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Model Engine Home Made 1936 Midget Magazine plans.wmv
Home built four stroke engine. Built using drawings from 1936 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine. Wood patterns were made, then used to make sand molds. Old car pistons and transmission cases were broken up and melted in a small propane furnace. The molten aluminum was poured into the sand molds. Next each part was machined on a 1941 South Bend lathe. Using an old model airplane engine spark plug and coil, two D batteries were hooked up to create 3 volts for ignition. Contact points are from a 1977 GM V-8 engine. The fuel tank is an old glue can.https://books.google.com/books?id=8dsDAAAAMBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=Midget+Gas+Engine&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjxwr2s3tfXAhWoYt8KHaDhD4gQ6AEIKDAA#
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Run a Homemade motor 10 cc model four stroke gas engine
Pictures of some parts then short video of starting a home shop machined 10 cc four stroke model engine. Engine case and cylinder head are sand cast aluminum. The cylinder is a machined aluminum round bar with a cast iron sleeve. Piston is aluminum and has two cast iron rings. The points are standard GM V-8 car parts. The spark advance is adjustable with the small brass handle on the back of the engine. Bore is 1 inch. Built using a 1941 9 inch South Bend lathe and a new Sherline 3" lathe. Uses a 3 volt model electric model airplane type coil and two D size flash light batteries for ignition. This engine is sold by Coles Power Models (now in Texas) as a casting kit known as the "Water Witch". A remarkabley similar engine was published as a project in Popular Mechanics Magazine in The October and November 1946 issues page 201. "Model Gas Engine" I copied the article from Library copies of the magazine and used a magnifying glass to read the small print on the drawings in the article. Back issues of Popular Mechanics are now posted online at http://books.google.com/books?id=IuEDAAAAMBAJ&source=gbs_all_issues_r&cad=1 The gears were purchased from Boston Gear. The the crank shaft is supported by two ball bearings. An old Champion "V" was borrowed from an old model airplane engine. It will run about 3 minutes on a teaspoon of "camp fuel" aka Colman fuel. Also runs fine on regular gasoline.
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Midget Model Engine built from magazine plan
1936 Popular Mechanics Magazine had a two part article on a little four stroke engine made from castings. I made the patterns from wood and cast them in Aluminum and brass to build the engine. It runs pretty well on regular gasoline. Added a PM Research "dynamo" to power a small light.
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homemade Elmer Wall model engine Water Witch engine first run
This is an engine built from Coles Power model castings & drawings. The original design appeared in Popular Mechanics Magazine in the October and November 1946 issues. The plans were published there and they are usable if not small. The article is titled 10CC gas engine. The video features one of the very first test runs with a make shift fuel tank. Since this video several components have be re-made including the carburetor venturi, main needle jet, and the throttle assembly.
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How to Make a Whirligig Wind Turbine model
How to build your own personal wind turbine whirligig out of wood using a table saw and drill press. Pictures with captions.
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Machine work on Model four cylinder Panther Pup engine
Slide show of work on the Panther Pup four cylinder four stroke model engine. The bore is 1"
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Antique ignition model airplane engine running
Set up and running a Roger Schroder "Jr. Brown Jr. model airplane engine. This was built from one of his kits. It is shown running on spark ignition with a 3 volt coil, using regular gasoline for fuel.
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Model Engine antique and vintage miniature Gas engines
Video of various displays of antique model engines including the famous 1930's Brown Jr. engine. Actual running demonstrations. Holt & 6 cylinder flat four stroke.
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RC Airplane Flying OS 20 powers the Sterling Mambo
Starting and flying a 1955 Sterling "Mambo" kit built balsa Radio Controlled airplane. Hand launched in a farmer's field it is flown on several "fly bys" and then taken way up as high as a speck where the engine finally runs out of fuel. The plane then glides down to a green grassy landing, to fly another day. The wing span is 48 inches. The engine used is an older model OS .20 running on Omega 10% nitro glow fuel. A Jr. radio is used with three servos for Rudder, Elevator and throttle controls. This airplane was built in 1982, and has been flown every year since!
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How to make whirligig propellers spin in opposite directions
Pictorial explanation of making your whirligig wings spin in opposite directions
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Home made  gas model airplane engine running
First model engine constructed. This is a Jr Brown Jr two stroke .19, from Roger Schroeder's castings. Running on gasoline with a 3 volt model engine coil and two "D" sized batteries. Machined entirely on a Sherline lathe with a milling attachment.
