secret
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Why Julia Roberts Bailed on George Clooney's Big Award Ceremony
Why Julia Roberts Bailed on George Clooney's Big Award Ceremony: http://www.instyle.com/news/julia-roberts-george-clooney-skip-lifetime-achievement. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 On Thursday night in Hollywood, it was all about George Clooney. The actor drew a star-studded crowd to the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood to watch as he was honored with the American Film Institute's 2018 Life Achievement Award. Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, Laura Dern, Miley Cyrus, Courteney Cox, and, of course, Amal Clooney were all there to lend support. Amal's . But there was one leading lady from Clooney's life that was notably missing from the action: . It makes it all the more surprising that Roberts was the one who was supposed to be presenting the award to him in the first place. Luca Teuchmann On May 30, the Roberts, who has starred alongside Clooney in a rolodex of films, would give Clooney the honor herself. But come carpet time, she was nowhere to be found.  " is regretfully unable to attend this evening's AFI Life Achievement Award honoring George Clooney," a spokesperson for AFI on Thursday. "Ms. Roberts is currently in production and due to a change in schedule, it was not possible to participate as planned." It's unfortunately last minute news, but her replacement was stellar. Shirley MacLaine stepped right in to give Clooney kudos, though Roberts did make sure to send Clooney a pre-taped video message to express her love. Guess you'll have to cross your fingers for a Roberts-Clooney reunion another day.  Show Transcript Down You people work on commission, right? Yeah. Big mistake, big, huge. I have to go shopping now. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] No, ma, stop it mama. Shelby drink the juice. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I've either been with a guy or breaking up with a guy. I mean, I have not even had two weeks of a breather just to deal with [LAUGHS] [MUSIC] I say a little prayer for you. I'm combing my hair now. Wondering what dress to wear now. I say a little prayer for you. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] You people work on commission, right? Yeah. Big mistake, big, huge. I have to go shopping now. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] No, ma, stop it mama. Shelby drink the juice. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I've either been with a guy or breaking up with a guy. I mean, I have not even had two weeks of a breather just to deal with [LAUGHS] [MUSIC] I say a little prayer for you. I'm combing my hair now. Wondering what dress to wear now. I say a little prayer for you. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] #JuliaRobertsBailed, #GeorgeClooney, #AwardCeremony #News, #latestCelebrityAwardsEventsJuliaRoberts
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Queen Letizia of Spain defiant after spat mother-in-law Queen Sofia and wears her tiara
Queen Letizia of Spain, 45, looked stunning this evening in a navy gown embellished all over with pearls.The beautiful former-journalist held a state dinner with her husband tonight at the Royal Palace in Madrid.The brunette might still be smarting from a video that emerged seeming to show a bitter public argument with her mother-in-law Queen Sofia, 79.However, she got the last laugh tonight when she proudly wore her mother-in-law’s diamond tiara and she stood by her husband’s side.The tiara, owned by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, was created in the 1920s. It was made by Cartier, and is a truly beautiful piece with an elegant triangular shape.The tiara still belongs to Queen Sofia. Is Letizia wearing the piece tonight a sign of reconciliation? Or is it a snub to the mother-in-law?Letizia added stunning earrings to the look.The y dress has unusual cutouts around the armpits and a high thigh split.She wore a red sash, the national colour of Spain, to mark her place in the high-ranking family. Queen Letizia of Spain in pictures Fri, March 23, 2018 Queen Letizia of Spain in pictures. Play slideshow Queen Letizia of Spain in pictures Queen Letizia wore more red after the spat with her mother-in-law at the ÔV Campeonatos Autonomicos de Formation Profesional Andaluciaskills in Huelva, Spain, last week.A video of the Spanish monarch, who was once a commoner and a divorcee before she married King Felipe of Spain, captured a tense moment with her mother-in-law Queen Sofia, 79.Onlookers witnessed Letizia standing in front of Sofia and reaching out to touch her eldest daughter Leonor’s hand, only to shove away Sofia’s hand.The former Queen appeared to be trying to take pictures with her granddaughters.The video of Queen Letizia and Queen Sofia sparked comments from other royals. Earlier on Queen Letizia of Spain looked y in high heels and a jacket with nothing underneath. Appearing at the Palacio Real in Madrid to welcome Portuguese president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the gorgeous royal wore a two piece grey skirt suit.She wore a double breast jacket belted tightly to highlight her incredibly slim, age-defying waist.She also opted to wear nothing underneath her jacket, meaning inches of her chest were on show.Another stand out y touch was Queen Letizia's choice of extremely pointed snakeprint heels with a stiletto heel.
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15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Classic, MacGyver
Ever since the show first came out back in 1985, Agent MacGyver impressed us with his resourceful DIY inventions, from creating a rocket-powered harpoon gun out of cleaning fluid, mothballs, to a lie detector from a stethoscope and alarm clock. The classic series, which ran for seven seasons, turned Agent Angus Macgyver into America’s favorite science nerd. Here's a look back at the show, what was really going on behind the scenes, and little unknown facts you'd be surprised to find out. Could These Absurd Inventions Really Work? Well, it turns out that the producers kept most of Macgyver's inventions theoretically and physically possible, with one exception...when it came to mixing household chemicals and creating potions, they changed ingredients to something a little less invasive. Smart move, considering some crazy viewers might actually try mixing up these recipes at home. So the take away from all this, don’t take your chemistry lessons from MacGyver, it just wouldn’t work out! Richard Dean Anderson In Real Life Before his iconic role on MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson started his television career as a soap opera star, staring as Dr. Jeff Webber on General Hospital. However, acting wasn’t originally his life long dream. As a child born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Anderson always dreamt of becoming a professional hockey player. He developed an interest in music, art, and acting after he broke both of his arms. Anderson moved to Los Angeles after college, working a series of odd jobs to say the least before his acting career took off. He was a musician in a medieval dinner theater, a street mime/juggler and in a marine mammal show. In 1985, Angus MacGyver became his claim to fame, and he said after the show was canceled that “MacGyver was seven years of being in virtually every frame that was shot and having absolutely no life at all.” Richard Dean Anderson Post Macgyver After the show ended, Anderson starred in the two follow-up movies to the series. He later played the role as Jack O’Neill  in Stargate SG-1 from 1997 to 2005. Apparently, Anderson was handed the role, the president of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer called him up personally and asked if he wanted a part in the show. Anderson is also very down to earth, with a surprisingly philanthropic side to him. He’s an avid supporter of various different charities including the Special Olympics and the Make-a-Wish Foundation, as well as many Sclerosis societies. Not only that, but he’s also a part of several environmental groups. Anderson has taken a break these days when it comes to work, as he’s busy being a father to his beloved daughter, Wylie. How is Macgyver Connected To Happy Days? By Henry Winkler, of course! The actor and producer, most widely known for his role as Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in the classic American sitcom became an executive producer on MacGyver along with John Rich. Winkler had quite the precision when it came to casting, and without his expertise
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Is Lucy Verasamy married? Does ITV weather girl have a husband or boyfriend?
Lucy Verasamy is a stunning brunette who recently began reading the weather on Good Morning Britain, winning herself a whole host of fans.The young woman recently had hearts racing when she wore a tiny denim dress on the morning programme.When the 33-year-old joked that it “might shrink in the rain”, Richard Madeley said: "I think you should pop outside at once and test it out."The 61-year-old was criticised by some for the comment, but many agreed with his sentiments.Twitter users were big fans of the blue denim look. One wrote: “Beautiful Lucy I wish you was on GMB full time,”(sic) and: “Rocking the denim. Gorgeous.” Related articles Lucy Verasamy Instagram pics show ITV weather girl at her iest Lucy Verasamy thrills GMB viewers as she makes cheeky admission “Seeing you makes everyday sunny,” another cheeky person stated, as a fourth added: “Wow Lucy, beautiful and y in denim.”Is Lucy Verasamy married?According to reports the weather girl is single.She currently lives in South West London.If the stunner has a secret boyfriend she has yet to make it known to the public.Lucy Verasamy’s Instagram account is the best place for fans to find updates from their favourite weather girl.  Good Morning Britain weather presenter Lucy Verasamy in pictures Fri, March 30, 2018 Good Morning Britain weather presenter Lucy Verasamy in pictures. Play slideshow Getty 1 of 16 Lucy Verasamy in pictures Lucy often shares saucy snaps of herself on holidays on her Instagram account.These include snaps of the weather girl wearing bikinis as well as pretty dresses.Lucy is an accomplished journalist, and worked at the Press Association’s weather centre for four years.She later joined Sky and became a weather presenter there.Lucy Verasamy’s denim dress sent fans into a frenzy.Stand-in host, Richard Madeley was the first to comment on Lucy’s bold style, exclaiming: “We are liking the denim look, Lucy, it’s Dolly Parton!”She replied: “I think it’s timeless… I don’t know if I could quite carry it off with the blonde hair, but being a brunette means I can get away with it… Just about.”Lucy graduated from Brunel University in 2001 and she went on to work at the Press Association’s weather centre.She has taken over from Alex Beresford, who is competing in Dancing On Ice 2018. The Bristol-born presenter has successfully impressed the ITV show’s judges week-on-week with his continually improving technique alongside his professional skater Brianne.But this week, the contestant might really be in trouble following a difficult few days of being forced to train alone.
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Hrush Achemyan, Makeup Artist to the Kardashians, Reveals Her Plastic-Surgery Nightmare
Hrush Achemyan, Makeup Artist to the Kardashians, Reveals Her Plastic-Surgery Nightmare: http://www.instyle.com/beauty/kardashian-makeup-artist-hrush-achemyan-septic-shock. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1  As a celebrity makeup artist,  is constantly surrounded by some of Hollywood's most recognizable faces. But after a botched plastic surgery procedure left her just moments away from death, she began to re-evaluate the true meaning of beauty. Here, Achemyan opens up about her decision to go under the knife—and how she almost paid with her life.  On May 1, 2017, I made the decision to go under the knife for a breast reduction. The reason? Vanity, pure and simple. Sure, I sagged a bit, but at 30 that's pretty normal. And I probably could have gotten the breast- and confidence-boost I needed from a good bra. But my insecurities had gotten the better of me, which I have to think has something to do with my line of work.  As a celebrity makeup artist, I have the privilege of working on some of entertainment’s most influential, and beautiful, faces, including the Kardashians and Jenners, Christina Aguilera, Shay Mitchell, and Sarah Hyland. I’ve spent the past decade helping people love their appearances, but I’ve never exactly been confident in my own—which for a long time was fine because I was the one creating beauty looks, not modeling them. Except in the age of social media, being in celebrities' orbit comes with a spotlight of its own, one that I never expected and didn’t quite know how to handle.  Seeing negative comments about my body online made me feel like I needed to change. But the real issue wasn’t that I decided to get surgery, it was how: I felt so desperate that I rushed in, I didn’t properly research the potential bad outcomes of the procedure, and then I ignored my body’s warning signs.  There are two poor decisions that I made, the first (and a huge one) being not reading the information that my doctor gave me. I didn’t read what my doctor made me sign and, therefore, had no idea what I was getting myself into. I made the mistake of believing that since a procedure was normal that it was no big deal. I now know even common outpatient surgeries are hugely taxing on your body, and can come with some serious complications. My second regret? Not listening to what my body was trying to tell me. I had a bad feeling about it from the start and I should have followed my instinct and backed out. The fact that I didn't will forever haunt me, because it almost cost me my life.  I felt extremely cloudy when I woke up from surgery. I fainted in the first shower that I took in the recovery center, and right away, I knew that something was off, even though a nurse told me that can happen sometimes when tight bandages are first removed. Then, my head started to hurt so badly in one particular spot, I tied a belt around my head to try to keep pressure on it (this was another act of desperation, and not medically recommended). My doctor wasn't convinced anything abnormal was going on.  A few days later things had gotten worse. I was shivering and spiking fevers above 104 degrees, and mentally I felt like I was being held under water; noises #HrushAchemyanMakeupArtist, #KardashiansRevealsHerPlasticSurgeryNightmare #HealthFitness, #Celebrity, #KimKardashianWest
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Viagra: What men really need to know
Last week Britain became the first country in the world to allow the libido-boosting drug to be bought over the counter from pharmacies at £5 a pill, rather than on prescription.Drug firm Pfizer says it hopes that making sildenafil, sold under the brand name Viagra Connect, more widely available will mean that men who had not previously sought help for impotence would be more likely to do so.It’s estimated that about 4.3 million men in the UK suffer from impotence but very few seek treatment because they are embarrassed about the condition.In truth, the decision was prompted in part by the huge rise of an online black market for unregulated erectile dysfunction drugs. In 2016 alone £17million worth of counterfeit Viagra was seized in the UK.Nevertheless the move has been welcomed by health chiefs who believe that having it available in pharmacies will not only counteract the impact of potentially dangerous counterfeit drugs but also help lessen the stigma of erectile dysfunction (ED).However some medics are urging caution, pointing out that men who have difficulty getting or maintaining a proper erection often have underlying health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and stress.Here we look at what you need to consider before buying the little blue pills.What is it and who can buy it?Viagra Connect is the first medicine for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction to be made available over the counter in UK pharmacies.It contains 50mg of the active ingredient sildenafil, which belongs to a group of medicines called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors.It should only be prescribed to men who have impotence and who are medically fit enough to have .No one under the age of 18 should be able to buy it.It is available in Boots exclusively (both in store and online) until April 10 and after that it will be available in 14,000 pharmacies nationwide and online.GETTYDoes it work for everyone?No, it is thought to be effective in about two-thirds of cases.The drug works by helping to relax the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow into the penis when ually stimulated. This helps to maintain firmer erections.It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and takes between 30 and 60 minutes to work and will remain active in the body for up to four hours.NCHow much does it cost? or eight for £34.99.At present GPs can still prescribe it at the cost of a NHS prescription which is £8.80.But in the current cost-cutting climate where some over-the-counter medicines such as hay fever and thrush treatments are no longer funded in some regions, drugs for erectile problems may go the same way.Also Pfizer’s exclusive 15-year patent on Viagra ran out in 2013, enabling cheaper, generic drugs to be available in the UK. Can I buy Viagra off the shelf?No. You need to ask a pharmacist for it. You can ask to have this conversation in a private room.While the consultation won’t require a physical examination, you will have to answer a series of questions ab
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eBay: Rare Shakespeare tragedies £2 coin selling for £500 - have YOU ever seen one?
