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Pontiac Grand Am Fuel Filter Removal
How to remove the Quick Connect fitting on the fuel filter of a 1999 Grand Am.
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press fit wrist pin install
Installing new pistons on a small block chevy engine can be a pain in the.....behind, if you dont know some tricks. By making a fixture and applying some physics the task can be kinda fun! This is one of the videos that helped me understand this procedure better. done by someone who actualy know what the heck theyre doing...with the correct tools. https://youtu.be/BOwvtVNCTuQ
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Harbor Freight HVLP addendum
I take back all the good things Ive said about this spray gun. I noticed that there are 3 part numbers for the same gun and this particular one , although looks like the previous one I had, is manufactured differently and the paint cup blows.
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Bus to Rv conversion Part 4 -
Roof raise day!
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Zippo fluid
Heres a more affordable alternative to lighter fluid...FWIW
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Remove the shifter from a SM465 transmission
Many transmissions were damaged, Im sure, from ignorance and assumption. I hope I can save you the indignity of having to buy unnecessary replacment parts. Or just fun facts to know and yell.
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weldernator GM alternator converted to DC on-board welder part1
Me and Murphy are going to attempt to convert a Delco Remey Alternator into a DC On-board welder to install on the Suburban. Join us as we try to not burn down the garage and attempt to keep the language to a pg13 level. Will we succeed or fail? I say yes!
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Bus to RV Conversion -45- Dryer Vent on steroids and Lower Compartment Doors
installing the dryer vent on roids and lower compartment doors
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You'd be angry too!
Contractor gives zero fox.
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Improving the chinese bead roller (so its usable)
This example was purchased at harbor freight years ago, but many companies are selling these tributes to mediocracy to unsuspecting buyers to this day! Here are a few improvments.
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Bus to RV Conversion 46
My Electrical Service Explained
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Bus to RV conversion Part 10 -  Cutting out rust and Pop Rivets out the wazoo
Time to fix the punky floor around the rear wheel wells and burning up 300 large flange pop rivets.
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Bus to RV conversion 18 - How much $$$ so far
I feel like I've just started the conversion part of this project because most of my efforts, to date, have been directed towards the roof raise and rust repairs. How much did the roof raise actually cost? Today we find out.
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Bus to RV conversion 20 - I need more Insulation!
I vastly underestimated the amount of spray foam insulation I was going to need to do this project. Still, I think its going to be worth it. A bit more fab work as well. Building Science 101 video...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEyskuN4b_U
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97-01 JEEP XJ door lock issues
Thought it was the drivers side master switch. nope. Then thought it was the passenger side switches. nope. Now what?
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1998 Jeep Xj - Replacing the Throttle Position Sensor
Replacing the TPS cleared 6 of the 8 codes that were stored in the computer. And it runs much better!
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Kahr CT 45 first shots, impressions after break in period and figuring out how to use bar/dot sights
After 230 rounds, some things I learned about the Bar/Dot sights on these pistols.
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Bus to RV Conversion -48- Whats Wrong With The Engine???
Im not sure at this point, but Im going to hope for the best and assume the worse....bmp
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personal defense reloads...good idea or not?
re-thinking the way I carry my pistol and the ammo I use in them for personal defense.
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Bus to RV Conversion -33- Waiting on Google
Rather than wait until financial reserves are replenished to finish the paint, Im inside getting ready to start the actual conversion.
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All my plans went down the crapper!
Life happens sometimes
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Bus to RV conversion - 16 - More Body Work
Moving to the rear of the bus, I found some rot I have to fix.....and other stuff....
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Bus to RV conversion - 17 - Spray Foam, LED lights and the Battery Tray
I show a preview of the re-worked engine cover with its new LED lights, apply the first of at least two foam kits and show the repaired battery tray.
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97-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ R&R Park Brake Lever
How to R&R the park brake lever on a Cherokee Sport/Classic
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Bus to RV conversion 27 - Paint
My paint method explained. Finishing the generator cabinet. Corncob Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/
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Bus to RV conversion -31-  Battery Box and Muffler Delete
More metal fab! I have to finish the battery box, the HVAC compartment door and remove the muffler.
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New boomsticks MP shield 45 and Star BM
one I like to shoot - one I dont, but glad I have both. #choices
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Bus to RV conversion 36
Fridge vents, seal roof hatches and framing
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Bus to RV conversion 30 -  primer and paint!
Finally fixing to spray the white on the conversion....
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Bus to RV Conversion 47  Mini-Split and Heater Box
Installed the supply lines and electric for the mini split AC and built a heater/defroster box to keep the windshield clear. Plus, I found a potentially fatal problem.
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DIY Alcohol Stove
Made from an aluminum beer bottle
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I was gone, but now Im back!
did you miss me?
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Bus to RV conversion -37- Framing the bedroom
Elevated bed platform and ceiling framing
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Threaten my kid, you may just get a beat-down!
Almost had an altercation at my kids kindergarden graduation ceremony this evening, when a grandfather threatened to kick my autistic son because he was tapping his back fat with his foot.
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Bus to RV Conversion -40- Running PEX
Starting to Install the Plumbing
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Junkyard Super Score
The find of a lifetime at the pic-a-part.
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Stihl 009 Chainsaw Repair
Finally, after 16 years, I finally get around to fixing my first Stihl chainsaw....A model 099. I know....what took me so long?
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axle seals part2
Installing differential oil seals in a GM 4x4 Truck 1981-87
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Jeep XJ Floppy Seat Repair
Fixing the drivers seat on a 1998 Jeep XJ
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GM truck 4x4 axle seals 81-87 part 1 of 2
Heres a job thats a PITA! And Im not talking about editing with movie maker....Im talking about replacing the oil seals on a 10 bolt front axle on my 1990 Suburban
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Jeep Cherokee XJ Cheap Hood Lift Struts
Doing it on the cheap. I found 40# struts on eBay, for a pair, around 25 bucks shipped. I think I'm going to order those.
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Bus to RV conversion -Demo part 1
This part is the easiest, but most unpleasant part, IMO. link to other bus on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/252702373414?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l5997&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI252702373414.N34.S1.R1.TR3
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Bus to RV conversion -34- Fixing mistakes
Everything went wrong the day I started to spray primer, and then went totally downhill from there. Working through obstacles is important if you want to finish what you start.
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Bus to RV conversion 24 - New storage compartment and some paint!
It may be big enough for the generator or perhaps house batteries.
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Bus to RV conversion 25 - Lights and Generator
Wired up the rear LED lights and installed the new headlight bezels. Also got the generator up into the compartment.....for a minute.
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SCCY CPX2 unboxing
Got a new gun, lets look and see whats in the box....
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Electric Skateboard.....
Apparently I'm trying to break a hip. Sure is fun though!
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Bus to RV Conversion 43
Updates and Changes
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Canik TP9 front sight swap
This procedure is probably similar with other manufacturers, but I wouldn't know. Still, this is how its done on the TP9
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