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DIY Camperbox for a mini MPV
With the camperbox you can make within minutes a mini camper from a mini mpv. The camperbox has all the ingredients for enjoyable camping. You can sleep in the car on a foldable duo bed. So, passing the night in a city or in the wild is no problem. Making the box is fun and using it is even better. Just with common tools and some wood- and metal skills you can do it; provided that you have a suitable car. With this Instructable I hope to encourage you to make your own camperbox. Not much space is needed. I made the box on a surface of 10 square foot (10 sq. ft. atelier). In an open veranda all the building was done. No workbech is needed. I used only a small table with a vise. So, minimal conditions for maximum results. a camper in a box". Building guide at Instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/Camper-in-a-box/ Production: www.safarana.com
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How to make Super bubble soap.
In this 3 minute video I show you how to make with cheap ingredients bubble soap. It will cost you 1 Euro per litre. In the video I make 3.5 litre soap. As anti-pop remedy you can use some spoons of corn starch. Good stirring is a must. When finished, let the soap rest for a day. The wand I use is made from inexpensive bamboo poles of 1 meter lenght and a cotton cord of 1.5 meter length and 3mm diagonal. Use the bubble soap within a week. Success!!! More information: http://www.instructables.com/id/Become-a-Soap-Bubble-Magician/
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Giveaway Box
The Free Things Box is a freebie box in front of the house for recycling small, still useful objects. Many people have a lot of stuff that's still in good order and don't' want to throw it away. When Freecycle (an internet regulated exchange network for items people no longer need) is to complicated, this box is a good solution. The Free Things Box (FTB) is a raised box on 4 legs that contains small gifts for people living in the same street or neighborhood. You can arrange with residents in the street that they can also put freebies in the box. This idea is not new. In the US the 'give away' culture is more common than in Europe. There are also Little Free Libraries (book vitrines in front of the house) and the Free Liberty Box. Here in my home town, there is a 'give away shop'. Everywhere people become aware to keep things out of the trash and from the landfill. Also Repair Café's contribute to give things a longer life. The front side of the Free Things Box has a window for a quick look. The opening of the box is at the top side. A sloping lid can be closed at night time to avoid unwanted guests. Because the FTB is near the house you can keep an eye on it. The system is easy; first come first served with no selection who gets things. There are 3 rules: - Only open during daytime - Take only things you can use - Take 1 thing at a time. In this DIY project I show you how to make a strong, practical and elegant designed Free Things Box for your house. I made a building plan and an instruction video to explain the different steps. The box can be made in a day. Depending on the costs of materials, the Free Things Box is made for about 50 Euro, all inclusive. Plan: http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Free-Things-Box/
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Linear Electromagnetic Resonator 4
This test setup explores the behavior of one or more magnets in a pulsed solenoid. The magnet can move free in a tube. At both ends are small bump magnets. The permanent magnets are all placed in repel position. The oscillator can change DC pulses in width and frequency. Both parameters can change the mechanical resonance of the magnet in the solenoid. With 2 magnets a peculiar interactive magnet behavior can be observed. More info: http://www.laboratoiredesynthese.com/
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Electric Control Line model aircraft.
This project wants to inspire people, to build a balsa wood airplane from a drawing. It gives all the instructions to build a ready to fly C/L electric model. Features: - Beginners model; with some help from age 12 on. - Simple construction with full size plans. - Common tools and easily obtainable materials. - A balsa wood mid-wing C/L airplane; wingspan 16". - Electric DC brush airplane motor; 6 to 9V, 5A, 37W. - Power over control lines. (2x6m. or 2x20Foot. long) - Control handle with on/off micro switch. - Line made from 0.6 mm copperwire, enamelled. - Sealed battery, min. 7.5AH, carried with you. - In- and outdoor useable. - Finally, cost about 40 $ excl. battery + charger; flying is free! Complete project with drawings and partslist on: http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-and-fly-a-CL-model-aircraft/
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Donut Motor; a very low current pulse motor.
