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Astro Viking RC Oldtimer Maiden flight
Astro Viking RC Oldtimer Maiden flight 20 years after this plane was built it took to the air. Astro Flight were pioneers in electric RC aircraft. This "El-timer" was originally powered by a brushed motor and NiCd batteries. A modern brushless setup was installed and it shaved 400g off the starting weight, should provide twice the power and at least twice the flight time. The plane is a bit tail-heavy and the left half of the wing was quite warped which we did not notice before takeoff. The over 20 year old Hitec servos are very slow compared to the modern offerings. Aircraft: Astro Flight Viking Drivetrain: Multiplex PERMAX BL-O 2830-1100 motor, MULTIcont BL-20 SD ESC, 8"x 5 prop, 2200 mAh MPX LiPo. RC gear: Spektrum DX6i, LemonRC 6ch DSM2, HiTec 20 year old servos Camera: Mobius Guitar: Epiphone J200 into iPhone
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Traxxas Summit & LaTrax Teton on the trail
Traxxas Summit & LaTrax Teton sharing trail duty at Sandsjöbacka Drumlin, Kungsbacka, Sweden. The first part of trails are mostly very easy footpath with a few old stone fences to cross. The later part has a steep rocky section that slightly more challenging. A true crawler would make light work of these obstacles but there are much more difficult sections available. On the whole, these two "trail trucks" fit well here. Latrax Teton RTR - stock Traxxas Summit VXL RTR - stock Camera: Turnigy 2k Location: Sandsjöbacka bräcka Music: Soundcloud.com/Edgery
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Multiplex Heron, maiden flight - on the slope
I have been putting off doing the maiden flight of my Heron for some time. I did not expect it to be on the slope, but I brought it along this time and the temptation to try it was too big. The Heron flew absolutely perfect - the launch was with hands off the sticks. I will do some fine tuning of CG and adjust flight phase mix compensations but that is about it. Gear: Heron RR, Cockpit SX (1st gen) and RX-7 M-Link telemetry. Site: Sandsjöbacka Bräcka, Kungsbacka, Sweden. ESE 9-11m/s Camera: Turnigy 2k w SJCAM 4000 firmware Music: By me, available if released at Soundcloud.com/Edgery
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Phoenix 1600, trimming flight part 2
Phoenix 1600. Despite moving the CG further and further back I could not get it to fly exactly like I wanted so I decided to try to shim the front end of the stabilizer, giving it more "dive". I used a popsicle stick, 2mm thick, cut and sanded to fit. I set the CG inbetween the "too much" and "not enough" values I had before. The mod was successful, check the video! It turned a really good flying plane into a great flying plane. Spec: HK Phoenix 1600 ARF Motor: HK Turnigy 2830 1020kV 3mm (overstressed with prop) Prop: Stock, folding 10x6 ESC: Jeti ECO 25 with HK 3,5mm bullet connectors Battery: Multiplex Li-Batt 3s 2000 / 950 Servos: 4x HXT900 (Rud Ele Ail Ail /Spoilers) no flaps installed) TX RX: Multiplex Cockpit RX-5 light Build report, pictures and maiden flight http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2651308 http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2652077 http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2652691 http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2653939 Music: https://soundcloud.com/edgery/immersion
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Phoenix 1600 trimming flight part 1
Phoenix 1600. The weather has changed into summer. It's nice to fly without gloves again. Here is some video from a few flights with the Phoenix 1600 as I was testing different CG and batteries as well as looking for lift - thermalling is not in the video though because the plane becomes too small in the finished video. Spec: HK Phoenix 1600 ARF Motor: HK Turnigy 2830 1020kV 3mm Prop: Stock, folding 10x6 ESC: Jeti ECO 25 with HK 3,5mm bullet connectors Battery: Multiplex Li-Batt 3s 2000 / 950 Servos: 4x HXT900 (Rud Ele Ail Ail /Spoilers) no flaps installed) TX RX: Multiplex Cockpit RX-5 light Also see https://youtu.be/ePuwhQ47VMM Build report, pictures and maiden flight http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2651308 http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2652077 http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2652691 http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2653939 Music: https://soundcloud.com/edgery/rotors https://soundcloud.com/edgery/snow-drops https://soundcloud.com/edgery/milliampere
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Multiplex Funglider RR Maiden Flight
MPX Funglider Maiden Flight This is my first flight of the Funglider. It is a quite long video and almost completely unedited but I have added many comments to explain what I am doing during the flight. I think this shows very well how if flies. Everything is completely standard and the throws and CG is exactly as specified in the manual. I'm sorry that the plane sometimes is out of frame. There is a lot of multitasking going on, it's the first flight jitters and pointing the head in the correct direction is not always easy. :) ============================================== Aircraft: Multiplex Funglider RR Battery: Multiplex 950mAh RX/TX: FRSky Taranis X9D+ / X6R Camera: Mobius Pilot, film, guitar: Kristoffer
