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How-To Grease Ball Joints, Tie Rods, and Other Suspension Components.
This is me using a grease gun to put grease into ball joints, tie rod ends, and idler and pitman arms on a 1998 S10. This process would be the same on any car or truck that uses grease nipples to lubricate the suspension.
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Re-String Trimmer: Toro Curved Shaft (New style)
How to put more trim line in a trimmer head of a Toro trimmer.
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4.8 or 5.3 LS Vortec? How to Know For Sure!
How to tell the difference between a 4.8 liter or 5.3 liter Vortec truck motor, if you don't have the vin number of the truck.
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S10 LS V8 Swap Part 1
I am in the process of doing a V8 swap in my 1998 Chevy S10, which had a 2.2 liter motor, and 5 speed transmission. I have acquired a Vortec truck motor from a 2001 Tahoe to go in this thing. Here is a link to a very, very comprehensive list of what needs to be done to swap a V8 into an S10: http://www.s10forum.com/forum/f213/lsx-conversion-information-390967/#/topics/390967?_k=itloo6
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How to change Motor Mount on 2006-2009 Civic EX
Just like the title says.
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S10 LS V8 Part 7: Making the Radiator Fit (Part 1)
This video explains the first part of making a radiator from a 4.3 generation 2 S10 fit in the engine bay with a 5.3 LS/Vortec motor. This setup uses electric fans from a 2000 Dodge Intrepid that I got from a junkyard for $25.
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S10 Fuel Pump Replacement Part 2
Part 2 of the install of the fuel pump in my S10.
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Civic A/C Not Working? Check This First!!!
Did the air conditioning in your Honda Civic stop working all of a sudden? Check the relay before taking it to a mechanic! I have had the relay go out twice in my 2006 civic. If I didn’t know to check the relay first, a mechanic could have put me over a barrel, and sold me an entire new A/C system! Do not make that costly mistake!
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Conversion U joint install S10 to Ford 8.8 1994-2003
This is a quick how to install of a NAPA auto parts conversion U-joint.
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Ikea Ekby Jarpen Shelf, Bjarnum Bracket Install
A sped up video showing the general method that I use to install a shelf of this type. This is from Ikea. The shelf is called the Ekby Jarpen, and the bracket is called the Ekby Bjarnum. I use four drywall anchors from home depot, that cost about $2 for a pack of 4. They are said to hold 75 lbs each. I would doubt that, but they are plenty strong enough to hold this particular shelf.
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Wheel Bearing Install: John Deer LT133
Replacing the wheel bearings on an LT133 riding lawn mower. I bought these bearings on eBay for $16, including shipping.
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S10 LS V8 Part 5: Welding The Notch
In this video, I show you the steps I took to weld the notch that I cut in the frame. Even after all this notching and welding, I did not get the clearance I wanted. Also, the pan protrudes toward the ground about 1.5". My truck is low, so this is not good! I went ahead and bought the GM LS performance oil pan from Jegs for $200. It came with the pan, dipstick tube, dipstick, oil pump pickup, windage tray, new pan bolts, and a gasket. This pan will get me an inch more clearance above the frame, will push the sump back 3", and give me 1.5" more ground clearance. Installing this setup will be my next video!
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Nissan Sentra Side Mirror Replacement
How to remove and install a new mirror on a 2012 Nissan Sentra. 7th Generation B16 2007-2012
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Meguiar's Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer Review
A quick video showing how to use, and the results of this product.
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Adamo Road Seat Saddle First Long(ish) Ride
My first impressions as I ride 20 miles on the Adamo Road seat for the first time. I check in at 5, 10, 15, and 20 mile intervals.
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S10 Rag Joint Replacement
Tips on replacing the crappy rag joint on an S10. I'm sure this info would transfer to any car that utilizes this joint.
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Why You Should Claybar Your Car
A demonstration of why it is necessary to use a clay bar on your car during the detailing process.
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Make custom furniture! How to transfer images easily!
This is a method I used to transfer an image unto a table I made.
