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Pulsejet Long-EZ now very fast!
I've replaced the original PJ8 pulsejet prototype with the pre-production (second) prototype on which all the manufactured engines are based. The production engines actually produce quite a bit more than 8lbs of thrust and (as you can see in the video) this really makes a big difference to the Long-EZ's performance. This was a short flight. These engines are thirsty, the Long-EZ tank has a small and I don't think I filled it all the way. I've now reflexed the ailerons of the Long EZ, setting them to be about 3mm up at the trailing edge. This has vastly improved the handling of the whole model and improved elevator authority a lot (it caught me out when flaring for a landing) but now, the plane no longer drops a wing and I was able to control the bounce very easily. Next up: the pulsejet-powered ARF Bobcat -- it's nearly done!
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How pulsejet engines work (and a shameless plug for my book)
If you've ever wondered how pulsejet engines work, this video will explain the basics. If you want more information then the shameless plug at the end of the video will direct you to a site where you can buy my e-book.
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Pulsejet powered World Models TameCat RC plane, maiden flight
After a few delays and some last-minute changes to the fuel system so that the engine could draw fuel up the 8-inches between the tank-bottom and the spraybar, the first flight of the pulsejet-powered World Models TameCat has happened. It's sure not lacking in power (10lbs thrust versus 7lbs flying weight) and it was damned fast! Despite being a mild-mannered pussy-cat when powered by a regular glow-engine it's very apparent that under full jet-thrust I'm going to have to cut back the elevator throw a little. The TameCat is such a big pussy to fly once the power's off though - landing is a breeze! The engine switched to lean-mode short-cycling when I pulled high-G's in the second turn so I'll have ti increase the fuel pressure some more and reduce the size of the fuel-metering jet so as to reduce the effect of hi-G's on fuel-flow. With luck, I'll get the changes done and fly it again tomorrow! Don't miss that video -- subscribe now. And if you like what you see, tell World Models that they should offer a pulse-jet version with a few modifications. I'll let them have the necessary changes. This is the *perfect* pulsejet trainer!
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Twin-turbine F4 Phantom RC model maiden flight
This is the maiden flight of Pete's new F4 Phantom. It was filmed at the November 2008 turbine meeting at Tokoroa, New Zealand.
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Turbine powered RC Aermacchi model airplane
This is the maiden flight of Tony Withey's turbine powered Aermacchi jet. New Zealand used to use the real Aermacchis for fighter-pilot training before the last peacenik goverment decided to mothball them all. Now they quietly rot away, costing the taxpayer lots of money for no benefit. Check my channel for plenty of other RC-model action.
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60% scale Focke Wulf 190 homebuilt airplane
Update: this plane recently crashed, moderately injuring its pilot. News footage of the crash aftermath can be seen here: http://www.3news.co.nz/Light-aircraft-crash-lands-near-Levin/tabid/309/articleID/258749/Default.aspx This (about) 60% full-size homebuilt Focke Wulf 190 replica was seen at the Tokoroa Airfield at the local Aero Club's fly-in, April 2010. Sorry about the less than perfect flyby pictures, cloud-cover was thick with persistent drizzle and it was very cold (hence the camera shake!). I'm sure I've seen one this big on YouTube with an RC receiver and servos in it.
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By request: Can the AXN Floater RC plane fly slowly?
A number of people have said that the AXN Clouds Fly Floater Jet RC plane sure seems to fly fast -- but they say they're just learning and are worried that it might be too fast for them. So here's a video proving the AXN *can* fly slowly and can be landed in a very small area. If you were worried that the AXN might be too much of a rocket-ship -- don't be. Use your throttle sparingly and the AXN will live up to its "Floater" name.
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Crashes and maidens on a Saturday
Another windy Saturday and some of the guys are having fun with RC planes and mini-quadcopters at the airfield. Gordon smacks-up his Skywalker -- or does he? He also maidens his new Enigma -- or is it? Vaughn maidens his new HobbyKing Extra 330LX in the wind.