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Magnum Reloaded RC plane by Miniprop with Mobius camera
This is a few clips of my Magnum Reloaded. It was bought as a complete kit from Himmlishe Höllein in Germany. My motor/speed controller setup is a bit overpowered to handle outside wind conditions and the Mobius. The Magnum flies best when kept light, a 2S battery is enough. It also survives crashes better with the smaller batteries. Sharp eyed viewers notice tailplane is in some clips warped - bad storage! More Magnum: Floats: http://youtu.be/f0pdE6L9Jds Ice: http://youtu.be/BJPIRELTkbs Snow: http://youtu.be/Rdtf-nNtoEE Specification: Miniprop Magnum Reloaded Höllein colours Hacker A20-34S + Hacker X20 + GWS 8x4,3 Hacker 2S 350/500mAh to Multiplex 3S 950mAh MPX RX-5 /Smart SX 2x Hitec HS55 Mobius normal lens Weight 230-375g Pilot: Kristoffer Stills: Håkan Camera, guitar improvisations, video editing: Kristoffer
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HobbyKing MX2-EPP First attempts at 3D flying
HobbyKing MX2-EPP, my first attempts at 3D flying. Clips from several occasions. Also see: http://youtu.be/FFCLup6Ojjs Setup: Motor: Turnigy Park 480 1020kV Prop: 11x4.7 slowfly prop ESC: HK 40A SBEC Battery: MPX LiBatt 3s 950mAh Servos: Turnigy 9025 metal gear (ail, rudder) HXT900 (elev) Radio: DX6i and Lemon RX 6ch DSM2 Where to buy: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=34552&aff=1770662 TIP: If you want to see what this model can do in the hands of an ace 3D pilot, check 'groovejet RC Groups' channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC27aNNnD6B8A_XhObTA6RYA Alternatively search for ' Winner's Model 37.5in MX2 HEPP - Hucking in the Wind' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPp0m-_zvkM&index=3&list=LLNMcLIiUAmjpTYtsxN0ZfOw RC-groups Thread of this airplane: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1773788
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Traxxas Summit VXL 1/16
This video shows my Traxxas Summit VXL 1/16 running around on Amundön. All kinds of surfaces and the Summit handles it with ease. RC: Traxxas Summit, stock, dual 2s LiPo Camera: Turnigy 2k (rebranded SJ4000+, I used SJcam firmware) Video editor: Wondershare Filmora Music is made by me; Soundcloud.com/Edgery and Sir Trekoff
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HobbyKing BFG2600 Slope Soaring "maiden"
HobbyKing BFG2600 slope soaring "maiden"; first slope flight ever and also after burning the ESC and converting it to a pure glider. Vallda Sandö, Kungsbacka, Sweden. 7-9 m/s, 6 degC This flight was done after warming up with my FunGlider. The wind had picked up a bit by now and I had a very difficult time launching the BFG. The first launch I slipped but had to let it go anyway and it tumbled, in the thick heather luckily. The next launch I did I held it just in front of the wheel and then it could sort of "dangle in the wind". Even then the launch was pretty dramatic. It flew without motor, the 4s 2200 battery plus ~270g of wheel bolts was in the nose to compensate for the missing motor and it worked perfectly fine. I used a 5ch reciever and the flaps were locked. It would help with the roll speed to use the flaps mixed in with ailerons. No need for crow. The BFG is very majestic in the air and the control response and harmony is good. The wings are very stiff. It is not very fast though, the thick profile and big fuselage together makes it lose its speed quickly so would probably slope better in less wind. Landing it was very easy, the size and stability is good. Aircraft: HobbyKing BFG2600 glider only Power: Jeti SBEC & Turnigy 2200 4s Servo: 4x Hitec HS-55 wing, 2x Multiplex Tiny-S tail Misc: Four wheelbolts in nose for ballast TX/RX: Multiplex Cockpit SX & RX-5 telemetry Tools: Mobius hat cam, MovieMaker Music: Written and performed by me.
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Easy Star 2 Slope Soaring in hard wind by sea, Kullavik
Easy Star 2 Slope Soaring in hard wind by sea, Kullavik /Kullsvik My first visit to this spot. Great lift but the wind strength turned up despite the forecast and in the end it was a bit too strong. The aircraft is a stock Easy Star 2 with aileron upgrade and the radio is a DX6i. In the hollow plastic wing spar/tube, there is a pice of threaded steel rod (€4-5 at the local hardware store) which adds a bit of stiffness and useful weight as well. I did two starts and landings, the first landing was perfect and the second was captured on video. :) All filming, editing and music is made by me. Hope you like it and I appreciate feedback!
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Traxxas Stampede 4x4 VXL: Bash -  trail - crawl
Traxxas Stampede 4x4 VXL: Bash - trail - crawl Early spring drive at Amundön. The Stampede is mainly stock and runs on 2s LiPO, just lowered the body and put some LED:s in. Video quality is so-so: I did seven renders with different codes to get to this level, there are some "anti-shake" artefacts I could not get rid of. Music, filming, editing, driving was all done ny myself.