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Hydrosilex Recharge Update: 2 Months After First Application
Update video 2 months and first was after first application. I washed the car, and put a second coat on. *****UPDATE: 8/2/2018. I got an email from HydroSilex today that read: important! We no longer recommend using the wet or foam cannon methods to apply Recharge! Applying HydroSilex Recharge using the wet method and the foam cannon method can be tricky and we therefore DO NOT recommend using these methods anymore. Below is the only way Recharge should be installed to achieve the best results possible.*****
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5.3 To S10 V6 4L60E Spacer Requirements *If using this flex plate on LS motor, remove the weight!
*******If you plan to use this flex plate on an LS motor, you must remove the balance weight!!!!******* Ended up ordering from Jegs, part #555-601062 A side note to my swap S10 V8 swap in regards to making the V6 S10 transmission fit properly to the 5.3 Vortec motor.
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GM Performance Oil Pan vs  Truck Oil Pan LS / Vortec
A side by side comparison of the GM Performance oil pan, and an oil pan from a 5.3 Vortec truck motor. This illustrates the added clearance that can be gained by using this oil pan. I bought this oil pan on Jegs.com for $200, and it came with a new windage tray, gasket, oil pump pickup, dipstick tube, dipstick, pan and windage tray bolts. Not a bad deal!
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How to cut bushings for C6 corvette
How to cut the factory bushings for a C6 Corvette.
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S10 LS V8 Part 6: Making the Alternator Clear the Hood
In this video, I show you what is involved with making the alternator fit under the hood, when using the truck accessories. This is a generation 2, 1998 S10, which originally had a 2.2. It is now getting a 2001 5.3 motor from a Tahoe.
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Disk Brake Pad Swap DIY How-To 2005 Corvette Base Model
How to change front brake pads on a Base 2005 corvette.
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Grand Cherokee WJ Alternator Replacement
Changing the alternator in it 2001 grand Cherokee. This applies to the Jeep WJ 1999-2004 4.7 liter engine models. Pretty straight forward. Three bolts, two electrical connections, one serpentine belt. The two forward facing bolts are 15mm, the one off to the side is 13mm.
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Beach Cruiser Assembly  Kent La Jolla Women's 26"
4x speed assembly of a Beach Cruiser bicycle
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DIY Home Window Film Install, Energy Efficient
In this video, I show you how to install some reflective window film to a south facing window in my house. This will reflect sunlight, decreasing the amount of heat that comes in from window. After doing this to all of the south, east and west windows of my house, my electric bill was reduced by a good 40%!
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S10 Fuel Pump Replacement Part 1
Me replacing a fuel pump on my 98 S10, by using the tilting bed method.
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Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Tail Light Fix
I show you how to fix a Jeep tail light the goes off when you hit the brakes. This seems to be a common issue amongst the gran Cherokee model Jeeps, ranging from 2000-2004. It may or may not apply to other models. What seems to happen is that the contacts inside of the tail light get a little warped from heat, and then the bulb is not properly connected to the rest of the circuit, and therefore does not function properly. All you have to do is raise the metal contact so that the circuit can function the way it should.
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CV Axle Swap: Civic, 2005-2011, Automatic
This video shows me swapping the driver's side CV axle on a Honda Civic 2006 coupe, auto transmission. In this case, the passenger and driver's side CV axle are exactly the same process.
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S10 LS V8 Part 8: Making the Radiator Fit (Part 2)
In this second video, I show you all what it actually took to get the electric fans to fit. This is probably not the way that most do this, however, it is very tight under the hood with that V8 motor in, and I'd like to have a little room to work under there! My swap, my rules!
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RAM Upgrade: Mac Mini 4GB to 16GB 4X Faster!
A quick video showing the steps to upgrade the RAM in a Mac Mini.
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Motor Engine Replacement Riding Mower LT1000 Craftsman
A video showing the process of replacing an engine in a Craftsman LT1000 riding lawn mower. The replacement was bought at http://www.smallenginesforless.com/index.html
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Corvette C6 Splashguard install
Installing a set of front and rear corvette base model splashguards.