Rare coins are a booming growth industry, and eBay is one of the best websites to find a rare and unusual coin.One seller is hoping to cash in after finding a William Shakespeare design £2 coin which is rarely seen.Seller ‘originalgirl’ has listed her coin for an eye-watering £500, and is hoping the scarcity of the coin will net the high price.Describing the coin, the seller said: “Perfectly presented rare William Shakespeare 2016 £2.00 coin.” The William Shakespeare coins were released by Royal Mint in 2016 to commemorate the playwright 400 years after his death.Describing the design process, Royal Mint said: “400 years since his death, William Shakespeare remains one of the greatest British writers of all time.“His influential works take their rightful place at the heart of our school curriculum and each new generation is gifted his legacy; ready to be inspired and entertained.“In 2016 The Royal Mint released three £2 coins marking the 400th anniversary of his death, designed by long-time Royal Mint collaborator John Bergdahl. How much is your money worth? Mon, October 2, 2017 Rare coins: This is what you should be looking out for in your wallet. Play slideshow A faulty £1 coin which has the 2016 date on one side and 2017 in micro-inscriptions around the edge of the reverse is worth £3,000 eBay/originalgirl“The coins celebrate Shakespeare’s most famous works and this design skilfully weaves love around tragedy, with the skull and rose design capturing that sense of doomed romance.”The Shakespeare coin is not the only £2 coin attracting large cash sums on eBay.A very rare £2 coin has been put up for sale on eBay, and sold straight away for £175. The sought after coin was in high demand on the sight, with lots of collectors making a bid on the piece- but why?The coin was the very first version of the £2 coin ever made, and it was the first bi-metallic coin ever created by the British mint.eBay/originalgirlThe two pound was first issued in 1997, however, this trial coin was made in 1994 to test out the seminal design, which changed coin making history.Largely unknown, the piece is highly sought after by coin fanatics and collectors - so it is no surprise this piece sold for a large sum and was bid upon by seven eBay users.The coin is incredibly rare, and only 4,500 of the coins were ever created.The design featured a ship with three masts on it, which could be the Golden Hind.
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Businessman, bon vivant Bong Daza passes away
Businessman, bon vivant Bong Daza passes away: . Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 GABRIEL “Bong” Daza III  Restaurateur-businessman, bon vivant Gabriel “Bong” Daza III passed away at five this morning.  He had been in a coma for more than a week now, after suffering from heart attack. He was in his late 60s.  With well-heeled friends such as Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., Tonyboy Floirendo, Louie Ysmael, Louie Cruz, Bong, as he was known to society, helped define Manila’s social life in the late ’70s and ’80s, with the parties and social events they initiated. ADVERTISEMENT  Eventually he became known to the public in general when he married former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz.  They separated after a few years.  To today’s generation, he’s probably known as the father of Isabelle Daza, a celebrity in fashion and show biz and one of today’s “it” girls.  Through the decades, however, Bong Daza was a restaurateur, coming from a family that pioneered in the French cuisine restaurant in Manila. His mother, Nora Daza, was a culinary icon remembered for her best-selling recipe book and for her famous restaurant Au Bon Vivant in Manila, and another restaurant in Paris in the ’80s.  His younger brother, Sandy, is an Inquirer food columnist and the restaurateur behind Wooden Spoon. A younger sister, Nina, is a culinary expert who is now a food magazine editor.  Aside from his ex-wife Gloria, Bong is survived by his siblings Sandy, Stella, Mariles and Nina, and children Rafael, Isabel and Ava.   ADVERTISEMENT Subscribe to INQUIRER PLUS to get access to The Philippine Daily Inquirer & other 70+ titles, share up to 5 gadgets, listen to the news, download as early as 4am & share articles on social media. Call 896 6000. #Businessman, #vivant, #BongDaza, #passes, #away
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Ford Fiesta at theft from keyless entry car theft - Criminal target UK's most popular car
Ford Fiesta owners are being targeted by thieves, exploiting a keyless entry theft technique.Police officers say keyless entry cars are being targeted by criminals using devices bought online.Luxury cars among those most at risk with cars from manufatcurers such as BMW, Audi and Range Rover being most at risk. However, Cleveland Police force suggested that Britain’s most popular car was among the most targeted and at risk vehicles.The force said that of the 90 reports of keyless cars being stolen since December, half of them were Fiestas.There is believed to be around one million keyless Ford Fiestas on the road in Britain.Devices used in keyless entry thefts mean that thieves do not need to force entry or break into a house or car in order to steal it.They use pairs of relay boxes to extend the signal from the car’s keyless fob, usually from inside a house, to trick it into thinking you have the key.Multiple thefts have occurred across the UK with thieves being able to make off with cars in as little as a minute.The amount of cars stolen in the UK is rising with a 30 per cent in 2016 from 2013, according to RAC data. New Ford Fiesta Active 2018 REVEALED in pictures Thu, March 15, 2018 Ford Fiesta Active 2018 has been revealed. The latest variant is a small-SUV version of the UK's most popular car. Play slideshow A Ford spokesperson said to Express.co.uk: “Ford Motor Company takes vehicle security seriously and continuously invests in technology to deter theft of, and from, our vehicles.  “Additionally a growing issue is the availability of security tools, which should be confined to dealerships and other specialists, being on uncontrolled public sale. “Fords are sold with competitive levels of standard security equipment. “The Ford Fiesta is Britain’s best-selling car and every new Fiesta comes with an immobiliser, preventing “hot wiring” as the engine will only run when the correct key or signal is present.“Four out of five series of new Fiesta include a Thatcham category one alarm as standard. “This means that once set the in-built alarm system sounds if the car is entered by person or object, there is movement in the cabin, any attempt is made to raise the car (to remove a wheel or tow it away) or the ignition is brought live without a correctly coded key being present.  New Ford Fiesta 2017 - Titanium, Vignalle, ST-Line and Active Crossover in pictures Wed, December 7, 2016 Ford Fiesta 2017 range revealed: New Titanium Vignalle ST-Line Active Crossover announced Play slideshow The four new models of the popular Fiesta range “The system has a battery back-up power supply to safeguard against disconnection from the car’s battery.“With many new Fords, even if criminals break in to reach the OBD port (the diagnostic port within the vehicle used by dealer technicians to access the vehicle’s electrical system), any attempt to plug into the car’s diagnostics automatically initiates a 10-minute software lockdown, while the alarm c
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16 Things That Happen In All-Female Prisons
What really goes on in female prisons? Its a curiosity such as this that's sparked so much interest in a show like 'Orange Is The New Black'. But we have to ask, is there really any truth to what we see in the show? In the end, the only real way to know is by getting these dark stories right from the prisoners themselves. Those who have experienced the reality of female prisons will tell you that Hollywood gets some things right, but plenty of things wrong too. The truth is that crazy situations occur in female prisons, and some of them are so shocking that TV shows would never include them in their stories. So take a trip inside an all-female prison, witness what goes on behind closed doors and steel bars, and hear all the gossip that’s passed between inmates and guards. It’s definitely a fascinating world and one that is very much different from a male prison. Some of these stories are simply jaw-dropping… 15. Pregnant Women Are In Prison Too – And They Fight One of the most disturbing things about all-female prisons is the fact that there are many pregnant women behind bars. And as anyone can tell you, pregnant women can be just as angry and unpredictable as other women. In fact, they can often be more emotional due to all the hormones. And as one inmate remembers, they get into fights just like other female inmates. This ex-inmate tells a story about her first day in prison, where she was put in a cell with an elderly lady and a pregnant woman. She woke up to witness a stunning scene: “The first day I was there I got assigned a bunk next to an old woman and a pregnant girl. I decided to knock out after being in the holding cell for a long time. I woke up to these two crazy b*****s fighting. One of them grabs a cup of boiling water and pours it on the other.” 14. Orange Is The New Black Has The Race Factor Wrong Most people know that in male prisons, ethnicity is very important. As soon as you enter the prison as a male, you are expected to interact pretty much exclusively with members of your own race. Your race protects you, and different groups have their own spots in the yard which they “own.” But this doesn’t really happen to the same degree in women’s prisons. One inmate admits: “Race lines aren’t as segregated as in men’s prison. Yeah, it exists but there were lots of mixed couples and I only saw ‘gang-related activity’ once or twice. Most of my friends in prison were black (I’m white).” 13. Orange Is The New Black Is NOT Accurate At All One prison guard points out: “It is not like OITNB. Inmates have very little freedom. The inmate driving the van around in OITNB? HAHAHHAHAHAHHAA. No. Inmates have shackled wrists and ankles every time they leave the secure perimeter, regardless of charges.” Many people praise Netflix’s show Orange Is The New Black for its realism and accuracy. But according to one prison guard, the show is actually not very accurate at all. She points out one instance in particular: the character that was
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Casualty actress Charlotte Salt reveals her average weekend
She has previously starred in The Tudors and The Musketeers for the BBC, Sky’s Bedlam and the 2007 film Beowulf.Charlotte, 32, lives in Oxfordshire with her husband, former Casualty actor Oliver Coleman, and their one-year-old son, Leo.“I normally get weekends off from Casualty, so on Friday night I drive back from Cardiff to my home in Oxfordshire. Leo is usually asleep when I get in and Oliver will have cooked dinner, so we sit down together and catch up.“With a small child, I don’t get a lie-in in the mornings, but as I won’t have seen him for a few days I don’t mind at all. Getting up early, I find we fit so much more into the day.“On Saturdays, we’ll see the family and friends that I don’t get a chance to during the week. I’ll make the effort to go into London for brunch or lunch – I do much more during the daytime than evenings now.GETTY “On Saturday night, we might have people round for dinner or go to a friend’s house, then when the kids are in bed we might watch a movie.“We live in such a beautiful part of the country that on Sundays, we normally go to a local pub or somewhere like Soho Farmhouse or Artist Residence – the food there’s amazing. A long Sunday lunch is my favourite thing – it has to be a roast.“Sunday nights are quiet, too, and I’ll get ready for heading back to Cardiff on Monday morning for another week of filming. I’ve got some big storylines coming up in Casualty, so my schedule has been busier than normal recently.“My favourite part of the weekend is Saturday afternoon, as I know I’ve still got a whole other day ahead. For me, weekends are all about spending time with my family.”