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Magnum Reloaded Miniprop on floats, schwimmerbausatz!
Magnum Reloaded Miniprop on floats, schwimmerbausatz! "First flight on floats" During summer, heavy rain created a large puddle on the meadow outside. Great time to put on my Viking rubber boots and try out the floats on the Magnum! This was some months ago and the Mobius camera light settings are ... not very good, but I have since learned to adjust them. :) The music is composed by me and recorded/created in my latest obsession, Garageband. I have used, for example Cubase, Cakewalk, Reason and a long time ago, analog 4-track recorders but I got fed up with all the fiddling (haha), boxes, cables and myriads of options. Garageband put the fun back in music creation for me. :) Enjoy! EDIT: Music is now available https://soundcloud.com/edgery/sets/the-2015-flying-sessions
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Dream Flight Alula Trek Hiking Soaring Hangflyg Hangflug Grundsö
I tried a new spot which I found while biking-hiking around here. I've been dragging my cyclocross bike along these cliffs and also swam out to the next island. Part of my reason to buy the Alula was to be able to easily bring the plane on a hike. This spot is easy to reach by foot though. I put comments on it since it's a pretty long clip this time. The music is a combination of my improvisations and from the Youtube archive. I appreciate any feedback and tips on flying etc. since I learned a lot from the RC community and this is a way to give something back. Thanks!
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Phoenix 1600 slope soaring Amundön
Spontaneous slope visit: The wind was strong but from the "worst" direction when it comes to sloping, northeast. I had already planned a walk/hike and brought the glider as this cliff looked promising. The actual slope is narrow and too round to be really good and the steep drop to the sea on both sides means electric is a almost a necessity or a mistake will cost a plane. The gull company, a (possible) marsh harrier and two good thermal lifts made my day though! The landing is not fun though and I doubt I will try the site again. Spec: HK Phoenix 1600 ARF (lanyu, volantex, modster) with 2mm incidence change on stab. Motor: HK Turnigy 2830 1020kV 3mm (overstressed with prop) Prop: Stock, folding 10x6 ESC: Jeti ECO 25 with HK 3,5mm bullet connectors Battery: Multiplex Li-Batt 3s 2000 Servos: Four HXT900 (Rud Ele Ail Ail /Spoilers) no flaps installed) TX RX: Multiplex Cockpit RX-5 light Location: Amundön, Gothenburg, Sweden Flying, camera, editing, production, music: Kristoffer Song Titles: Edge of the Sea, Drone Charge https://open.spotify.com/artist/3bBEDJhsg6Lbtpv3b6V0CK
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Traxxas E-revo 1/16 - MERV on the rocks
Low tide and sub zero combines to fun ice surfaces. The Traxxas E-revo 1/16 - MERV - goes around the Amund island (Amundön). This Traxxas E-Revo 1/16 is a brushed version with modifications: http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=236220 * "Pink" rear springs and "black" front springs * Racerstar 540 ESC/Motor combo - ESC filled with silicon, fan removed, on/off switch removed and soldered the circuit board. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2745827 * Zippy Flightmax 2x 2200mAh in parallel. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2703116 * XT60 connectors Camera is a Turnigy 2k (SJ4000+ rebrand) with SJcam FW update. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2557085 Edited with Wondershare Filmora Music: Made by me - www.soundcloud.com/edgery
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Phoenix 1600 and Funglider slope soaring
The last shot at flight before Christmas 2016; a cold, damp and occasionally foggy day at the slope. The hike to the site was accompanied by a light drizzle of rain but the rain held up at launch time. The cold was unbearable after a couple of hours and neither the camera gyro nor the anti-shake software could handle my shaking hands - you have to suffer occasional stutter in the rendering. In retrospect its fun to watch Dan flying on the video back-to-back with my flight. He has a much more efficient style than I do, I'm smooth but I slide in turns and waste energy. Both planes fly great, the Phoenix with aero attention really keeps the speed up well and easily goes into the wind but the Funglider is the more lively and entertaining flyer. Kristoffer: Phoenix 1600 / Turnigy motor /Jeti ESC / HXT500 / Multiplex Dan: Funglider RR / Futaba The Phoenix build is covered in detail with several posts on my RCGroups blog and starts here: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2651308-New-glider-Phoenix-1600-build-started
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Multiplex Funglider Slope Soaring Light Wind
Multiplex Funglider Slope Soaring Light Wind. Fixed camera. A visit to Vallda Sandö. Neither wind direction or strength were optimal, even the seagulls were scratching for lift. Still the Funglider proved good enough to fly! Gear: Multiplex Funglider RR Multiplex Li-Batt 950mAh Multiplex Cockpit SX / RX-5 M-Link Location: Vallda Sandö, Kungsbacka, Sweden Wind SSW 4-6 m/s 6 deg C, occasional rain Other: Film: Mobius Music: J200, Stratocaster, iRig, Garageband
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Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 bashing and crawling