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Review and run Model Horizontal Engine
A small purchased model engine, description and running.
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RC Airplane Balsa Headmaster Build & Complete WMV.wmv
Radio Control Airplane build. The late Ken Willard's design "Headmaster" scaled up from the "Schoolmaster 1/2A design in 1974 RCM magazine. A great flyer. With a simi symetrical airfoil and three channels, the Headmaster was flown by beginner and expert alike. It could take anything from a .09 to a .35 ci. nitro engine. This one has the optional ailerons installed and was built using old plans from the original kit by Top Flite models. Later the Headmaster was enlarged to a .40 version that was also kitted by Top Flite Models.
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model hit and miss engine running
Chinese Blue model hit and miss engine ordered from Bangood China. Notes on hook up and running. Came with no instructions what so ever. The customer must hook up a 6 volt battery and ground the ignition box to the engine frame. In addition the fuel tank has to be mounted near the engine in some way.
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Cabin Fever Expo 2018
January 12 through 14th 2018 the Cabin Fever model engineering Expo was held at the Lebanon Valley Exposition Center in South Central Pennsylvania. Here is a quick overview of the event with video of some of the steam engines running.
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HOW TO MAKE WHIRLIGIG or model wind generator PROPELLERS
building a whirligig propeller using a table saw and miter gage with a home made jig. A wood hub blank is cut using a circle cutter, then the blank is marked with the number of blades. Divide 360 by the number of blades desired. For a two or 4 blade propeller you can use a square hub. Next make a miter gage extension from a piece of wood scrap about 15 inches long. Drill a 1/4" hole in the extension. Bolt the hub blank to the extension, and set the miter gage over to 55 degrees. Match the line on the hub to a line drawn on the miter gage extension and tighten the bolt. Run the hub over the saw blade to make your first slot. If the slot needs to be bigger run it over the blade several more times. Loosen the nut and rotate the hub to the next line. Make your next cut and so on. Consider using a dado blade for larger hubs. Use water proof glue for your propeller blades and pin them in place with a small dowel or nail. Pre drill nail holes to prevent splitting. Always put a bushing in the hub to prevent the screw from from wearing a larger un-even hole in the wood hub. You can also use a large nail for an axle. Anders S. Lunde's from NC book "More Whirligigs" (Chilton books 1984) has patterns and design tips. Send me photos and videos of your work !
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Free Flight Model Wakefield 1941 Model Airplane
Short video of flying the 1941 Korda Wakefield rubber powered model airplane. This one was built in 2006. Balsa construction with Japanese tissue covering. It features a single bladed carved balsa propeller and a fuse type de-thermalizer device to prevent out of sight "flyaways".
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Steam Car Build & Steam engine run
FizzWhizz steam car from Popular Science Magazine 1946. Printed the plans from John-Toms engines web site, and built the car. I could not get the car to run on steam power due to several problems. The boiler leaked, the steam line kept popping off and the wire crank shaft was hard to bend correctly! To fix the main problem with the engine I made a pattern for an engine bed to test the engine on. I cast 3 of them in aluminum using old car pistons for material. Then proceeded to build three engines, each with slightly improved crank shafts. The result was a stand alone engine on a wooden platform. It runs pretty good now!
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Ttwo stroke Wall model Engine run
Starting and running the Elmer Wall 15 cc two stroke model engine. Home built from castings. 1-1/2 inch bore. Aluminum piston with two cast iron rings running in a cast iron cylinder with a brass water jacket. A small belt driven water pump circulates water from the tomato soup can reservoir through the head and back to a brass distrubutor tube soldered to a copper plate. 3 volt model airplane coil driving a miniature spark plug. Unusual type of float bowl carburetor with the fuel delivered to the top. Half of a wine bottle cork makes a great float. Running on a mix of Coleman lantern fuel and oil.
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Free Flight Rubber Flying The Korda Wakefield May 2009
1941 Korda Wakefield model, designed by Dick Korda. Built from a print wood kit in 2006. Has a single bladed prop and a fuse type de-thermalizer Flown twice on May 10th 2009...8:35 AM
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Dam removal Charlottesville Virginia Rivanna River
Habitat restoration along the Chesapeake Bay watershed involves abandoned dam removal. In this video see how it is done.
