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Titanic - A Life So Changed (Piano) RIP James Horner
I covered this track from Titanic (1997), "A Life So Changed", and dedicated it solemnly to composer James Horner. He died tragically in 2015, but he still lives on to me. This one is for you, James Horner. You continue to inspire me as a musician everyday. I have many more "Titanic" piano covers under my channel, two of which I performed live on stage. I'd love for you to view those and comment on, as well!
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Des'ree- You Gotta Be (Piano Version)
I recorded a piano cover of the popular 90s song by Desree "You Gotta Be" on my Yamaha P95. Hope you like :)
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DEADLY WOMEN - Opening Theme (Piano)
The official opening theme song to the Investigation Discovery crime show, "Deadly Women". Watching it last night made me want to learn it. So I made a piano cover version for the show's new season, Season 10! I've been loving this show for years, so I had to learn the theme by ear. Hope you like it! Please subscribe :-)
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I Love Lucy- At the Cigar Store
A funny clip from the I Love Lucy episode "The Ricardos Visit Cuba." Lucy just dropped a box of expensive cigars she was going to replace for the ones she ruined of Uncle Alberto's. To hide herself from both uncle alberto and the store clerk, she disguises herself as one of the tobacco makers. Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz
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Titanic- To the Stars (Piano Cover)
"Where to, Miss?" "To the stars." Titanic Unreleased Soundtrack- To the Stars. Made a cover of this previously, but replayed this for a better version :-) Soundtrack during car love scene. Yamaha P155 UPDATE: NEW TUTORIAL FOR THIS SONG IS UP!
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Kingdom Hearts- Simple & Clean (Male Version)
I noticed the other male versions of Utada Hikaru's song were rather too low, so I made one with more realism to it. Kingdom Hearts Simple & Clean by Utada. Japanese Anime. Hope you like it
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Prank Call- Judge Judy Calls The Magic Bullet
A funny video of Judge Judy pranking the magic Bullet express blender company. How DARE they deceive the public and sell a trashy TV product! Judge Judy gives one of their saleswomen a bullet she'll never forget.
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Titanic - "New York" Original Soundtrack (With Rain)
I created this by adding light, relaxing rain in the background of James Horner's Titanic piece "New York", as heard in the film's scene when Rose arrives in New York on the Carpathia, as she gazes up at the Statue of Liberty. I wanted this soundtrack to sound exactly like the original scene, without the dialogue. I hope you enjoy! :)
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Titanic - "To The Stars" (PIANO TUTORIAL)
I received several requests to do a piano tutorial of the beautiful tune from Titanic (1997), "To the Stars". Also known as the Car Scene theme. This song is very easy to learn and should take about 10 minutes. You may need to watch the video a few times to get it down. Music by James Horner. Hope you like it and GOOD LUCK! "Where to, Miss?" "To the stars."
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Titanic- To The Stars (Piano Cover)
Played this by ear, a recreation of the movie's love scene score.
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How to Wear a Rosary Around Your Hand (Tutorial)
Want to learn how to wrap a rosary around your hand like Lorraine Warren/Vera Farmiga did in 'The Conjuring' films? Here's how... This video demonstrates how to wrap a beaded rosary around your hand. First, put the rosary around your hand, then fold it over again. Then, lift the slack and twist the slacked string and wrap it around your middle finger. You can put the crucifix part up your sleeve to secure it. If you wish to tighten the rosary so it's not loose around your hand, wrap a tight or elastic bracelet around your wrist.
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Titanic - The Portrait (Piano Cover)
James Horner- The Portrait (My Heart Will Go On) Piano Cover. Celine Dion. Yamaha P-255. :)
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Enfield Poltergeist - Ed Warren's Interview with Janet (ACTUAL RECORDING)
I really love The Conjuring 2 and did some research on the Enfield Poltergeist case that happened in 1977, in which the film was based on. There's many, many videos of audio recordings on Youtube with many paranormal investigators talking to/interviewing Janet Hogdson in her possessed-state-of-being, but none with demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were also involved in the case. Here is some of a very long audio recording that Ed Warren conducted with Janet, who was apparently possessed by a man named "Fred" at the time. From the files of Ed and Lorraine Warren. WARNING: The Warrens have suggested that listening to audio recordings of this nature can be dangerous. Envision yourself in a halo of glowing White light. It will protect you. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS CONTENT. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS. FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!