My first hobby-grade RC I had was a Kyosho Wild Wheelie van. Here is a blast from the not so distant past, a Lazer ZX-5 readyset, brushed motor, 27Mhz transmitter and NiMH battery. Location: Amundön, Gothenburg, Sweden Tools: Turnigy 2K / SJ4000+, Filmora, PC, iPhone, Garageband Music: By myself, releases is or will be available at soundcloud.com/edgery
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Magnum Reloaded Snow Winter Flight
The Magnum Reloaded, a genius-level design by Martin Müller is a joy to fly. Here are some clips from 40 minutes of flying from the snow. I used a Turnigy Transmitter Glove to keep my hands warm. The music is improvised by me in GarageBand on my iPhone. I hope you enjoy watching! =============================================== Miniprop Magnum Reloaded Höllein (www.hoelleinshop.com) Hacker A20-34S, Hacker X20, 8x4,3 prop Hacker LiPo 2s 500mAh and 350mAh Multiplex LiPo 3s 950mAh Hitec HS-55 Frsky Taranis X9D+ and X8R Video recorder: Mobius normal lens Video editor: Moviemaker Win7 Music: My own songs & recordings in Garageband; https://soundcloud.com/edgery/sets/the-2015-flying-sessions
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DreamFlight Alula Trek DLG Soaring at Amundön
After throwing and trimming my Alula on my local meadow I decided to test the "Trek" part, stuffed it in my Haglöfs backpack and went down to the island Amundön. The original intention was to just have some more space to practice discus-launching but eventually I tried to slope-soar it on the almost non-existent slope on the edge of the sea. The hard wind flatters my beginners throwing technique. Also, I forgot to bring the tape and managed to rip a wing off and break one of the plastic tubes inside. So -TAPE NEEDED FOR HARD DLG. But it was easily fixed and it flew after minor glueing. Since this outing, I have smeared a thin layer UHU Por on the leading edge of the wing, the edge of the fin and also on the nose. I added regular clear 3M tape on the leading edge to protect it from scratches and make the plane more rugged. The Alula flies incredibly good and has a surprisingly wide speed range. The practical limit is perhaps 7-8 m/s even with ballast. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AIRCRAFT: DreamFlight Alula Trek RC GEAR: LemonRX 6ch DSM2, Spektrum DX6i, Emax 9051, DreamFlight NiMH RECORDING: Mobius, iPhone6, Epiphone J200 & Movie Maker LOCATION: Amundön Sweden- North Beach Meadows & Queen Bay CREDITS: Guitar improv, film, editing, piloting by Kristoffer
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LaTrax Teton "playground and woods"
LaTrax Teton 1/18 RTR stock Driver: Elsa Camera, editing, production, music: Kristoffer Song Titles: Cold Magnum Reloaded, Edge of the Sea, Drone Charge https://open.spotify.com/artist/3bBEDJhsg6Lbtpv3b6V0CK
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Dan flying the Multiplex FunCub in Gothenburg
Dan sent me an SMS that he was flying the Multiplex FunCub in Gothenburg. My daughter and I tagged along and I shot a short video. The Magnum and the Alula was in the air too and the Teton on the ground. :) Pilot: Dan Camera: Kristoffer Music: Written and performed by me "Edgery" at https://soundcloud.com/edgery (Creative Commons & downloadable). If you like it use it, just credit me! "Sir Trekoff" on Spotify (all rights reserved for now but I'll let you use it if you asked). https://open.spotify.com/track/4Vgz5X4mZZrihLRMJowdQT
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Multiplex Easystar 2, Mobius Aerial and general flying
This is my first day with a Multiplex Easystar 2 There is some aerial footage, starts, landings, some aerobatics and flying around. The plane is stock + the aileron upgrade and the CG and the control throws are as recommended in the manual. The Mobius sits on the nose fastened with velcro. Music: http://freemusicarchive.org/ Wind Tunnel - Cory Gray Poise - Podington Bear Now Son - Podington Bear Wrecking Ball - Cory Gray
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Phoenix 1600 slope soaring in low lift and skewed wind
Phoenix 1600 at Sandsjöbacka slope. Last time out I had lots of lift and thermalling fun on the South-East facing slope despite East wind direction. Today there was less wind and the direction started at ENE and turned to NE which created a lot of sink. Spec: HK Phoenix 1600 ARF (lanyu, volantex, modster) Motor: HK Turnigy 2830 1020kV 3mm (overstressed with prop) Prop: Stock, folding 10x6 ESC: Jeti ECO 25 with HK 3,5mm bullet connectors Battery: Multiplex Li-Batt 3s 2000 Servos: Four HXT900 (Rud Ele Ail Ail /Spoilers) no flaps installed) TX RX: Multiplex Cockpit RX-5 light Build report, pictures and maiden flight http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showth... http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showth... http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showth... http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showth... Music: https://soundcloud.com/edgery/introduction https://soundcloud.com/edgery/quad-tuning https://soundcloud.com/edgery/little-crawler
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LaTrax Teton 1/18 first week
Footage of the LaTrax Teton. Driver: Elsa. Camera: Kristoffer. Music: "Drone charge" written & performed by Kristoffer https://open.spotify.com/track/7DT1UWMTYl81CGrhnoQg1U Blog: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2606141#post34028041 Filmed with iPhone 5 and Mobius, feb 2016
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Easy Star 2 Slope Soaring Hangflyg Hangflug Vallda Sandö