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ANZAC 2008 model jet meeting preview
Here are just a few scenes from the third annual 2008 ANZAC model jet meeting held in Tokoroa New Zealand on Feb 15, 16, 17 this year. More video is to follow but I just tried to get these highlights from the third day onto YouTube as fast as I could.
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Huge turbine-powered F4 Phantom RC plane maiden flight
This is the maiden flight of Peter Brown's very large, very nice, very expensive Skymaster jet-powered F4 Phantom radio controlled model airplane. Nicely detailed and very nicely flown at the SWMAC in May 2010.
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Flying the $10 nitro-powered parkflier RC plane you can build in 20 minutes
Got $10 and 20 minutes of spare time? Well build this nitro-powered parkflier-size RC model plane for the Cox BabyBee engine and have a ball! This is the promised flight-video -- sorry about the dark skies. As you can see, this model is fully aerobatic, rather quick and a lot of fun to fly. The build-video is coming shortly. Subscribe NOW to avoid missing it.
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A jet-powered Stryker foamy
Lots of people have fitted they humble Stryker with ever-more powerful electric motors and increasingly larger Lipo packs but if you really want the ultimate (and most expensive) one, you've got to fit a really pricy micro-turbine and make it a jet.
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New Zealand's Drone and RC flying model regulations (made simple)
This is a video that attempts to simplify the new CAA regulations controlling the operation of RC flying toys, model aircraft and drones here in New Zealand. Not all aspect of the new regulations are covered in this video (or it would have been way too-long) but it covers the key essentials you need to make sure you're flying legally. Some important links you will need to make sure you are legally allowed to fly at your chosen location: Maps that show the location of NZ airfields and the exclusion zones that surround them: https://www.airshare.co.nz/maps The actual CAA regulations (CAA101): http://www.caa.govt.nz/rules/Rule_Consolidations/Part_101_Consolidation.pdf If you have any questions I will be happy to try and answer them. If you have any comments on these regulations, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.
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Quick Vlog:  I grill local politicians over drone rules
In today's quick RC and drone blog I talk about multirotors big enough to carry people, an el-cheapo drone from North Korea, New Zealand CAA's survey and I ask some very hard questions of our local town council -- namely, why are our kids the only kids in the entire country who must have a CAA-recognised certification before they can fly their toys in the local parks? Here are the three things that need to be changed about New Zealand's drone/model regulations: 1. permission should not be required to fly over unoccupied property. 2. there should be a 250g lower cut-off weight limit for the regulations 3. An observer should only be required for FPV flying when it is essential to preserve safety and this decision should be at the pilot's discretion. Example: flying a miniquad under the tree canopy on private property should not require an observer. Here are your links: The CAA survey (must be completed by 5pm on the 23 of June 2017 NZST): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RPAS_Feedback The AmazingDIYProjects channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/amazingdiyprojects
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Pulsejet-powered Long-EZ (part 2)
Here is the first (albeit short) flight of my pulsejet-powered Long-EZ. Unfortunately a faulty connection to the fuel filter caused air bubbles in the fuel-line which meant the engine quit prematurely but it shows that this engine produces more than enough power to push one of these ARFs through the air quite nicely. It also shows that starting is quite straight forward and reliable. After the engine cut, opted not to do a 180 degree turn because I didn't know how well it glided. As it turns out, it glides damned well and I could have easily made the turn. Fortunately we have a *very* long runway. A new fuel-filter is on its way and (weather allowing) another (longer) video will be posted when it arrives. Stay tuned (subscribe).
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Thunder Mustang, 600HP V12 at NZTO
Only about the second aircraft to visit Tokoroa airfield this year was the really nice Thunder Mustang you see in this video. A big thanks to pilot Rob Burns for taking a few moments to chat about this wonderful aircraft. This was a fantastic spectacle for those who were flying RC model planes at our disused airfield on Sunday.