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Will Meghan be a duchess or a countess? Actress could have this title in new twist
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not invited dignataries including Theresa May, Barack Obama and Donald Trump to their wedding, it has been revealed.However, a number of members of the public are discovering they have been invited to the special day.Meghan Markle, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, are one of the most exciting royal love stories of modern times.A prince marrying a Hollywood star is a very romantic idea. Since Grace Kelly and Rainier III, has there been a more picturesque royal couple?When Prince Harry and Meghan tie the knot it is expected that she will have a royal title.However, the title she has depends solely on Prince Harry’s. It was thought Prince Harry would become a duke on marrying, but now a royal expert has claimed there is another option.Grant Harrold, known as The Royal Butler, has worked in the role for HRH Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, so knows a thing or two about royal business.He told Express.co.uk exclusively that Prince Harry might be up for another title instead. Related articles Royal Wedding: Meghan Markle has an official perfume for the day What really went on behind Meghan and Harry’s engagement shoot Grant said: “We won’t know her know her long as Princess Henry because she might be Duchess or a Countess.“So after people have met her at the wedding they’ll have to be aware of that.”Duchess or countess - what is the difference?Duchess is the feminine version of a duke, and is the highest rank among British peers. Countess is the feminine version of an earl. Earls have a lower rank than dukes.After this comes viscount and baron. But why would Prince Harry be an earl instead of a duke? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrive for Invictus Games UK trials Fri, April 6, 2018 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation attend the UK Team Trials for the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 at the University of Bath Sports Training Village in Bath Play slideshow Karwai Tang/WireImage 1 of 9 Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Attend UK Team Trials For The Invictus Games Sydney 2018 Grant said: “It’s a personal thing for the royal family to decide.“Charles is a duke and Prince Andrew is a duke but the youngest was given the Earl of Wes.“Because Harry’s the youngest one they could go for an earldom.”However, Grant believes the title is most likely to be Duke and Duchess of some sort.He said: “I think possibly a Duchess, because of the fact that Prince Harry is quite close in line to the throne.“The bookies are looking at dukes and duchesses, and I’m inclined to think it is a dukedom.”Grant recently appeared on new BBC Three comedy series Miss Holland, to teach the beauty queen all there is to know about etiquette.He taught the royal enthusiast how to to make the prefect cup to tea.Putting tea in first, it is revealed, has been the proper way of brewing the beverage since the 18th century, when English potter Josiah Spode decided china tea
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Oj Hofer goes minimalist–because‘woman is enough’
Oj Hofer goes minimalist–because‘woman is enough’: . Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 Oj Hofer wears his creation with silkscreened calligraphy.  Cebu fashion designer and Buddhism convert Oj Hofer has a unique routine. After starting the day in silence, he continues his meditation with his calligraphy practice.  By 7 a.m., he is teaching the Oriental martial arts of tai chi and qi going, and reiki, a healing art of summoning the life force by the laying of hands. He is at the level where he can teach reiki.  After a breakfast of salad and fruits, he goes to his shop to make his patterns and meet clients. ADVERTISEMENT  On new moon and full moon nights, he posts his Ikebana arrangements on Facebook, hoping to inspire his friends.  Before bedtime, Hofer yet again practices calligraphy to quiet the mind. This lifestyle is reflected in the unconventional cuts and androgynous quality of the clothes he makes. Grey kimono with calligraphy of Tang Dynastry poetry, modeled by RichardHunt. “I can’t imagine a hunk wearing my calligraphy shirt,”Hofer says . “He’s got to be lanky.”  “I’m an oddball. Most people like decorations and glitter. For me, the woman is enough,” Hofer says.  He shares the same mindset as Japanese avant-garde designers Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo, who are famous for their oversized silhouettes, asymmetry and restrained, dark palette.  Hofer says that the Filipino market prefers many colors and embellishments which can be loud and distracting at times. For him, color tends to draw attention from the fall and the movement of the fabric.  “I’m quieter,” Hofer says. His clothes attract individualists who don’t follow trends. The relaxed silhouette of his clothes augurs well for busy people, not social butterflies.  Hofer keeps the cut loose to highlight a woman’s aura. “The personality is enough, and the dress should come second. The wearer can shine on her own.” White cotton dress with calligraphic characters, modeled by Clara Guinofolleau   ADVERTISEMENT  His new collection pays homage to the kimono, the T-shaped, straight-line-cut Japanese robe with extended loose sleeves.  Hofer’s version features an asymmetric cut, in which one sleeve is shorter and loose while the other sleeve is longer and gathered on the wrist for body. The silhouette shrouds the body out of modesty.  “I make clothes where there is a lot of space between the body and the wearer,” he says.  His designs embody Japanese aesthetic principles such as the wabi-sabi, which imparts asymmetry and modesty; shibusa, which values subtlety; yugen, which espouses mystery and concealment; and enso, which signifies minimalism.  “In Japanese aesthetics, you see something beautiful from afar, yet you can’t point out where it’s coming from,” he explains. Black kimo-shirt silkscreened with Hofer’s calligraphy of Tang Dynast poetry in gold ink –PHOTOS BY JONUNSON  The robes are discreetly adorned with silk-screened versions of Hofer’s calligraphy of Tang Dynasty poems by Li Bai and his personal seal. He notes that that the calligraphy practice girds him for his #OjHofer, #goes, #minimalist–because‘woman, #enough’
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Diabetes type 2 diet: Avoid eating this for breakfast to control blood sugar levels
Diabetes symptoms can cause serious long-term health problems if left untreated or not treated properly.The longer you have diabetes, and the less controlled your blood sugar, the higher the risk of complications.Some of the complications can be disabling or even life-threatening.But the foods you choose to eat in your daily diet can make a big difference, whether you’re living with diabetes or not.Diabetes UK says the key to managing and preventing diabetes is a balanced diet. What you eat for breakfast can impact your blood sugar levels, and experts at Healthline say opting for cereal in the morning could spell bad news.The site states: “Eating cereal is one of the worst ways to start your day if you have diabetes.“Despite the health claims on their boxes, most cereals are highly processed an contain far more carbs than man people realise.“In addition, they provide very little protein, a nutrient that can help you feel full and satisfied while keeping your blood sugar levels stable during the day.”And even ‘healthy’ breakfast cereals are not always good choices for those with diabetes. Symptoms of diabetes Fri, August 19, 2016 Diabetes is a common life-long health condition. There are 3.5 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and an estimated 500,000 who are living undiagnosed with the condition. Play slideshow People should be aware signs and symptoms of diabetes are not always obvious and the condition is often diagnosed during GP check ups. It adds: “Just a half-cup serving (55g) of granola cereal contains 30 grams of digestible carbs.”To keep blood sugar and hunger under control, it advices you should skip cereal and choose a protein-based low-carb breakfast instead.Bupa says eating carbohydrates can make your blood sugar shoot up, so counting and using a glycemic index can be useful.Matthew Freeby, MD, director of the Gonda Diabetes Center at UCLA Health, says another popular breakfast item that falls into the carbohydrate category should be avoided all together.Speaking to Prevention, Mr Freeby said popular breakfast item, the bagel, should be crossed off the menu.He explained: “Many of my patients with diabetes think about sugar as being the worst thing that’s impacting their blood sugar, but it’s really about carbohydrates.“I tell them to look at nutrition labels for the total carbohydrate content, not just the sugar content.“Donuts and bagels made with refined and processed grains are major sources of blood-sugar-spiking carbs.”Diabetes UK says the key to managing and preventing diabetes is a balanced diet.You should also avoid having this meal for dinner to control your blood sugar levels.
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Ivanka Trump Instagram post shows off £1,266 coat - but she is mocked for ‘y’ look
Ivanka Trump in pictures Fri, March 23, 2018 Ivanka Marie Trump is an American businesswoman and former fashion model. She is the daughter of the President of the United States, Donald Trump and former model Ivana Trump. Play slideshow Ivanka Trump in pictures Ivanka Trump, 36, is the daughter of President Donald Trump, 71. The blonde former model posted an Instagram picture and tweet to praise her father on Friday.The fashion entrepreneur is now a senior advisor to the president of the United States on issues such as job creation and economic empowerment, workforce development & entrepreneurship.She posted to her social media account: “Today, President Trump shared his vision for modernizing our nation's #Infrastructure and preparing the American #Workforce for the jobs of today and tomorrow.“Together we will continue to rebuild a stronger and more prosperous America!” [sic]The Instagram post attracted almost 70,000 likes from Ivanka’s following of 4.2m fans. Donald Trump spoke to his fans in Ohio, where Ivanka joined him.The mother-of-three supported the president as he delivered a speech on infrastructure before continuing on to Palm Beach for the Easter holiday weekend.Ivanka Trump, who is married to property heir and millionaire Jared Kushner, 37, wore a £1,266 belted trench coat by Khaite for the trip. She also wore £300 Dior shades as she stepped out on the White House lawn.However, some internet users questioned why Ivanka has posted so many images of herself alongside the post congratulating her father.One tweeted: “Thanks for the photo of you in a trench coat. Our infrastructure would not be possible without a y Ivanka pic.”INSTGRAM/IVANKATRUMPAnother said: “Thanks for the photo of you in a trench coat. Our infrastructure would not be possible without a y Ivanka pic.”Another added: “That’s her spy look.”More internet users picked up on the spy association, and another said: “Ivanka Trump channeling her "Inspector Gadget" look of course, without real powers.”The Trump presidency has recently been plagued with accusations that Donald has been unfaithful to his wife Melania Trump, 47.Pornstar Stormy Daniels, 39, and Playboy model Karen McDougal, 47, both allege to have slept with Donald while he was with his wife. Donald Trump denies all of these claims. INSTAGRAM/IVANKATRUMPHowever Melania Trump’s Easter appeared to be a happy one as she and her husband put on a united front. Do Donald Trump and Melania have a prenup? Melania Trump broke her silence on Stormy Daniels affair with this scathing tweet on Tuesday.Melania Trump’s Press Secretary and Communications Director Stephanie Grisham has made a statement via her Twitter account.The public relations expert said: “While I know the media is enjoying speculation & salacious gossip, Id like to remind people there’s a minor child who’s name should be kept out of news stories when at all possible.” [sic]She added, when asked whether the First Lady watched the Stormy Daniels i
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Bowel cancer symptoms: Five warning signs that you should see a GP now
Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers to be diagnosed in the UK, according to the NHS.Most people diagnosed with the disease are over the age of 60.While bowel cancer is very treatable, it’s important to spot the signs and symptoms early, as the earlier it’s diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.If you show any of these symptoms, you shouldn’t ignore them, urged charity Bowel Cancer UK. Change in bowel habitReport any change in bowel habits to your GP, if it’s lasted for three weeks or longer.What qualifies as a change in bowel habits? Anything from the texture of your stool, to how often you empty your bowels.“You may have looser poo and you may need to poo more often than normal,” said Bowel Cancer UK.“Or, you may feel as though you’re not going to the toilet often enough or you might not feel as though you’re not fully emptying your bowels.” Signs and symptoms of bowel cancer Mon, February 20, 2017 Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK for over 60's. Here are the signs and symptoms to look out for. Play slideshow Signs and symptoms of bowel cancer TirednessFeeling fatigue could be a sign of bowel cancer, and you should see a GP.The cancer itself can cause a lack of iron in the body, which may lead to anaemia – a shortage of red blood cells.If you become anaemic, you’ll probably feel jaded, and your skin may become paler. Weight loss“This is less common than some of the other symptoms,” said the charity.“Speak to your GP if you have lost weight and you don’t know why.“You may not feel like eating if you feel sick, bloated or if you just don’t feel hungry.”BleedingYou should always see a doctor if you find blood in your stool.It could be caused by a number of different conditions, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer.“Bright red blood may come from swollen blood vessels [haemorrhoids or piles] in your back passage.“Dark red or black blood may come from your bowel or stomach. Tell your doctor about any bleeding so they can find out what is causing it.” Pain or lumpsFinding a painful lump could be an indicator of bowel cancer, said Bowel Cancer UK.The lump is usually found in your stomach area, or in your back passage.You should speak to a doctor about any unusual pains or lumps – especially if it doesn’t go away by itself, or they’re stopping you from sleeping or eating.The GP will try and identify what’s causing the pain.
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Kate Middleton: Prince Harry sent on blind dates by sister-in-law before meeting Meghan
Prince Harry, 33, famously met his soon-to-be wife Meghan Markle, 36, on a blind date in July 2016.Whilst it has never been confirmed who it is, rumours have suggested that fashion designer Misha Nonoo was behind it. Not only is she a close friend of Meghan, but she is also the ex-wife of Alexander Gilkes, a friend of William and Harry from Eton.It seems that it isn’t the only blind date that Harry was set up on whilst he was single, as a new tell-all book reveals.Even his close family attempted to find him a girlfriend before he met his fiancee. A new book by royal expert Katie Nicholl called “Harry: Life, Loss and Love” explained his dating life before Meghan.His sister-in-law Kate Middleton, as well as his cousin Princess Eugine, stepped in to help him out.The book states: “Harry wasn't giving up, even going on blind dates organised by Kate and his cousin Princess Eugenie, who had a good track record when it came to setting Harry up,”Before Harry met Meghan, he was linked to British model Sarah Ann Macklin, although it is unconfirmed who set this up. Prince Harry’s love life Wed, May 17, 2017 Prince Harry’s love life: A look back at Harry’s girlfriends and rumoured love interests. Play slideshow Prince Harry's love life Prince Harry’s previous girlfriends have included Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, who are rumoured to be attending the wedding in May.Nicholl states that Harry was seeing the former up until 2015, as “neither of them were quite ever willing to completely let go of that love affair”.Despite this, the pair have never revealed much about their relationship which Nicoll admits shows an “amazing respect” between the ex-couple.The royal expert has also admitted that Meghan and Harry could see the pitter patter of feet sooner than expected. In the book, she writes: “My sources are saying that Prince Harry, particularly, is very keen to start a family, pretty soon after the royal wedding. He's made no secret about wanting children."Whilst writing that he is very “broody” thanks to his niece and nephew Prince George and Princess Charlotte, it seems this is echoed by Meghan.The royal couple visited Northern Ireland yesterday and were shown a number of baby products by brand Snuggle.Meghan admitted, after looking at the products: “I’m sure at some point we’ll need the whole thing.”