Vallda Sandö is outside Kungsbacka in Sweden. I was recommended this spot by one of my flying friends. It is perfect for the prevailing wind direction here - SW. The slight piece of ground in the front gives a mental advantage compared to a cliff straight to the sea. This was my first visit here. Will definitely try it again in better conditions. The Easy Star manages this wind but without much margin since it just does not fly fast enough. The first flight was quite scary but I'm very happy to save the situation well. All kinds of flying skills are useful - in this case I had my recent 3D practice to thank for knowing the "Death Drop" move. It's not difficult and normally you pull some rudder to keep the nose pointing level - I did not want that today! Due to the bad weather conditions I did not get good footage and therefore spent minimal effort on editing and music, but I wanted this video "out there". :) Thanks! Plane: Easy Star 2 Spot: Vallda Sandö Weather: 7 m/s SW, 8 deg C, light fog and light rain
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Miniprop - Cold Magnum Reloaded - Billdal RC flying aerial photo
Flying from a frozen sea was very special and seeing the plane lit up by the setting sun over a dark ground added to the experience. The little Miniprop Magnum Reloaded & the Mobius camera is backed by my first attempt to record a "metal" soundtrack. :) This area in Billdal is where "The Gothenburg Sound" was born and the hard icy cliffs make it fit well. The song is called "Cold Magnum Reloaded", written and recorded by me using iRig and Garageband. http://www.deezer.com/album/12603672 ================================================== Aircraft: Miniprop Magnum Reloaded Powertrain: Hacker A20, Hacker X20, GWS 8x4,3 Servo: Hitec HS-55 Radio: FrSky Taranis X9D+, X8R (Turnigy transmitter glove) Location: Billdalsbadet, Gothenburg Camera: Mobius Guitar: Ibanez RG Studio: iPhone 5, Garageband & iRig Pro, MovieMaker Song: "Cold Magnum Reloaded" written and performed by K. Rydquist Flying, Filming, Recording, Editing: K. Rydquist ===================================================
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Traxxas Slash 1/16 - True colours of sunrise and frost
Traxxas Slash 1/16. This morning provided fantastic colours with sunrise and thick frost on the ground. The mini Slash brushed was captured with the Turnigy/SJCAM. Music by me: www.soundcloud.com/Edgery
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BFG2600 Hobbyking glider
Flying, filming, editing, music by me. (Successful flight video here: http://youtu.be/HARLUHOlU7k) During the last month the cold, wind and rain has prohibited any flying. There was also assembling and programming since I traded my Spektrum/LemonRX gear for the FrSky Taranis X9D+ The first flight and second flights were successful but short due to battery charge (too much re-programming of the new TX on the field). This is my third flight with the HK BFG2600 glider. It turned out to be short too, this time due to some intermettent RX problem so I occasionally lost telemetry. The video might give the impression of me being reckless and launching despite a dodgy range test but I had very high RSSI level readings and easily passed the FRSky recommended range test and with a completely new system it was confusing. Since I did not know what was going on I landed as soon as I could. A lot of testing and logging later revealed the glitches and a faulty reciever. The BFG2600 model has been around a while. I was previously been sold as Robbe Arcus and Art-Tech Diamond. HobbyKing later sold it (link EDIT removed as article discontinued): http://www.hobbyking.com/ There is a good thread on RC-Groups on this glider, the link contiunes to break but the thread number is 2166366 and the title has BFG2600 and 1600 in it: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2166366 If you have one, check that thread out for all kinds of tech tips on brake programming, hinges, servos, control horns and other issues. My BFG was supplied with what appears to be an unbranded HK Blue Series ESC and the programming card I used is for the HobbyKing Blue Series. The best Youtube channel on the Taranis subject is the one by Painless360. Check it out if you have one! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aircraft: Hobbyking BFG 2600 TX/RX: FrSky Taranis X9D+ / X8R PCB Servos: Hitec HS-55 Battery: Turnigy 4s 2200mAh Camera: Mobius Cam Music: DADGAD -tuning Epiphone J200 Tools: Garageband & Moviemaker
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Multiplex RC airplane FunMan with/w.o. Gyro in windy conditions
RC flying in windy conditions with gyro on and off for comparison. SMHI weather ~ 7 (11) m/s W Location is Gothenburg, Sweden. Multiplex Funman RTF Mode 2+4 #13267 Multiplex Optional Aileron Upgrade set #65164 Multiplex G3 Gyro #75505 First flight is with no gyro (gain set to 0) then with half gain on aileron and elevator. Gyro activates only the left side aileron. This is my first attempt at a Youtube clip so apologies for lack of editing, sharpness and general polish. Camera: Mobius normal lens
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Funglider Slope Thermals Sandsjöbacka
Funglider Slope Thermals Sandsjöbacka: Strong eastern wind, about 45 degrees offset from the SE-facing slope. The left side of the slope curves slihtly and lift was stable. Along the ridge it worked but it was - as usual - very turbulent. Lovely plane, much more capable than the size indicates. After about 20 minutes I noticed the aileron response felt a bit slow and I landed and both wings fell out. The ratchet wing holder had become unglued. So add some extra glue to your Fungliders! http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2493192&page=2 Funglider RR, Multiplex Cockpit SX & RX-5, 950mAh, Mobius Music: https://soundcloud.com/edgery/twisted https://soundcloud.com/edgery/piano-wire