The Donut Motor is powered by a 3V and 235 mAh Lihium cell with a current of 13 uA. This gives a motor runtime of 2 year. It is a DIY projectvideo with all the information to copy. It is an ongoing project to enhance the efficiency to the max. When you subscribe, you can follow this quest.
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DIY Digital Gauss Meter
Looking for a Gaussmeter in a shop, I saw prices of more than hunderd Euro. There are just a few DIY magnetic field meter circuits on internet but of poor build. So, I designed one on my own. The circuit is simple to replicate with a Linear Ratiometric Hall Effect Sensor, the SS495A from Honeywell (2.50Euro). For the display I choose a mini digital panel voltmeter(2.50Euro). The window comperator is made with a LM339 IC. There is only one trimpot for the offset between the North (Red LED) and South (Green LED). The Hall sensor I made on top of an aluminium tube; this probe can be separated from the box for tests at difficult places. A voltage read out on the display can easily be converted to the Gauss or Tesla units for magnetic induction or flux. More info: www.laboratoiredesynthese.com Much more info: http://www.instructables.com/id/Digital-Gauss-Meter/
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Portable workshop for a bicycle
This 5 minutes video shows the making of an all in one, workbench, worktable and toolbox, to carry on the rear rack of my bicycle. As repairer of the Repair Café in my hometown, I took, also for a short ride, the car because my toolbox and workmate. That is an environment unfriendly way of transport and behavior. Something has to change. Today I carry my workshop on the rear rack of my e-bike, my latest invention. Mobile workbenches have wheels underneath. This workbench is using the bicycle wheels for transport. It looks so simple; why is it not to buy in a shop? In this instruction video I show how to make one for yourself. It's open hardware, so customise it to your application. In the Repair Café we repair with 6 experts, once a month. We repair for free for everyone. I do small electro/electronic devices. That speciality defines also the content of the toolbox. Tools in the tilt tray and materials in the drawer. By tilting the benchtop, I can create a worktable to sit at. For soldering circuits very ideal. The legs are adjustable for uneven floor. Great project to go for!
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VISUALIST video synthesizer
Searching the internet you can find many audio effect circuits but analog video effect circuits are rare. Why? Is there no interest? The aim of this project is to make a video instrument for VJ's and other artists and open enough to experiment further. The parts are cheap and easy to find. Some knowledge of electronics is a pre. Special for the d.i.y. artist I made a PDF with building instructions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhjd2e6gur972yo/VisualistKl.pdf?dl=0
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Bike - Portable Shopping Cart
This project shows a way to bring the groceries from the cash desk in the supermarket into the house. To do so, I designed a stable shopping cart that can be carried on the rear rack of a bicycle. The wheels can be folded down to use the cart at standing height. Beside shopping cart it can also be used as a child stroller with room to store things. No modification at the bike is necessary to use this cart in a simple and versatile way. Simple, because you easily can take the cart on and off the bike. Versatile, because you can think-up many applications. The wheels are nearly 20 cm or 8 inch, so you can drive with ease on streets and sidewalks. Also low thresholds are no problem, different from the usual shopping cart. The container is made from 9 mm or 0,35 inch thick multiplex board, glue'd and nailed together. All parts of the cart can be bought at the local diy market. I used the castors of an old rollator. The weight of the cart is 11Kg or 24,25 pound. The volume is 50 liter or 13.2 gallon. A step by step building plan you can find on Instructables. Success!
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Super-Simple outboard motor powered by a cordless drill.