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Hush (2016) End Credits Theme - PIANO COVER
A piano cover I created of the ending theme to the 2016 movie "Hush". Originally composed by The Newton Brothers, this song I played is called "Against the Odds". Played on Yamaha P255. This is one of my favorite horror movies and I really love the soundtrack, especially the end credits theme. I basically improvised it and did everything by ear within a day. Hope you like! Please rate, comment, and subscribe! :-) Maddie Young is a deaf writer living alone in the countryside. One night she must survive in total silence when a masked killer appears in her window. Hush soundtrack, Hush piano cover, Hush movie trailer, The Newton Brothers
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Cinderella (2015) Trailer Music "Aeon" - Piano Cover
Covered the trailer theme song to Cinderella (2015), also known as "Aeon" composed by Nick Murray, on piano! I don't have any sheets as I did this Completely by Ear! All comments and ratings appreciated!
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Night of the Living Dead (1990) Farmhouse Scene
Scene from the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. Barbara (Patricia Tallman) stumbles upon a farmhouse in the countryside, and then panics when she realizes she's not alone. She also meets Ben. I do not own this video. No Copyright infringment intended. For entertainment purposes only!
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Send Me On My Way- Rusted Root Piano Cover
Pop song from the mid 90s by Rusted Root. Also the theme song to Matilda and Ice Age :) recorded on Yamaha P95
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Taken By Trees- Sweet Child O' Mine (Piano Cover)
Originally by Guns N' Roses...Played Taken By Tree's version Flowers in the Attic
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Titanic Piano- "The Dream" Ending Music
I re-recorded the final scene music in the movie "Titanic" by synthesizing it on my two keyboards. Hope you like it :)
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REAL Telekinesis on Video
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The Witch (2015) - Ending Coven Scene
Here is the extremely creepy and unsettling ending of The Witch (2015), as Thomasin signs Satan's book and frees herself from her Christian ties and turns to the Dark Side. After making a Deal with the Devil, she walks into the woods and joins a coven of local witches, who chant very creepily around a fire. They all then begin to levitate. Terrifying scene! I do not own any of this content. All rights go to original owners. For entertainment purposes only!
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Pocahontas- Listen With Your Heart (piano cover)
A piano mix I created on my Yamaha P95. Song from Disney's Pocahontas :)
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Titanic- Unable To Stay, Unwilling to Leave (Synthesia)
Sorry guys, the audio doesnt really match with the key falls :( so this video is more of a listen-along than a piano tutorial. Hope you like it! Titanic Jump Scene MIDI link: http://www.angelfire.com/il/cangels/titanicwav.html
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Titanic Piano - "My Heart Will Go On" - Performance
I performed the theme song to Titanic (1997) at Forest Park High School one night at the annual talent show. I was a Senior at the time and this is my second time performing live on stage. "My Heart Will Go On" also known as "The Portrait", composed by James Horner. Love theme from Titanic. Performed at Forest Park High School, Montclair VA.
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Titanic Piano- My Heart Will Go On
I played this song, My Heart Will Go On, at my first ever piano recital. I thought I did a pretty good job for my first, and the audience and instructors seemed to enjoy it. This piece is also known as "The Portrait", by James Horner ;) recorded by Celine Dion
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Stephen King's IT - Henry Bowers Tribute
A school project I did. Had to make a short video presentation of my favorite villain from a novel, and I chose the sociopathic bully from Stephen King's IT. Hope you like! Music by Tree Adams
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Halloween (2018) Main Theme - Piano Cover
Michael Myers is back - and he's on the hunt for Laurie Strode, who survived his terror that he unearthed on the night of Halloween in Haddonfield, Illinois exactly 40 years ago! For the film's new release, I made this eerie piano cover of the original John Carpenter theme song that he composed for Halloween (1978) as well as Halloween (2018)! I do hope you enjoy and I hope you guys had a great Halloween of 2018!