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Arthritis pain? Try this tropical fruit to reduce symptoms
Millions of people battle with the disease every day, according to Arthritis Research UK. The charity recommends dietary changes including more fish, nuts and fruits to help alleviate the symptoms of the condition. One of the finest may be papaya.Dr Joshua Axe, a clinical nutritionist based in America, called it one of the “best” natural medicines for arthritis, due to the copious amounts of papain contained in the fruit.“Fruits and vegetables are packed with digestive enzymes and anti-inflammatory compounds,” he said.“Some of the best include Papaya, which contains papain, and pineapple, which contains bromelain - both help reduce arthritis’ inflammatory symptoms.” Papain is an anti-inflammatory compound which reduces irritation and stiffness in painful joints, reducing pain symptoms for arthritis sufferers.A 2011 study by Maha Abdullah at the Universiti Putra Malaysia, in Malaysia, and published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research said there may be a link between consuming papaya and reduced pain.“Papaya consumption may exert an anti-inflammatory response and have potential in alleviating inflammatory conditions,” said the scientific paper’s abstract.The tropical fruit can be purchased from most UK supermarkets including Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. 10 super foods for combatting arthritis Wed, November 1, 2017 Arthritis: Fight inflammation and boost your immune system with these 10 arthritis-fighting foods. Play slideshow Pumpkins The Arthritis Foundation recommends consuming strawberries, avocados and grapes to reduce the symptoms of arthritis.Rheumatoid arthritis is a long-term auto-immune condition, according to the NHS. That means the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the cells that line your joints. The attacks usually cause the joints to become swollen, stiff and painful.After a number of years, the immune system can damage the joint itself, as well as the cartilage and bone.Arthritis is a condition affecting millions of people in the UK where a joint becomes inflamed causing pain to the individual affected. “Most people aren’t aware of rheumatoid arthritis,” said the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society.“About one in a hundred people have it.”“So, when people do get symptoms, they put them down to some other cause.“‘I’ve overdone it at the gym/gardening/playing with the kids.’ These are all typical explanations people have for the pain in their hands or feet, and explain why they may not go to their GP straight away.”
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Breast cancer symptoms - the five signs of a deadly tumour
Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancers in the UK, according to the NHS.Around one in every eight women are diagnosed with the deadly condition during their lifetime.Women should check their breasts regularly to check for any changes to the tissue.You should see a GP if you notice any differences to your breasts, the NHS urged.These are five signs to look out for of breast cancer. “The first symptom of breast cancer most women notice is a lump or an area of thickened tissue in their breast,” said the NHS.“Most breast lumps [90 per cent] aren't cancerous, but it’s always best to have them checked by your doctor.“See your GP as soon as possible if you notice any symptoms of breast cancer, such as an unusual lump in your breast or any change in the appearance, feel or shape of your breasts.“Your GP will examine you. If they think your symptoms need further assessment, they'll refer you to a specialist breast cancer clinic.”When checking your breasts, look out for any new lumps that weren’t there before. Signs and symptoms of Breast cancer Thu, October 6, 2016 Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women; and one in eight women in the UK will develop the disease during their lifetime. These are the symptoms to check for. Play slideshow Discharge, rash or dimpling? These are the symptoms to check for A change in the size of shape of one, or both, of your breasts may also be an early warning sign of the cancer.Other breast cancer symptoms can include a bloodstained discharge from either of your nipples, a lump or swelling in either of your armpits, or finding a change in the appearance of your nipples.Breast pain isn’t usually a symptom of breast cancer, the NHS added.Knowing what your breasts normally feel like will help you to become more aware of any abnormal changes.Detecting breast cancer earlier means that treatments may be more effective.It’s not known if breast cancer can be prevented, the NHS said.But, maintaining a healthy weight and regular exercise may help to lower your risk.There are also benefits for women who have a low intake of saturated fat and alcohol.It’s also been claimed that women who breastfeed are less likely to develop breast cancer.More than 50,000 women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer every year in the UK.
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12 Disneyland Attractions Gone but Not Forgotten
12 Disneyland Attractions Gone but Not Forgotten: . Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1  Disneyland opened on July 17th, 1955 and the world has never been the same. While there are plenty of rides that have stood the test of time since opening day (we’re looking at you Jungle Cruise), Walt Disney himself said “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” With that being said, a few attractions have come and gone in the past 62 years. Let’s look at 12 Disneyland Attractions Long Forgotten!   1. Disneyland Skyway    The Disneyland Skyway was a gondola attraction open from 1956-1994. During the approximately 1200 ft trip, riders would travel between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, passing through Matterhorn mountain along the way. The ride was closed due to safety concerns from the aging structures.   2. Flying Saucers     The Flying Saucers in Tomorrowland were a single rider attraction from 1961-1966. Guests rode on personal flying saucers on a cushion of air, similar to an air hockey game, which played in a way similar to bumper cars with guests ramming each other with their saucers. The attraction unfortunately closed during the New Tomorrowland renovation of 1967 due to slow operation times and high running costs.   ADVERTISEMENT 3. Monsanto House of the Future     The House of the Future was an early Tomorrowland attraction sponsored by the Monsanto Chemical Co. (of GMO fame) and jointly created by Walt Disney Imagineering, M.I.T., and Monsanto. The attraction was open between 1957 and 1967 and was a walkthrough tour of a future house set in 1986. The house featured “futuristic” applianced like a microwave oven and the whole structure (sans footer) was made out of plastic. The structure was so sturdy that when it came time to demolish it, the inch-thick steel bolts that held the structure in place broke before the actual structure did.   4. The People Mover     Sometimes referred to as “The Goodyear PeopleMover” or the “WEDWay PeopleMover”, the People Mover was a Tomorrowland attraction that operated from 1967 - 1995. During the approximately 16 minute trip, the PeopleMover did a “grand tour” of the Tomorrowland area, weaving in and out of the various buildings that dotted the landscape. In 1982, the “speed tunnel” was updated with a Tron theme to coincide with the release of the movie. From that point on, the ride was named “PeopleMover Thru the World of Tron." The attraction closed to make way for an exciting new attraction “Rocket Rods,” but that was unfortunately very short lived.   5. Rocket Rods     Rocket Rods was a thrill attraction through Tomorrowland that operated from 1998-2000. Riders would board a 5 person car with inline seating and zoom around the existing PeopleMover structure at speeds of 35mph. The ride had a tragically short lifespan due to the fact that the ride featured very sudden acceleration and deceleration. Couple that with the fact that the pre-existing PeopleMover structures couldn’t take the strain that the ride placed on it, th #12DisneylandAttractionsGone, #NotForgotten
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eBay: 50p coin worth £140 - do you have one of these rare Isaac Newton coins?
eBay is a treasure trove of rare coins, including the Isaac Newton 50p coin. These coins are currently selling for £140 on eBay, after being listed by seller “c-t7”.Two of the coins sold today by the seller for £140, who said of the coins: “This is one strike your own 50p Isaac Newton coins with the 2018 date.”Launched in September last year, only 375 of the coins were available from Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire, Isaac Newton's birthplace and family home. They were released into circulation via the tills, and will be a must have for most coin collectors.It was a collaboration between The Royal Mint and The National Trust, to celebrate the 375th anniversary year of Newton’s birth.Sir Isaac Newton is well known for discovering gravity, and he was also an accomplished mathematician and astronomer.C-t7 said of the coin: “These were struck by me at the mint and the cards are signed by the two designers of the Isaac Newton coin.“They are BUNC quality see for yourself Receipt from he tour will be included.” The rarest and most valuable 50p coins Wed, January 17, 2018 Rare 50p coins: 26 of the rarest and most valuable coins according to ChangeChecker's scarcity index. Play slideshow The rarest and most valuable 50p coins The coins were two of the first 100 coins struck at the event.One of the Isaac Newton 50p coin was listed on eBay for the whopping price of £3,500.The Royal Mint released a Sir Isaac Newton version of the silver 50p coin last year.However, it confirmed 2018 versions of this coin were only available in one place.EBAY/C-T7This place is the Royal Mint Experience in Llantrisant, Wales. Another coin to have sold for a whopping price is a Hercules £2 coin. This collection, issued between 1997 and 2000, depict the all 12 of the Labours of Hercules.The 1999 coin, sold for the large sum last week, depicts Hercules cleaning out the Augean Stables.
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Here's the Latest on Jennifer Aniston's Dating Life
Here's the Latest on Jennifer Aniston's Dating Life: http://www.instyle.com/syndication/jennifer-aniston-happy-being-single-netflix-sandler. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1   is happily moving on with her life, a source tells People.  The 49-year-old actress is back at work in Montreal alongside Adam Sandler as she enjoys her new single life after splitting from Justin Theroux. Aniston was spotted filming her new Netflix movie Murder Mystery on Wednesday.  “She is very happy being single,” the source says. “She is focused on her own happiness.”  Aniston and Theroux split in mid-February after two and a half years of marriage and seven years as a couple. Michael Tran  Aniston was seen wearing a simple v-neck shirt tucked into dark-wash jeans paired with wedges. In one scene, Aniston seemed to exclaim in surprise as she held her hands to her face. She and Sandler, who previously starred together in 2011’s Just Go With It, play a couple who become suspects in the murder of a billionaire.  The actress has been stepping out more recently after mostly staying out of the spotlight immediately following the split. She and longtime friend Courteney Cox went to events twice in recent weeks—first to a Chanel dinner and then the Natural Resources Defense Council’s “Our Majestic Oceans” benefit on June 2.  They later lampooned George Clooney on June 6 at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony in his honor, where they quoted the Friends theme song and took credit for his success, saying their sitcom gave his breakthrough show E.R. a bigger audience.  Aniston also continues to spend time with famous pals like Ellen DeGeneres and Jason Bateman.  “She seems very happy,” the source adds. #Here, #Latest, #JenniferAniston, #DatingLife #News, #latest, #Celebrity, #FromOurPartners, #JenniferAniston
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Clocks change 2018: Why do we change the clocks in the UK? When do they go backwards?
The clocks have gone forward as of today (March 25), marking the end of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the start of British Summer Time (BST).Britons may be feeling tired as it has meant an hour of lost sleep when the time changed from 1am to 2am this morning.But it is good news for people who are needing some Vitamin D as it means that the evenings will be much lighter until June 21, Midsummer’s Day.Why do we change the clocks in the UK? It first started in 1916 during World War One in a bid to save money and resources such as coal to light the country.However it was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 who believed getting up earlier when it was lighter would mean saving on candle usage.This was followed by builder William Willett who tried to convince the country that it would be a good idea in 1907, publishing a leaflet titled The Waste of Daylight.He died in 1915, a year before it came into place. It is also followed by most of the European Union since 1995.Many are conflicted over the idea and whether we should still partake in it, as it can have a number of health problems.The days after the clocks go forward, the risk of stroke and heart attack have found to increase due to the stress it puts on the body when it is sleep deprived.Others believe it is a good idea as it can help to use the daylight instead of artificial light, and even reduces road accidents.This is due to the evenings being lighter which is when traffic collisions are higher. The clocks are due to go back this year on October 28, marking the beginning of Greenwich Mean Time again.It also marks the end of British Summer Time and the start of Autumn, as the evenings have already begun to get shorter.Whilst it means darker evenings it also means people get an extra hours sleep.This can help reduce the risks of strokes and heart attacks, the opposite of the clocks going forward.
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Mobile stroke unit could save stroke victims from death and disability
For the first time, an ambulance carrying a mobile CT scanner and two consultants will rush to patients and treat them on the spot.If successful it is hoped the scheme will lead to a national network of units. The aim is to administer clot-busting drugs within the “golden hour” of a stroke being reported to 999 operators and so reduce the risk of death or serious disability, which increases dramatically without rapid treatment.Professor Iris Grunwald, of Southend Hospital, Es, pioneered a similar scheme while working in Germany and has now brought the mobile stroke unit to the UK.Moments after the ambulance arrives, a patient’s head can be placed in a scanner.Seconds later it gives readings of any clot in the brain, and drugs can then be delivered.In a trial published in the lancet, Prof Grunwald showed that 60 per cent of German patients treated by a mobile stroke unit were aided within an hour compared to just four per cent taken to hospital.Speed of treatment for patients, by giving them injections of clot-busting drugs, is variable in the UK.This is often caused by delays in getting them to hospital by ambulance, delays in scanning to identify a clot at a non-specialist centre and then in the decision to treat.Prof Grunwald, who also works at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, has been given a mobile stroke unit ambulance from Germany for the three-month study, which is set to start at the end of the month.She said: “if you are lucky to live in a major city then you may well get very rapid care but our logic is to cut out the hospital and take the CT scanner to the patient. “Once we have scanned them and carried out a blood test, and established a patient has a blocked artery, we can give the drug.“At present, most patients arrive too late for effective treatment, meaning their chances of living independently following a stroke are reduced.”The mobile unit will be linked to Southend Hospital, so images can be transmitted back for a second opinion.Its main aim is to treat the blood clot type of stroke but even if a patient has one caused by a burst blood vessel, they can administer drugs to reduce damage and the risk of death before arrival at hospital.Prof Grunwald added: “We think we will be able to replicate in Es the results we achieved in Germany and results from mobile units in other countries.“If that happens, maybe the NHS can look at setting up a national network of mobile stroke units, so patients outside urban areas get rapid treatment.”
