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I need help from you guys!! :)
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60 subscriber special!! {And a shoutout to a friend}
Thanks to corporal tails bro for the help to get me to 60 subscribers!! I don't think I would have got to that number! And thank you to all my subscribers for supporting ny channel!! It means a lot. If you want me to pixel art something else let me know!! Once again. Thank you so much to *EVERYONE* for subscribing and a massive thank you to corporal tails bro!! I try to upload as much as I can, if I can't, I apologise... :( Stay Speedy!! ~SonicBoss 1991
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So I played animal jam and...
I recorded this ages ago and decided to upload it. Even though it's the ultimate cringe... Enjoy... I was 12 when I recorded this, I'm 13 now.... Cringe... Stay speedy!! SonicBoss 1991
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My top 5 favorite sonic games and characters!! [Sonic Week!!]
Top 5 games: 5. Sonic Forces 4. Sonic 1 3. Sonic 2 2. Sonic 3 & Knuckles 1. Sonic Cd Top 5 favorite characters: 5.Espio the chameleon 4. Metal Sonic 3. Knuckles 2. Infinite 1. Tails Spread the word about sonic week and national sonic day!!! ( 23rd) Email: sb7373aj@gmail.com Thx 4 watching!! Stay Speedy!! SonicBoss 1991
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Sonic X theme song but 21 people (including me) are singing it.
I do not own this song!! You can thank the Sonic X creators/ musicians. (or whoever made it) Competition is still open!! You have till July 5th 2018!!!! Email: sb7373aj@gmail.com Stay Speedy! SonicBoss 1991
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Roblox: Woozlo locked me in his motel. (Part 2 to meeting Woozlo!)
I met Woozlo in Roblox and he decided to lock me and a few others in his motel... (Yay) Woozlo's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxVF8OZjcMrRpGtiE3D8pg Email: sb7373aj@gmail.com Stay Speedy! SonicBoss 1991
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It's my 14th birthday!
I'm 14 now yay! (does anyone care?) Thank you Infinite The jackal for the profile picture!! Thanks 4 the support and 79 subs!!!! Stay Speedy! SonicBoss 1991
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4 shoutouts. (Cuz I forgot to do shoutout Sunday TWICE)
Shoutouts: Ben Jones Sb737 Woozlo The spongebob and mangle show productions (corporal tails bro) Congrats to those 4!!! Stay Speedy!! SonicBoss 1991
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IT IS SONIC WEEK!!!! (for sonic fans anyway)
It is sonic week! (for sonic fans anyway) Celebrate with me!!!! Please? June 23rd is sonics 26th anniversary!!! Yay!!!! :) -Stay Speedy SonicBoss 1991
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It rained AGAIN in Watford....
England weather in a nutshell am I right? Discord: SonicBoss 1991#7974 Have a rain free day! (unless your watching this while it is raining then.....yeah.... Stay Speedy! SonicBoss 1991
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The Lunar eclipse in Watford! (The moon was bright as anything)
Either during or after the eclipse. The moon was bright and glowing. It was really cool too see even though I never actually got to see the blood red moon because of the clouds. This is the sight from Watford. Im sorry for not uploading recently, I have had problems with being able to save the videos because they often get deleted which can be annoying. I am on summer holidays now so I will be uploading a lot more! Enjoy the video! Email: sb7373aj@gmail.com Stay Speedy SonicBoss 1991
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An apology
I'm very sorry for not uploading recently I promise I will get better. :) Instagram: SonicBoss 1991 (queen_sb7373aj) Email: sb7373aj@gmail.com Discord: SonicBoss 1991#7974 Stay Speedy ;) -SonicBoss 1991
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Shoutout Sunday!!
Shoutout to Infinite The jackal and cmin2getcha plays for all their hard work and being amazing!! Thank you Infinite for the amazing role plays and throwing cubes Thank you cmin2getchacplays for hosting amazing liclve streams and fighting back against cubes :P -Stay Speedy -SonicBoss 1991
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Sonic Cd,Instrumental [You can do anything]
Please give me no credit for this, all of it goes to Sega. Sonic Team Ect. This is the instrumental of You can do anything. The animation is from Sonic Cd, aka, the best Sonic game of all time. In Sonic Cd, you need to travel back to the past and destroy Eggmans (Robotnicks) robots and save the future. You also need so save your new friend Amy. It's a great game and free for phone! Thank you so much for watching. Like, comment and subscribe for more! Have a great day! Stay Speedy SonicBoss 1991
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All my Sonic drawings from my project.
