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Keyhole Garden - How to make an African style raised bed
http://www.sendacow.org.uk/africangardensuk Keyhole Gardens are a great garden to make - here is one being built in Uganda. This organic technique is part of Send a Cow's training in sustainable agriculture and is a great home garden idea too. Keyhole gardens survive floods and arid conditions well as the raised bed holds moisture and is 'fed' grey water and compost via a central basket. Help more African families learn how to make these gardens and buy the charity gift of a Keyhole Garden for a friend at http://www.sendacowgifts.org.uk/​build-a-keyhole-garden http://www.sendacow.org.uk
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How to make a Bag Garden - UPDATED VERSION
http://www.sendacow.org.uk/africangardensuk How to make a Bag Garden (Sack Garden, Vertical Garden). Hope's mum was helped by the charity Send a Cow and now she uses cow manure in her bag gardens to grow her own food to sell. Bag gardens allow families to grow more food on small plots of land and can be used anywhere from back gardens to slum areas.
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Tippy Tap - Tip Tap handwasher - How to make one - Uganda
Tippy Tap (or Tip Tap) handwashers are a really great thing to make and help to keep hands clean where there is no running water. They are part of the training that the charity 'Send a Cow' gives and are easy to make out of local materials. Tip Taps are also a great project for your own garden and for schools - find out more at www.sendacow.org.uk/africangardens You can also buy these as a virtual gift at www.sendacowgifts.org.uk. Feel free to post this video about Tippy Taps to your blog!
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How to make Mud Furniture | Home made chair out of mud, clay and bricks
Find out how to make an African chair from just mud and bricks. These clay chairs and sofas (couches) are built at very low cost and are surprisingly comfortable. Clay furniture like this is an example of a simple, home made, appropriate technology and is also a great project for schools around the world too. This video was made in Amuru in northern Uganda, close to Gulu and Jennifer & Andrew are part of a Send a Cow group there.
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Water use on an African farm
Find out how Eric uses water on the family farm in Uganda, Africa. They need 15 jerry cans of 20 litres each every day for the home, farm animals and vegetable gardens. But it's a 1 mile walk to the borehole. The family does it's best to harvest rainwater from the roof and save water by composting, mulching and using water saving technologies like a Tip-Tap and water bottle drip irrigation.
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Uses for plastic bottles | recycling & re-use in Uganda "plastic bottles"
http://www.sendacow.org.uk Lorna from Uganda shows how they re-use plastic drinks bottles on their small rural farm in Kumi. From solar lights to drip irrigation, the bottles make themselves very useful in all aspects of life. Use of locally available resources is one of Send a Cow's principles as it creates uses out of things that are often seen as waste.
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'Welcome Visitors' song | Iganga | Uganda | Africa
A group of pupils in Iganga, Uganda, sing a song to welcome visitors. It would be fun to welcome parents or visitors at your school with this song and video it. If you do this, please send us a video link to education@sendacow.org.uk and we'll send it to this school.
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Unlock a Harvest for Life with a Keyhole Garden
Join in Send a Cow’s Harvest celebrations by building your own Keyhole Garden to raise funds and share the story of a harvest that lasts for life! http://www.sendacow.org.uk/harvest
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Alice & Agnes
Alice & Agnes is a short documentary that follows three generations of women as they work together on an isolated farm in rural Kenya, sharing the skills needed to survive off the land. The film has been produced to raise awareness of Send a Cow's Mother & Child appeal: https://www.sendacow.org/motherandchild
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Push Pull Technology
Maize farmers face two big problems: striga weed and stem borer moths. This animation explores a solution that Send a Cow is exploring...
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Learn a new African song - Adula - the Granary Song from Uganda
A great, fun song to learn, this children's song from the Teso people of Uganda is sung to warn young people against stealing grain or groundnuts (peanuts) from the granary. Helen from Uganda teaches how to sing this simple song, and there are even the words on screen!
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Olivia Final
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The power of taro flour
A short film looking at how Send a Cow-trained farmers in Ethiopia are beating poverty with the help of a root vegetable called taro
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Meeting old friends in Uganda - from Send a Cow's start
http://www.sendacow.org.uk Peter Reade, one of the first farmers to 'Send a Cow' returns to Uganda to see how things have moved on.
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Send a Cow: What we do
If you don't believe poverty is inevitable, change a family's future now at http://www.sendacow.org
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Send a Cow Charity Schools Video - educational
http://www.sendacow.org.uk This short video gives an introduction to the work of the charity Send a Cow. It was created for schools to view, but is just as useful for adults. Find out more at www.sendacow.org.uk
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Send a Cow song & dance | Uganda | Africa
http://www.sendacow.org.uk A group of pupils in Iganga, Uganda, sing a song (and dance in a funky way!) about the charity Send a Cow using the letters to spell the words out. It would be fun to spell out a school or class name if you are doing an Africa or music around the world study. If you do it, please send us a video link to education@sendacow.org.uk and we'll send it to this school.
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An animation that brings the Send a Cow model to life
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Transforming lives - social development by Send a Cow -
http://www.sendacow.org.uk This video shows how our work transforms lives through social development. The work of the charity changes whole communities.
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Planting Hope
Grow a future free from poverty at http://www.sendacow.org
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Coffee and Cows
Massive thank you to Starbucks EMEA and Starbucks UK for your support of our Coffee + Cows project in Rwanda. Look out for the in-store campaign from 16-19 August and if you’d like to help you can donate at: www.sendacow.org/starbucks
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#PantoFarm - turn panto season into planting season this Christmas
Find out what cows really get up to! Our fun and meaningful Christmas gifts are guarantee to put smiles on faces in the UK and Africa. Gift ideas with a difference for mums, dads and kids. Joanna Lumley says: “I’m passionate about investing in those who need our help to have a brighter future. Who really needs another pair of socks at Christmas when you can give a present that will change lives for years to come? I know my granddaughters will love the Solar Lantern and Little Donkey, and my son will think the Clean Latrine is brilliant! The fabulous thing about Send a Cow Christmas gifts is the impact goes on long after the tree is taken down. So why not add some stocking fillers this year and really embrace the spirit of Christmas?”