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Gasp! Is Meghan Markle's Work-Appropriate, Off-the-Shoulder Top Back in Stock?
Gasp! Is Meghan Markle's Work-Appropriate, Off-the-Shoulder Top Back in Stock?: http://www.instyle.com/fashion/clothing/meghan-markle-off-the-shoulder-theory-top. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 We nearly had a heart attack after wore an off-the-shoulder while visiting Cardiff, Wales. No, not because it showed a little extra skin in a way that we haven't seen other royals do, but because it sold out instantly. VIDEO: Wears Off-the-Shoulder Top Well, it's time to wipe your tears because just dropped another to Markle's design. Both blouses have everything a girl could ever want in a top, made with a subtle off-the-shoulder silhouette that highlights the collarbones and a plaid print that offers a professional, polished finish. They also feature a slightly nipped waist and flared hemline that slims the midsection. And the price tag for both is exactly the same. Courtesy | $495 The only major difference is the name. Markle's exact, sold-out top is called the Hadfield. And the brand is calling the newly released option, which is exclusively available at Neiman Marcus, the Brea. So you'd better grab the top while you can. And while you're over at Neiman Marcus, you might as get your hands on Markle's re-stocked Altuzarra dress ($1,996; ). The pinstripe design is perfect for summer. So you'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it, too. #Gasp, #MeghanMarkle, #WorkAppropriate, #Shoulder, #Back, #Stock #FashionNewsShoppingWorkWearCelebrityMeghanMarkleTheory
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‘No rock on radio? No problem. Get it live!’
‘No rock on radio? No problem. Get it live!’: . Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 Mike Llamas  Back in the 1970s, the more adventurous type of music buffs in Manila listened to radio station DZRJ, where they first heard the latest records of the hottest and most respected rock and jazz artists. For a time, RJ-AM was the most popular station, with Mike Llamas, a.k.a. DJ Stoney Burke, as station manager.  In the late ’80s, Llamas left RJ and migrated to the United States. Upon retirement from the rat race in America, he went back home to the Philippines where he renewed his passion for music.  He also got back to being a DJ, though his stints were short-lived due to changing times. ADVERTISEMENT  Now Llamas is gearing up for a new venture—producing live performances by various classic rock artists.  His first crack as impresario is a show featuring Area One, Route 70, and The Jerks, plus stand-up comic Mike Unson, on July 29, 8 p.m. at Johnny B. Good (formerly Hard Rock Cafe Makati). Mike Unson  This will be followed by the launch of The Stoney Burke Project (SBP)—a band that Llamas formed, composed of various musicians handpicked from auditions—on Sept. 2at 19 East. (I’ll tell you more about it soon.)  Meantime, here’s looking forward to watching The Jerks crank out the best of classic rock on July 29. The Jerks’ Chickoy Pura  To quote Llamas’ teaser tag line, “No rock on radio? No problem. Get it live!”  Johnny B. Good, Level 3, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati;  tel. 0977 390 1589 At RJ’s storied staircase, clockwise from top, Double A, Bob Magoo, Lippy, Cousin Hoagy, The Madman, Brother Becky, Stoney Burke   ADVERTISEMENT Follow @Inq_Lifestyle on Twitter Subscribe to INQUIRER PLUS to get access to The Philippine Daily Inquirer & other 70+ titles, share up to 5 gadgets, listen to the news, download as early as 4am & share articles on social media. Call 896 6000. #‘No, #rock, #radio, #No, #problemGet, #live, #’
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Queen Letizia and King Felipe put on united front after mother-in-law Easter argument
Queen Letizia of Spain, 45, joined her husband King Felipe, 50, to attend the 'La Caixa' scholarship awards in Madrid today.Letizia wore a cornflower blue jumper with small buttons on the arm which she paired with a pleated floral print skirt.The skirt came down past Letizia's knees, and paired with the jumper, had a frumpy effect overall.The royal did add a youthful touch with her shoes, which were black patent stillettos with a cross-over strap.A pair of bright blue and gold drop earrings could be seen hanging from Letizia's ears. The royals were seen together for the first time since Letizia was caught in an embarrassing moment with her mother-in-law Queen Sofia over Easter.Tension between the pair was caught on camera, with Sofia attempting to pose for a picture with her two granddaughters.But her former TV newsreader daughter-in-law first stood in the way - and then seemed to push Queen Sofia’s arm away from her eldest daughter after a short exchange of angry-seeming words.The 79-year-old put her arm back round Princess Leonor’s shoulder after resisting Queen Letizia’s challenge.Video footage was beamed around the world, making headlines over the Easter weekend to the embarrassment of the Spanish royals. Queen Letizia of Spain in pictures Fri, March 23, 2018 Queen Letizia of Spain in pictures. Play slideshow Queen Letizia of Spain in pictures Queen Letizia has already made two solo appearances since the furore. Days later, she attended a a seminar on informative treatment of disability in social networks.The royal looked sleek in black trousers paired with a simple black top.Adding a pop of colour, Letizia wore a red, white and black collarless jacket.She completed the look with a pair of black patent stilettos and a plain black leather clutch which she carried in one hand.Her hair hung straight over her shoulders, while Letizia kept her makeup simple. Letizia showed off her wild side in animal print yesterday, as she attended the 'International Friendship Award' at IESE Business School in Madrid.The mum-of-two opted for a chic monochrome outfit for her day out alone.Showing off her trim figure, the Spanish royal wore a black short sleeve jumper and leopard print pencil skirt.She paired this with severe patent black stiletto heels and a simple black clutch.A stunning pair of diamond and precious gem drop earrings could be seen hanging from Letizia’s ears.
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Philippine Airlines accepts historical delivery of A350
Philippine Airlines accepts historical delivery of A350: . Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 PAL president Jaime Bautista before the A350 at the Airbus Delivery Center in Toulouse last Friday.  The A350 XWB structure, 70% of which is made of advanced material including 53% composites, is not only light weight and very strong but also costs significantly less to maintain.  PAL’s A350 features a Business class cabin with 30 seats arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, so that every single passenger has direct access to the aisle. Thus there will be no need to jump over other passengers just to get to the aisle. Seat pitch is at 44 inches and seat width is up to 24 inches. The seat – which reclines to a full-flat bed measuring 78 inches in length – has an adjustable air cushion to adjust seat firmness, lumbar massage feature, additional storage for personal items, power ports and augmented reading lights.  The Premium Economy class has 24 seats on a 2-4-2 configuration in an exclusive cabin. Seat pitch is at 38 inches and seat width is at 19 inches. Premium Economy seats – which have a recline of up to 8 inches – are equipped with legrest and footrest, additional front pockets for personal items, bottle holders, reading lights and power ports.  The Economy class cabin seats total 241 on a roomy 3-3-3 configuration. Seat pitch is at 33 inches, seat width at 18 inches and a recline of up to 6 inches. Features include a 4-way headrest and USB power ports.  All seats on the PAL Airbus A350 have personal TV screens with dual screen functionality, which means that passengers can pair their screens with their mobile device via the myPAL Player app to select content to be displayed on the screen or track the flight’s progress through the Flight Map. ADVERTISEMENT  Wi-Fi service is offered free for all passengers (subject to time and volume caps), with affordable renewal plans.  PAL’s A350 XWB also features special LED mood lighting, providing passengers for a more intimate in-flight experience that helps passengers adjust to time zone and day vs. night changes.  Philippine Airlines flights to the U.S. and Europe will get a major boost, as the A350 will be deployed on the nonstop Manila-New York JFK and Manila-London Heathrow routes by the end of October 2018. Services to other points in North America and/or Europe are expected to follow as more aircraft join the fleet over the next 12 months, including possible routes to Seattle, Chicago and a point in Western Europe.  PAL has placed six firm orders for Airbus A350-900s, and options for an additional six A350s. Four are to be delivered in 2018, and the other two are slated for delivery in mid-2019.  PAL’s new A321neo gives PAL the ability to match the right kind of aircraft to mid-size markets, and thus to better pioneer new routes and develop new sources of passenger traffic.  “We are proud and excited to operate the new A321neos – a more advanced version of the A321ceos with extended flight range but with cabins specially tailored to serve longer routes with greater comfort. We can better tap ne #PhilippineAirlines, #accepts, #historical, #delivery, #A350
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Monika Sta. Maria a winner still
Monika Sta. Maria a winner still: . Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 MONIKA Sta. Maria in round shift dress, Harlan+Holden  She may have failed to nab the title, but Monika Sta. Maria, the athlete-turned-model from Manila, gained the respect of Filipinos and other Asian audiences as she worked her way to the finals of “Asia’s Next Top Model” (AsNTM) Season 3.  Dominating the season by getting four best photos—the most among all the contestants—and winning episode challenges, Sta. Maria caught the attention of everyone involved in the show right from the start.  The judges consistently praised her for being “a reliable model.” Even guest judges, designers and fashion industry heavyweights admired her work attitude and drive, and said they would want to work with her again. ADVERTISEMENT  As first runner-up, the 23-year-old Psychology graduate and former De La Salle University volleyball player already has modeling gigs here and abroad. It goes to show that Monika Sta. Maria’s modeling career, with or without the AsNTM title, is just revving up.  In this e-mail interview, the Filipino-Malaysian model, born Marlena Monika Sta. Maria, talked about how she prepared for Season 2 and Season 3 auditions, the publicized rift with Indonesian contestants, and her modeling plans.   SHIRRED-SHOULDER yoke dress, Harlan+Holden    My mom is a full Filipino and my dad is Malaysian. I was raised in the Philippines since I was two, so I highly identify myself as a Filipino.    I was really sad because I was really working out hard and preparing as if they were already going to choose me! When I realized they had already selected and I did not get in season 2, I decided I would continue preparing my mind and body for season 3!   ADVERTISEMENT  No! I was so awkward and shy in high school! I would have never imagined myself as a model!    At DLSU, athletes are exposed on TV because of the UAAP. As a new face in the varsity, I got attention and was made to walk the runway as a school “icon,” and I loved it! I tried modeling on the side but it required me to be thinner than my muscular volleyball body. My coach noticed that I was dieting and told me I had to choose, so I chose modeling.    I just made sure I was consistent! I was No. 1 in the live auditions in season 2, so I made sure I was No. 1 again to see the casting agents/producers for season 3.    Since I was first in both auditions, I did not have to wait. It was just pictures and interviews, and I think I got the casting team’s attention because I was first again in the season 3 auditions in the Philippines.    I was surprised because you don’t really know what happens with the other interviews in the show. I just decided not to watch, so I can hold on to my memory of my experience.   Cropped top and high-waist skirt, all from Harlan+Holden    I did not see Amanda and Chesca in the auditions. Amanda was discovered during her audition in “Australia’s Next Top Model,” and Chesca just applied online. I love them and we became close because we were . I became close to Aimee beca #MonikaStaMaria, #winner, #still
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Beautycounter's Long-Wear Lipstick Is More Comfortable Than a Lip Balm
Beautycounter's Long-Wear Lipstick Is More Comfortable Than a Lip Balm: http://www.instyle.com/beauty/beautycounter-red-long-lasting-lipstick. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 I have approximately nine cosmetic cases filled with makeup in my powder room. This is on top of two packed medicine cabinets and at least five handbags with two lipsticks in them each. Simply put, I love beauty products. What I don't love, though, is feeling them on my skin. Thanks to makeup innovations, buying lightweight beauty products isn't that difficult. I don't even remember I'm wearing foundation half the time. Long-wear lipstick, on the other hand, hasn't come as far as complexion products in terms of weight. But counter—yep, the brand that consistently pops into your Facebook feed—just changed the game with its first long-lasting lipstick.  Courtesy Counter $34 The Color Intense tick ($34; ) is super-pigmented, with a creamy consistency and a satin, shiny finish. It looks a little like a gloss, but the weightless consistency is identical to a balm. It leaves your lips feeling moisturized and comfortable with a vibrant, noticeable color that sticks around for way longer than a cup of coffee.  Of course, the main draw for most counter shoppers is that the formula is free of potentially toxic chemicals—the brand itself has banned 1,500 ingredients from its products.  I use both conventional and green beauty products, so I'm more impressed with how the brand managed to create such a light yet vivid lipstick. It's marketed as being a "one-swipe" lipstick, meaning that's all you have to do to get the color payoff on your lips. It's true, though I like to gently tap it on my lips to create a stained, "just bitten" look.  My favorite out of all eight shades is "Girls' Night," a crimson red. It creates an entire look on days where I have no energy to do more than swipe on lipstick and apply mascara.  RELATED VIDEO: 6 Products Under $12 You Should Buy from the Drugstore So next time your Facebook friend invites you to an online counter event, maybe drop by for long enough to order a new lipstick.  #Beautycounter, #LongWearLipstick, #MoreComfortableThan, #Balm #BeautyMakeupLipstickLipsBeautyCounter
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Retirement: UK region where it is cheapest to retire - as one in four struggle with money
Retirement is something everyone in the UK should be preparing for from a young age to be able to support themselves when they leave an annual income.The Financial Conduct Authority has found that over 15 million adults in the UK are yet to pay into a pension, and new research by Age Partnership has found that one in four people who have retired admit to struggling with money.The basic state pension of just £112.30 is less than the average costs of a retiree which works out to be £208.But where is the cheapest place in the UK to retire? Living in the North East is where retirees spend the least per week, spending just £179.The most expensive is, surprisingly , not the capital city of London but is East Anglia with the average weekly spend of £250, double that of the state pension.Yet it found that people who lived in the North East admitted to struggling the most with 46 per cent of retirees admitted they had financial problems.London had the least worried retired people with just 35 per cent struggling. The world's best places to retire in 2017 Wed, January 4, 2017 Here is a definitive list of the best retirement havens from around the world. Play slideshow This could suggest that many who choose to retire in London are the “retired elite” who are most stable financially with their spending habits.The study stated: “58 per cent of retirees say they wish more help and advice about retirement and pensions had been available when they were younger.“If we learn from their hindsight, it seems planning ahead is the best way to ensure we have a comfortable retirement.“By exploring options such as workplace or private pensions, equity release, and savings, you can safeguard your future to ensure you can enjoy and thrive in the new chapter of your life.” How much retirees spend in an average weekEast Anglia £250South East £221Scotland £218South West £216London £212West Midlands £210East Midlands £209Yorkshire and the Humber £201Northern Ireland £197Wales £191North West £185North East £179
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Diabetes type 2 - best exercise for high blood sugar revealed
Diabetes type 2 is caused by the pancreas not producing enough of the hormone insulin, according to the NHS.Not having enough insulin makes it harder for the body to convert sugar int he blood to useable energy.Diabetes symptoms can include passing more urine than normal, feeling hungry even after eating, and extreme tiredness.But, you could prevent complications of diabetes by doing more swimming, it’s been claimed. Swimming is a great way for diabetes patients to improve cardiovascular fitness, according to Diabetes.co.uk.The exercise puts less pressure on feet joints than some other sports, which is important because patients are at risk of foot-related complications.“Swimming is a great way of improving cardiovascular fitness, with constant moving allowing for blood and oxygen to be pumped more efficiently,” said Diabetes.co.uk.“Unlike sports such as football, rugby and golf, swimming does not strain your joints by having you expend energy and then rest. Symptoms of diabetes Fri, August 19, 2016 Diabetes is a common life-long health condition. There are 3.5 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and an estimated 500,000 who are living undiagnosed with the condition. Play slideshow People should be aware signs and symptoms of diabetes are not always obvious and the condition is often diagnosed during GP check ups. “It also uses upper and lower body muscles at the same time, which could benefit people with diabetic neuropathy, who suffer from numbness.“Intensity will vary, depending on your motivation for swimming, but per hour it can burn 350-420 calories and caution should be taken for beginners as hypoglycemic attacks can occur without proper preparation.”Diabetics considering taking up swimming could exercise one or twice a week without excessive blood sugar management, it said.If you have low blood sugar, try taking glucose tablets to give you a sugar boost, and then consume more sugar immediately after swimming, as well as a big meal later on.Eating a healthy, balanced diet could help to reduce some symptoms of diabetes, the NHS said.It’s important to take regular blood sugar tests to make sure your blood glucose levels are balanced.Without proper management, diabetes can lead to some life-threatening complications, including kidney failure and cardiovascular disease.The condition can also reduce the blood supply to your feet, which reduces the amount of feeling in your lower extremities.