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Traxxas Summit 1:10 crawling and climbing
This is me driving and filming my 1:10 Traxxas Summit up a local clifftop. It is very steep, perilous to walk up when wet and plain difficult in the dry. The Summit is a peculiar car. The individual suspension, lockable diffs and the hi/lo gears gives a range of use that is matched by few other RC:s. It is basically good at most things but not really the best at anything. The fantastic suspension articulation sometimes makes it difficult to find terrain that really challenges the car. I run my completely stock and use it as a trail truck and hiking companion. The only negative thing is that it is heavy to carry when the batteries are depleted. Bring an extra set to make it all the way! Camera, driving, editing: Kristoffer Music: Soundcloud.com/Edgery Location: Billdal, Sweden Equipment: Traxxas Summit, Turnigy2000 Edited in Wondershare Filmora
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LS1 large RC glider slope soaring at Vallda Sandö
Dan slope soars his 3,75m wingspan LS-1. The wind conditions were truly excellent this day at Vallda Sandö and slope soaring is a joy when there is such endless strong lift. I captured some of his flight with the Mobius camera. The LS1 was used when Dan got it so the manufacturer is unknown to him. It has a fibreglass fuselage and - I think - planked foam wings. The wing center fastening has a large alu plate and screws. The wind made the video recording quite shaky so I used a lot of anti-shake which causes some jerkiness. It was an improvement nonetheless. Dan likes blues music so I recorded a bluesy soundtrack. Thanks for watching! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aircraft: Unknown LS-1 3,75 m Radio & Servos: Futaba 2,4Ghz & Graupner Pilot: Dan Location: Vallda Sandö, Kungsbacka, Sweden Camera: Mobius Video editing & Music: Kristoffer
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Multiplex Easy Star 2 flight with Mobius
My second Multiplex Easy Star 2. First flight. I used a 950 pack and a Mobius. The plane was slightly front heavy. I got about 38 minutes of footage and 32 minutes in the air with a Mobius up front and mAh to spare still. Four quick landings to move the velcroed camera. With the 2000mAh I expect to stay up for an hour. The plane is lightened and stiffened with carbon fibre pieces and I also used clear tape to smooth out any edges. Left to do is to put covers over the control horns. Equipment: Transmitter: Multiplex Cockpit SX 2.4 Rudder and Elevator: Emax ES08A2 Ailerons: Multiplex Nano S ”long wire” Reciever: Multiplex RX-5 light Battery: Multiplex Li-Batt 950 Motor: Turnigy SK3 2826 -1240 ESC: Hobbywing FlyFun 30A Camera: Mobius 1, Turnigy/SJ4000 Build: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2977999-Building-an-Easy-Star-2-possible-FPV https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2986432-Easy-Star-2-build-cont https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2986924-Easy-Star-2-flight-ready-at-575g-20oz
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RC Hangflyg Fjärås Bräcka Slope Soaring Hangflug Nano Floh
RC Slope Soaring (hangflyg, hangflug) Location: Fjärås Bräcka, west coast of Sweden Weather: 5(9) m/s west, 13 degC Model: Nano Floh /Mini Micro Flea Pilot: Kristoffer R Camera: Mobius (mounted on my bike helmet) I recently took up RC again after a ten-ish year hiatus and this is my first re-visit to Bräckan. According to the older guys of my previous club KMFK it used to be perfect in the 70's but now too many trees. Still very flyable though! Weather was logged by SMHI station in Fjärås, the wind was brutally hard on the edge and blew my helmet back and also the plane as you can see. My Nano Floh from http://modellbau-schmierer.de/ is over ten years old and was sold as the Mini Micro Flea by Nasko Hobby in Sweden. I'm not sure if you could still buy it but it's truly brilliant and the only plane I held on to (of about a dozen) when I left the hobby. I use a Multiplex Smart SX transmitter, mode 2 setup. The V-tail is configured to do elevator only. The battery pack is a Sanyo Eneloop 4xNiMH AAA size. I usually plug it straight into the reciever but today I ran a on/off switch + cables inbetween. With the canopy held by magnet so the pack can fly out during a hard "landing" and not rip the reciever out too, proved useful since it happened a couple of times. Fjärås Bräcka is a worthy place for a visit also without RC planes. http://www.svetur.se/kungsbacka/sevardheter/Fjaras-bracka--naturum/
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Traxxas Bronco TRX-4 trail drive at Amundön
Trail driving my Traxxas Bronco TRX-4 at Amund Island. The car is box stock, using a 7-cell Traxxas NiMH. Equipment used: Car: Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco from ReservdelsRC Camera: HobbyKing Turnigy 2K (a SJ4000 rebrand) Editing: Wondershare Filmora Music: Apple Garageband, Fender Stratocaster
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Easy Star 2 slope soaring Sandsjöbacka hang
Slope-soaring the Easy Star 2 at Sandsjöbacka, 4 m/s east. Stable but slighly gusty and turbulent wind made it easy to stay up but there was not enough lift to do anything extra. Multiplex Easy Star, stock + aileron kit LemonRX 6ch DSM2 reciever and a DX6i transmitter Mobius camera Flying, editing, guitar by me.