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The Walking Dead - Game Main Theme (Piano Cover)
Main theme song to the Telltale Games video game "The Walking Dead", with characters Lee Everett and Clementine. I used my Yamaha P-255 to recreate this sad, emotional song to a sad and emotional video game
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Edward Scissorhands- Ice Dance (Piano)
Piano cover. Ice Dance from Edward Scissorhands, composed by Danny Elfman. Played on Yamaha P-95...
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John Lennon "Imagine" (Basic) Tutorial
Here is a *basic* tutorial for the tune that plays throughout John Lennon's perfect song Imagine. I am a beginner to the piano, so I may have made some mistakes :/ sorry! requested by my buddy Keith!
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Edward Scissorhands Piano - Ice Dance
Scene from the Tim Burton movie "Edward Scissorhands" when Edward is sculpting an angel out of ice and Kim dances in the snow. Used a combination of piano and choir on Yamaha P95 digital piano :)
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Halloween (1978) Piano Theme
John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) main Michael Myers theme song. Piano cover of mine. Hope you like!
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Phantasm- Theme (Piano Cover)
This track was extremely difficult to make and generate. I used a combination of a synthesizer and my two keyboards. I then recorded 3 seperate tracks (piano, choir, and beat) then combined them all in Audacity. Hope you like it! Main theme song from the 1979 horror "Phantasm"
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IT - Henry Bowers' Theme Song
Fan-made video created by me. This isn't the "official" theme song for Henry Bowers and his gang of bullies, but I thought it to be very fitting if it were. Henry Bowers IT Stephen King. Music by Tree Landergarten.
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John Lennon Imagine (Piano cover)
A piano cover I made in dedication to one of the world's greatest musicians, John Lennon. Played and recorded from my Yamaha P95 digital piano. Hope you enjoy it!
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Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You (Piano Cover)
Even though this was played on the piano I mostly used the string and electric effects. Hope you like it :) tribute to Whitney Houston
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Pocahontas Piano Cover- Colors Of The Wind
Colors of the Wind. Famous song from the Disney movie "Pocahotas", lyrics included in the video :) Took very long to learn this piece, but finally got it!!! Yamaha P95 digital piano. Also, that weird cricket sound you may hear was from my cell phone. Sorry!
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Cinderella (2015) "Aeon" Piano Cover
An NEW and IMPROVED version of a previous cover I did. Composed by Nick Murray and featured in the trailer of the 2015 life-action film of Cinderella. Please rate and comment! "Aeon" piano cover, Cinderella trailer music cover Performed by me
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NEW Corel PaintShop Pro X5- Makeover
Me trying out the New Corel Paintshop Pro X5 with an untouched portrait, giving it a younger-looking touch up
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piano 003
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canon t2i
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betyshouse 074.MOV
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Falls Church St. Katherine's Easter 2012
St. Katherine's Greek orthodox church on Easter night, 2012
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Canon T2i (1.8 50mm) Video Test
Canon T2i video mode on a sunny day
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Canon rebel T2i full HD dog
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Canon T2i Video Test (Full HD)
Thought this video was funny
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Titanic Piano Cover- My Heart Will Go On
I have performed this song recently at a recital, but thought I'd play it again in a much more crisp-clear version. Played on Yamaha P95 digital piano. From the 1997 motion picture "Titanic" My Heart Will Go On recorded by Celine Dion Piano played by GreekGodJonathan
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Sweet Child O Mine
This video is about Sweet Child O Mine
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Stephen King Revival Tour 2014 - Washington DC
Stephen King was even more awesome in person! He came to Washington DC on Nov. 12th! Sorry for bad quality; filmed from my iPad
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The Pow Pow - All In (Alternate Version)
Here is an alternative version I made of "All In" by The Pow Pow, with the vocals removed during the chorus part and solely electric guitar playing and heard! Featured in Lizzie Borden Took An Ax.
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