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Homless dogs.
Feeding the homless dogs. Ploiesti,Romania.
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Horses we either run or fight!
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Possum being mean to Foxy.
My cat Possum is inside while looking outside at Foxy and just being mean to her. I think you can hear her growling a bit if you listen closely.
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Playing with Tarzan
Me playing with my grandma's kitten. This was taken last year so he is almost a adult now.
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Part 2 of the Competion outside of Ploiesti.
Part 2 is longer and both videos are for educational purposes for Horsemanship and learning the horse's behavior. I do not own the background music. The music belongs to the original owners.
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Scully and Foxy.
Scully my cat snuggling up to Foxy our landlord's dog.
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Show jumping competion outside of Ploiesti part 1.
I took this video clip last year, I was with a friend and her father at that time and it was a very nice sunny day. This was taken somewhere south outside of Ploiesti,Romania. The video is a little glitchy but still good to watch Please rate and comment and please no fighting or I will disable the comments, just agree to disagree. P.S.I do not own this music, John Williams Cantina song 2. THE COPYRIGHT SONG BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNER OR OWNERS.
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Homless dogs part 2!
This is part 2 of the first one.
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