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Losi TLR22 2.0 and Traxxas MERV top speed test
TLR22 2.0 and MERV top speed test: No RC flying in a while BUT I got myself a used RC car and naturally the top speed must be checked! The Traxxas is my wifes car actually but I tested it too. Also new is the intro which was shot with a new Turnigy 2k camera (SJ4000+ rebrand), first time I used it. The Losi is very fast, too fast for me really but I'm learning to drive and tune it. It looks a bit battered already which is good as I'm less anxious to crash it. After this video was shot I replaced the bullet connectors on the motor side and it has been completely glitch free since. Losi/TLR 22 2.0 Leopard V2 combo 4370kV 9.0T brushless Zippy Flightmax 2s 2200 Noname ribs front, JConcepts Bar Codes rear Top speed 58 km/h Traxxas Mini E-Revo 1/16 RTR stock brushed Zippy Flightmax 2s 2200 Top speed 40km/h Speed measured using iPhone5 GPS tracker Driving, filming, strumming, music writing, recording & performance, video editing, production: Kristoffer Recorded using Turnigy 2K and Mobius Edited with Movie Maker Location: Billdal, Gothenburg
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Alula Trek - Last Slope Farewell (fixed camera, big screen)
Farewell Dream-Flight Alula Trek! (Fixed cam, needs a big screen) I have sold my Alula. I recorded my last flight. This was the third start of this session. By now the wind had picked up and it was hard to get enough penetration to do any tricks without the ballast. I've had a few wings before but the Alula is by far the best and most capable. Follow the excellent manual and you will be rewarded. The Alula and I did it all - biking, trekking, flatland, big slope, small slope, new slope... It has hung with the big glass gliders in hard wind at the big slopes and has also been scratching for lift at the beach or in the meadow outside my flat. Each time it impressed me, and others - be it fellow pilots or bystanders - with it's abilities and birdlike behaviour. However, it's time for something else - goodbye! 7-8 m/s S Mobius Dream-Flight 350 NiMH Emax 9051 Multiplex Cockpit SX & RX-5 Starting weight 188g (5g glue, repairs, stickers and tape) Music: Edge of the Sea - Sir Trekoff
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Traxxas Summit to Sea trail run RC monster truck (1/16 VXL)
Trail running the red Traxxas Summit VXL. Stora Amundö - The Great Amund Island - offers great terrain for all kinds of offroad RC cars. Despite some occasional light rain the tires grip well and the mini Summit is entertaining to drive. Camera is the Turnigy 2K, a rebranded SJ4000. Equipment: Traxxas Summit VXL Turnigy 2K Location: Kungsviken (Kings Bay), Amundön (Amund Island) Gothenburg, Sweden Music: www.Soundcloud.com/Edgery Spotify: Sir Trekoff My guitar strumming
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Multiplex Funglider Slope Soaring, some tutorial and some acro
Multiplex Funglider Slope Soaring with some acrobatics and a few tips and how to's. Clips from two slope sessions. Big screen needed! Multiplex Funglider RR Multiplex Cockpit SX/RX-5 telemetry Multiplex Li-Batt 950mAH Vallda Sandö, Kungsbacka Sweden 6-8 m/s SW, 6 degC A special thanks to Dan for this spot! Tools: Mobius, Moviemaker Music by me: Edgery / Sir Trekoff https://soundcloud.com/edgery https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/edge-of-the-sea-single/id1091627386
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RC Slopesoaring Nano Floh Sandsjöbacka Bräcka Kungsbacka, Sweden
RC Slopesoaring Sandsjöbacka Bräcka Kungsbacka, Sweden Wind direction: East to South East. Forecast: 7-11 m/s, 15 deg C, overcast, occasional light rain GPS: 57.543323, 12.040139 If you want to see how this spot works, watch all. Otherwise skip to 1:00 and watch the acro move and then to 1:40 and watch the landing. :) Model: Nano Floh - Schmierer Modellbau Equipment: 2x HS55 servos, NiMH 4-cell TX/RX: Spektrum DX6i, LemonRX DSM2 6ch Camera: Mobius Pilot, camera, guitar, editing: Kristoffer I hope you enjoyed it!