In this video you will see the test and the construction of an outboard motor. With materials from the diy shop you can make this super simple add-on for the cordless drill. The test results are good, so give it a try! This is a concrete Transition Town project. The outboardmotor from wood? Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZJTGqmtzBs More info: http://www.safarana.com
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Trolling motor made from wood
Part 2 see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIdtLK6fldw Anyone with a cordless drill can make this trolling motor, just from wood. This is a fun project; making it, in a couple of hours, and then navigate on still waters. OK, you have to buy a propellor, a square drillhead, a strip aluminium, a trottle handle, a threated rod, screws and a plank of impregnated wood. This video speaks for itself; all is visible. The project is Open Hardware. Now, make one for yourself and one for your best friend. Enjoy! After changing the propellor in a 2 blade one and the cordless drill in a hi-speed one, I made a short Part 2 video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIdtLK6fldw Watch also the Cordless Canoe Challenge 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t82OL0YObw4&feature=player_embedded
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Gepäckträger Werkstatt
Die Idee mit der Fahrrad-Werkstatt (Werkbank und Werkzeugkiste) ist entstanden, weil ich umweltbewusst zur Werkstatt fahren wollte. Ich arbeite in dieser Werkstatt und repariere kleine Elektrikgeräte. Ich fuhr immer im Auto zur Arbeit, weil ich meinen Kollegen, meine Werkzeugkiste und vieles mehr mitnehmen musste. Die Idee kam mir, weil ich mein Fahrrad und die Werkstatt miteinander kombinieren wollte. Langsam entstand ein All-in-One-Konzept vor meinem geistigen Auge. Nach den ersten Skizzen konnte ich es gar nicht mehr warten, bis ich meine Gepäckträger-Werkstatt fertig hatte. In diesem fünf Minuten langen Video bekommt ihr einen Eindruck, wie ich diesen Prototyp angefertigt habe. Ich hoffe, dass ich euch mit dieser Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung inspirieren konnte, euch eure eigene Gepäckträger-Werkstatt zu bauen.
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Linear Electromagnetic Resonator 5
There have been many changes made to the resonator. Experiment shows that the vertical position of the resonator is the best. That's to say; less friction, stable resonance, use of the gravity and the least energy usage. The 2 magnets are bouncing inside the tube with the help of gravity and the bump magnets. This 2 magnets at both sides of the tube I placed in the hackneyed pen cap for a quick change of the magnets within the tube. The resonator has now three bifilar wound coils: - An activator solenoid with a 0.2 mm AWG32 and a 0.16 AWG34, 50 and 130ohm. - Two pick-up coils with 0.12mm AWG36, 2x 320ohm per coil. I did connect the bifilar windings in series, to get the maximum energy transfer. After the attachment at the tube and the connection with the circuits, the test could start. What is the best arrangement of the magnets within the tube for the best energy transfer? What frequency and pulswidth gives a strong resonance? How to decrease the input current? How to increase the output voltage of the pickup coils? This are the results of the first test: Input voltage: 6V Input current: ~22mA (for the whole circuit!) Output voltage, no load: AC 6V peak per coil Output current, shortcut: 2 mA per coil These results are not bad when you take in account the low frequency of the resonator (4Hz). More info: http://www.laboratoiredesynthese.com/
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RattleGen LED Flashlight
Nearly 200 years ago Michael Faraday has discovered electro- magnetic induction. A changing magnetic field produces an electric field in a coil. Today, I found a simple way to gain electricity with a relay and a strong magnet. I call this kinetic generator the RattleGen because by quickly pressing the lever of the relay (the only moving part!) it makes a rattling noise. This electro generator is nearly solid state and produces enough energy to power a LED. Compared to 100 years of dyna flashlights, as we know them, my RattleGen torch is nearly indestructible because of the few parts. The electronic circuit is very elementary; 1 relay, 4 diode's, 1 resistor, 1 electrolytic capacitor of 1000 microfarad 16 Volt and one superbright LED. More: http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-squeeze-led-flashlight/
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RattleGen, a kinetic electric generator.
