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CSGO Training Aim Guide Rifles and Sniping
You can download this workshop map by clicking '+ Subscribe' from steam page csgo website http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=213240871 CSGO aim guide(Read) *Rifles* Spraying Rifles on long ranges just like I demonstrated is a big advantage on how fast you kill the target on certain ranges. Most experienced players will burst their rifles to hit their target accurately. But a true master can spray their rifles on long ranges to kill their targets very fast. *Machine Gun* Machine gun in CSGO is like the strongest spray in short-mid range. This is the only gun that surpasses the DMG per second of SMG, shotguns, and rifles on close or mid range. I didn't show how monster this gun on short-mid range on my video but seriously. If you have too much gold stacks every round. Don't be shy to grab this monster once in a while every rounds. *Sub Machine Gun* This gun is good for making golds fast. Grab this gun if you want to save up some money to buy expensive weapons later. *Sniping* AWM is one of the most popular among experienced players in all FPS games. Because it is one shot kill. But Auto Sniping is used by true masters. Masters who loves to burst skulls on scope. Auto-Sniping is stronger than AWM due to its one hit head shot on scope. *Spraying Rifles* When you spray the rifles accurately on long range. Make sure you move your mouse downward vertically. Same with machine guns and SMG. Also, SMG is more accurate than Rifles. Even if you are moving. SMG seemingly still accurate while moving. Unlike Rifles, you have to stop moving to hit the target accurately. Rifle's recoil is worse if you shoot while moving. Same with Sniping also. You have to stop completely to make your shots straight to hit the target. So change your habit by pressing your 'Shift' key often to let your senses know that the moving motion is stop. *Reflex Training* Reflex is one of the most important training on FPS games. If you are sniping and you have better reflex than your enemy. Then you will always kill your target first because you pushed the trigger faster than him. Then if your enemy has better reflex than you. He will kill you because his trigger reaction is faster than yours. *Linear, Rotation, and Static* Static is very useful training to accurately hit the players that are not moving. Then linear is a very good training to hit the target that moves either horizontally or vertically. Activate these two training mode at the same time to further elevate your accuracy on moving and non moving opponents. Rotation mode was not shown on my video because it was buggy when I changed the settings recently just like showed in this video. But rotation will work correctly if you exit the game then rejoin the map of training mode again. If you keep training all these modes everyday. There is no doubt that your aim will greatly improve and your opponents will think you are hacking. But don't respond to people with mental disorder. Just mute them instead and keep focusing on winning. Likes, Share, and Subscribe. See you again.