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75% Scale T51 Mustang (Titan Kiwi Mustang) at Tokoroa Airfield
A rather different aircraft visited the Tokoroa Airfield this week, a Titan Kiwi Mustang 75% scale replica of the famous P51 Mustang fighter. This particular example was made in Matamata, a town not far from Tokoroa and is powered by a Suzuki V6 motor.
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What's the best RC plane for learning to fly?
This is a question I'm often asked and in this video, I'll tell you what I think is the best combination of radio and RC plane for those wanting to get into the hobby. The AXN Clouds Fly Floater is an incredibly durable model that is also very easy to fly. What's more, the total cost of getting started is well under $200 even when you include shipping fees. The AXN can be purchased from a number of different hobby stores and usually sells for between $45 and $50, the 9X radio is also widely available but the cheapest source is (like it or not) HobbyKing, where this radio is called the Turnigy 9X and lists for under $60. It would also pay to get the matching HobbyKing 6-channel receiver because the 8-channel one that comes with the radio is a little large for this model. Just a note however, if you buy the version with servos and ESC already installed, you really should by a separate UBEC to power your RC gear as the one built into that standard ESC is not powerful enough. A full review and more information you need to know if you plan to buy this model will soon be available on the RCModelReviews.com website at http://www.rcmodelreviews.com and also on the RCModelReviews YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/rcmodelreviews If you have any questions, feel free to include them in the YouTube comments for this video.
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How to change model airplane engine bearings (part 1 of 2)
The bearings in most model engines wear out eventually but fortunately changing them is a pretty simple task, requiring no special tools. This video shows you how to change your own bearings and is one of the informational series of videos coming from RCModelReviews.com If you'd like an advertisement included in this video, please contact me.
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XJet's RC plane of the week: The World Model's Skyraider Mach 2
A low wing glow-powered RC plane with a lot of performance and reasonable price, the SkyRaider Mach 2 is a very competent flier. This is Richard's one which has already withstood several quite hard crashes (video on my channel) yet still flies very well indeed. These models are often used for "club racing" events because they're cheap, fast and tough. Remember, XJet's RC plane of the week is not a review, not an advertisement -- just a "plane of the week".
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Too cold for RC, we are not vikings
It's mid-winter in New Zealand and we're not vikings so it's far too cold to fly RC planes and drones! Despite the cold however, Chris (iforce2d) chases Phil's AXN around the chilly skies at the Tokoroa Airfield with his miniquad. Check out these channels if you want to see more RC fun (and other stuff): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClKefSLayxA-FO2ZKX0e83g iforce2d: https://www.youtube.com/user/iforce2d And don't forget our big February 2017 international fly-in!
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Old computer tech:  delay-line memory
Not RC stuff this time but a look at some old computer memory technology in which data is stored by converting it into a series of physical torsion waves that travel around a coil of wire. If you haven't seen the video I did on magnetic core memory on my RCModelReviews channel then here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H98gfQJHZLU
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RC plane: huge turboprop ugly-stick flameout
This turboprop ugly stick RC plane suffered a turbine flame-out shortly after takeoff but the pilot managed an excellent deadstick landing without damage. And yes... that is my phone at the end :-( Filmed at the Tokoroa Airfield in February 2014 http://www.tokoroaairfield.com
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How loud is a HobbyKing pulsejet?
Just how loud is the HobbyKing Pulsejet engine? I decided to find out so I placed the HK sound meter about 5 meters from the engine and started it up. As you can see by the results -- these engines are plenty loud!
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Zenith CH701 STOL plane visits NZTO (Tokoroa)
Another unusual aircraft arrived at NZTO in Tokoroa this week -- a Zenith CH701 STOL plane. Although we didn't get to see an example of its short takeoff capabilities, the pilot tells us that it will leave the ground in as little as 30m with a slight head-wind -- which is very impressive. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this aircraft is the rather "rudimentary" construction and "function over form" aspect of the design.