Playing with coils and magnets I discovered a new phenomenon. I toke a mechanical relay and put a strong magnet against the iron around the coil. By pressing the contact lever I changed the magnetic flux inside the core of the relay and induced an electric pulse inside the coil. First I used a small 12 volt relay. Later I used a bigger relay and placed the strong ceramic magnet directly agains the coil. The pulse that came out by tipping the contact lever was about 30 volt. A LED was flashing with a serious amount of light. The RattleGen was born. A nice feature is that the linear movement is only 1 mm. I never saw this principle used for kinetic energy harvesting, but I don't know all. The electric output of the RattleGen is usable for many appliances. I hope that makers and industry will pick up the idea, to make a product out of it. Finally I do a call to start an OPEN SOURCE ENERGY HARVESTING FORUM. Today the EH field is surrounded with secrets, fast money, lies, blur and a lot of complexity. A new open source forum can stop this and bring more clarity. Schematic: http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-squeeze-led-flashlight/
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Wooden trollingmotor Part 2
This video shows the wooden trollingmotor after changing the propellor in one with two blades and changing the cordless drill in a low/high speed one. That results in more tork on the propellor in the highspeed mode and a higher speed on the water. The drill is powered by a gel/lead battery of 12v and 12 Ah. The power is enough for a 6km distance in a not continuous operation.
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Linear Electromagnetic Resonator 6
This video shows the making and use of magnets in repulsion mode. Two magnets are glue'd together and are showing a special behavior at a 20 Hz resonance of the resonator. I was surprised by a perfect triangel waveform and a decrease of the supply current. More info: http://www.laboratoiredesynthese.com/
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DIY  Coil Winder from a fishing reel
This simple copper wire winder is perfect for small coils. With a minimum effort you can make customized coils. The only material you need are some strips aluminium. The wire guide makes evenly distributed windings in the spool. http://www.laboratoiredesynthese.com
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Pendulum Clock Bike
At the Maker Faire Kerkrade I met Toon Boumans. This craftsman had made in 3 months a pendulum clock bike out of cycling gear. Every half an hour sounds the bell on the rear rack. Two spirit levels ensure that the bike is level. Also a small oilcan is there to to lubricate the clock chains. It's an amazing piece of work.
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Linear Electromagnetic Resonator 2
Part 2 is an explanation how the electromechanical resonator works. How this 'motor' can be made more efficient by decreasing the activation time of the solenoid. I lifted the permanent motor magnet by 2 supporting wheels what will decrease the friction. At the end I show measurements at the motor solenoid and on a generator coil. More info: http://www.laboratoiredesynthese.com/
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Murks und das Repair Café
Ein video über Murks (geplanten Obsoleszenz) aus Berlin und das Repair Café aus Amsterdam. Video im Deutsche Sprache.
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4 line-inputs for the Zoom H2
Synchronous 4 track soundrecording is for a music band the absolute minimal. Recording 'every' instrument on it's own track is a quality boost and makes the mastermix easy. The Zoom H2 has that (hidden) possibility, because it can record the sound of the 4 build-in microphones simultaneous. The only thing we need to do is to construct 4 line input plugs and 2 two pole switches.To change the soundlevel we solder some resistors and condensers in the box. As reward for the modification you get a cheap multi track fieldrecorder in the palm of your hands. Pianist, Coleman.
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Pallet Coffee Maker
This is a project of creative reuse, upcycling or repurposing. Breaking down my coffee pad machine, and separate the housing from it's essential parts, is a revelation. My first impression; so much plastic housing and just a few parts machine. Why not showing the machine in it's real shape in this pallet age? A reused pallet is an icon of a movement that points to an anti consumerism lifestyle and sustainable living. Thousands of pallet projects worldwide indicate upcycling, creativity and a personal production of consumer goods. I show a coffeemaker inside out, on a mini pallet. A form of 'guerrilla machine redesign'. Living in a world of black boxes, it's a provocation to show the "internal parts". Also an insight in the machine processes gives us more understanding if something goes wrong. 'When you don't open it you don't own it'. How many broken coffee makers have never been opened for a short inspection inside the housing? I am surprised, as repairer, how fast the problem is found after opening a 'secret box'. More info at Instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Pallet-Coffee-Machine/
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Linear Electromagnetic Resonator 7
Last time we saw that the total use of the resonator was about 15 mA by a voltage of 5Volt. Motor and the generator circuits are now on separated breadboards. The use of super capacitors improve the puls power in the motor coil. This you can see and hear when I switch the caps on. With bon courage I started making a stack of seven spools; the effort was worth it. The new linear generator coil stack looks fine. I was very curious what the output power of the coil stack was doing. The first testst were disappointing All coils in series arouse lesser power than the single coils. I have to change windings and magnets; with hope for better results. More info: http://www.laboratoiredesynthese.com/
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Schroefboor accu vervangen.
