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How does Creatine work?
http://www.axislabs.net/pure-micronized-creatine-monohydrate.html Creatine is a natural compound made in the body and is derived from the diet through meat products. In the body, Creatine is changed into a molecule called phosphocreatine which serves as a storage reservoir for regenerating ATP. ATP is the chemical source of energy for muscle contraction and quick energy. Phosphocreatine is an important source of ATP energy in muscle tissue and studies have shown that Creatine can increase the performance of athletes in activities that require quick bursts of energy, such as sprinting and weight lifting. Creatine supplementation combined with strength training has been shown to cause dramatic improvements in muscle hypertrophy (size) and strength through cell volumization and increased protein synthesis. Now that you know how essential Creatine is to your workout, turn to the brand that guarantees quality and results. Grab your supply of Axis Labs Creatine Monohydrate today and take your training to the next level. Demand more from your supplements. Demand Axis Labs.
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How Creatine Ethyl Ester Works
For more details, visit: http://www.axislabs.net/products/creatine_ethyl_ester.html The ethyl ester in Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL makes the molecule more lipid soluble and able to passively diffuse through cell membranes rapidly. This method of creatine delivery bypasses the creatine transporter on cell membranes and it allows creatine levels inside muscle cells to increase very rapidly and to higher levels than are possible with regular creatine monohydrate.
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XTRACT High-Definition Diuretic by Axis Labs
Introducing XTRACT™; The only high-definition diuretic with the exclusive HyperDry Infusion formula. Now you can effectively experience: What it's truly like to get ripped and dialed in Rapid water loss that gets you dry and lean A shredded physique without losing competition strength Results in 12 hours.
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The 4 Main Killers of Testosterone
Are you killing your Testosterone? FInd out if you are and how to fix it!
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Gustavo Badell Guest Posing
Gustavo Badell guest poses at the Axis Labs NPC Northern Colorado Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships at the Boulder Theatre April 4th 2009.
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HemodrauliX: The World's Srongest Nitric Oxide Supplement
Nitric oxide triggers vasodilation - the widening of blood channels that surge muscle-engaging nutrients through the body. To create nitric oxide, your body requires an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase or NOS. NOS converts arginine into a gas molecule called nitric oxide. Your body only has a very short supply of NOS enzymes. Ultimately, this makes other nitric oxide products outdated and far less effective. Hemodraulix is engineered with NE2 Arginine ethyl ester and Arachidonic Acid for unprecedented levels of nitric oxide production. First, NE2 floods the body with a supremely bioavailable form of L-Arginine (NE2) to quickly fuel nitric oxide production. Next Arachidonic Acid triggers massive NOS upregulation. This effectively "multiplies" the body's nitric oxide-generating "factories." Grab your supply of Axis Labs HemodrauliX today and take your training to the next level. Demand more from your supplements. Demand Axis Labs.
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MYODROL - Advanced Testosterone Modulator by Axis Labs
Research reveals that men with higher testosterone levels not only have more muscle and sex drive, but are also more successful, make more money and are more attractive to the opposite sex! The key ingredient in MYODROL Naturally Increases Testosterone by 60% while Reducing DHT by 20% and Estradiol 9%. Best of all, MYODROL is proven Safe and Effective in a human clinial study! Take a step to living a more youthful and exciting life style. Add MYODROL to your health regimen today and start living with that youthful vigor. Demand More from Your Supplements. Demand Axis Labs!
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What Are BCAA's And How Do They Work?
http://www.axislabs.net/ngage-bcaa-powder-glutamine.html BCAA's help to trigger protein synthesis,supply muscle energy and preserve lean mass, but what exactly are the BCAAs? The BCAAs are L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. Without an adequate supply of the BCAAs...your muscles can be depleted of them by the very exercises you perform to build them up -- thus the importance of supplemental BCAA intake. Grab your supply of Axis Labs N'Gage Aji Pure BCAA'sctoday and take your training to the next level. Demand more from your supplements. Demand Axis Labs.
