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Circle Time- Two Hand Rule, prevent class disruptions, Appelbaum Training Institute
Marty Appelbaum teaches 2-hand rule to preschoolers. Very cute
"I am Special," Song - Foster Self-Esteem
Foster self-esteem in young children. Watch Maryln using a "prop" friend, Doodles Duck, lead a group of preschoolers singing an easy fun song.
Appelbaum Training- Fergie the Frog
Teacher enthusiasm
Funny Tongue Twister for Preschool, Silly Sally, Appelbaum Training Institute
Cute kids doing Silly Sally tongue twister with Maryln Appelbaum
"Rocking Across the River" Marty Appelbaum by Appelbaum training Institute
Fun activity for children "walking across a pretend river"
Appelbaum Training- Teaching Children to Solve Conflict
Teaching children to solve conflict.
Dino Rap
Come and join in & do the Dinosaur Rap. This book that comes with its own CD! Swish your tail, click your claws….and ROAR! Our singalong CD will let your children travel back in time to dance and sing with a prehistoric posse of dinosaurs! It’s time to get Rapping! Go to http://www.teacherboutique.com/ for more information!
I've Been Working in the Child Care - Appelbaum Traininng Institute
Maryln Appelbaum - Houston Seminar May 12, 2018
Appelbaum Training- Friend Song
Friend song circle game
Prevent Lying, Teach "True or Untrue" Appelbaum Training Institute
Marty Appelbaum teaches kids the difference between telling the truth and not telling the truth.
Brain Crossovers with Maryln Appelbaum & Preschoolers-- Appelbaum Training Institute
Watch how easy it is to do exercises to stimulate the brain as Maryln does crossovers with young preschoolers.
Teach Sharing to Preschoolers by Appelbaum Training Institute
Teach children how to share using this simple technique.
Music in the classroom
Heather Finch - Second grade teacher in Memphis TN. Having fun and so is her class. Motivational music and message!
Marty dancing to Fergie Gets Fit with Jack Hartmann
Have fun watching Marty as "Fergie" dancing with Jack Hartmann to "Fergie Gets Fit" from Jack's CD, Jump, Jive, & Jiggle.
Appelbaum Training- USA VS Canada
2011 Sao Paulo Pan American Games
Cute kids smiling with Doodles the Duck Puppet & Maryln Appelbaum--Appelbaum Training Institute
Doodles the Duck Puppet quacks and children smile. Adorable & guaranteed to make you smile too.
175 Ways to Motivate K-12 Students - Appelbaum Training Institute
175 Ways to Motivate Difficult, Disruptive, Disinterested and Defiant Students
Appelbaum Training- Tantrums - "Push the pause button"
Prevent tantrums & teach self-control to children
Clock Hours & CEU's for Early Childhood Educators Appelbaum Training Institute
Learn easy way to get clock hours and CEU's that are state-approved for childcare and preschool providers
Circle Time - Kindness Activity- By Appelbaum Training Institute
A fun circle time activity to teach kids to be kind called, "Pass the Kindness
Adorable Kids Singing "Fergie the Frog" by Jack Hartmann, Appelbaum Training Institute
Watch Maryln leading the kids to the Fergie the Frog song. So cute.
Appelbaum Training- Doug Medford
Seminar Presenter for Apelbaum Training Institute
Circle Time, Preschoolers, "What's Missing, Appelbaum Training Institute
Preschoolers learn critical thinking skills with Marty Appelbaum
Appelbaum Training- NBC Story
Appelbaum Training Institute
Maryln's Silly Laugh by Appelbaum Training Institute
If you want a fun laugh, just listen to Maryln & Marty, & you will break out laughing too.
Preventing Tantrums - Marty Appelbaum - Feather Duster
Have fun watching Marty tell audience how to prevent melt-downs in young children using a "feather duster" to dust off their angries.
Rule: How to Get Teacher's Attention
Neat way to get the attention of a teacher without yelling, "Teacher!"
MEET THE EXPERT: Steve Spangler - America's Science Teacher
Steve Spangler- America's Science Teacher
Circle Activity, Kindness Game Appelbaum Training Institute
Maryln leads circle activity teaching kids to be kind using Fergie the puppet.
Appelbaum Training- Laugh with Puppets
Maryln and class laughing.
Appelbaum Training- Biting
Great strategy to teach toddlers not to bite--"Yes, No" book or poster
Appelbaum Training- Children With Special Needs
How to tell a parent their child has special needs
Superhero Shazam by Appelbaum Training Institute
Great way to use the superhero theme to get attention of children.
Appelbaum Training Institute - Classroom Management Using a Wireless Door Chime
Get the attention of your classroom without clapping, counting, call and response, or flicking the lights. This door chime has 32 melodies you can choose. Flexible design, easy to use, no wiring required. Remote control range up to 50 feet.
"Lining Up"
Teach young children how to get in line in an orderly fashion.