I DID NOT TRACE THESE! ALL OF THEM ARE DONE BY HAND!!! These are all the drawings I did for my Sonic the hedgehog project, if you would like to see what I wrote, let me know! Email: (Incase u wanna send sth to me) sb7373aj@gmail.com Stay Speedy!! SonicBoss 1991
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Reacting to Sonic Mania Adventures Part 2
Today we will be reacting to Sonic Mania Adventures Part 2. Enjoy the video,if I can get 100 subscribers I will do a face reveal! Enjoy the video!! -Original Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYEmRHFolvM Stay Speedy ~SonicBoss 1991
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Shoutout Sunday!!! (2)
Shoutout to the following: Caleb Webster 100 Cat Infinites Lamp post Be sure to subscribe for more content!! I will record more in the future, I promise! :) -Stay Speedy! SonicBoss 1991
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Sonic the hedgehog 2- Finding the hidden palace zone.
Note: I played this on iOs/android so if you'd down that pit on the Sega Genesis.....your stuck....... If you get stuck it's not my fault, ok? Have a great day! Stay Speedy! SonicBoss 1991
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Sonic the hedgehog 1 Final Zone and Good Ending
The final zone and good ending to Sonic the hedgehog 1. I played on Android hens how I can spin dash! Enjoy!! (but you don't have too) Road to 100 subs!!! :D
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The rain in Watford
Yep....it poured it down 😂😂 Enjoy yah boi getting drenched 😉 100 SUBS IS COMING!! I PROMISE! Stay Speedy SonicBoss 1991 Email: sb7373aj@gmail.com
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Sonic Mania: This isn't supposed to happen.....
I ain't a hacker... Something weird happend when I was using de bug ( I didn't use de bug mode for this) and died when freeing mighty and Ray... Ray kinda followed me? Weird right? 100 sub special coming soon!!!!! :) Discord: SonicBoss 1991#7974 Email: sb7373aj@gmail.com Stay Speedy SonicBoss 1991
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Sonic Cd. You can do anything.
~Credit~ Sega. Sonic Team. Thank you for tuning in! I hope you enjoy this video! My audio quality is improving! It's the road to 50 subs people!!! :D Like, comment and subscribe for more sonic!! :) Thanks for watching! Remember, I don't own anything, all of it belongs to Sega. Thanks for watching! -SonicBoss1991 :)
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[Please read description]Update video/ 60 subscriber special {Kind Of}
I know, my voice sounds REALLY mumbly and fast so if you didn't understand me I apologise!! Thank you guys so much for 60 subscribers!! You guys are absolutely AWESOME!! I will think of something for 60 subscribers. I PROMISE! Let's wait until the end of my exams, then I will work my magic! Comment your favorite sonic below and let me know if there's anything you'd like to see! {Speedruns, Walk-throughs Ect} Email: Sb7373aj@gmail.com Thanks for watching!! Stay Awesome! -SonicBoss1991
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Sonic the hedgehog Scrap Brain Act 3 in under 1 minute.
The video may be over a minute long but I completed the zone in under 52 seconds. Road to 100!!! If I get 100, I will do a face reveal and a Q&A! (Such excitement) -Stay Speedy! SonicBoss 1991
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70 sub special competition!!!
Email: sb7373aj@gmail.com Good luck in the profile picture competition! Rules: 1. like this video 2. Subscribe 3. Must have something to due with Sonic Time: June 4th- July 5th Good luck! Stay Speedy SonicBoss 1991
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Quick shout out.
This is a shoutout to Blueblazegaming. So sorry I forgot you. Forgive me ;-; Stay Speedy SonicBoss 1991
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My Metal Sonic/ Sonic drawing.
I do apologise for the background noise, I was in abar and there's no decent silent recording spaces! It will improve I promise!!! -yuunarii's channel- Www.Youtube.com/Yuunarii -Super Muskett's channel- Www.Youtube.com/SuperMuskett If you like the drawing please let me know in the comments below. ( I know it rhymes) if you want me too upload sonic videos, let me know! Thank you so much for watching. Any art you want to be featured my email is: sb7373aj@gmail.com I will also do shout outs every now and then but don't be asking!!! Thanks for watching, see you guys in the next video, STAY AWESOME! -Sonic Boss
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I met Woozlo in Roblox! (100% Real)
I was very lucky to be able to join Woozlo's game! :D It was an honor to be able to talk too him! I found out he loves Sonic The Hedgehog!!! Woozlo's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxVF8OZjcMrRpGtiE3D8pg My discord server: https://discord.gg/W3m72X 100 subs special IS COMING SOON! I PROMISE! Stay Speedy! SonicBoss 1991
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