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Scat, singing of nonsense words, performance by Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Torme
Scat singing is a kind of vocal improvisation with wordless vocables, and nonsense syllables
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How to cook Michelin-Starred Chips
Tip 1: Cheap the right type of potato - it's got to be rooster or Maris potato Tip 2: Cook 3 times; the first 2 times are to erase moisture; each time cook 10-20 minutes Tip 3: Steam dry for 15 minutes Tip 4: Double fry in duck fat: fry once at 140ºc; then rest for 10 minutes; then fry again at 180ºc
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Ridiculous pitch for £1M investment
This is an entertaining pitch from "Bath-o-matic". Has he never watched Dragons' den before??
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John Kanzius turns seawater into clean fuel
John Kanzius from Pennsylvania has accidentally discovered a way turning salt water into fuel. The frame created by the fuel can reach 3000F/1650ºC.
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How to put a shark into sleep
Eric Stroud is going to show up what tonic immobility is
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Entrepreneur leading negotiation against dragons
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What are the effects of porn on the brain
Dr Valerie Voon at Cambridge University send normal people and porn addicts into an MRI scanner to find out their brain activities while they watch pornography. For porn addicts, the ventral striatum, the reward centre shows an exaggerated response just like addicts responding to drugs or alcohol. Their brains are twice as active in their ventral striatum. The result shows that porn is additive.
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Mario, the Goose, Guardian of Dominic, a Man
From Animal Off Couples BBC
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Riding a horse like the Queen: Riding Side-saddle
Side-saddle riding was designed for protecting virginity. It soon became associated with proper aristocratic behaviour. Traditionally women do not wear knickers. Riding side-saddle can prevent them exposing their privates and it is more comfortable.
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Hans Holbein's The Ambassadors explained
The Ambassadors are Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve. The artwork has got a mysterious splotch. When you look at it from the side, you will see a distorted skull. At the centre top, there are a celestial glove, two quadrants, a sundial which represent the entire cosmos; at the bottom, there are a terrestrial globe, a book of arithmetic, some musical instruments and a book of hymns which represent the human created world.
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18th-Century Social Dance - Minuet
Minuet is a set piece of a ball. It is performed couple by couple in front of the whole room. It was a means for people finding a partner.
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Great Movie Mistakes - Transporter 3, Mamma Mia, Pirates of the Caribean, Troy, Coyote Ugly...
Transporter 3 Mamma Mia Pirates of the Caribbean Troy Coyote Ugly High School Musical The Dark Knight Batman Batman Returns Batman Forever Batman and Robin The Queen Gangs of New York Marie Antoinette American Gangster Almost Famous The Last King of Scotland
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Powerful Natural Biological Pesticide: Metarhizium
Metarhizium, is a kind of fungi, can be developed as alternatives to the chemical pesticides to kill specific insects. Professor Tariq Butt with Swansea University explains how it works.
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Traditional English Christmas foods in the Georgian times
Traditional Christmas food includes: Christmas pudding, Mince Pies, Brawn Paté, Asparagus soup, Jerusalem artichokes, Chocolate Drops, Blancmange, Boozy Madeira Jelly, a Cod's Head, Three-bird Yorkshire pie, etc. They were all served at once and were called "Service a la Francaise". Christmas Pudding had less sugar and a Minced Pie was a sweet meat pie. Yorkshire pie contained chicken, a pheasant and a pigeon. They had lots of meat dishes and ate Christmas pudding and beef together.
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The surgery removing Wesley Warren's 132.5 lbs testicles
Wesley Warren inflects scrotal lymphedema. His scrotum keeps growing for five years to 60kgs/132.5lbs. Dr. Joel Gelman in UC Irvine decideds to give a free operation to remove his testicles. The surgery lasts eight hours and requires three surgeons, twelve nurses and surgical assistants.
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Mysterious Human-like creature found in Mexico
Could that be creatures from the past? There is rumour that Americans succeeded in time travelling. Could these be the ancient creatures they brought back from the past or the future?
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How to create DIY Party High Heels from a pair of plain platform shoes
This video shows you how to embellish a pair of plain platform shoes. You only spend £3 to get some Glitter Fabric.
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東京電視台World Business Satellite節目中國實地採訪五毛黨 http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/wbs/
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Children's Sex Selection with PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)
PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) refers to genetic profiling of embryos prior to implantation. The eggs get removed from the female's body and get fertilised with the male's sperm. This operation does not guarantee a successful sex selection of the baby. Having more eggs fertilised will improve the successful rate.
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Hidden Camera: Dogs' Howling when they are left alone at home
Camaras are rigged at home to film dog's behaviour when they are left at home alone.
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Henri Rousseau's 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm(Surprised!)' explained
Henri Rousseau painted Tiger in a Tropical Storm in 1981. He portrayed a tiger, illuminated by a flash of lightning, preparing to pounce on its prey in the midst of a raging gale. In Rousseau has never left Paris. The plants on the painting are taken from the botanical garden he worked. It is not completely real. That's why the painting looks a dream store.