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A full-sized Cessna Bird Dog visits the airfield
On a New Year's Day 2011, this ex-Vietnam Cessna Bird Dog in US Army colors, dropped in to the Tokoroa airfield on its way through the district. Apparently, the pilot of this plane, rescued it from a slow death at the hands of the elements in Vietnamese countryside back in 1990 and has restored it to its former glory. The wing had to be completely reskinned as it had 54 holes, mainly due to small-arms fire sustained while "on patrol". The fuselage still carries a number of patches where bullet-holes would otherwise perforate its skin. This is an extremely well restored example of a very interesting aircraft that also has incredibly good STOL capabilities. The pilot tells me that with a 10 knot headwind, he can take off in just 40 feet. Let me know if you'd like to see more of these kind of full-sized aircraft videos, we quite often get unusual and interesting aircraft landing at the field.
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The pulsejet powered kayak (part 1)
EDIT: Part 2 is now online What happens when you strap a powerful valveless pulsejet engine to a kayak containing a 12-year-old? Well that was my latest assignment for television and here's some behind-the-scenes footage. I won't be able to upload any more until the program screens but watch and enjoy.
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Runway closed?  Land on the hill (Tokoroa Airfield NZTO)
The airfield was closed by NOTAM. The pilot opted to land on the hillside adjacent to the runway, narrowly missing several fences. 3:26pm, Friday 1 December, 2017
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FY21AP autopilot system saves FPV RC model plane from being lost
Before I could set up the FY21AP stability and "return to launch" (RTL) system on my FPV model, I had to replace a broken switch in my JR 9X (9303) radio. To do that, I had to remove the FrSky 2.4GHz module and that requires unscrewing the antenna on the module. Once I had replaced the switch and re-assembled the radio, I refitted the module and grabbed (what I thought was) the antenna from my messy workbench. Although this antenna screwed into place correctly, it was the wrong gender to mate correctly with the SMA connector in the 2.4GHz module so I had no actual electrical connection between antenna and module. As a result, the range was reduced to around 400 yards -- just enough to fly into trouble. Fortunately I had set the failsafe on the FrSky gear to switch the FY21AP into "return to launch" mode so, when the plane flew out of range, it simply turned around and flew back to the launch point -- whereupon it also flew back into range, allowing me to land it safely. When I did a power-down range-test, I had less than 10 paces of range. Using the *correct* antenna restored normal range and I've since flow out to almost a mile with this model without any further range issues. I'll be posting a full review of the FY21AP to my RCModelReviews.com website and RCModelReviews YouTube channel very shortly. This is one very handy device and this is the second time it's saved my bacon.
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Note to pilots and GA:  How to avoid drones
As we enter the age of the drone, regulators and pilots are becoming increasingly concerned at the risk posed by recreational multirotor drones in the national airspace. This video is one person's perspective on how this risk can be significantly reduced. I hope that pilots and regulators take note because safety should be our number one priority.
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Pitts Special S2
I was doing some video for my RCModelReviews channel and had the camera on a tripod with the 'steady shot' turned off when this Pits Special S2 biplane appeared out of nowhere at the Tokoroa airfield on Sunday. It did an Immelmann or two then flew off again. Because I only had time to grab the camera from the tripod (without turning on steady-shot or resetting the other adjustments I'd made for the video I was making at the time, the quality of the footage isn't all that good. I don't know where this plane came from and I don't know where it went but thought I'd share its brief visit with my subscribers.
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Pulsejet powered Bobcat 52 RC plane saga continues
This updated engine has dual-valves and now delivers an honest 10lbs of thrust. I've added some extra ducting to the internals to help with airflow but seem to have over-done it. Now there's too much ram-effect which forces the engine to run lean once it gets flying-speed up. This was a short flight because once it became apparent that the engine was running lean I opted to cut and land (it was a blustery turbulent day). You can see that this engine has a *lot* of thrust by the way it "kicks" when it first starts and the amount of acceleration it has when released. I reckon that the next flight will be "perfect". Stay tuned -- it's summer here, the next flight won't be more than a week away. Subscribe!