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1/3 of muscle protein is comprised of the BCAAs however, these specific amino acids are readily stripped from muscle to be used as energy. This makes replenishing the BCAAs critical for hard training athletes and fitness enthusiasts. N'ERGIZED N'GAGE takes BCAA supplementation to a whole new level with Ajipure brand BCAAs plus L-Glutamine. Why these aminos? Because of all the amino acids, these may offer the most direct impact on growth, recovery, and lean muscle preservation. But Axis Labs has taken BCAA supplementation to a whole new level with the addition of energizing caffeine. Caffeine supports mental acuity, helps trigger lipolysis (the breakdown of fats for fuel), and contributes towards a strong mind-muscle connection. Better yet, N'ERGIZED N'GAGE is delicious and refreshing anytime. Use it before a workout. Use it instead of coffee to help jump start your day. Use it mid-workout to push your training to the next level.
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Introducing - Axis Labs HemodrauliX
HemodrauliX™ is the world's first Nitric Oxide (NO) product to upregulate the nitric oxide producing enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). Upregulating NOS, combined with the most powerful Arginine on the planet, NE2® (Arginine Ethyl Ester Di-HCl) makes HemodrauliX™ substantially ahead of the entire Nitric Oxide category. Prepare yourself for even bigger pumps, more strength and deeper muscle stimulation. Additionally, HemodrauliX™ combines the power of Beta-Alanine to stimulate Carnosine production which reduces muscle fatigue while training. HemodrauliX™ feels so good you will never want to train without it. Put your training on a faster track and start supplementing with HemodrauliX™ today!
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The ultimate natural testosterone producer, Anti Estrogen, Anti DHT: MYODEX
MYODEX is a one of a kind, Advanced Testosterone Modulator. What makes MYODEX so unique is how it goes about supporting optimal testosterone flow and bioavailability. MYODEX is scientifically formulated to help boost testosterone by simultaneously inhibiting its conversion into DHT and Estrogen! By helping to counter 5a reductase and Aromatase, MYODEX directly addresses and resolves the limiting factors that reduce full testosterone functionality.MYODEX is formulated to "hold back" the limiting factors, DHT and Estrogen, to promote explosive production of Testosterone. By harnessing this dual-force approach, MYODEX has unleashed the potential of your body to thrust Testosterone elevation and maintenance into "overdrive."
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Adipo-X Advanced Fat-Loss Technology
http://www.axislabs.net/adipo-x-natural-weight-loss-supplement.html Are You Ready to Stop Wasting Money On Ineffective Fat Burners? Find Out 99% of the Fat Burners on the Market Don't Work and How to Pinpoint the Ones that Do!
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N'Gage iBCAA Solubility vs. Other BCAA Powders
Have you ever wondered why BCAA powders just don't mix? It can be a real pain. They leave a gritty residue in your cup and in your mouth. The good news is there is no longer a reason to put up with this. The new product from Axis Labs called N'Gage is an iBCAA, or instantized BCAA. N'Gage mixes beautifully as you can see in this side-by-side comparison. Not only does it mix instantly, the stuff tastes incredible. In addition to BCAAs, N'Gage includes the added benefits of Glutamine and Vitamin B6. Treat yourself to the Best BCAA powder on the market. Get your supply of N'Gage today!
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Axis Labs XTRACT High Definition Diuretic
Introducing XTRACT™; The only high-definition diuretic with the exclusive HyperDry Infusion formula. Now you can effectively experience: What it's truly like to get ripped and dialed in Rapid water loss that gets you dry and lean A shredded physique without losing competition strength Results in 12 hours.
