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M1842/46 Kammerlader rifle
This is one of the most original breech loading guns ever made. Its from Norway. Serial number 30 out of 500. Was made in 1842, refurbished in 1846. Approximate value - $1500.
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Paracord sling.  Afghanistan cleaning kit.
A Hoppe's bore snake is $15 - $20. I spent only $10 on the paracord, and look at what I did. Im just not made of money.
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Range Time - 'Shoot to Thrill'
5.56 AK47 / AR15. Washington State Music- AC/DC 'Shoot to Thrill'
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Snakeskin Artwork for AR15
Showing and explaining the "Snakeskin" pattern that you can do yourself. Just a hex mesh laundry bag and spray paint, and you can snake skin anything. Also featured is some artwork on a Magpul Magazine.
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Rifle Camera Mount.
Bolt & Nut 1/4'' x 20t 50 Cents. just drill in the turret caps. Measure twice, cut once. Almost any camera will work. Now I will record all future shooting adventures from 1st person! Could be great for hunting, or even legal reasons!!!
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LBE civ patrol set up
My old combat LBE with custom equipment.
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Mujahadeen AR15 p.2
Homebuilt, great range gun. I wanted to make something cool!
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Mujahadeen AR15
Homebuild AR15.
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Hunting Camera mount.  Indoor buffalo hunt.
This is a test run of my camera mount. Any camera with a standard tripod hole can go on top.
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