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Send a Cow: What We Do
A visual introduction to Send a Cow in 2016
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Read to Feed 2016: a chat with Stephen Davies
The author of The Goggle-Eyed Goats discusses the African origins of his book and his passion for Send a Cow http://www.sendacow.org
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A few words from Mama Pauline in Kenya - clip
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Enterprising Africa
Send a Cow launches it's new five year plan to reach one million people a year in Africa by 2020
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What's your favourite Christmas moovie?
This Christmas, send a Cow to where it's really wanted. Buy a Christmas gift at http://www.sendacowgifts.org All gifts will be doubled by the UK Government until 31st December.
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Harvest for Life with Send a Cow
Find out more at http://www.sendacow.org/harvest
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Send a Cow Charity Video  - Help End Poverty
http://www.sendacow.org.uk This video is about Send a Cow - a charity that helps thousands of African families grow enough food to eat, sell their produce and develop small businesses that last - helping to end poverty in Africa. Our charity provides training, livestock, seeds and ongoing support; and helps families to make the most of the land and resources they already have. With our help, families and orphans leave poverty for good. Find out more about the charity at: http://www.sendacow.org.uk
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How the Send a Cow charity started
http://www.sendacow.org.uk How it all began - a short video talking about how Send a Cow started in Uganda. We now work in seven countries and don't actually 'send' cows. Although we still provide livestock, much of our work now is to do with growing food, social development and helping people to start small businesses.
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The Big Debate: Dr Titi Banjoko on aid and corruption
The Big Debate is hosted by the international development charity Send a Cow https://www.sendacow.org/
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Harvest Appeal 2017
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The story of Send a Cow
From its origin in 1988 to the present day, African development charity Send a Cow has been on an incredible journey. Discover its history with this mini-documentary. http://www.sendacow.org
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Helena's testimony
Based on a true account, this is the story of how a 60-year old widow of the Rwandan genocide came to reconcile with her neighbours.
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Professor Alan Dangour describes a food system that is failing
Talk by Prof. Alan Dangour from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at Send a Cow's The Big Debate, City Hall, London - 2 February 2017
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The Big Cow Project: Starbucks' impact on Rwandan farming
In Autumn 2015, Starbucks UK and Ireland fundraised for Send a Cow. This film offers an insight into how that campaign is now impacting on the lives of Rwandan farmers...
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A Ugandan farmyard at Shortwood Farm
This farm made a Ugandan style 'Send a Cow' farmyard on their land to talk to visitors about sustainable ways of growing food in Uganda and about the work of the charity Send a Cow. They are now part of the education project 'Grow it Global'. Find out more at www.sendacow.org.uk/growitglobal
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Lesotho: an emergency appeal
Donate now at http://www.sendacow.org/lesothonow
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Following the Pass-On trail of Send a Cow's work
http://www.sendacow.org.uk See the impact that a gift of just one cow back in 1995 has had on a Ugandan family.
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Richie Alford on the UK Aid debate
Director of Research and Impact, Richie Alford, gives his reflections on the current aid debate in the UK
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The Dawuro Project
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Nutrition LBTL
It's not how much you eat, but what you eat.
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Send a Cow's Wealth Creation project in Kenya
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The Big Debate: Can family farming ease poverty in Africa?
In summer 2014, Send a Cow held a debate in London's City Hall to discuss the role of family farming in reducing poverty in Africa.
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Burundi: the forgotten country
Support farmers like Dionesie now at http://www.sendacow.org/dionesie
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Unheard Voices
''Stories get told every day, but only some voices get heard.'' With the help of some well-known faces, we're speaking up for the #UnheardVoices of Burundi. Officially the hungriest and unhappiest country in the world, Burundi has been forgotten for too long. People like Dionésie, whose story features in the film, feel isolated and left behind. Let the stories of Burundi be heard. Share the video now- http://www.sendacow.org/unheard-voices Send a Cow is one of the few charities working in Burundi right now. With 30 years of experience working in Africa, we know that families can transform their lives with the right support. A special thank you to Ben Aldridge, Adjoa Andoh, Eboni Beckford-Chambers, Bill Bryson, Miles Chambers, Jonathan Dimbleby, Jenny Eclair, Sir Bob Geldof, Jane Horrocks, Michelle Keegan, Prue Leith, Rose Leslie, Omar Lye-Fook, Sophie McShera, Andrew Scott and Michaela Strachan who volunteered their time to be part of the campaign.
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Benefits of organic compost/manure - Africa
http://www.sendacow.org.uk A short video showing how much difference organic composted manure makes to crops such as bananas in Uganda, Africa.
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Send a Cow for Christmas
Visit www.sendacow.org/christmas to help now
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Send A Cow's Break Fast Appeal: two weeks to go!
Click here to support us now! http://bit.ly/1lmIO1z The UK government will double every donation you make until 30 June 2014. Our Break Fast appeal is all about giving kids in Africa a break -- fast -- from poverty and hunger, so they can get the best possible start in life.
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Mobile phones in rural Uganda (Kumi) | M4D
http://www.sendacow.org.uk Helen and Jane from Uganda explain how their mobile phones help in everday life. With two mobiles for every African, there's huge potential for seeing them help with development and agriculture. In this video, see how Helen and Jane's mobiles work hard for them in improving lives in their community.
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