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I'm in the  hospital..AGAIN | Shout outs favorite
The reason I'm in the hospital is because I had 5 seizures again and I threw up so yeah. I don't know when I'm gonna get released. Also comment down below to get a shout out So comment your favorite movie/anime to get a shout out
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My brother sayin' BREAKFAST (Shout outs in description)
So I told him to say Breakfast in that special way of his and he did XD LOL. Shout outs [Aiden West Miguel David Christian Benidict Nien (or SmileyBraniac) Madison Joanna Spencer Sam (or Samuel)] [special shout out Nathan (or Dead X)
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Going to Hawaii next Friday!🌺🌺🌺👙🍲
I'm going to Hawaii next Friday WOOO and in my next video comment your favorite anime or cartoon show for a shout out 🌺🌺🌺🌈🌈
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I'm moving today yay!!!😄|Shout outs
Sorry if I speak to quietly its just I'm still tired from packing and from mah allergies when I speak louder some other time I'll use music in mah videos again
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Back to the Pacific Symphony Orchestra for me
Shout out to Nathan, Aiden, and Sam
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Me getting down at church last night
Why did I upload dis, I am... disgusted
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Vlogs and R.I.P CYNDAGO
I decided to make vlogs and some singing videos and tours of my house this is my new channel and i just wanna say R.I.P Cyndago you'll be in my heart and Most of all Markiplier's heart
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Packin 4 Hawaii✈ Pt.1|shout out whats fav country
So on Friday I will be going to the Airport to go to my Sisters Wedding in Hawaii IM SO EXCITED yet I'm gonna be in pain cause Imma wear wear high heels -.- lolz
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New name!!!!!!
Song:Rather be by Clean bandit no copy right intended :)
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Im back and at Billards Bigshots!
Shout out Nathan Dead X Joanna Miguel Aiden Smiley Brainiac and Sam (Samuel)
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Leaving Hawaii today! |Shout outs
Song: Haruno Sakura Amv- She Wolf Artist: Shakira I do not own the song copyright not intented. Comment down below your favorite song to get a shout out! | P.S I'm leaving Hawaii today!!!
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Stronger than you | Sans Parody ➕ Extra Shout outs
Song: Stronger than you| Sans Parody Artist: Unknown (Actually I forgot...XD) Type of video: Music Video (Kinda) All credit goes to original owner. I do not own the game nor the song. I just love the game Under❤tale P. S I will not make videos on the plane or at the wedding but I will make it at the airport and in the Hotel and when I get back. Anyway thats all for now, Stay Chill 😎 not ill 😷 I hate it when my Subscribers are sick so stay epic
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My Room tour- House tour part 1|shout outs in description
Shout outs Nien, Nathan, Miguel, Ian, Aiden David, Jaden, (4th grade friend Allyson Fields), Spencer, West, Special shout out, Sam In Mrs. Palfreyman's class😊
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Hey I'm back once again!!!
Im back to making videos again this video is practically for you Ian aka Markiplier Junior! ((I own no music in this video this song is Xenogenisis by TheFatRat))
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My bestest Friends pt. 1 feat. My M♡m (Mom)
So I'll tell you some of my friends and in this video is my Mom
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These people are awesome!!!!
The Irvine Spectrum is Awesome!!!
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Good bye weekend Hello Homework -.-
www.youtube.com/Icejjfish and comment down below if you want me to change my name Thxs bye!^.^
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Sorry i haven't been Uploading lately
shout out's!
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Sorry for not uploading...| Shout outs!
I'm such a baka! I haven't been uploading I should just go fall in Mount Ebott's deep hole!
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Interview with Kumiko Sparkles the Otaku
Shout outs to Dead X (Papyrus), GameBoy, Nien
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