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2012 Oklahoma Sooners-Ready To Roar
2012 Oklahoma Sooners preseason hype video Song: Roar Artist: Treat I do not own the rights to these clips or music this was Purely Fan Made for fun.
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R.I.P Randy Yandell beloved Father and Grandfather
A video my brother and I made in honor of our father who passed in Feb of 2015
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2012 Oklahoma Sooners Defense-Sharks!
2012 Oklahoma Sooners Defense hype video I dont own the clips or music this is purely fan made for fun.
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R.I.P Grandpa Payton & Grandpa Yandell
A tribute to my two lost grandfathers (They were both great friends and attended each others churchs often thats how my parents meet)
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2012 Arkansas Razorbacks- Let it go
A video I made out of my way for the many Razorback fans that im friends with. Just let go of the fired Petrino and remember who yall are. Im not a Razorback fan so I was lazy and used some one elses video edits just edited it a bit to fit the music. Clips edited by: loieb213
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Wendell Payton-The Master Locksmith
Track 3 to my passed Grandfathers album "less then perfect"
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Wendell Payton-Feeling mighty fine
The second Track of my grandfathers album Less then Perfect that he recorded before he passed away
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Anna and Josh Rushing newly Weds 2012
A present for Anna and Josh, I love you guys may God bless you with may happy days together.
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Wendell Payton- The light house
Im going out of my usaul editing to share my grandfathers album(covers) he recorded before he died "Less then perfect"
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2010 Oklahoma sooners preseason pump up
A preseason video I made 3 years ago for the 2010 sooners. Just wanted to reupload it since I lost it after cleaning my account.
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Video Tribute to my family
I love you guys so much.
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