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DIY How to Make Papercrete in a Tow-Mixer
Update: The DVD is now available! (MakePapercrete.com) Papercrete is an amazing building material you can make. This video shows you how to make papercrete using a tow-mixer which you can also make in one day! The same mixer can make other materials, like fibrous adobe (adobe with paper pulp in it), sometimes called 'padobe'. The new DVD covers everything you need to get started: What Papercrete is and how it's made, What you can make with papercrete (walls, houses, sculpture), How to make a Tow-mixer (step-by-step instructions, with photos, video and detailed graphics), How to use your Tow-mixer to make Papercrete and fibrous adobe, How to make Gang-molds, How to cast Papercrete into molds to make blocks and panels, Sample buildings made from papercrete and fibrous adobe. Much more information at Makepapercrete.com.
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PVC Pipe Catamaran Sailboat RebelCat 5 on the MOVE!
Finally, some video of RebelCat 5 sailing (see RebelCat.com), and fast. I mounted camcorders on the cat - you have to watch this video to see how cool this is. Many thanks to those who requested video, the only way to convey the thrill of a speeding catamaran. Now with new sails, centerboard and rudder, RebelCat 5 really moves. If you want this kind of thrill, my DVD shows you how to make this cat from ordinary PVC pipe and locally-available materials, with simple hand tools and no boat-building skills required. When your RebelCat is ready, let's all go sailing! Updates appear on my web site regularly, as I and others improve on an already great-performing cat. You can get the DVD free and even win $500 for making the cat - details at www.RebelCat.com. See you on the water! Music by Muse.
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Baby Javalinas Peccaries of Sedona, Arizona
For those of you who don't have Javalinas or Peccaries in your area, or do but seldom see them, I put a few clips together of some very young ones begging food in a campground in Sedona, Arizona. I think you'll like the clip of the one that thought my camcorder was a food offering and came up and bumped its nose against the lens. Notice how big they look from the side and how thin their bodies are when they face the camera. They slip easily through bushes. Omnivores, they adapt easily to suburbia and the edges of towns, scrounging dog and cat food, eating gardens and ornamental flowers, and getting into compost piles and garbage cans. The canines are razor sharp, and the upper and lower teeth actually rub on each other like scissors and thus stay sharp, so be careful if you feed them.
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Why Make A RebelCat PVC Pipe Catamaran Sailboat?
RebelCat.com highlights the special features of the amazing RebelCat 5 catamaran sailboat and tells the incredible story of its evolution, from a humble raft in Brazil to the fast and fun current model. Here is the full story of how I created a new kind of sailboat from a simple idea, with lots of photos and video never before seen. The DVD 'How to build a Catamaran Sailboat From PVC Pipe' is available at my web site RebelCat.com and shows you in a step-by-step video how to make your own fast and fun sailing cat from local materials, using simple hand tools and requiring no boat-building experience. I hope you like this new addition to the RebelCat videos. Your comments are always appreciated.
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DIY Homemade Catamaran Sailboat You Will Love
My first sailboat, and it changed my life - it might change yours (RebelCat.com). Ever wish you could find an easy way to go sailing? This little catamaran might be the answer. You can make one in a few days for very little money, even free if you can scrounge the materials. Here's the story of my first 'cat', made in the bush in Brazil. My latest - RebelCat 5 - can be seen sailing FAST on my channel at this link: http://youtu.be/uvw8t0TTLPs. Correction on the size of the sail: 3 by 2 meters, not 4 by 3. Sail on! [This size cat is intended for kids and may not float all adults safely. Notice I'm sitting between the pontoons, not over one. But fun anyway. See my RebelCat 5 videos for adult/cruising cats.] More info at RebelCat.com.
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How to Make a Catamaran Sailboat from PVC Pipe
RebelCat.com has plans on DVD for this catamaran. To see this cat in action, check this out: http://youtu.be/uvw8t0TTLPs - RebelCat 5 performs exceptionally well, and only a few small modifications were needed to make it ready. Thank you all for your kind comments and great questions.
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WARNING! Hubsan H501s from Banggood - How I lost $432. AVOID!
This is a warning to anyone thinking to buy from Banggood.com, especially a Hubsan drone. YouTube is full of horror stories of buyers spending hundreds of dollars on drones and getting broken or otherwise defective drones, and Banggood not honoring any warranty. My story is typical of these, and this video tells how I was cheated out of $432 by Banggood after buying a defective Hubsan H501s. I later discovered that DJI is selling refurbished Phantom 3 standard drones on eBay for $349 with full warranty. I got one and it is awesome, about the same price as the H501s. If you don't want to lose hundreds of dollars, avoid Banggood.com and avoid Hubsan. Please share this 'public service announcement' with your friends. If you have a 'story' to tell, leave it in the comments to share with others. Boycott Banggood! Boycott Hubsan! They don't care about you.
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Organic Farming on Poor Soil DVD - Solution to Food Crisis Global Hunger
Sustainable organic farming and gardening for preppers and survival food. NEW DVD takes you step by step through the creation of an organic farm or garden, no matter how poor your soil is, in as little as one day. Become self-sufficient by growing your own food. Learn how to turn marginal land into an organic farm. Preppers, learn how to grow food in a crisis, for survival and sharing. This NEW DVD could help solve our global food shortage. More information at www.InstantOrganicFarm.com
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Portable Emergency Power for EMP, etc.