In menige schuur of garage ligt in een plastic kist, een ongebruikte accuschroefboor met lader en extra accu. Deze goedkope Chineese import komt vooral in ongebruik door de Nikkel-Cadmium accu's. Na enkele winters vergeten bij te laden is de jus eruit. Een nieuwe accupack kopen is duur of onmogelijk. Deze instructie video laat zien dat de accupack van een accuboor van 12V, 14.4V en 16.8V eenvoudig en goedkoop vervangen kan worden. Een lood-gel accu van 12V en 1.3AH van 10 euro doet het allemaal en nog beter ook. Deze accu kan men vaak als alarm accu in een electronica onderdelen zaak of via internet kopen. De inwendige weerstand in de loodaccu is laag in vergelijking met NiCad cellen. Daardoor levert deze een geweldig koppel, probeer maar. Voor het opladen moet de nettransformator 14V 600mA gelijkspanning leveren aan de accuhouder/lader. Wil je het goed doen dan kan je een laadregel IC inbouwen met 2 condensatoren. Het IC is de PB137, kosten 3.5 euro. De ingangspanning is een ongestabiliseerde gelijkspanning en kan variëren van 16v tot 40V. De ongestabiliseerde trafo van de accuboorlader kan dan meestal gebruikt worden. In Het IC zitten alle acculaad beveiligingen.
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Battery heated poncho.
What is better, heating a room or heating yourself? When you are thinking on the last option, I have a very simple method. You can use a 12 Volt electric blanket. The only thing you need to do is to make a slit in the center of the blanket, to put your head through. And sewing a collar around the hole with a strip contrasting cloth. To close both sides use Velcro. With a 12 Volt lead(gel) battery of 10AH you can be warm for some time. http://www.safarana.com
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Cordless drill; simple and cheap battery exchange
How to exchange the dead Ni-Cad battery of a cheap chinese import cordless drill? That was the question and challenge I solved. The solution is simple. You can exchange the nickel-cadmium of a 12Volt, 14.4V and 16,8V cordless drill by a cheap 12V - 1.2Ah lead gel battery. Perhaps there is lesser speed, instead it produces higher torque on the drill head. I bought the lead gel battery in an electronic shop for 10 euro or 12 dollar. The specs are: Nominal voltage: 12V, Rated capacity (10h rate): 1.2Ah, Size (L x W x H): 97 x 43 x 52mm, Total height: 58mm, Weight: 0.61kg (approx.). I tested this battery also with higher voltage drills and it functioned surprisingly well. Beside that you can put this battery in most battery boxes from the old pack. The charger of the 12V cordless you can continue to use. For higher voltage drills you have to change the charge adaptor by a 12 till 14V 400mA DC unstabilized one. Don't use the old network adaptor. Most charge stations don't have, for Ni-Cad battery packs, electronics build in . I hope that many people go to fix there cordless drills. It must be ten of thousands laying around in garage and workshops. They are mostly in perfect shape and have still years to go; only that battery...
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Heppe de Moor
We zien Heppe de Moor in 1980 bezig een hoek van het voormalige Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht 'af te schilderen'. Ook is er een interview met Ton Quick over zijn werk. Heppe de Moor overleed in 1992. In september 1980 vond de Kunstelfdaagse plaats. Daarin vond een aantal activiteiten plaats van kunstenaars uit diverse disciplines om het grote publiek in contact te brengen met grensverleggende vormen van beeldende kunst.