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A 200-knot microlight (great candidate for an RC model plane)
This is Craig's Impulse microlight (that's ultralight in the USA) composite full-sized airplane. It's fast and it's pretty and it's cheap to run. This was filmed when Craig dropped in to the Tokoroa Airfield to see who wasy flying their RC model planes. He's is also an RC model flier. Who wouldn't want one of these?
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Mid-summer RC fun at Tokoroa
Sorry but I spent more time behind the transmitter than the camera today so not a great deal to see here. If you want the real action and crashes, go watch Ron's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KsWzkjn5Bo&t=0s And that screwdriver review (a *must watch*) can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDJCLjmMkF8
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VLOG: FAA drone registration rule quashed by the court
John Taylor has become a hero to thousands of drone and RC model fliers around the USA as he (almost) single-handedly did what the AMA could not (or refused to) do. The courts have ruled that the FAA had no legal authority to demand money and details from drone and RC pilots, under threat of huge fines and/or imprisonment, in the USA. Check out this interesting webcast in which John Taylor and some of his supporters speak about the victor and what it means: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPVT6XV7O0g
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HK Cloud Surfer RC plane snags a big thermal
I was trying out the FrSky variometer on the HobbyKing Cloud Surfer FPV model here at the Tokoroa airfield the other day and hooked a pretty powerful thermal. After cutting the motor, the model went from 250 feet to 400 feet in a very short space of time and I had to use some up-flap to get out of the lift or risk violating the New Zealand CAA regulations that limit models to a maximum of 400 feet AGL. The vario is a great bit of kit and I'll be reviewing it on my RCModelReviews channel shortly. I'm also loving the Cloud Surfer!
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200mph RC plane spins prop at over 30,000 RPMs
The very fast pylon racer RC plane I featured a few months back returned to the field last weekend and I captured some more video of it. Top speed is around 320kph but on this run I think the engine was a little rich. Still pretty impressive (and really loud) though. Oh, and the glorious smell of castor oil -- you just don't get that with electric models. The smell of burnt wiring, melting ESCs and venting lipos is really not the same! 30,000+ RPMs -- so sweet!
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HobbyKing MX2, the XJet RC plane of the week.
This week's XJet RC plane of the week is the MX2 from HobbyKing. Brent owns this example and is extremely happy with his purchase. Apart from a small issue with one of the wheels (which was binding), the model has been problem-free and flies very nicely. The standard motor and a 30-40C 4S 3000mAH battery provide perfectly adequate performance and it appears to be very aerobatic. Don't forget to check out the other "XJet RC plane of the week" videos on this channel.
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RC plane flying banned in Tokoroa
The SWMAC has been grounded by a bunch of grumpy old men in our national model-flying body Model Flying New Zealand (MFNZ) and the South Waikato District Council (SWDC) They've said that our evil baby-killing AXNs are far too dangerous to be flown near people or over delicate steel and iron buildings. Meanwhile, on one side of the field we have 6-year-olds in gokarts zooming around their track at 60mph and at the other, we have people launching their Motox bikes several meters into the air while traversing huge jumps at great speed. But 500g of foam -- ooh... that's *far* too dangerous and must be banned. Watch for a full explanation of the situation coming up soon on the xjet channel. If you're a FaceBook user you can voice your comments on the local paper's facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/SouthWaikatoNews links: http://www.nzmaa.org.nz http://www.southwaikato.govt.nz
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Ron rebuilds (kind-of) his AXN Floater RC plane yet again!
After totally smashing his AXN Floater to pieces as a result of a recent crash into a hangar, Ron has sifted through the ashes and come up with a new RC plane in which key parts of the AXN are recycled. What will this new plane be called? Son of Knobby? Knobbette? Perhaps viewers will have some suggestions...
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How to change model airplane engine bearings (part 2 of 2)
Part two of a video that explains how to replace worn bearings in a model airplane engine. It is one of the informational series of videos coming from RCModelReviews.com If you'd like an advertisement included in this video, please contact me. If you found this video to be useful, please rate it.
