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Welcome to My Blog: Rectal Cancer My Ass
Welcome to my blog: rectalcancermyass.com I am a stage 4 cancer survivor. Find out what I did to get cancer free, how cancer changed my life (for the better) and what I do to stay healthy. And I don't know how the out takes ended up in the final video, but they did. Oh, well I was never good at technical stuff!
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What is Laughter Yoga?
Ram Bhakt leads yoga class in some laughter
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Portacath Removed Today Part 2
I'm back home and feeling great. The biggest lesson cancer taught me is to take responsibility for my life choices. That includes eating plant based foods, exercising, meditating and say "no" when I don't want to do something. And I listen to my intuition/body. If something feels funky, I get it checked out.
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My Response to Kid President Dance Video
Dancing my response to Kid President. Thank you Xmaster 117 for allowing me to use your video music, Engage Warp 10 ! When I'm not dancing, I coach people going through cancer treatments and show them how to live a happy life.
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How to Take Care of Your Ostomy
Everything you need to know about caring for your ostomy; cleaning your bag and changing it. I forgot to mention that my bag is tucked in to my pants or clothing. I don't leave it hanging on the outside of my clothes; I kept it on the outside just for this video. If you have questions, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.
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Juicing Apples, Cucumbers, and Carrots Oh My!
Check out my blog for more recipes and ideas to live and eat healthy rectalcancermyass.wordpress.com/
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How to Make A Fabulous Green Smoothie without Really Trying
check out my blog for more tips how to live and eat healthy at rectalcancermyass.wordpress.com
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Cancer Was My Wake Up Call
A cancer diagnosis in December 2010 changed my life for the better. Check out my blog rectalcancermyass.wordpress.com/ Its packed with great ideas how to live a healthy balanced life. Be sure to LIKE my Facebook page and follow me on twitter :) My blog: rectalcancermyass.wordpress.com
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Alijso Beach Full Moon Drum Circle
This diverse group of individuals converges at Alijso Beach every full moon to celebrate LIFE! This was shot about 7:30 p.m. The crowd grew to around 350 before it ended.
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Hoss gets his exercise
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Eat Healthy on a Budget
The key to eating healthy foods is buy what's on sale and stock up. I forgot to say the 5 lb. bag of organic corn was $5.00 at Costco. And I said I take 2 1/2 hours from the time I leave my house and get back home. Yes that is a long time but I spend time in the Whole Body Dept. at Sprouts just looking at new products and learning about supplements. I'm sure you can shop faster than me. I like taking my time.
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I Got Cancer Because of the Choices I Made
Understanding that I was responsible for getting cancer, empowered me to make better lifestyle choices and not become a victim of the disease.
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This is what I do to manage my eczema
I have been doing this regimen for over a month and my skin is much better. Leave a comment if you have questions. I forgot to mention that I am cancer free for 3 years now! my blog is rectalcancermyass.wordpress.com/
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Portacath Removed Today Part 1
Today is the day I close the door to my cancer journey. The port comes out today. No more oncology appts. No more scans. No more blood work.
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Laughing on the Beach Yoga Style!
Ram Bhakt leads students in a game of laughter yoga. Find out more on my blog
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