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Simple amphibious bike
The aim of this project is to create an amphibious bicycle from stuff you can find at your local hardware store. I use common tools, so no welding or big machinery. Another goal is that everyone can use his or her own bicycle to make it amphibious. The conversion time, from land to water is not more than 7 minutes; the same for the opposite direction. Beside universal applicable the construction is simple, save and cheap; about 100 dollar. This project sound's easy; it's not. When it was that simple, we could buy an amphibious bike in the local cycleshop. This video show's enough information to make one for your own. In the water Berto's Amphi-Cycle will be propelled by a new version of the simple outboard motor. With a cordless drill and with an extra 12V battery. I found out that other ways of propelling are too complex and expensive. Success! A drawing of the Amphi-Cycle you can download here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36864020/ACdrawing.jpg
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How to make a tablegarden? The construction.
Gardening is great for seniors, but not when you have to bend over for a long time, in the flower/vegetable garden. It's strean for the bloodvessels in the head and seniors become dizzy. So, why don't we bring up the flowerbed or veggybed to table level? In this video I show an easy way to make a tablegarden from 1 board plywood, complete with the saw-drawing. Most ideal for small town gardens and balcony. Total costs; about 50 dollar/euro. Some tips: Some plywood has a good and a bad side; keep the good side outside. Put the bottom of the container a bit higher, so you get a drip flange. You can change the height by connecting the legs higher or lower to the container. You can put easily wheels under the tablegarden. This is a open source hardware project. The drawing: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36864020/Tablegarden.jpg A production of: http://www.safarana.com
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Opening Landhuis Maastricht
Dit is een reportage van RTV Maastricht over de opening van het Landhuis in Maastricht. Vlak voor het LandbouwBelang aan de Maasboulevard is een ontmoetingsplek gemaakt in een oude woning. Regie, camera en montage Leonid Babiichouk
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Wood drill bits made of a spoke
Drilling wood, specially if you have to do it by hand, must be done in steps: first a small hole, then a bit larger, then to size. Or as many in-between steps as needed. Woodworkers have collections of drills, but what to do when you have to start from scratch? We start with a drill bit of good quality steel, that is within reach for many people: a bicycle spoke! A step by step Instructable shows you how to make with your bare hands from a bicycle spoke a multi bit wood drill. See: http://www.instructables.com/id/Wood-drill-bits-made-of-a-spoke/
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The making of an amphibious E-scooter
How to make a amphibious scooter with materials out of the DIY shop? This video shows a way to take back the waterways. When corporations don't make, in a 100 years, an amphibian two-wheeler, we have to do it ourselfs. I want to show how to make with cheap materials and simple constructions an amphibian scooter. I will show also in an other video the construction of a DIY outboard motor powered by a cordless drill. This is a concrete Transition Town project. More info: http://www.safarana.com
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Mike Dürigen - Caisaman-
Soms gebeurt het zomaar. Magische klanken bereiken je oren, ergens vandaan. Dan ontdek je in een hoekje de muzikant met zijn instrument. Het was mijn eerste aanraking met de prachtige klanken van de caisa; subliem bespeelt door Mike Dürigen.
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Linear Electromagnetic Resonator 3
Part 3 shows the progress made to reduce the current in the motor solonoid. The electronic circuit has no longer a relay but a MOSFET to switch the coil. A pulse delay circuit is build around a cd4093 IC. Although it is hard to measure the average current of a pulse wave, I suppose my analog meter can do this well. The input current is now around 35 mA, a reduction of more than 50 percent. More info: http://www.laboratoiredesynthese.com/
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Linear Electromagnetic Resonator 1
Free Energy for Geeks is the exploration of a linear electromagnetic resonator; on a simple and easy to build electromechanical test set. Winter 2015/16 I make a series of YouTube video's about this project. You can follow my quest to minimize the input and maximize the output energy. More info: http://www.laboratoiredesynthese.com/
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Low Tech Innovations Konferenz 2014 in Zurich
Kann eigentlich aus weniger mehr entstehen? Kann der technische Fortschritt für mehr Menschen zugänglich gemacht werden? Und geht das auch ohne die fatale Umweltzerstörung weiter voran zu treiben? DAS GEHT! Und zwar mit Low Tech Produkten, also High Tech quasi umgekehrt. Produkte, die einer brillanten Idee entspringen und auf hohem Niveau alle Ansprüche des/der Nutzers/in erfüllen. Die Low Tech Idee gibt es schon lange und sie hat schon überall auf der Welt vielfältige Anwendung gefunden. Ganz in der Normalität angekommen ist sie jedoch noch nicht. This conference was 7 and 8 may at the ETH and Uni in Zurich.