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Echo Chainsaw CS-310: Bar, Chain, and Drum Sprocket Replacement
Replacing the chain, bar, and drum gear on an Echo CS-310 Chainsaw. 14"
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Civic camber kit install.wmv
how to, 2006 honda civic rear camber kit installation, install
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Corvette Myths: Busted!
I have had my C6 Corvette for a few years now, and have taken some crap about it. Most of the time, it is from 20 something year-olds that just don't know what they are talking about. This video is a walk around the car, and underneath, to show what is going on with the car, and a discussion of some of the things I have heard people say about it. Enjoy! ****Note, I say in the video that the weight is about 3600 lbs. I have been informed that the door sticker shows the max weight that the vehicle can carry, not the weight of the actual vehicle.
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How to change shocks and springs on 2005 Corvette
In this video, I replace the factory shocks with Bilstein Sport shocks, and remove the factory leaf springs and replace with Z06 springs.
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Building an Airplane Wing! Balsa Wood, For RC plane
A wing that I am building to test my calculations for the Aviation Design Project at UCF. Balsa wing with balsa skin, ready for monokote!
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Corvette C6 Water Pump DIY (Any LS Motor)
Changing the water pump on my 2005 corvette. This is the same process for any LS series motor.
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Toro Trimmer Review Model # 51958
In this video, I review the Toro trimmer Model # 51958. This trimmer cost me $150 at home depot. What you see in the video is two trimmers side by side, the old and the new. The old is 9 years old when I finally broke down and bought a new one... Still runs!
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Chevy Lean / S10 Lean Fix DIY Cut One Spring to Level
How I fixed the fabled chevy lean on my 98 S10 2.2. I did this by cutting the right front spring by 1/2 coil. Before doing this, the right front was a full inch higher then the left side. After, it was about 1/4". Not a perfect result, but the lean is no where near as noticeable!
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REVIEW:  Sphere Ice Cube Mold - Tovolo
A quick video review of the Tovolo big ice cube mold to chill your favorite alcohol! Use it to chill bourbon, whiskey, scotch, tequila, etc. without watering down the booze! My wife found these at crate and barrel for $11
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S10 LS V8 Swap Part 9: Modifying The Crossmember
Cutting and rewelding the crossmember to support the 4L60E. With my setup I had to move the mounting plate up 1.5 inches, and forward 1.25 inches. Then I cut a notch on the driver side to allow passage of the exhaust.
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Civic Sun Visor Fix for about $5
How to fix the sun visors in your civic. From the factory, the sun visors will separate in warm weather, leaving them to fall into your field of vision. Honda will replace them a few times, but eventually will want you to pay for new ones. No matter what you do, they will always break again, unless you do something like this! Link to parts: https://m.lowes.com/pd/Hillman-8-x-0-625-in-Flat-Head-Aluminum-Standard-Phillips-Drive-Interior-Exterior-Standard-SAE-Binding-Post-Screw/3012650
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John Deere Mulch Kit Install & Blade Change
Installing a mulch kit and changing the blades on a John Deere LT133 Riding Mower.
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S10 Upper Ball Joint Install
Installing an upper ball joint on a 98 Chevy S10, RWD, 2.2 liter.
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S10 Heater Outlet Pipe Tube Repair (1)
This is a quick video showing how I repaired the heater core outlet pipe that runs from the heater core to the block. This is a 1998 S10 2.2 liter motor. This pipe got a hole in the bottom, and was losing coolant. I cut the pipe at the hole, then used a section of the pipe as a coupling to slice together the extra hose. I used a 3/4" ID coolant hose, and two hose clamps for this cheap repair!
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Radiator Fan Removal Using A Chain - Chevrolet S10 2nd Gen 1998 2.2 Liter
This shows how to remove the radiator fan using no special tools, only a chain and an adjustable wrench. The truck is a 1998 S10 2.2 liter engine.
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