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Oshkosh AirVenture 2013 - Landing, camping, seeing the airplanes
The first of several videos from Oshkosh, the EAA's AirVenture2013. Joe and I flew there and here is how we landed, camped, and some of the stuff we saw. More videos are coming soon, including the airshow and my solo flight home. Please subscribe! The second video is now up at http://youtu.be/c8mGrhxTK5U It includes Photos and Video from Oshkosh 2013, the EAA AirVenture. Most of it is from Tuesday's airshow. Enjoy, and thank you!
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Building a (balsa model) Spitfire
How I spent my Thanksgiving vacation: Reliving my youth by building a Guillows Balsa wood model of a Supermarine Spitfire. It was a lot more sanding and cutting and trimming than I remembered. Still pretty fun. Filmed entirely with a GoPro Hero2 on ten-second time lapse, 5mp image, Medium angle. Edited with Windows Movie Maker at 0.07 seconds per frame. Sixty times faster than real life. Enjoy!
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Moab White Rim 2012
The April, 2012 White Rim mountain bike ride near Moab, Utah. Starring Dean, Geremy, Ian, and Jason. Footage provided by all. The on-bike footage is by me. Completely edited and produced by Ian. He did a fantastic job and graciously allowed me to post this on YouTube. A great trip with great friends. (C) 2012 Transatlantek Productions, Used by Permission.
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Oshkosh Airshow AirVenture 2013
Photos and Video from Oshkosh 2013, the EAA AirVenture. Most of this is from Tuesday's airshow. Please also checkout my video about the flight there, camping, static pictures of aircraft, and nose and nose art pictures - it's at http://youtu.be/LFsCuBPnWTs. Enjoy, and thank you!
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Rx7 at HPR 3-20-2011
First time at HPR with my IT-A/PT-E Rx-7 road race car. First race car video with the Contour HD (though YouTube doesn't let me do HighDef.) Open to suggestions on better camera placement.
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New Spec RX-7 sound clip
Clip of my very loud Spec RX-7 race car. Headers and straight exhaust to a Supertrapp - loud and distorted sound. Getting a muffler next week. Thanks to Wolfgang for a lot of very valuable help!
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Hayden Pass in a Mooney
A remarkably totally smooth-air day in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Both the previous week and this week offered winds on the plains of more than 25G40 before 9am, and a very experienced pilot said last week's mountain weather happens just 2-3 days per year. Here's a video or me crossing Hayden Pass in a Mooney M20E from Alamosa KALS to Longmont KLMO. I'm flying at 12,000 feet, the pass is 10,700, and the mountains to the left are 13,105. Gorgeous. Fun. Very efficient mountain climbing!
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Grumman Tiger flight
A wonderful morning flight with Mike G in his immaculate Grumman Tiger. Just tooling around northern Colorado. Great flying with terrific company. GoPro is handheld (by me while Mike was flying) so lots of fun to be able to vary the camera angles and have more versatility than normal.
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SCCA Regional Racing - Pueblo - 7/23-24/2011
Nearly five minutes of thundering glory! Here's the starts and first laps of last weekend's two SCCA Regional Races at Pueblo Motorsports Park. Both were seventeen-lap, 30-minute races. I'm racing my 1985 Mazda Rx-7 prepped for Improved Touring-A. For race one on Saturday, we had about 13 cars on track - this is all the closed-wheel cars except Spec7 and SpecMiata. It includes three Spec Racer Fords. Sunday, they combined groups so it was all the closed-wheel cars including Spec7 and SpecMiata. A few folks didn't run Sunday (including the yellow-red IT-A Miata I battle with on Saturday.) The lines on these first laps aren't great - lots of traffic, lots of excitement/red mist, etc. But good, clean racing and lots of fun.
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Lunar Eclipse over the Rocky Mountains, 12/10/2011
A time-lapse of the last 20 minutes of this morning's lunar eclipse. Informally shot with a D90 from 6:40 to 7:00am at the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, looking west towards Eldora and Winter Park. It was beautiful. Music is a bit predictable, but my first choice wouldn't upload. (c) 2011 Nobody's Fault Productions/The G-Man
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Rise of the Snowman!
A gray day following a snowstorm, and late in the afternoon, the snowman rises! (Colors are off due to production errors.) Music by Piotr Tchaikovsky, Nutcracker Suite, Op.71a, excerpted from "25 Classical Favorites" on Vox label, ASIN# B0000058HT.
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IT-A Rx-7 at Pueblo Motorsport Park, May 2011
One decent clean lap and then some bloopers from Pueblo road race track, running NASA HPDE4/TT, on May 14-15, 2011. The car broke loose three times and I'm not sure why - wonder if it is the dreaded Rx-7 rear suspension bind? Car is otherwise running very nicely. HighDef video from the Contour, low def from my Canon A540.