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Het Bellevue Wandelpad
Het zou mooi zijn als het Bellevue pad er kan komen, langs de noord- westelijke hellingrand van het Maasdal. Die rand begint bij de Hoge Fronten gaat voorbij Fort Willem steekt boven aan de Cabergerweg over naar het Rondeel en gaat verder richting Belvedere berg. Het is een groene zone waar weinig mensen komen omdat het ontoegankelijk is. Met behulp van luchtfoto's (10 jaar oud!) en video heb ik geprobeerd een voorstelling te maken van het gebied. Een eventuele uitkijktoren geeft een prachtig uitzicht over stad en Maasdal. Vooral de mogelijkheid om een rustige natuurwandeling in dit deel van de stad te kunnen maken zette mij aan tot dit plan.
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Voorjaarsdag in en om het Landbouwbelang
Het is heerlijk om de sfeer te proeven in de weggeefwinkel. Bob heeft een fietsen ingang gemaakt zonder touw. De LBB community geniet buiten in de zon. Coen en Berto klussen, Dymph en Willem koken en samen genieten we van een heerlijke maaltijd. Na de koor repetitie is er een gezellig samenzijn. Cultuur anno 2014 in de Vrijzone!
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Hoe maak je een tafeltuin?
Hoe kan je als ouder persoon op tafelhoogte tuinieren? Door deze instructievideo te volgen kan je uit 1 plaat underlayment van 18 mm een tafeltuin zelf maken. De constructie is zeer eenvoudig. Materiaalkosten zijn 40 euro. Met gangbaar gereedschap kan je de tafel in elkaar zetten, in een middag. Het volgende deel gaat over de grond, het plantplan, de automatische bewatering bij afwezigheid en de gewasbescherming. De bouwtekening is hier te downloaden: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36864020/Tafeltuin.jpg Dit is een productie van: http://www.safarana.com
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Hoe maak je een tafeltuin?
Deze video laat alle stappen zien om zelf een tafeltuin te maken en in te richten. De bedoeling is om op tafelhoogte te kunnen tuinieren, dit met het oog op senioren en mindervaliden. In 3 delen komt alles aan bod om uit 1 plaat underlayment een stevige bak te maken. Ook zien we het beplanten en de automatische bewatering met het Tropf Blumat systeem. Zie: www.blumat.nl Een tekening van de lay-out is hier te downloaden: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36864020/Tafeltuin.jpg Een productie van: http://www.safarana.com en het Landhuis: http://hetlandhuis.org
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Impressie opening landhuis
10 juli 2011. Een impressie van de opening van het Landhuis in Maastricht. Gebouw, bouwers, bezoekers, toespraken en activiteiten in een 10 min. video. Camera en montage: Berto Aussems Productie: http://www.safarana.com
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Broodsmeersels, humus.