Your household electric power just stopped working or was fried by an EMP, do you have a backup power system to keep essential electric and electronic devices operating? Sadly, most people do not, and they will suffer unnecessarily if the grid goes down. The Solar Compact Generator introduced here was designed to be a complete backup electricity supply. Everything you need is inside the box, including a 50-Watt solar panel array to keep the battery bank charged. A fully-charged unit can power just about anything you will need in an emergency: chargers for cell phones and other electronic devices, cordless drill charger, standard battery charger for AA and so on, ham radio, walkie talkies, and it also has up to 500 Watts of household current at 110 Volts AC for small appliances, like blender, juicer, electric drill and more. Visit SolarCompactGeneraor.com for more information. I had planned to produce a DVD to show others how to build their own units, but I am currently building my home and will not get to that project for some time. I can build units for others in my area, and details of this are on my web site. I welcome questions and comments, but as I am building my house in a remote place, I may not reply immediately. Another of my web sites that might interest you is BugOutCenter.com. All of my sites are described at Marjamada.com.
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Gila Monsters Male Dominance Ritual Rare!
Extremely rare footage of two Gila Monsters in a rousing male dominance ritual. The original footage, filmed on DV tape with a 3-chip camcorder, is for sale. Hi-res photos (7MP) also included. If interested, contact me at this channel. Gila Monsters come out for only a few weeks each year, so one can wander in the desert for years and never see one. To see two together is highly unusual, and to encounter two males in ritual combat is, well, extremely rare. Many people who study Gila Monsters in the wild have never seen a territorial ritual like this. I usually carry a camcorder, and thankfully I had one on the day I met these two charming characters. I did not narrate the video, as I figured viewers would prefer to hear the Gilas (turn your sound up). Your comments are welcome. Enjoy!
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Wake Up And Save The World From Government
Our understanding of the word and reality of 'anarchy' has been forced on us by government and those who benefit from it. Do you really want a better world? Then start by understanding that you help to create the world we all have, and that by watching this video, you might change your world and ours. Yes, really. There is no need to comment on this video, so comments are disabled. Instead, think about it, talk with friends about it, share it, internalize it, act on it.
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NMO Antenna Mount Install Tacoma 03
Ham radio operators and others who want to install an NMO antenna mount in their vehicle might benefit from watching my install in the cab of my Toyota Tacoma 03 pickup. There are better or easier ways to do this, IF you have the right tools - I didn't. However, even with basics like cordless drill, drill bit and a screwdriver, you can get it done. There are other NMO install videos here on YT, but perhaps one specific to the '03 Tacoma will help someone. You might want to route the coax down another post, like back corner. In that case, the guide wire might be easier to insert starting at the dome light opening and towards the corner, then another 'pull' from the headliner to the floor. But the technique is the same. Missing from the end of the video is the crimping/soldering of the connector on the coax and final connection to the radio, but I figure you can manage that. I upgraded from a dual-band mag-mount to the Larsen 48" 2m whip, and the improvement is dramatic, both for reception (picket-fencing now only downtown - amazing) and for TX. My 2 cents. The audio was done by recording the narration to a Sony ICD-PX440, then just drag and drop to computer, even to the timeline in a video editor. Has a slide-out USB plug - so cool. Use like a flash drive. Great audio, IMHO. I hope you like the video. Positive comments welcome. Share with friends if you found it useful. I wish you success with your install.
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Balloon Launch 6 2 18
At the Ham Fest at Embry Riddle in Prescott, Arizona, a team of balloon enthusiasts, led by veteran balloon expert Jack Crabtree, launched a helium-filled balloon carrying a string of small boxes, each with a specific purpose. Touchdown was calculated to be near Ash Fork. At the time of this writing, I don't know where it landed, but as information becomes available, I will edit this. It's also possible that Jack, the project leader, will narrate this video, in which case I will add the narration and re-upload it. A great time was had by all. I believe Jack said this was balloon launch number 185 for him. The lowest 'box' on the payload string is a camera which transmits video and images to a base station on the ground.
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Hubsan test
Note: Banggood insisted that I make and upload a video of the problem I reported to them, first via their web site (no response) then via PayPal (that got their attention). So this video is only here so Banggood can see it, then, when the case is resolved, I will delete it. Test of Hubsan H501s video recording problem. The quad flies well but will not record video or photos. Pressing ENTER on the advanced controller does not initiate video recording. Pressing EXIT does not take a photo. Memory card 32GB Class 10 formatted. Note to Hubsan, if you're watching this: The User Manual for the H501s is lacking in important information, such as... 1. What is the maximum capacity Micro SD card for the quad? 2. What class of memory card is required to record video? 3. Does the firmware provide for formatting the memory card, and if so, how does one access that feature? 4. Why is the graphic for inserting the memory card backwards in the User Manual? 5. There is a memory card icon on the controller's LCD screen, but the User Manual does not say what it indicates. Does it mean the card is inserted or the card is absent? 6. The User Manual does not say what is supposed to happen when one pushes ENTER (video), whether there will be any indication on the screen, beeps, elapsed video time - nothing. 7. It likewise says nothing about photo (EXIT) 8. How can you expect users to learn how to operate this quad when the User Manual is missing so much critical information? 9. Can you not do better quality control before shipping these quads and their User Manuals?
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