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Axis Labs SMA5H Compound 5, with PUMP PELLETS review by "Trainer Mike"
Check out IFBB Pro Trainer Mike Hildebrandt "Trainer Mike's" review of Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5, with PUMP PELLETS
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Hypertest Testosterone Booster by Axis Labs
There is no other hormone in the body that stimulates muscle growth and sex drive like testosterone. HyperTEST® will naturally elevate your testosterone levels to an all time high, for a safe and effective anabolic response. HyperTEST® is the most comprehensive testosterone boosting complex on the market. Prepare yourself for the ultimate new you; more lean mass, impressive strength gains and a more robust sex drive in the bedroom. You may have seen tribulus products before, but none are like HyperTEST®. Other products promise what HyperTEST® delivers. The scientifically engineered formula in HyperTEST® is much more advanced than any natural testosterone boosting product on the market, utilizing a three tier system to maximize your results. The synergistic combination of these three complexes is guaranteed to turbo charge your testosterone production like never before.
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Testosterone Supplement - Axis Labs MYODROL
COULD YOU BENEFIT FROM A 60% INCREASE IN TESTOSTERONE? As men age, testosterone levels naturally begin to decrease at a rapid rate. Odds are you are one of the millions of men are suffering from low testosterone and the negative effects associated with it. The symptoms of low testosterone are a mile long, but to name a few there is the loss of: sex drive, muscle tone, muscle strength, sperm count, bone density and that youthful energy. More importantly, if you are an athlete, testosterone is vital for muscle repair and function. If your goal is to build a sexier, more muscular physique, then you know that sufficient testosterone levels are essential for building muscle mass and getting lean. The solution is MYODROL™ Testosterone Supplement. Axis Labs® understands why elevated testosterone levels are so vital to your ultimate success. This motivated us to bring you the groundbreaking MYODROL™ Advanced Testosterone Modulator. Unbelievably, the primary compound in MYODROL has been clinically proven to increase testosterone 60%! But that's not all... MYODROL™ Testosterone Supplement - simultaneously decreases DHT and Estradiol. These "spin off" hormones typically increase in response to elevated levels of testosterone. However, these hormones elicit unwanted effects in the body. Two notorious examples are male pattern baldness, and increased fatty deposits around the abdominals and pecs. Simply put; by helping control DHT and Estradiol, MYODROL™ safely increases testosterone without the negative effects of other testosterone increasing methods. You couldn't ask for a better solution. Order your supply of MYODROL™ today to get on a steady but exciting path towards more muscle, strength, energy and sex drive.
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2014 Axis Labs NPC Northern Colorado Category Finalists
The 2014 NPC AXIS LABS NORTHERN COLORADO FITNESS, FIGURE, BIKINI, PHYSIQUE AND BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS! Check out the awesome video that highlights the finalists of each category. See the best of the best bikini, figure, fitness, physique and bodybuilders in the show. Not one to be missed.
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Smash Fully Loaded by Axis Labs
SMASH® Fully Loaded is the most complete pre-workout formula ever designed to help you experience the most intense workouts of your life through increased PUMP, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, ENERGY and HYDRATION. SMASH® Fully Loaded is a comprehensive blend of only the most effective ingredients designed for bigger, longer more intense workouts by covering all the essentials. SMASH® your way through the gym, onto the playing field or any intense activity for explosive workouts that result in explosive gains.
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Men's Physique Competitor: How-To Video
These interviews and photo shoots were filmed at the 2014 Axis Labs Northern Colorado Championships in Golden, Colorado. This video includes how-to tips from men's physique competitors. Learn, from the men's physique competitors themselves, key tips for diet, training, and competition preparation. Thinking about becoming a men's physique competitor? Start here!
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Ultimate Pre-Workout, Axis Labs Sma5h Compound 5, packed with Pump Pellets
Trainer Mike discusses how awesome Axis Labs Sma5h compound 5 with pump pellets is. Amazing, smart pre-workout
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Melissa Deal - Axis Labs Athlete
Are you ready to get shredded like Melissa Deal?! Check out this girl's awesome physique built with the help of Axis Labs Adipo-X, HemodrauliX and SMASH Fully Loaded!
