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I'm warning u guys not to buy 2k18 for Xbox 360/PS3 bc it's the same as 2k17 and they copy & paste and they didn't change anything except for updated rosters THANKS FOR WATCHING!! TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR NEW VIDEOS MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL, I'LL BE UPLOADING MORE VIDEOS ASAP !! ✌🏾✌🏾💯💯 SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOW MY TWITTER: https://instagram.com/itz_kevonnn https://twitter.com/itz_kevonnn ORIGINAL VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/jYy-wbkz-sE Hello It's ImKevon TV and I'm on the road to 100k subscribers, I love basketball it's my favorite sport, I love to play nba basketball and 2k, video games is my favorite hobbies, I wanna be a big youtuber and getting better at basketball, I want 1k or even 50k subs by the end of the year. Chris Smoove and Prettyboyfredo are my fav 2k youtubers, My Career , Mypark , Stage , high rollers Best jump shot NBA 2k16 Vc glitch , 99 overall , chris smoove , pro am myplayer ultimate dribble tutorial nba 2k17, dont buy vc, proof nba 2k17 is broken, hankdatank25 dribble tutorial, hankdatank25 carried hankdatank25, hankdatank25 carried by highest rep 100 GAME NBA 2k17 shoot everyone Instant mascot glitch Vc glitch after patch 5 vc glitch NBA 2k17 orlandoinchicago, nba 2k17 news, mascot, Vc glitch after patch 5 vc glitch PRETTYBOYFREDO PRETTYBOY FREDO , nba2k17 unlimited vc glitch, best jumpshot, best dribble moves, nba2k16 best dunks, redcityboy23,montage, nba2k17 montage,, nba2k17 funny, nba 2k17 funny moments, nba2k16 funny moments,rtg, shoot everyone Instant legend mascot glitch, superstar, superstar 5, legend, dance, challenge, park after dark, nba 2k17 vc glitch, nba 2k17 best dribble moves, sharpshooter, demigod glitch, In NBA2K17 I plan on making videos on: Nba 2k17, nba 2k17 gameplay, nba2k17 gameplay, nba2k17 dunks, nba2k17 park, nba 2k17, nba2k17 animations, nba2k17 mypark, 2k17, nba 2k17 , nba 2k17 best jumpshots, nba 2k17 best dunks, nba 2k17 best signature styles, nba2k17 best jumpshots, nba2k17 best dunks, nba2k17 animations, nba 2k17 jumpshots, nba2k17 all parks, nba2k17 rep, nba2k17 leaked gameplay, nba2k17 myteam, nba 2k17 myteam, nba2k17 myplayer, nba2k17 mycareer, nba 2k17 game, nba2k17 best jumpshot nba2k17 best jumpshot nba 2k17 best jumpshot nba2k17 best jumpshots, nba 2k17 best jumpshots nba 2k17 best jumpshot nba 2k17 best jumpshot nba 2k17 best myplayer build nba 2k17 best shooting guard build nba 2k17 best small forward build nba 2k17 best power forward build nba 2k17 best outside player build nba2k17 best balanced player build nba 2k17 mycareer nba 2k17 best inside player build Nba2k17, nba 2k17, nba2k17 best jumpshots, nba 2k17 best jumpshot, nba2k17 myplayer build, nba2k17 mycareer, nba2k17 mypark, nba2k17 best dunks, nba2k17 best signature styles, Some youtubers I plan on playing with or against in NBA2K16 and/or NBA2K17 are: yrndj, 100 winstreak win streak gameplay dr 2k, Kellhitemup95, kellhitemup, prettyboyfredo, shoot everyone, shooteveryone, J Money Johnson , and agent 00 My Favorite 2K Youtubers are: HankDaTank25 and The Book of SwantE, soluminati is the king of sunset, chris smoove is my grandpa, park, i have the best dribble moves in nba 2k17, jump shot, custom, i have the best jumpshot in nba 2k17 that it will make you wet, how to, greenlights in nba 2k17 mypark, HankDaTank25 exposed, Free LSK, prettyboyfredo, patch 7, mt. dew tourney, best player builds in nba 2k17, nba 2k17 best player build for slasher, nba 2k17 best player build for sharpshooter, nba 2k17 best speedboosting player build my park ankle breaker badge hall of fame cheese nadexe nadexey jumpshot custom jumpshots best patch rep superstar mypark nba player expose exposed lance Stephenson kyrie lebron curry nba 2k17 best dribble moves, nba 2k17 mt dew tournament, nadexe prettyboyfredo, nba 2k17 ultimate dribble tutorial, how to speedboost with a sharpshooter, best dribble moves in nba 2k17, best player build in nba 2k17, nba 2k17 animation glitch, nba 2k17 vc glitch, best rhythm dribble in nba 2k17, NBA 2K17 KOBE BETWEEN THE LEGS DRIBBLE SPAM, NBA 2K17 DEMIGOD GLITCH, NBA 2K17 DOUBLE REP WEEKEND, NBA 2K17 BEST SHARPSHOOTER PLAYER BUILD, LSK, basketball, 1v1, ps4, xbox one, demigod, NBA 2K17,nba 2k17,nba 2k17 glitch,nba 2k17 my career,nba 2k17 mycareer, prettyboyfredo, rep, legend, splashbroshd, glitch, vc, jumpshot, best, unlimited, ps4, xbox, mascot, jumpshots, new, 2k17, nba, mypark, nba 2k17 vc glitch, dribble, free, 2k, my park, pro am, rttf, rival day, am,ankle,breaker,badge,deadeye,,game winning, custom,green,light,how,to,get,solluminati,demigod,playmaker,sharpshooter,signature styles,cheese, nba 2k18 nba2k18, g
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