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Spike Milligan: Top 10 facts about the creator of The Goon Show
1. His real name was Terence Alan Milligan. He started calling himself “Spike” after hearing the US band Spike Jones And His City Slickers.2. Before the Second World War he performed as a jazz singer and trumpeter.3. He launched The Goon Show in 1951 with Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine.4. In its first season the show was called “The Junior Crazy Gang featuring those Crazy People, the Goons!” or “Crazy People” for short.5. In 1968 he appeared on TV as Beachcomber of the Daily Express in The World Of Beachcomber.6. His poem On The Ning Nang Nong was voted the UK’s favourite comic poem in a poll in 1998. 7. The Spike Milligan Suspension Bridge over Woy Woy Creek, New South Wales is named after him. 8. His gravestone in Winchelsea bears the epitaph, “I told you I was ill” written in Gaelic. 9. When fellow goon Harry Secombe died in 2001, Spike said: “I’m glad he died before me, because I didn’t want him to sing at my funeral.” 10. He was knighted in 2000 and died in 2002. A recording of Harry Secombe singing was played at his memorial service.
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Vascular dementia: Get these THREE things in check to help prevent the disease
Vascular dementia usually occurs over the age of 65 and is caused by reduced blood flow to the brain, which damages and then eventually kills the brain cells.This occurs after a stroke or series of mini-strokes, where blood supply to the brain is cut off, or small vessel disease, where there is a narrowing of blood vessels deep inside the brain.But there are several conditions we face earlier in life that increase our risk of getting vascular dementia as we age.Get these in check and you will lower your risk of suffering the disease later in life, says the NHS.High blood pressureHigh blood pressure, or hypertension, often goes untreated as it rarely has noticeable symptoms. The only way to find out if you suffer from the condition is to have your blood pressure checked.A high blood pressure reading puts you more at risk of strokes, which then make you twice as likely to develop vascular dementia later in life.The NHS warns that you are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure if you are obese, eat too much salt, don’t get enough sleep and are of African or Caribbean descent.High cholesterolCholesterol is a fatty substance made by the liver, but can also be found in some foods.If you suffer from high cholesterol, you have an increased risk of stroke, which again increases the likelihood of developing vascular dementia. A high cholesterol reading also means you have more of a chance of developing heart disease, which can heighten your risk of dementia.The NHS advises lowering your cholesterol by eating fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals, and shunning saturated fat. Early signs of Dementia Tue, December 20, 2016 Dementia affects the ability to remember, think and reason. Here are the early signs to look out for in yourself and loved ones. Play slideshow Early signs of dementia Excessive alcohol consumptionHeavy drinkers are putting themselves at risk of vascular dementia.Research published in the Lancet Public Health journal earlier this year showed that people who drink enough to end up in hospital are much more likely to develop vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.Dr Sara Imarisio of Alzheimer’s Research UK said the research didn’t look at a link between occasional drinking and dementia. “As this study only looked at the people who had been admitted to hospital due to chronic heavy drinking, it doesn’t reveal the full extent of the link between alcohol use and dementia risk.“Previous research has indicated that even moderate drinking may have a negative impact on brain health and people shouldn’t be under the impression that only drinking to the point of hospitalisation carries a risk.”Vascular dementia, one of the four main types of dementia, is estimated to affect around 150,000 people in the UK.Early symptoms include slowness of thought, difficulty with planning, trouble with understanding and problems with concentration.Your chances of developing vascular dementia increase with age, with people over 65 most at risk.
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19 Discounts Seniors Didn’t Know They Could Get
19 Discounts Seniors Didn’t Know They Could Get: http://www.worldlifestyle.com/family/19-discounts-seniors-didnt-know-they-could-get. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_5QWqWq5O9eEYu9b1J9dKw?sub_confirmation=1 You wouldn't believe how many senior discounts there are out there. You may not be feeling old but if you're fifty-five or older, these discounts apply to you! Most retailer senior discounts can be found at restaurants, parks, on public transport and at hotels. The hardest part is simply asking the question, “Do you offer a senior discount?”. You wouldn't believe how much you'd save in a year. Here's a list of 19 senior discounts you'll only get if you know to ask about them. 1. Negotiate A Better Mortgage Rate With HARP Were you born before 1985 and own a home? Well if you want to save yourself thousands of dollars this year, you should take advantage of HARP. The Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) could help you reduce your monthly payments by as much as $3,500! This is a time-sensitive discount you'll want to jump on fast because it was set to expire in 2017 but has since been extended to 2018. We aren't sure about the future of the HARP program, so enjoy it while you can. In order to qualify for HARP you’ll need good or excellent credit, so if you don’t have a very good credit rating then this probably isn’t for you. If lowering your payments and paying off your mortgage faster would help you, then this could be the easiest money savings tip you take. 2. Install A Home Alarm System You don't have to be a homeowner for all of the deals on this list, but for this one you do. If your home doesn't have a security system, it is more than twice as likely to be targeted by intruders. What you might not know is that by simply having a home security system, you could be saving money on your homeowner's insurance policy. You could save between 10-20%  on your insurance by having a high functioning home security system installed. One of the best alarm system companies – ADT is currently offering over $800 in savings if you just pay the installation fee. That means you basically get a free alarm system for over a year, just by paying a $99 fee. It’s also wise for seniors to have a security system installed so that they can get medical emergency attention in the case of a life-threatening situation. 3. Cruise Deals There are hundreds of amazing cruises at great prices to be found online with Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Costa Cruises, and Cruise Direct. If you've spent your entire life working and you've recently retired, this is a fantastic way to enjoy your retirement. Take that cruise you always dreamed of having time to enjoy!  Cruise lines offer a huge variety of discounts for senior citizens, and this includes some of the most well-known companies like Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean, offering exclusive deals to citizens over the age of 55. 4. Get a Lower Auto Insurance Rate Only 5% of Americans over the age of 55 are paying less than $50 per month for car insurance. If you’re currently paying more than $50 per month with an accident-free driving record,  you can probably secure a much lower car insurance rate. The bes #DiscountsSeniorsDidn’tKnowTheyCould #offer, #didnt, #discounts, #know, #seniors, #senior, #insurance, #discount, #free
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Forget the Gear S4, Samsung just updated Gear S2 with new features, redesign, and more
Samsung may have ruled out any further operating system updates or security patches for the three-year-old Galaxy S6 smartphone, however, the company has pushed-out a major upgrade to its equally-ancient Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.The company has included a redesigned user interface, brand-new fitness features, and the ability to control a PowerPoint presentation or Gear VR from your wrist.Following the latest update to TizenOS, the Gear S2 includes a new App Shortcuts widget that automatically includes your most recent apps.Samsung also lets users manually select their favourites, should they choose.Additionally, the Gear S2’s Quick Panel, which is designed to offer speedy access to common settings such as display brightness, volume and aeroplane mode, can now be viewed by swiping down from all screens – not just the watch face.Samsung also says that its new update optimises the icons and widgets for the Gear S series’ circular display.Another headline feature in the new update is Samsung Health, which now includes a multi-workout widget for quicker access to your favourite exercise, inactivity alerts, and a new weight management feature.As you’d expect, this feature juxtaposes your daily exercise and calorie intake. Samsung Gear S4 - Leaked photos, concept images, and renders Sun, February 18, 2018 is believed to be hard at work on the successor to its hugely-impressive Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch. Dubbed Samsung Gear S4, the new wearable could boast blood pressure measuring technology, and could be unveiled at MWC. Play slideshow Samsung Gear S4 will purportedly keep the same round face design, but be thinner than S3 In addition, as well as viewing your heart rate in real-time, Gear S2 owners can access and control exercise-related video content from their wrist, after connecting the device to a smartphone synced to your TV, to experience a professional fitness program at home.The updated Gear S2 is able to connect with even more of the hardware and software you already use and enjoy.For example, download the Gear VR Controller app and you will be able to manipulate the Gear VR with your Gear S2 as you interact with VR content.For office workers who want to make the right impression with their presentations, the PPT Controller app allows them to control the display of PowerPoint slides – even offering a timer function – so they can ensure a slick presentation, without having to remember to bring a PowerPoint clicker.Lastly, a daily weather update to your wrist provides Gear S2 wearers with weather information, forecast updates, UV index, sunrise and sunset hours, and other weather details.The Gear S2’s latest software update is available to download via the Samsung Gear app.
