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Misaka won't fly with me
Bubble and the gang are at it again, Daring adventure in Pewdiepie island , will they escape the Bro-army, Misaka better be quick on her feet if she wants to make it out of this one.
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Prisoners of the Sun
the tale the vivian girls in the realms of the unreal (minus the graphic "rape" parts) :/ music : the chameleons prisoners of the sun
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Neonska reklama
this took longer than it should have, bucking rendering made my PC keep dying, i'm not doing this ever again i just wanted to show off some cool affect tricks i picked up, which i wont use again!
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Bubble's troubles in bangkok and lady boys
Technically it's Bubblegum Guns emone, and i'm too lazy to do an actual video
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Midoris'  gymnopedies
A artzie piece, a combination of Erik Satie's gymnopedies and the 1991 film Midori by Shoujo Tsubaki not my original idea , someone did it before me and much better, but i really think this two piece go together for better version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nx9qoKZVp4
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Misaka won't stay with me
Misaka thinks she's too kawaii for me , but i'll show her that not even an army of pepitos can stop me .
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Cemetery Female
There is a female among our mist, and Detective Bubble is on the case, But can detective bubble figure who the Female is before she strikes again? Who is this Female
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why Bubble left the may mays
the bubble channel now has more seks,
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Pepito in a Nutshell
it's crap , idk why i even did this, but i guess really wanted to capture what Pepito means to all of us here in youtube land,
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Bubble ditches the may mays
Thank you Bakas, now that ya'll haven't unsub like i wanted, bubble is left only one option, Bubble ditches the may mays , Good bye *sniff *sniff Baka-ino (italian for Baka)
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Silence Sea and Sky
the last synth composition of the chameleons , no AMV for this one because it's to damn short for that, but it's the animated cover art. http://eil.com/images/main/The-Chameleons-What-Does-Anythin-315685.jpg
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this took longer than it should have, bucking rendering made my PC keep dying, i'm not doing this ever again i just wanted to show off some cool affect tricks i picked up, which i wont use again!
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I'll Remeber
good old edit , will their hird orchestro synth get a vid probably not. but i'll desu one on nico nicoooo anyway, memes will be delayed since i won't have as much time to edit, talk baka and i'll doki you sincerely -Baburu Batto
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Lazy monday bubbles
how bubble spends a hippies festival to worship hitler, by 420 blazing, Doritos, and TV, . pets got of hold of my kush and almost burnt down my tv, that's my huge bong next to the TV
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Bubble puts some weebs to sleep
May Mays 4 Lyfe , no may mays no lyfe Bubble uses his b*tches to deals with some snitches the old fashion way, http://i.imgur.com/F4l0sQP.jpg
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Why you should unsub, before i let the Hippos out
Hip text for the Hip-po!!, where is this channel going who knows, i don't, so stop subscribing or i might put something in your Sub box that will, one day you'll just be eating cereal watching my vids, Boom! the next thing the CIA is in your bathroom asking questions
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Akari ...goodbye
a tribute to our youtube freind song: Big O theme
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anna's reivery
Applause to the person who gets this , i commend you good sir mmhm yes ಠ_ರೃ answer : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/5b/Anna_to_the_Infinite_Power_FilmPoster.jpeg
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Let's play C.O.D Black Ops 2 - Online Weeaboos
if you asked me if i would subscribed to this channel, my answer would be ,...No, no...just no.
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Bubble lets the May mays Loose...Again!
Bubble Lets the out the May Mays, soon they'll be climbing in ya'll windows so ya better hide yo senpais and hides yo waifus! I warned ya!
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Is Bubble ded?
not yet! Bubble is still has edgy,Baka, Weeb videos in store so stay tuned, post will lest frequent as i try to craft the best may mays Also! Playism has started releasing Touhou games and after publishing the first 2 games they have decided to make a poll to ask fans which Touhou games they should release to western audiences next , so if you're a big Touhou and video game fan cast your Vote! http://playism-games.com/article/touhou-derivatives-what-would-you-like-to-see
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