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Model Gas Engine spark ignition run with Generator
Another test run of the 1936 Midget four stroke engine. This engine was built from plans published in Popular Mechanics Magazine. Since the first video, the engine has been tweaked for better running. An improved, longer and larger diameter fuel pick up tube was added inside the tank. A new valve rocker arm shaft was made for closer fit and the valves were adjusted. The oil cap was drilled with four small vent holes to allow the crank case to breathe.
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Un-boxing a Mystery Box from Cabin Fever
Discovered some stroke model engine parts in a small box at the Cabin Fever Expo in Lebanon PA back in January.
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Whirligigs propeller wind toys and Stands
How I make stands for some of my whirligigs, also some video of Crank man whirligig and airplane whirligig.
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How to machine a tiny piston
Pictures of the process of making a piston for a small model engine. Then a video of it running.
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Steam and Gas engine show Somerset Virginia
Brief video visit to the 2018 Somerset "Pasture Party" ! Featuring steam tractors, hit and miss engines and some Maytag engines.
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Model Engine Machining 2009 Cabin Fever Expo part II
Video of the York PA Cabin Fever Exposition. Serveral different miniature engines running.
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Model Steam engine test run on air
Scraps and Solder become an Engine. Enlarged from plans found on john-tom.com steam engine plans. Scrap parts and tubing brazed together.
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Radio Control Electra Airplane RC FPV flight.wmv
Flying a kit built Goldberg Electra Radio Control glider with an ebay "spy cam" key chain camera hot glued to the vertical stabilizer. Photos of the airplane, then video of a hand launch, circling climb and gliding decent to landing in the grass. Motor is the stock 05 "can" brushed motor supplied with the kit. The propeller is a Windsor Propeller up grade, with the 3 to 1 gear reduction and a 12" by 8 pitch folding prop. Speed controller & BEC from hobby shop soldered in with one 8 AA NiMh battery pack connected to a fuse and on / off switch. Old Futaba FP-4L radio and two stock servos provide Elevator and Rudder control.
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Home shop made model steam engine Flywheel Mold
A steel mold is made for a small steam model engine flywheel to be cast in lead.
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Vintage K&Bl Nitro speedboat runs out of fuel
May 2009, this K&B .19 powered nitro boat is running fine until it dies in the middle of the lake! No problem William wades in and retrieves it.
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Make a model cam shaft using the lathe
Discussion and demonstration of how to use a "cam cat" fixture to cut a one piece cam using only a small lathe.
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Radio Controlled model Chris Craft speed boat test
Model built from single sheet of drawings. 1955 Chris Craft "Sportsman" speed boat. Frames and planks were cut from old pic nic table wood. Deck is mahogany. Electric motor is a speed 400 type airplane motor. This was a test run, still have some detail work to finish.
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Home made Two Stroke Jr. Brown Jr. Model engine pictures
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
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Small oscillating Steam engine with home made boiler
Description and running of a small oscillating steam engine running on air. The cylinder and flywheel were an ebay find. The base, boiler and fire box were fabricated in the shop from odds and ends found in the scrap box.
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homemade model engine  spark ignition 2 stroke
Spark ignition model airplane engine running on the work bench. Jr. Brown Jr. .19 Ci with 8 X 6 propeller and model 3 volt coil.
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Three blade Propeller Hub cutting with Miter gage extension
Using a miter gage extension on the table saw to cut 3/16" slots around a round hub at 120 degree intervals. The old way was to bolt hub tight for each cut then loosen, turn hub to line and then re-tighten with a wrench. Very slow and gets hands too close to saw blade. Tried using a hex piece to index hub quickly with out removing each time and no need to draw lines on every hub. It worked but the hub would often slip and the pins in the nut made marks in the hub, not too critical but it allowed it to slip anyway!
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model engine new piston and test run
Correction video of the first "New Piston Video" where the sound was cut off during the engine run.
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Antique gas and steam tractor 2014 PASTURE PARTY
A quick view of some of the machines on display at the 2014 Summerset Virginia steam and gas "Pasture" party. Steam engines, steam tractors, hit & miss engines and miniatures too.
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Steam model engine running on live steam
Short video of my 1" bore steam engine running on Live steam from home built boiler from a PM Research kit. The boiler works very well. This engine was built from my own castings, it has a rotary valve system driven by an eccentric on the crank shaft.
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