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Disco catfish
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2013 18yo just maintaining not even bulking
Not even bulking yet haha this is maintaince for me lmao Don't take advice from 160lb a guy wear child size shirt unless he has a college degree Other wise he doesn't have clue what the f** he's talking about Small for a reason lack of knowledge
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Single lmao
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Instagram & snapchat flexcam15
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Fat vs being bloated,the trolls were wrong about my beach p
Sorry I don't have a pump 24/7 or flex in every photo Certainly wasn't fat in those beach photos,this video was taken in about 24,26 hours after I got home started pounding the water in and low sodium food.
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Same size calves as Bostin loyd ? Why are trolls always smaller ppl ?
Lol to noodle armed keyboard warriors who've never competed trying to inform me about bodybuilding. Instagram abmaster2. For some who only works their 15 inch arms ( sarcasm ) I look pretty good. Black sabbath iron man.
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Jeep Wrangler snow
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Veins !
Full video on theblondesavage.com Instagram abmaster2
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Planet fitness discrimination
Planet fitness only forces the rules when it comes to ppl who are actually in shape. Smaller guys get away with grunting drops weights & gallon jugs
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Jumping Jesus
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Working out after depression/breakup
Mom can't figure out to work the camera, trying to get b4 after pics check my Instagram abmaster2 for them Girls suck loosing weight bc of a girl again
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