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Review of Synthalean (Extreme Fat Burner)
Are you ready to get shredded. Review on Axis Labs Synthlean are you ready for the real Truth.
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Uber Hot Bikini Model Tiffani Lee Chase
Watch bikini model and competitor Tiffani Lee Chase show off her stuff at the 2014 Axis Labs NPC Northern Colorado Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique Championships. See Tiffani's photo shoot and post-competition interview where she reveals her secrets to achieving a world class bikini body. Tiffani shares her training routine, diet tips, motivation, and advice for aspiring bikini models. Don't miss this one.
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Stay Motivated with Axis Labs
The only motivation you will need!! Stay Positive, Stay Focused and stay Motivated!! Video Production by Baybaily Demand More from your supplements Demand Axis Labs Check up out at Axislabs.com Facebook- Axis Labs IG-@axislabs Twitter-axislabs Find him at @baybaily on Instagram
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N'Gage BCAA Review - iBCAA Taste and Solubility
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Luc Andreotti's HemodrauliX Review
Luc Andreotti's Axis Labs HemodrauiX Review
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Alysha Axis Labs Sponsored Athlete killing it with our Brand New Pre Workout Rainmaker
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Darrem Charles Guest Poses at the Axis Labs NPC Northern Col
Here is a short clip of Darrem Charles Posing at the Axis Labs NPC Northern Colorado in Boulder. He was in amazing shape for a guest poser!!
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Axis Labs Channel
The Axis Labs YouTube Channel is your trusted source for supplement education, exercise tips, and video tutorials.
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Smokin Hot Axis Labs Bikini and Figure Photo Shoot
Here we go...the smokin hot photo shoot of the 2014 Axis Labs NPC Northern Colorado Competition bikini and figure competitors. These are some of the fittest women in the region showing their hard bodies off for the camera.
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Axis Labs Xtract - Melissa Deal review
Melissa Deal reviews Axis Labs Xtract. New precision formulated diuretic from Axis Labs shows results in as little 12 hours and gets you shredded in 72! Whether you are a bodybuilder or figure athlete preparing for a competition or you need to lose 10 additional pounds of subcutaneous water by the weekend, look no further than Axis Labs XTRACT™.
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2014 Axis Labs NPC Show Highlights
The 2014 Axis Labs NPC Northern Colorado Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Physique Championships show overview. This was one powerful fitness show complete with guest poser and Arnold Champion, Branch Warren. This was full of dynamic, top level bikini models, women's figure competitors, bodybuilding showdowns, and magazine ready men's physique competitors. Amazing footage, not to be missed.
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Creatine ethyl ester, also known as creatine ester, cre-ester and CEE, is a creatine developed for athletic performance and for muscle development in the body. It is an ethyl ester derivative of creatine, from which it is made. As a supplement, the compound was developed, patented and licensed through UNeMed, the technology transfer entity of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Axis Labs acquired licensing rights under the University's worldwide patent portfolio directed to creatine ethyl ester as a nutritional supplement. The patented technology was developed at the University by faculty member Dr. Jonathan Vennerstrom, a Professor and the Interim Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University, and former faculty member Dr. Donald Miller, now an Associate Professor with the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics at the University of Manitoba.
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SlingShot by Axis Labs
SLINGSHOT™ athletic performance and endurance maximizer was engineered with one goal in mind MAXIMIZING ATHLETIC OUTPUT. SLINGSHOT™ is UNIQUE this precision formula is intended STRICTLY FOR ATHLETES. SLINGSHOT™ was painstakingly assembled to enhance an athletes performance by extending exertional power. Crush performance-limiting factors like muscle fatigue, lactic acid and ammonia burn, glucose depletion, dehydration, cramping and catabolism. SERIOUS ATHLETES ONLY GET READY. MMA Fighters, Runners, Football Players and athletesyour perfect performance fuel is here.
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N'Gage iBCAA Taste vs. Other BCAA (Volume 2)
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