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Koning Breast CT
Designed Specifically for Breast Imaging Unlike whole body CT Scanners, KBCT is the first fully integrated, dedicated CT scanner designed specifically to image the breast with high spatial and contrast resolution at a radiation dose within the range of diagnostic mammography. KBCT incorporates an exam table and a horizontal CT gantry to provide comfortable prone positioning of the patient without compression of the breast tissue. Access to the patient is available from either side of the scanner through wide interlocking safety covers. The exam table and gantry elevate independently up to 5 feet to allow ease and accuracy of positioning and access for minimally invasive procedures such as vacuum assisted needle biopsy. Independent elevation and continuous gantry rotation with slip ring technology assures accurate imaging of even the largest breast sizes. Also unlike Whole Body CT Scanners, KBCT has a self contained operators console/workstation eliminating the need for a separate control room.
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