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Art Forgery and Technology
How tech is being used to beat forgers in the mult-million pound art industry - and how it may have revealed a long-lost Van Gogh....
The Channel 4 News Data Baby Project
Through a series of reports and interactive experiments, Channel 4 News technology journalist Geoff White has revealed what happens to our personal data in an increasingly connected world.
TALKTALK HACK - Did a Google search get the hackers inside?
How was one of the UK's biggest mobile phone companies apparently so vulnerable to hackers - and did a Google search help the cybercriminals get in? Channel 4 News Technology Correspondent Geoff White spoke to a group of hackers and uncovered disturbing claims about the ease with which hackers managed to access the private details of TalkTalk customers - including credit card and bank information.
Knock-off Viagra sold using UK Government websites
A Channel 4 News investigation exposes the scam artists using .gov.uk web pages to sell unlicensed drugs and counterfeit Rolex watches.
The Secrets of Online Surveillance
A one-hour live demo revealing how Google and Facebook exploit personal data. Geoff White and Glenn Wilkinson performed it for ITV Tonight's half-hour documentary following the Cambridge Analytica controversy (the full programme is here: https://www.itv.com/hub/tonight/1a2803a1104)
13-year-olds on Tinder receive demands for sex & nude pics
Children as young as 13 are allowed on Tinder where they receive demands for nude photos and requests to meet up for sex. An investigation by Channel 4 News has revealed a troubling lack of oversight regulating how teenagers are protected on Tinder.
More porn than pets: Twitter's dirty side
Twitter publishes hundreds of thousands of pornographic images every day, potentially allowing children open access to one of the world's largest stores of explicit photos.
The Dark Web - an Audible Original
Trailer for Geoff White's 10-part series on the Dark Web, available to download here: https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Film-Radio-TV/The-Dark-Web-Audiobook/B076T81CB8?ref=a_ep_audios_c5_-1-1&pf_rd_p=64fc189f-095e-49b9-b097-e5c4d4642212&pf_rd_r=Q6P3Q5GWDMB445M1JS51&
Net neutrality explained using Mr Potato Head
From our live phone-hacking stage show The Secret Life of Your Mobile Phone - www.secretlifeofyourmobilephone.com
Channel 4 News Technology Journalist Geoff White pulls back the curtain on an email spam campaigns. The company that benefitted from it is trying to tempt people into a risky financial trading scheme. They're targeting Brits: even sponsoring Everton Football Club.
It was one of the issues which overshadowed the US elections: the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the subsequent CIA investigation. Now Channel 4 News has learnt that the same Russian group behind that cyber attack has also been hitting targets here in the UK.