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Freestyle begginer by MP_Nexoyu
I hope you guys like it but If you would support me I appreciate it,Sub to my channel and I post a tutorial next 2days
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My 5months of doing pen spinning
Pls sub and I do my next vid wait for 4yrs before I post my other vid thx you
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Avicii-Waiting for love(nightcore)
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Freestyle on ps by X0Playas12 Z
Hope u like that video, Likke and suscribe to more video
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🎵🎵Starset-My demon(nightcore)🎵🎵
I will post a pen spinning video in may 20 so wait.
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How to spoon (earrape 4x with high volume and the other volume)
Wear a headphone or headset and max your volume
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Sucker For Pain(nightcore)
Sub on my channel then I sub you back☺
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