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Formula B - racecar test
Compiled video of first track time in my Formula B, at IMI kart track, on a cold, windy day. Car, alignment, and Honda CBR929RR were perfect. Many thanks to Chris, Stu, Pete, and everyone!!! (Last segment is half-speed)
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Formula B - first test
The first test of my Formula B car, at IMI kart track on a windy, cold day. The car and Honda CBR929RR motor ran perfectly. We'll be out again soon. Thanks to Chris, Stu, and everyone who helped.
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Amazing eco-friendly fitness workout!
My effort at comedy/satire. It's a genuine exercise workout presented in an amusing and entertaining fashion.Try the workout and enjoy it. Now re-edited with new music and slightly shorter. And stay tuned for the next video in the gardening workout series!
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Boulder Flood 2013 09 12
This is a very quick and unimpressive video of Boulder's flood. I'm glad it's unimpressive since that means there is very little damage around here. Unfortunately, there is a lot of damage throughout the area and two dead so far. I'm fortunate and grateful to not have more damage. There are many news sites, and, assumedly, other videos, with more graphic footage. Check out the video from September 13, which shows more of an overview of what's happening: http://youtu.be/fKsGWGY6kzo
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Good surprise at KCOS!
We flew from KBJC to KCOS for a cross-country flight and to see some warbirds. Great day! As we landed, we got to taxi behind a B-17 to the A-1 runup area and sit and watch for a while. (Our placement there and all movements were under the authority of the KCOS ground control.)
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Biking - Camera Test
Testing Video Camera for racecar by filming my bike commute to work. Comparing two options - 640x480 at 30 frames per second versus 320x240 at 60 frames per second. Let me know what you think. Sound - I taped an earplug over the mike. Still lots of wind noise - any suggestions?
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View from the Back Porch
Here's a full-day timelapse of the view from my good friend's back porch, facing North from their backyard. First photo was 5:15am and the last was about 9:15pm. Images are one minute apart, and I cut out some of the late morning and early afternoon time with not much activity.
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Cross-Country Skiing - video by ContourHD1080P
Cross-country skiing with family. First effort filming with ContourHD1080P (hand-held). This video is to let family see themselves and show off the Contour. Hastily edited with new Pinnacle VideoSpin software. Originally shot at 1280x960@30fps in MOV format. Edited AVI is 375MB. Names, places, dates withheld for privacy. (Don't know why YouTube won't do a High-Def option).
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Half-day Time Lapse (Test Video)
A four-hour timelapse in the backyard, using the GoPro at 5mp. One picture every 10 seconds. The movie shows one picture per 1/20 of a second for the first 20%, then one picture per 1/25 of a second.
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SCCA Regional - Pueblo - 7/23/2011
First race of the weekend for the SCCA Regional at Pueblo Motorsports Park. This is the start and first lap of a seventeen-lap, 30-minute race. I'm racing my 1985 Mazda Rx-7 prepped for Improved Touring-A.
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Boulder Flood 2013 09 13
Quickie video of some flooding high water at the eastern end of Walnut Street. This Google Map Link shows were I was standing - basically next to the dumpster shown by the no parking hash lines in the center of the image. http://goo.gl/maps/zLMtr Here's a video from yesterday showing things at my house: http://youtu.be/3hqVQckHv08
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BIG Wind in the Backyard
A serious windstorm here. Tipped over trucks and everything. Here's the view looking out the window into the backyard as the sunset.
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Reno Air Races - 2014
A quick and dirty video/slide show from the 2014 Reno Air Races. This is a really cool event that everyone should see and enjoy. The audio behind the stills is ambient sound from video that didn't make the cut.
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The updated Director's Cut! Featuring the not-a-surprise ending! My second time-lapse production. We're stripping a Miata for parts. Good fun! Canon A540 using the CHDK UltraIntervalometer. (YouTube won't let me replace the original, so I'm rerouting you all here.)
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Jim T's F4U Corsair - oh, wow! - Part One of Two
Attending the 2012 Sun N Fun Airshow in Florida and happened to wander by when Jim T was firing up his F4U Corsair. This made a great trip even more worthwhile. Hopefully the two videos have combined into one. I was so excited I could barely hold the camera (Nikon D90)! This is the first time I've ever seen a live Corsair in real life. 2,000 hp radial engine swinging a sixteen-foot prop. What a terrific sound (somewhat diminished on video). This airplane's graphic design was done by Scheme Designers! See Part Two at http://youtu.be/uoKZDp85jKw PS - YouTube "detected my video was shaky" and I let them correct it. Hope that was a good decision! ll probably re-edit these and repost them in a week or so.
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Learning the Line
Three laps each at Pueblo Motorsports Park, 5-15-2011, in my IT-A 1985 Rx-7. First, David D (NASA's 2010 944-Spec National Champion) in his first laps ever in the car, then me (yellow suit). It's more than ten minutes long but a good learning tool. See our times at the end of the video!
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Three of four generations! Opa shows Diego how to make sugar cookies while Missy looks on. First video with my D90.
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First Flight - Cessna 152
After just under 11 hours of flight training, here's our first video! Nothing fancy at all. Stay tuned for more - we think we've figured out how to get good audio and synchronize it. This is taking off from KLMO enroute to KFMM for our first cross-country. Big special thanks to my flight instructor, Rob. Copyright (C) 2012 by Nobody's Fault Productions, All Rights Reserved.