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Laura Prepon and Ben Foster Just Got Married! See Their First Photo as Newlyweds
Laura Prepon and Ben Foster Just Got Married! See Their First Photo as Newlyweds: http://www.instyle.com/syndication/laura-prepon-ben-foster-are-married. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1  and Ben Foster have finally tied the knot! Prepon, 38, announced the exciting news on Instagram Sunday, posting a wedding photo of the husband and wife smiling and embracing. “Just Married! Thank you for all the love and support,” the actress wrote in the caption. “Wishing all of us the good stuff! The couple welcomed their , daughter Ella, in August. People  in January, just a few months after Foster  back in fall 2016. Planning the wedding around their busy schedules wasn’t easy. “He’s going off to do two movies,” Prepon  at the Sundance Film Festival in January. “I just wrapped last week. It’s just, you know, scheduling. It’s a lot.” She added, “We want a really small wedding but we have a lot of people that we love and care about. It’s weird, [but] apparently doing the list for your wedding is a whole thing that could cause some issues. Our cast alone is like, 50 people!” David M. Benett/Getty Images The Orange Is the New Black actress opened up  during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan in June, admitting that it had gone by quickly. “It’s kind of weird because it sneaks up on you, you’re like, ‘I can’t believe it’s been eight months already,’ ” she said at the time. “But then you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, she needs to come out already.’ ” Prepon also expressed her excitement to start a family with Foster, 37, telling the morning show hosts, “it’s so wonderful, it’s such a blessing.” #LauraPrepon, #FosterJust, #Married, #TheirFirstPhoto, #Newlyweds #CelebrityWeddingsNewsFromOurPartnersStarCouples, #latestLauraPrepon
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Bowel cancer symptoms: Quiz reveals whether you are at risk of deadly disease
Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK, with most patients being over the age of 50, according to charity Bowel Cancer UK.Symptoms of bowel cancer can be very subtle, and don’t necessarily make you feel ill, added the NHS.But, most people with bowel cancer have stomach pain after eating, finding blood in your stool, or have a persistent change in bowel habits.You could find out whether you’re at risk of bowel cancer by taking this quick NHS quiz.“Bowel cancer is also called colorectal cancer,” said Bowel Cancer UK. “It affects the large bowel, which is made up of the colon and rectum.“Bowel cancer is very treatable but the earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.”The NHS added: “With bowel cancer, there are three key symptoms you need to look out for.“Use this symptom checker to find out if your symptoms require further investigation.”The symptom checker may advise you to see a GP if you’re showing any of the main signs of bowel cancer. Bowel cancer risk factors Mon, April 3, 2017 Bowel cancer: Here are the risk factors of the disease to be aware of. Play slideshow Bowel cancer risk factors Signs of the cancer can be similar to piles, or haemorrhoids, so it may also suggest you speak to a pharmacist about how to get rid of piles.Your GP could perform an examination of your anus and tummy, and could carry out a blood test to find the cause of your symptoms.You can take the quiz self-assessment test by clicking here.The exact cause of bowel cancer isn’t known, the NHS said.But, there you could increase your risk by eating more red or processed meat.GETTY ImagesGETTY ImagesDrinking large amounts of alcohol or smoking could also increase your risk.Some digestive conditions have also been linked to a higher risk of developing the cancer, including Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.Finding bowel cancer sooner could help to better treat the disease.To detect the condition faster, the NHS has two types of bowel cancer screening, including a faecal occult blood test, and a bowel scope screening. See a GP for more information on bowel screening.About 41,200 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year in the UK, according to Bowel Cancer UK.
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‘Titanic’ director James Cameron backs bid for 5,500 items from ship
‘Titanic’ director James Cameron backs bid for 5,500 items from ship: . Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 James Cameron. Image: AP Photo/Nick Perry, File  LONDON (AP) — Filmmaker James Cameron and Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard are backing a bid by a group of British museums to acquire a collection of 5,500 artifacts from the sunken vessel.  The campaign announced Tuesday aims to raise $20 million to buy the items from a private American company that salvaged them from the wreck.  The director of the 1997 blockbuster “Titanic,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, said there are grave concerns that the collection will be broken up and sold privately because that company has filed for bankruptcy. ADVERTISEMENT  “That’s why people who feel some protective role have stepped up and kind of linked arms,” Cameron said. “It’s an incredible piece of history, an object lesson about human hubris. If it gets sold into private hands, it disappears from the public eye. It would be broken up and could never be reassembled.”  He said his expeditions to the undersea site have made him feel a responsibility to honor those who lost their lives on its doomed voyage in 1912.  The objects include a section of the ship’s hull and a bronze cherub decoration from the ship’s grand staircase. They were recovered from the wreck site during seven deep-sea expeditions between 1987 and 2004. Aoise Taggert, aged nine, looks at a model of the Titanic at Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland, Tuesday July 24, 2018, during the launch of a bid to buy a collection of 5,500 artifacts from the Titanic wreck site and bring them to Belfast. Image: Niall Carson/PA Wire(/PA via AP  The bid for the artifacts comes from the Royal Museums Greenwich, National Museums Northern Ireland, Titanic Belfast and Titanic Foundation Limited. The National Geographic Society has pledged $500,000 to help fund the project — both Cameron and Ballard are National Geographic Explorers in Residence.  The bid was announced at Titanic Belfast at the location where the ship was designed, built and launched.  Ballard, who discovered the wreck in 1985, said the campaign is the “only viable option to retain the integrity” of the artifacts. He said the collection “deserved to be returned home to where its journey began.”  The Titanic sank in the North Atlantic on its maiden voyage in 1912 after hitting an iceberg. More than 1,500 passengers and crew died.    ADVERTISEMENT Subscribe to INQUIRER PLUS to get access to The Philippine Daily Inquirer & other 70+ titles, share up to 5 gadgets, listen to the news, download as early as 4am & share articles on social media. Call 896 6000. #‘Titanic’, #directorJamesCameron, #backs, #5500, #items, #from, #ship
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This Is The Real Story Behind The Great Escape From Alcatraz
Alcatraz is known worldwide for being the most secure prison on the face of the earth. It was deemed impossible to escape from since its opening in 1868. Over the years, around 36 inmates had attempted to escape in the past, but none had actually survived the venture. However, this all changed on June 1962, when a group of three men plunged into the Watters of the San Fransisco Bay on their route to escape a prison referred to as, "The Rock". Here's how this seemingly impossible task occurred and here are the three masterminds behind the escape. You'll be surprised to find some facts that were left out by the film based on this occurrence. 1.Frank Lee Morris Frank Lee Morris was known as a mastermind. He can only be described as cunning, skilled, and highly intelligent. He was orphaned by the age of 11, and so he jumped from foster home to foster home and learned to be independent and take care of himself. Along with those skills, Morris was also known to be a troublemaker, being convicted of his firs crime at the age of 13. It seemed that he had been destined for greatness, but not in the way everyone expected. His name went down in history for being the ringleader of the Great Escape from Alcatraz. 2.Not His First Rodeo As an adult, Frank Lee Morris served prison time in multiple states, and he eventually landed in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, known as "Alcatraz of the South." Although the name sounds daunting, it seems that Morris wasn't frightened of this nickname in the least, in fact Morris had something quite impressive in store for them. Frank lee Morris was serving 10 years in prison for bank robbery and then did the unimaginable, he managed to escape! Morris was on the run for a year until he was caught while committing robbery.....again. It was decided that the crook would be sent to a prison with higher security, Alcatraz. 3.The Brothers With any good escape or plan, you need a team. While in Alcatraz, Frank Lee Morris found a team. The team consisted of two brothers named John and Clarence Anglin, and a man known as Allen West. The brothers had been born in Georgia and their family had moved to Florida for work. The parents of the brothers were seasonal farm workers, going wherever they were needed. Every June, the entire family made up of 13 children would go north for cherry picking. 4.The Anglin Brothers Bond John and Clarence Anglin were described to be "thick as thieves" while growing up, and even more so as they got older. Their family would go north for cherry-picking season, occasionally going as far north as Michigan. It was during these times that the brothers would swim in the waters of Lake Michigan and were described to be very skilled swimmers. Looks like this skill would certainly come in handy for the duo. As adults, they began robbing banks together until they were finally caught and arrested for robbery in 1956. 5. The Group Forms During their time at Atlanta Penitentiary, the Anglin brothers
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25 Discontinued Snacks That We Wish We Could Bring Back
Everyone has their favorite treats from their past that bring back all kinds of nostalgic memories. Whether it be your favorite soda pop you enjoyed at grandmas house or that indulgent candy bar you snuck from your parents, we have compiled the top extinct foods that you probably wish were brought back on the shelves. Check out the list to see if your favorite childhood snack is on here. Squeezit's When it comes to product marketing for children, Squeezits were one of a kind. Introduced in the 1980s, Squeezits were the first juices that you had to twist and squeeze instead of the standard, boring juice box. The plastic bottles had funny character faces molded on them and crazy flavor names like Chucklin' Cherry and Grumpy Grape. Even their tagline "Squeeze the fun out of it," appealed perfectly to children who liked to play with their food as much as possible. They later tried to expand by adding mystery flavors, and they did well for a while but ultimately sales continued to plummet. The last Squeezit was seen in 2001, and its hard to believe that it's been 17 years since we last saw these lunch box staples on the shelf.  Shark Bites Fruit Snacks Betty Crocker's shark bites fruit snacks first came out in 1988, and if you’re wondering why Shark Bites were so darn good, it’s because they were patterned after Fruit Corners’ Fruit Wrinkles, which were the tastiest fruit snacks to ever exist! The great white sharks were an addition to the mix, and weren't always "special" either. These chalky great whites would later be removed entirely, thanks to Betty Crocker’s promise to stop using artificial colors. Shark Bites technically still exist, but the texture and taste will never compare to the original, overly processed recipe. Surge Surge is a citrus flavored soft drink released by Coca-Cola in 1996 to compete with Mountain Dew. The highly caffeinated beverage had a whopping 54 grams of caffeine per 16 oz, compared to 51 in Pepsi's Mountain Dew. For awhile, it was close contest, both having their own controversies. Surge was banned from several schools, and Mountain Dew had to contest with a nasty rumor that it shrank your testicles. Ultimately, Surge’s poor sales were the cause of it's extinction, and Coca-Cola discontinued the drink in 2002. Butterfinger BBs In 1992, Butterfinger BB's rocked every kid’s sweet tooth. They became quite popular as Bart Simpson's favorite treat, on the 'The Simpsons.' The low melting point of the chocolate resulted in a chocolatey mess, but no one seemed to care! They were discontinued in 2006 and after much uproar, Butterfinger Bites were introduced in 2009, but they’ll never taste the same. Orbitz Soda What's not to love about a "Lava Lamp" soda with floating flavored chewy balls? ​Hmmm, not so sure this was a favorite in the taste category, but these groovy 90's soda's were unforgettable! Planters Cheez Balls Planters Cheez balls were discontinued in 2006, guess it was getting hard to compete wi
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Eamonn Holmes net worth: The This Morning presenter has amassed a huge fortune
Eamonn Holmes is one of the busiest and longest-running presenters on television.He awarded an OBE on the 2017 New Year's Honours List, marking 38 years on our screens.With his wife Ruth Langsford he fronts ITV’s This Morning each Friday and the pair fill in for Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby during school holidays.Their chemistry and good-natured ribbing have made them one of TV’s most popular couples. Since 2015 the pair have also hosted the popular Channel 5 show How the Other Half Lives, with three series having aired so far.But 58-year-old Eamonn doesn’t stop there. He is rarely off our screens, and also finds time to front a popular radio programme and give his time to various charities. So what is his net worth? Related articles This Morning: Ruth Langsford stuns Eamonn with cheeky proposition This Morning: Eamonn Holmes and Rylan Clark CLASH in show spat Eamonn’s work ethic and easygoing presenting style have led to an estimated personal fortune of £3 million, according to The Sun.His broadcasting career began in the late seventies at Ulster Television. He took over from Gloria Hunniford to host the Good Evening Ulster programme in 1982, and left to join the BBC four years later where he worked on the Open Air programme.In 1993, Holmes started working at GMTV, the show that made him a household name.He left the show 12 years later, apparently because he was unhappy with its focus on entertainment news. Not long after, he joined Sky News as the host of its new-look Sunrise show.He departed in 2016 after 11 years with the programme and various co-hosts, including Charlotte Hawkins who is now on Good Morning Britain, where Eamonn is an occasional guest host. Eamonn Holmes: Best quotes and awkward moments Wed, October 5, 2016 TV presenter Eamonn Holmes loves to keep co-host and wife Ruth Langsford on her toes with his candid comments and innuendos. Here are some of his best quotes and most awkward moments. Play slideshow WENN 1 of 11 Eamonn Holmes: Best quotes and awkward moments Over the years the popular presenter has also hosted Songs of Praise, The National Lottery and Have I Got News for You.With his wife, he fronted the ITV game show Gift Wrapped in 2014 and Channel 5’s consumer affairs programme, Do the Right Thing.Eamonn is also a regular voice on the radio. He presented a Saturday morning show on Radio 5 Live for six years until 2009, and has also appeared on Magic and Radio 2.Since 2016, he’s presented his own show on Talkradio.Of course, wife Ruth has a very lucative career of her own, thanks to her This Morning role as well as a regular slot on Loose Women. She also has a fashion range with QVC.Ruth, also 58, is thought to be worth £3 million in her own right.The couple added to their fortune when they sold exclusive rights to their wedding in 2010 to Hello magazine.They married at the 19th century Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire in front of famous guests including Gloria Hunniford, Amanda Lamb and Jeremy Ky
