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The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses," Cotton Club, Shanghai, China
This is the by far the best live cover of Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones) I have ever heard in my life. It is rare indeed when the cover version of a classic sounds even better than the original. So much power! On the cold, windy night of Feb 23, 2013 I found myself walking down a historic but deserted Shanghai street with a friend. We had other plans. For some reason, we decided to duck into a place called the "Cotton Club." They have an in-house band with a singer named Raina Skar. Like all the great cities of the world, these are the kinds of streets where you often find some real gems. Some time past midnight when I was nursing my second whiskey on the rocks, the singer started belting out this song. Surrounded by wood, leather, dim lights, whiskey and lots of classy people, the effect was just mesmerizing. I had to muster all my will to pull out my phone and start recording it, because I had a feeling this needed to be preserved. I rediscovered this video while going through my dropbox, and what a find it is! If I remember correctly, the bassist and keyboardist are American. On rhythm guitar and trumpet are Chinese blokes, and the singer, Raina Skar, is Uzbek. Make sure you put on your headphones to truly enjoy this experience. The second half of the video is the best part, when the trumpet kicks in, fades out, then kicks in again. My apologies if you can't see very clearly. The place was pretty dimly lit.