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Winter flying with the Hobbyking BFG2600
Finally! I got a proper flight in with the BFG2600. And a proper landing with the crow on. The D8 reciever worked when the X8R did not. Five climbs to about 120-150m and then gliding down. Total motor time was 1 minute 45 seconds and the flight time was about 16-17 minutes. EDIT/Correction: Power is 650W +/- 40W The plane flies really sweet. There was some tells of thermal but I did not really catch a proper one. My BFG is completely standard except 1/ the stickers which I removed and replaced with HK tape and 2/ the servos which are Hitec / MPX HS-55. The starting weight is exactly 2000g. To avoid suffering too much from the cold - this day provided a stern -10degC - I use a Turnigy transmitter glove. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__31445__Turnigy_Transmitter_Glove_2_4Ghz_Neckstrap_Ready_EU_Warehouse_.html All the flying, filming, editing, music etc is done by myself. ================================== Aircraft: HobbyKing BFG2600 TX/RX: FRSky Taranis X9D+ / D8 Servos: HiTec HS-55 / MPX Nano S Battery: Turnigy 4s 2200mAh Camera: Mobius Editing: MovieMaker Music: Ibanez RG, Epiphone J200, iRig, Garageband ================================== ESC program card: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=46548&aff=1770662 Wing cable: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=76335&aff=1770662 Wing tape: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=41772&aff=1770662
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Practice with Losi TLR22 1.0
I'm learning to drive an RC buggy. The cars are fun to work on and driving on rainy, dark days. Compared to RC flight my tension is very much lower as the crash risk is ... not less but different. I still prefer RC flying! Car: Losi / TLR22 1.0 Motor/ESC: Leopard V2 4370kV LiPO: Orion/Gensace saddle pack TX/RX: FlySky GT3B / GR3 Servo: Towardpro (sic): MG996R Filmed with a Turnigy 2k camera Music: https://soundcloud.com/edgery/
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Tech Toys V24 RC Boat, brushless conversion
Tech Toys V24 RC Boat, brushless conversion. The V24 is a toygrade boat. A friend gave this to me, it had dead electronics. I put a brushless kit in it. I have since bought a functioning stock V24 but it is very boring. The brushless is faster, more quiet and smoother to steer:) Most of the gear is leftovers from cars and planes. The servo is not a noname, I swapped it for a Dymond. Hull: Tech Toys V24 Rudder: Banggood "blue anodized" Propeller: 35 mm plastic Shaft: Banggood, Stainless Motor/ESC: Racerstar 540 combo, Banggood Servo: Dymond LiPO: 2s Zippy Flightmax 2200mAh Radio: Radiolink RC4GS
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HobbyKing MX2 EPP 3D Hover
http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=32481839&postcount=988 Where to buy the MX2: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=34552&aff=1770662
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Spontaneous slope soaring meet at Sandsjöbacka
Mild weather and great slope winds at Sandsjöbacka Drumlin. Four fliers met up bringing seven planes. Lift was good but inconsistent, but it did not matter as the thermals were better. Aircraft sizes ranged from the tiny 1.15m Multiplex Panda to the 3.2m Topmodel Fantasy. Glass and balsa were represented with a EMC -Vega and an L Spatz 55. Filmed with Turnigy/SJCam and iPhone Pilots: Michael and Dan (Seppo, Kristoffer) Camera: Kristoffer and Nellie Editing, music by Kristoffer - Soundcloud.com/Edgery
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Magnum Reloaded on the rocks
Flying, filming, editing, music by me. :) Several days of temperatures around -5 to -10 deg C turned the float practice puddle to a small paved runway. Good opportunity to fly the Magnum again! Then came the snow, and quite suddenly, the wind. More snow: http://youtu.be/Rdtf-nNtoEE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aircraft: Miniprop Magnum Reloaded Höllein TX/RX: FrSky Taranis X9D+ / X4R Servos: Hitec HS-55 Motor/ESC: Hacker A20-34, Hacker X20, 8x4,3 prop. Battery: Hacker 2s 500mAh Camera: Mobius Guitar: Epiphone J200 Music editor: Iphone 5 & Garageband Film editor: MovieMaker Some songs are on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/edgery/sets/the-2015-flying-sessions
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Autumn colours: Easy Star 2 Mobius Aerial film RC Amundön Multiplex
I went out trying to catch the colours of the autumn leaves. While spring goes on for months, the yellow and orange beauty of autumn comes and goes in a couple of weeks. Amund Island (Amundön) lies just 15 km south of Gothenburg, Sweden. It will soon become a nature reserve, and deservedly so. It is a popular spot for all kinds of recreational activities. During spring and summer, the North Meadows are off limits due to protection of birds and the whole South meadows area is a pasture for horses. This means that the area cannot normally be used for RC flying. The aircraft is a stock Easy Star 2 from German Multiplex and the camera is the ubiquitous Mobius. Radio gear: Spektrum DX6i transmitter with a LemonRX reciever The music is improvisations on my acoustic Epiphone J200.
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