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Breeding Red Devils and Green Terrors
In my 90 gallon I'm letting the parents raise their fry for a little while until I take them out and let the fry grow out by themselves, and in the sump I'm growing out a few butterfly koi until they're big enough to survive in my pond.
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Snowflake eel attacks clownfish (survives)
One of my clown fish wondered into the wrong area, right into the snowflake eel's den. Sorry it's hard to see, it was in the very back of the tank behind the live rock. The clown fish escaped and survived, extremely lucky fish.
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Tropical storm Colin Oldsmar Florida
Couldn't resist walking to the end of the pier, it was awesome to watch until I felt the boards lifting up under my feet.
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Silver Arowana and Cichlid aquariums
A look at my 4 aquariums as they are right now, I have 6 more aquariums I'll be setting up within a week or two. Freshwater, saltwater, and planted aquariums. I'll do another video soon in way more detail showing all my fish up close with my GoPro.
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Fluval Flex 15 gallon Planted Aquarium
I recently set up a fluval flex 15 gallon all in one system which I love so far even though I'm far from finished with my plant selection. I'm lighting it with a Lumini Asta 120 LED light and heating it with a Cobalt 100watt heater set on 81°F which is temperature that my pair of rams enjoy. I also keep the PH at 5.8, using R-O water. I'll also be adding a fluval 88 Co2 system within a week of this video. The soil I'm using is fluval stratum. Any questions or recommendations just ask or comment below.
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Wasp carrying big caterpillar up a fence
(First of all I'm sorry for the vertical video, i wasn't originally going to upload it) I was outside watering my garden and noticed this huge wasp carrying a big caterpillar across the yard, the camera doesn't do the size any justice for it. This caterpillar was as big as my pinky finger. I'm not sure what kind of wasp this is, I live in Tampa Florida so if anyone know what kind it is please let me know. Take fascinating how strong these insects are.
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Update on my aquariums
This is a little update on all of my aquariums. I'm in the middle of building a couple huge acrylic tanks, luckily Im a manager for my dad's glass shop so I can build and get glass/acrylic for free lol. I'm upgrading the saltwater tank to 240 gallons and my South American cichlid tank to 340 gallons. Should be ready in a couple of weeks.
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Handicap Cart Fun
Acting stupid in the parking lot after making impulse purchases
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Feeding my panther grouper
Feeding my panther grouper some krill
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My reef tank in the moonlight
My reef tank at night right before the lights turn off, in the moonlight setting. It's not at bright as the camera makes it out to be lol.
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Unexpected manatees while fishing
I was in the middle of fishing the mangroves in Tampa bay and 4 manatees randomly showed up, it was nice to see they were doing good.
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