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Lee Harvey Oswald is innocent says eye witness to President John Kennedy's assasination
Philip Lindsay interviews Michael Brownlow , an eye witness to the assasination of President John F. KENNEDY . Michael explains what he saw on that infamous day in American history as a young boy of ten years old. He says " Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK " and explains why in graphic detail at the exact location where the fatal shot was fired above the grassy knoll on Elm Street in Dallas Texas. Watch this amazing historic interview .
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Richard Neville dies 4th September 2016.
A brief history of Richard Neville , editor of OZ Magazine. Interview with close friend and collaborator Peter Kingston.
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President Kennedy's assasin James Files view from behind picket fence above the grassy knoll
Philip Lindsay recreates the view of Elm Street which James Files , self confessed assasin of President Kennedy , saw through his telescopic sights , as he hid behind the picket fence , moments before he fired the accurate killer shot with his precision made Remington " Fireball" pistol . The precise spot where Kennedy was struck is marked by an " X" on the bitumen of Elm Street where two people are standing . This film demonstrates how and why Kennedy's right forehead was penetrated by the bullet and the back of his head exploded over the rear of the car. It also demonstrates how James Files had a clearer view and easier target than Lee Harvey Oswald who was high up on level 6 of the book depository with his old bolt action rifle. The Umbrella Man was standing on the footpath a few metres from the couple in this video and the "X" mark . See link on Remington Fireball pistol : https://youtu.be/FMIspGAE4WA See interview with eye witness of assasination : https://youtu.be/dtevlA4A0kg
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Man sleeps while standing up .
Old Japanese man goes to sleep while standing up on train. Its hilarious.
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Haight Ashbury  : a drive down this legendary street in June 2017.
Haight Ashbury street where the summer of love began in 1969.
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Richard Neville dies  , editor of Oz Magazine. A brief history.
Richard Neville founder of OZ Magazine a 1960s radical magazine published in London. This video is a brief history . Richard died 4th September 2016.
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Wendy Ung , Chinese feng shui art expert, appraises Wayne Ashton's painting " Big Red " .
Wendy Ung , Chinese feng shui art expert, appraises Wayne Ashton's painting " Big Red " in his studio @ 11 Northumberland Avenue , Stanmore in Sydney.
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Peter Newall and Wolf Mail Band @ Lazy Bones
Peter ( Jackhammer) Newall fronted legendary guitarist Wolf Mail's Band at Lazy Bones Blues Bar in Marickville on Saturday 20th January.
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Yowie sighting  filmed  HD close up in Australia .
In the remote wilderness of Western Australia in the Darling Ranges forest , naturalist and photographer Sam MacDonald saw and filmed a Yowie which is the Australian Bigfoot or Sasquatch or Yeti. The West Australian Aborigines call it a "Marbu". The video of the Yowie is actual footage taken by Sam . This is only a portion of what he filmed.
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Wayne discusses one of his Pinski paintings from his Chilli studio in 11 Northumberland Avenue Stanmore. Pinkski , his pet dog lays at his feet...Pinkski features in most of Waynes
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Lindsay Art
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San Francisco nights crazy homeless people .
July 2017 at 4am in middle of San Franciscan summer night with temp at 14 degrees celcius , what appears to be a bag of garbage dumped on pavement comes to life !!!! Thousands of drug addicts wake at night and wander the streets .
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Sydney Harbour  welcomed  by miraculous rainbow
Huge rainbow appears over Sydney Harbour on Trumps inauguration day. Heralding a new era.
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Interview with Greg Piper bassist of 1960s band The North Side Four
Philip Lindsay interviews Greg Piper , at the Killara Green Gate Hotel , about his bass playing days with the legendary cover band The North Side Four. They played more times at Sydney's Trocadero than any other band.
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Wayne Ashton's unveiling of  ,  " Big Red " oil painting
Wayne Ashton unveils his new painting titled : Big Red . A sumptuous marine composition .
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California's The Big Sur , June 2017
The Big Sur in California on a perfect summer day.
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San Franciscos drug addict catastrophe
In middle of cold night 14C , a half naked drugged man doing a weird ritual walk on Market Street in middle of San Francisco . Its a disaster zone and mayor does nothing about it.
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Echidna in Sydney  suburb garden.
The rare Echidna was found searching for ants in the garden of a home in Sydney suburb of Thornleigh .
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The Rake : perform The Weight
Sunday at Bundeena Bowlo.
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Tai Chi expert Shui Jing Ling.
Tai Chi expert Shui Jing Ling performs a basic routine ideal for afternoon exercise or morning meditation. Filmed on location at West Head in Garigal National Park ( Sydney) in Australia..Coincidentally the saxophone being played was happening at same time by a person nearby and was unintentional.
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