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PPIR - diff issues?
This video is to see if there are differential or transmission issues with my Rx-7. Thanks for help and comments.
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Tracy's Birthday Party
The Cake at Tracy's Birthday Party. (More info after Tracy's approval of posting this.)
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Test  - four sports with Contour
Test of my ContourHD1080P on four different sports - skiing, walking, biking, driving. Very preliminary - haven't figured out sound, camera angled too far down in walking, biking, driving (was hand-held in skiing and that footage previously released). Last three segments shot at 720P 60Fps which I like. This is just playing around today in nice weather - definitely not fine art or close to the camera's technical limits.
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Rx-7 - The good edit!
Creative vision, editing, and post-production by Ben Wright from video shot and provided by The G-Man. This shows what an artistic eye, strong creative vision, solid training, and good equipment can do! For comparison, this video uses the same raw footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEtOKezNTnw Look for more great stuff from Ben soon!
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Egg Timer Pan Test
Go Pro on the kitchen island doing a one-hour revolution. Used a $6 egg timer from King Soopers, since I never found the internet's rumored "$2 perfect egg timers." Fully automatic exposures from inside a darkish house looking outside on a bright sunny day. I think it was one image every ten seconds, for 370 in the whole movie. No sound. This is only a test.
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Dirty video!
Bodly going where no GoPro has gone before, here's proof that my dishwasher is not broken. Alas, no prize for sticking it out to the end - this may be the longest thirty seconds of your viewing life.
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Most recent local snowstorm - Feb. 24, 2013
A fully-produced timelapse video - credits, music, and everything. Once again using the Nikon D90 on an intervalometer. Each still picture is shown for 1/12 of a second.
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Sunrise at the Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
A quickie time lapse using my GoPro while doing still photography. No sound.
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2014 04 21 Cloud Timelapse
Another practive video, out the office window at work. I set the intervalometer for six seconds, but it looks like it actually photographed every 11 or so seconds. Set the display time for 0.12 seconds per image, and the transition to a smooth wipe of 0.70 seconds. The latter seems to smooth the transition a bit. Done in Windows Movie Maker. Also, decided to add music and must say I think it works well! Comments welcome...
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Takeoffs and Landings, December 24, 2012
A 6-minute video compilation of a day's worth of takeoffs, touch and goes, and landings as I continue to learn to fly. Big cheers for my instructor - it's a high level of bravery to sit calmly while I learn to land! (I put effort into the musicand editing, so all feedback welcome.) Flight was taking off from Jeffco (Rocky Mountain Metro) in Broomfield, flying a few miles northeast to Erie Tri-County Airport (KEIK) then some miles east to Platte Valley Airport (18V) then other stuff not on the video then back to Broomfield for landing. Did a bunch of other stuff not on the video but this is just to offer the highlights of landing (well, touch and goes) at several airports. I'd never landed at KEIK before and never even been to Platte Valley. It was challenging to identify from the air - my navigation was spot on but the lack of parked planes, fuel farm, ramp, FBO, etc., was new to me. This learning is a ton of fun and I have a long ways to go!
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Mountain Biking
An absolutely perfect day for a ride - Ian and Geremy do some mellow biking featuring Ian's new bike. A near-disaster at the end, but we triumph. Sound doesn't really work - not really present.
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Time Lapse - Sky and Clouds - July 5, 2014 - Mixed
Playing with time lapse stuff in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. Mix of Go Pro Hero 2, Canon S100 (with CHDK), and Nikon D90 (manual time lapses).
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Rx-7 Engine Swap
Out with the bad and in with the good! In which our three intrepid adventurers remove a dead Rx-7 motor and replace it with a good one - that's still running today!
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Jim T's F4U Corsair - oh, wow! - Part Two of Two
Attending the 2012 Sun N Fun Airshow in Florida and happened to wander by when Jim T was firing up his F4U Corsair. This made a great trip even more worthwhile. Hopefully the two videos have combined into one. I was so excited I could barely hold the camera (Nikon D90)! This is the first time I've ever seen a live Corsair in real life. 2,000 hp radial engine swinging a sixteen-foot prop. What a terrific sound (somewhat diminished on video). This airplane's graphic design was done by Scheme Designers! See Part One at http://youtu.be/2uwO2YZz2Dk
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Time Lapse - Sky and Clouds - July 5, 2014 - Dark Clouds
Practicing time lapse stuff in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. Nikon D90 using a homemade external battery pack and an external intervalometer. Totally messed up by underexposing the images three full stops. Did what I could to rescue this in Picasa, with minimal success. Each image was pretty fast on Program - 1/500 or so, F22 and higher. Images were taken 10, 6 and 8 seconds apart at various times from 11am through 3:30pm on Saturday, July 5, 2014, facing southwest at 9,000 feet. Edited with Movie Maker by showing at 0.08 seconds with a dissolve transition of 0.04 seconds.
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