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F-27Q Stryker RC plane flown hard
Here's the ParkZone F27Q Stryker being flown hard-out at the SWMAC field in Tokoroa New Zealand. Broke a prop on landing but otherwise no damage. A crap day for filming -- too dull and overcast to really do a good job of tracking this really fast model
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My AXN Floater RC plane setup.
People have been asking my about my AXN Coulds Fly Floater RC plane and how I've set it up so here's a video showing you the details. Note that I prefer to buy the ARF version with just the airframe and motor, then fit some HXT900 or HobbyKing 10g Orange servos and a 25A ESC that has at least a 3A BEC in it. If you buy the version with the servos already installed and the 20/25A ESC then you may encounter problems with the BEC not being able to provide enough current to drive all the servos if you really turn up the throws and start throwing the model around. You should also use a 2200mAH 3S battery of 15-20C for best balance and longest flight-times.
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Christmas Day RC flying at the local lake in Tokoroa New Zealand
Not too much to see here except some international visitors enjoying the flying of a HobbyKing Skipper RC model plane at the local lake (Moananui) here in Tokoroa. It's amazing how positive the response from such people is whenever they see an RC model plane being flown and there's a definite "wow" factor, as you will hear. Most of the older onlookers are quite surprised at the changes in technology and materials that have made this hobby a whole lot safer in recent years. Sorry about the video quality -- it was filmed with the Turnigy-branded SJ4000 action camera and a Mobius velcro'd to the top of my head :-) A full review of the HobbyKing Skipper PNF RC plane is coming very shortly on the RCModelReviews Channel. Setup: HK Skipper "all terrain" RC plane Hitec Flash 7 transmitter Hitec Optima receiver Zippy 3S 1500 "compact" lipo
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200mph CompARF Rookie II, the XJet RC plane of the week.
This week's RC plane of the week is the CompARF Rookie II, a turbine-powered jet model capable of speeds around 200mph. With a power-to-weight ratio slightly in excess of 1:1 (20lbs thrust, 19lbs weight), the performance is quite impressive. Remember, it's not an ad, it's not a review, it's the XJet RC Plane of the week. If you want to see a particular model featured in this regular spot on the XJet channel, drop me a line.
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XJet Channel of the week: spocktra50
http://www.youtube.com/user/spocktra50 Here's another gem from YouTube, it's the spocktra50 channel, where Mark, Charlie, Kev and crew have a ball with RC planes, flying, fixing, crashing and laughing their way to mayhem. Please go visit the channel, check out their vids and subscribe to the chaos. Enjoy!
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Last RC plane flights of winter 2016
It was the last weekend of the Southern Winter and so these were the last RC plane flights before spring -- woohoo! Not too much in this video because I spent most of the day trying to get the damned Cox engine on my Bonsai to run -- epic fail. Never mind, it *will* fly, stay tuned for that!
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SWMAC News about RC planes at Tokoroa
Hi all -- just a short video to say THANKS for your ongoing support in our battle with the wooden-heads who seek to stop us from flying. If you feel so inclined and you're a FaceBook user, you might want to go cast your vote in a poll being held on the local paper's FaceBook Page http://wwww.facebook.com/SouthWaikatoNews And stay tuned for more flying videos -- from the SWMAC -- as seen at a local park, just 4.2Kms from the airfield.
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Tokoroa Aeroclub April 2010 Fly-in
The weather was cold, overcast and occasionally drizzly but that didn't stop fixed and rotary-wing pilots flying in for this annual event. Helicopters, autogyros, microlights, military aircraft -- there was a lot of variety to be seen at the field. The FW190 is also featured in another video I've just uploaded if you want to see more of that little beauty.
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Dominator Autogyro being flown hard by an expert
A superb example of how well the Dominator autogyro handles with expert pilot Grant Simpson at the controls. This footage was taken at the Tokoroa Aero Club's open day on April 4th 2009. Unfortunately, Grant was killed when this gyro crashed on May 14, 2011.
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