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Dark Souls NG+ SL1 Smough and Ornstein Killallogist
Good thing for the 87 soft humanity. A lot of people don't know it raises defenses... :) Still managed it first try, still would've died without all that soft humanity. Balder shield (75 stability, 4 weight) can block those big Ornstein attacks, no 66 stability shield can block them available at SL1 (Heater shield etc) Green Moss is the key too. Enjoy. Dark souls SL1 playthrough NG+ Xbox GT: Killallogist
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Dark Souls Gwyn - Fastest SL1 kill by: Killallogist (lucky!)
Soul level 1. 22~ seconds. You can't do this kind of damage with ripostes. I got lucky at the end. You can parry his jump attacks, like the one I chose to doge at 1st... I doubt this could be done so fast with red tearstone unless you can flippity floppity and still do damage LOL. Not my first SL1 playthrough obviously. Enjoy.
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SL1 Dark Souls Smough and Ornstein Without Solaire: Killallogist
Sl1 playthrough, I recorded some of it on my smartphone. I though it was on 720, I had changed it to save space. Sorry for the horrible video quality. Still kicking ass! GT Killallogist
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Dark Souls SL1 Bed of Chaos Killallogist
I'm used to shooting the left one with an arrow... Enjoy. Sorry about my kids, I love em :) Filmed with a phone lol. My bad, random filming.
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Firesage Demon SL1 Playthrough Titanite Slab: Killallogist
Random, filmed with smartphone at 360p, sorry. Dark Souls Firesage Killallogist
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SL1 Dark Souls playthrough Centipede Demon Killallogist
Sorry for horrible picture, used a smartphone. This boss was incredibly easy. Dark Souls Killallogist Killallogist SL1 NG playthrough.
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SL1 Nito Dark Souls Playthrough
Crappy resolution n sound, sorry. Filmed with smartphone at 720p, cropped video to fit. No dodging, just fat ass tanking.
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Dark Souls SL1 Playthrough 4 Kings, Easiest Way?
Sorry for the horrible resolution, used my smartphone. Heavy tanking, the easiest way? Beat em 4th try. Dark Souls Killallogist
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Find the Pug, Can you Beat an 8 Year Old? Score: 51
Can anybody beat this? This is crazy! He made it to 51, here's a link to the game: http://games.noradsanta.org/ftp/index.html Record it if you can... ;)
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