Hoe maak jezelf gezonde,goedkope en vegetarische broodsmeersels? Recept Kikkererwtenpasta (humus) + 1 blikje kikkererwten (240gr) + 1 knoflookteen + 4 el citoensap + 2 el olijfolie + 3 el tahin + 3/4 tl gemalen komijn + 1/2 tl paprikapoeder + 2 mp kurkumapoeder + zout (behoefte) + 1/4 bosje peterselie Deze video is aangeboden door de Stichting Safarana: http://www.safarana.com
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Het Landhuis; voorbeeld van duurzaamheid in Maastricht
Tussen het Landbouwbelang en het Bassin ligt Het Landhuis. De open huiskamer van Maastricht. Iedereen kan hier terecht om te leren brood te bakken, een gedicht te laten horen of gewoon anderen te ontmoeten. Elke laatste zondagmiddag van de maand zijn er vakmensen aanwezig die uw kapotte spullen kunnen repareren. Het Landhuis is duurzaam verbouwd met een budget van 2.000 euro. Hier gebeurd daadwerkelijk iets aan een duurzame ontwikkeling in onze mooie stad. Het Repair Café is ingebed in een warm geheel van duurzame bouw en eco-community. Geen gebakken lucht maar welriekende geuren uit een keuken waar iedereen kokkerelt. Een richting wijzend initiatief... Meer informatie: duurzaam.maastricht.nl
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Art Paper
Deze video is gemaakt in 1987 naar aanleiding van een workshop " Art Paper" aan de Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. Het gaat om het tonen van oude technieken uit verschillende landen. De video is gemaakt door Stichting Hi-Sense Videos onder regie van Jaap Welten. Coen Eckhardt deed het camerawerk en de montage.
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Hammock build within clothes
This diy project investigates the multi-functionality of clothes. In this case a built-in hanging chair. This is a proof of concept rather than a fashion design project. The WeDangle can change the way we sit drastically; it is a customized comfy seat that we carry always with us. You can use it as a swing seat, as an armchair and as 'une chaise longue'. The only thing you need is an attachment ring above your head. I take always a tension belt along, with that I can adjust the height of the attachment point. That is also the only limitation. You can use the WeDangle, just as a hammock, on trees, with a ceiling connection or at a frame. This invention can make standing chairs and benches obsolete. They need more space, maintenance and material. The WeDangle is a seat that suits your posture/comfort at home, at work and outdoors. Most important is the children's fun to swing and to turn around with the feet from the ground, just easy dangling. More info: http://www.instructables.com/id/WeDangle-A-seat-within-your-clothes/
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Cubic Transformations
Deze video is van begin negentiger jaren. Oorspronkelijk gemaakt voor een stereo 3D installatie die werkt op het shutter principe. Deze video installatie bestaat nog altijd!!! Technische realisatie: Jos Mulders en Jan Truyens. Video montage: Berto Aussems
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Mobile solar energy station
This solar energy station has 2 foldable solarpanels of 50Wp. These charge via a controller a deepcycle battery of 120Wh. A 12V/220V inverter of 400W feeds the 2 speakers of 80W each. The Landhuis team has made it for the Boom festival in Portugal.
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Transvormen is a composition of generative animations. This video gives an impression of the richness of computergenerated visuals based on algorithms. The soundtrack is made by Hans Kockelmans. Berto Aussems "Over generatieve beeld compositie". "Ik geloof dat je gedreven moet zijn om urenlang te kijken naar het voorbijtrekken van algorithmische beelden. Misschien is het ook het verlangen van de gokker, opgesloten in een cyclus van verandering en hoop.
Het is zeker een passie, gevoed door de verrukking als er metamorfoses plaats vinden; weinig interessante beelden ontpoppen zich tot schitterende varianten. Waarom zijn sommige beelden belangrijker dan de andere? Wat zijn mijn beoordelingscriteria?
Ik denk dat het uiteindelijk gaat om het ontwikkelen van een visuele intuïtie, om deze beeldtaal te lezen en op haar waarde te schatten.
Kijken we naar de aard van de beelden dan moeten we vaststellen dat ze nergens op lijken, ook al zouden we dat graag willen.
We zullen over een vrije waarneming moeten beschikken om in deze abstract organische werelden te kunnen verkeren. Zo niet, dan missen we de inherente schoonheid van deze nog ongekende fenomenen".
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