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Kate Spade's Sister Reveals the Designer Suffered from Years of Mental Illness
Kate Spade's Sister Reveals the Designer Suffered from Years of Mental Illness: http://www.instyle.com/news/kate-spade-sister-her-mental-health. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStnChYQHsa2Uhl-y121BdQ?sub_confirmation=1 The news of unexpected death rocked the fashion world and celebrities alike, but according to her sister, Reta Saffo, it wasn't quite as unexpected.  In an e-mail sent from her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Saffo that the famous designer suffered from a debilitating mental illness for the last three or four years and was self-medicating with alcohol. According to Saffo, her family tried to help Spade, but she was resistant because she was concerned with how it would affect her "happy-go-lucky" brand. "I'd flown out to Napa and NYC several times in the past 3-4 years to help her to get the treatment she needed (inpatient hospitalization)," she wrote. "I'd come so VERY close to getting her to go in for treatment (to the same place Catherine Zeta-Jones went for her successful bipolar treatment program). I'd spoken with them on the phone (not telling them exactly who the patient would be). They agreed to fly in and talk with her and take her with them to the treatment center."  Unfortunately, she was all set to go but decided not to at the last minute. "In the end, the 'image' of her brand (happy-go-lucky ) was more important for her to keep up. She was definitely worried about what people would say if they found out." "After numerous attempts, I finally let go," Saffo continued. "Sometimes you simply cannot SAVE people from themselves!"  Saffo also relayed an anecdote about Spade's fixation on Robin Williams's death in 2014. "We were freaked out/saddened," Saffo said in regards to the actor's passing. "But she kept watching it and watching it over and over. I think the plan was already in motion even as far back as then." Her sister isn't the only family member to comment on Spade's apparent death by suicide. Her brother-in-law, actor David Spade, took to social media to express is heartbreak.  "Katy at my book signing. I love this pic of her. So pretty. I dont think everyone knew how fucking funny she was... Its a rough world out there people. Try to hang on," he wrote along with a photo. If you or anyone you know needs help, reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK or . #KateSpade, #SisterReveals, #DesignerSuffered, #fromYears, #MentalIllness #News, #latestCelebrityFashionKateSpade
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Scandals REVEALED: Ten shocking stories of the Victorian age
THE ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF QUEEN VICTORIAThe most famous Victorian of all, Queen Victoria, almost ended her reign after three years, when Edward Oxford attempted to assassinate her in 1840.The pregnant monarch was in a carriage with her husband when Oxford took aim with a pistol. He missed and was arrested after being nabbed by onlookers. The shaken Queen went home, wept for a while and then regained her stoic attitude.She was concerned, however, to discover that while Oxford admitted the crime, no bullets were found at the scene. He was tried for treason but, because nobody could decide if the pistol was loaded, he was not imprisoned. Instead he was admitted to an asylum then shipped off to Australia. Queen Victoria was not amused.THE SELFISH HOUSEWIFEIn 1837 Mary Stansbury longed for a more exciting life. Bored by living with her husband, Mary hatched a plan to give her servant the slip while on a walk in London.Terrified, the maid ran home and told Mr Stansbury her mistress was visiting relatives and would return by morning. But she did not and after days of questions the servant hanged herself, fearful that she would be blamed for Stansbury’s kidnap or even death.In reality the woman had run off to Bristol where she bigamously married another man. However her notoriety, due to her disappearance and the death of her servant, ensured she was recognised and arrested. Related articles What did the Victorians ever do for us? Helen Arney investigates Twelfth Night review: After Luscombe’s previous work, a disappointment THE BLOODY BATTERSEA BRIDGE MURDERThe Victorians had a thirst for scandal and this was apparent when Augustus Dalmas admitted murdering his lover Sarah MacFarlane after a torrid affair, which began shortly after the death of his wife.MacFarlane was rumoured to be a prostitute with several lovers but Dalmas could not resist her. However he felt so guilty about the dalliance that he bombarded the woman with hate mail, blaming her for their active life.Then in April 1844, Dalmas sliced MacFarlane’s throat during a walk on London’s Battersea Bridge. But instead of being hanged for murder, he was shipped off to Australia where he lived for many years.THE BATTERED BODY BENEATH THE FLAGSTONESMaria Manning thought she had it all: a husband, a lover and her lover’s cash. But she soon realised that she loved the money more than the man so, together with her husband Frederick, she plotted to rid herself of lover Patrick O’Connor and keep his fortune.After inviting him to dinner in August 1849, one or both of the Mannings shot O’Connor and buried him under the kitchen flagstones. Maria stole all his money but when Frederick laid claim to his half, she double-crossed him and ran away to Scotland.When O’Connor’s body was found and the couple arrested, they each blamed the other. They were hanged in November 1849, in front of a crowd that included novelist Charles Dickens. Beautiful early cityscapes of England from the 'father of p
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Trevor McDonald net worth - documentaries star paid unbelievable salary before retirement
Sir Trevor McDonald is a TV presenter who has worked on programmes such as News at Ten and Tonight with Trevor McDonald.He was knighted for services to journalism in 1999, and worked in the journalism industry for many years.Trevor began his career in his native Trinidad in the 1960s, and moved to the UK in 1969 to work as a BBC Radio producer.His documentaries have entertained Britons and fans around the world with their fascinating insights.The presenter has worked on James Bulger: A Mother's Story with Trevor McDonald and Death Row 2018 with Trevor McDonald in 2018. His first documentary aired in 2009, and in total he has created 11 of the in-depth reports.What is Trevor McDonald’s age?Trevor McDonald is 78-years-old.During his long career he has appeared on Saturday Night Takeaway, the National Television Awards, Have I Got News for You and a Vision Express advert.He has also been awarded with a BAFTA fellowship at the 2011 British Academy Television Awards. Rich list: Celebrities with the highest net worth Wed, January 24, 2018 Celebrity net worths that may surprise you. Play slideshow Rich list: Celebrities with the highest net worth Trevor McDonald’s net worthIt is not clear how much Trevor McDonald is worth, however in 2012 it was reported by the Guardian that his news anchor job for ITV paid him a £2.5m contract.He is now officially retired, and his last bulletin was on 20 November 2008.Tonight Trevor will present Martin Luther King by Trevor McDonald to mark 50 years since the assassination of the civil rights leader.The likes of Naomi Campbell, General Colin Powell and the Rev Al Sharpton will also appear on the show.From one TV star to another, what is Scarlett Moffatt’s net worth? The 27-year-old, was recently seen on television alongside Ant McPartlin of Ant and Dec presenting Saturday Night Takeaway. But how much is she worth?Fans were given a clue about her growing fortune when she recently moved into a newly built £300K home, a detached four bedroom house in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, where Scarlett grew up.
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The Story of This Alabama Woman Who Was Missing For 25 days Will Shock You
A 25 year old Alabama woman who has been missing for over a month has just been found. With severe lacerations on her hands and feet and covered head to toe in dirt, her story might surprise you. Lisa Theris, a 25 year old Alabama woman, who was reported missing July 18th, was last seen with 2 men who apparently burglarized a cabin in her presence, stealing over 40,000 worth of property. She apparently didn’t want anything to do with the matter, so she took off into the woods by herself. Accidentally leaving her cell phone behind, she quickly got lost... Scared and alone, Lisa got engulfed by the thick Alabama wilderness. Not wanting to go back to the crime scene, she trudged forward, but being “legally-blind”, she wasn’t that great of a navigator. Lisa lived off of berries and ground water for the next 30 days. She told Good Morning America that she “would wring out the water from (my) hair when it rained so i wouldn’t have to drink the water on the ground.” While away from civilization, Lisa said that she eventually became numb to the world around her, with only her instinct to survive keeping her going. She was almost certain she was going to die. But then something miraculous happened… Out of pure luck, Lisa happened to stumble across a country road, apparently the first country road she had seen in the last month. Luckier still, she happened to stumble across that road at the same exact time someone was passing by. This was a road that was rarely travelled and the odds that were in Lisa’s favor were just that… odd. Lisa was picked up by the good samaritan Judy Garner off of Highway 82. Garner, who mistook Lisa for a dead deer at first, quickly pulled over when she realized what she was looking at. “I started shaking. I was crying, I was scared, and I didn’t know what to do,” Garner said. “So I went over to her and asked her if she would stay there while I get water out of my van. She stayed, and I called 911 and told them I had found a girl on the road.” When Lisa was picked up, she was covered in rashes and bug-bites with scarring all over her body. After closer inspection the doctor said she had lost over 50 pounds during the incident. Police are now looking into the mystery of Lisa’s disappearance, as a few things don’t quite add up. Manley Davis and Randall Oswald are two suspects that were arrested on burglary charges 2 weeks prior and reports suggest that these are the two that Lisa was with before she disappeared. There is also the question of foul play. Police are starting to find that Lisa has very little memory of the ordeal, and while it may be her subconscious blocking out the traumatic experience, some think that she was either drugged, abused, or both. For now, Lisa is safe, although she has had some psychological damage. She is very much alive, but has plenty of scars to show for the whole ordeal. Stay tuned to World Lifestyle as this story unfolds!
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The Story of This Alabama Woman Who Was Missing For 25 days Will Shock You
A 25 year old Alabama woman who has been missing for over a month has just been found. With severe lacerations on her hands and feet and covered head to toe in dirt, her story might surprise you. Lisa Theris, a 25 year old Alabama woman, who was reported missing July 18th, was last seen with 2 men who apparently burglarized a cabin in her presence, stealing over 40,000 worth of property. She apparently didn’t want anything to do with the matter, so she took off into the woods by herself. Accidentally leaving her cell phone behind, she quickly got lost... Scared and alone, Lisa got engulfed by the thick Alabama wilderness. Not wanting to go back to the crime scene, she trudged forward, but being “legally-blind”, she wasn’t that great of a navigator. Lisa lived off of berries and ground water for the next 30 days. She told Good Morning America that she “would wring out the water from (my) hair when it rained so i wouldn’t have to drink the water on the ground.” While away from civilization, Lisa said that she eventually became numb to the world around her, with only her instinct to survive keeping her going. She was almost certain she was going to die. But then something miraculous happened… Out of pure luck, Lisa happened to stumble across a country road, apparently the first country road she had seen in the last month. Luckier still, she happened to stumble across that road at the same exact time someone was passing by. This was a road that was rarely travelled and the odds that were in Lisa’s favor were just that… odd. Lisa was picked up by the good samaritan Judy Garner off of Highway 82. Garner, who mistook Lisa for a dead deer at first, quickly pulled over when she realized what she was looking at. “I started shaking. I was crying, I was scared, and I didn’t know what to do,” Garner said. “So I went over to her and asked her if she would stay there while I get water out of my van. She stayed, and I called 911 and told them I had found a girl on the road.” When Lisa was picked up, she was covered in rashes and bug-bites with scarring all over her body. After closer inspection the doctor said she had lost over 50 pounds during the incident. Police are now looking into the mystery of Lisa’s disappearance, as a few things don’t quite add up. Manley Davis and Randall Oswald are two suspects that were arrested on burglary charges 2 weeks prior and reports suggest that these are the two that Lisa was with before she disappeared. There is also the question of foul play. Police are starting to find that Lisa has very little memory of the ordeal, and while it may be her subconscious blocking out the traumatic experience, some think that she was either drugged, abused, or both. For now, Lisa is safe, although she has had some psychological damage. She is very much alive, but has plenty of scars to show for the whole ordeal. Stay tuned to World Lifestyle as this story unfolds! Share on Facebook
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Anal cancer warning - symptoms include itching around the anus
Anal cancer is a rare type of cancer that affects the large bowel, according to the NHS.Almost 1,200 people are diagnosed with the deadly disease in the UK every year.The cause of the cancer is unknown, but you’re more likely to develop the condition if you’re infected with the human papilloma virus (HPV).Anal cancer symptoms are similar to more common conditions, including haemorrhoids and anal fissures.A persistent itchiness around the anus may be a sign of anal cancer, the NHS warned. “About one in five people with anal cancer [20 per cent] have no symptoms,” said charity Macmillan Cancer Support.“The most common symptoms of anal cancer include pain, discomfort and itching around the anus.“These symptoms can be caused by conditions other than anal cancer.“But it’s very important to get them checked by your GP.“Many people are embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing this part of their body. But doctors are used to talking about and examining private areas of the body.” Early warning signs of cancer you shouldn't ignore Fri, November 10, 2017 Cancer symptoms: Early warning signs of the most common types of cancer. Play slideshow Early warning signs of cancer you shouldn't ignore You should see a doctor if the itchiness or pain doesn’t improve within a few weeks, the charity advised.If your symptoms are getting worse, it’s important for your GP to refer you to a specialist.Other anal cancer symptoms can include rectal bleeding, and a discharge of mucus from the anus.You may also be at risk of the disease if you find small lumps around the anus.But, the lumps may be haemorrhoids, so see a GP for clarification.You could be at higher risk of developing anal cancer if you’re a smoker, or have a weakened immune system, the NHS said.People that have anal with lots of different partners could also be more likely to have the disease.Chances of anal cancer patient survival are generally better than other cancers, it said.About two-thirds of patients will survive for at least five years after their diagnosis.Every year, there are about 300 anal cancer deaths in the UK.
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