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Carousel fraud / Missing Trader / MTIC Fraud
Criminals set up fake companies to import high value goods VAT free. The goods get exported back out to fake companies in Europe, at which point VAT is reclaimed. These shipment get stamped at the border but then turned around and come back into the UK. The same good go in and out of the country again and again.
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Liverpool's finest criminal minds - Laughable robbery footage
If I were the shop owner, I will lock them up until they disclose their parents' contact. Calling the police is not the best solution.
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Entertainments of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in 18th Century
Vauxhall Gardens became one of the most profitable businesses of the 18th Century, with pioneering theatrical effects, hot-air balloon rides, tightrope walkers and fireworks. It was a pioneer of advertising and mass catering. Anyone could join in. The admission fee was a shilling.
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Wolves crave Chanel No.5??
Wolves do their scent rolling to Chanel No.5. Why?
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Andy Warhol's Marilyn Diptych Explained
Andy Warhol used a famous photograph of Marilyn Monroe to make an artwork which is like an advert. In this work, he used a printing technique by pulling inks through a screen mesh using a rubber squeegee. So that, he could quickly reproduce the same image on lots of different canvasses.
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Services on the British Pullman - £300 meal
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Scientology's belief - History of Mankind
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71-year-old grandma defeated sledgehammer gangsters with a handbag
clip from Fightback Britain BBC One 09/12/2013
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Financial-dominatrix - Generate £200 in 6 minutes
People pay £200 to get humiliated.
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1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm incident - USSR shooting Korean Airline Flight 007
On the night of 31st August, Soviet Union detected an unknown aircraft heading to a sensitive naval base. They were convinced that this was a US spy plane. They decided to shoot down this plane. Gennadi Osipovich was the mission executor. He fired a warning salvo. The plane started to change direction. However he was ordered to destroy the plane. They finally realised the plane was Korean Airlines' flight 007 from Anchorage to Seoul. 267 people were killed. At first they refused they shot an airline. Then they claimed the airline was on a spy mission
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Cheating in TOEIC: Exam sitter in TOEIC exam in Eden College London
footage shows how examinees cheat in TOEIC exam in London
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Analysis of Dog Barking and Howling
World Leading Dog Communication Scientist, Prof Ádám Miklósi explains that Barking signifies the dogs is lonely and howling is the biological means to collect the pack. The longer the gap between barkings means the sadder the dog is.
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Drug smuggler swallowed packages of cocaine starves 48 days and finally gives in
This man swallowed packages of cocaine trying to smuggle cocaine at Gatwick airport. He was detected and refused an x-ray scan and was detained in a Gatwick custody cell. He finally gave in after a starvation of 48 days.
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2/8/2013 ABC News: Phones made in America
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How to show dominance to a buffalo
from Animal Odd Couples, BBC
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Using testicles as a table for eating and writing.
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Sexual Orientation Test designed by Cornell University
This test observes your pupil dilation and your penile reaction to explicit images.
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Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne Explained
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What are debs and the revival of debutantes
Debutantes were upper class girls in Britain. When they left the school, they attended a debutante ball which marks their coming of age and let them to be presented to the Queen. Recently Deb Balls are resurrected, having events hosted in London, Paris, Shanghai and Dubai. Young British ladies are presented internationally to demonstrate English manners and English Ladies.
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Dog's behaviour when left home alone and treatment for separation-related problems
When dogs are left alone at home, they will start howling, because they feel lonely and anxious. They won't even eat and they may shit around. This creates separation-related problems. Professor Daniel Mills with the University of Lincoln suggests the right brain of dogs is associated of negative emotions. When positive things happen, the left brain will heat up. Dr. Emily Blackwell from University of Bristol suggests a toy called "Kong" to treat this separation problem. Start leaving the gradually can help dogs feel confident when they are left alone.
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New York's first Elevator and how its power system was applied to underground trains
In 1884, Frank Sprague invented the Electric Elevator. He installed small but powerful, electric motor to drive the cab up. He wired all elevators together, so one man could operate all elevator at the same time. His invention has been applied to subway trains. Each carriage installed an engine which is connected to the driver at the front. This new design gave the train more traction and increased accelaration.
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How the underground near Big Ben was build without making it fall
This footage includes Jem Stansfield using a model explaining how John Burland stablised the Ben Ben Clock Towel when the underground tunnel was dug around the area. Since the soil in Westminster is soft and Big Ben's foundation was shallow and fragile. Squeezing a tunnel through the area could risk making the Big Ben fall.
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The Birth Giving of Princess Charlotte accounted by Sir Richard Croft
Princess Charlotte is King George III's only legitimate grandchild and heir to his throne. The kingdom's bloodline depends on her birth giving. The baby had died before she laboured. The next morning Princess Charlotte died with the baby.
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Penis Enlargement Surgery
Penis Enlargement Surgery is involved with taking a piece of skin at the buttock and implanting it inside the foreskin.
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Fake Britain
Consumer series with Matt Allwright. Stories include the fake car airbags that can kill, and the counterfeit car number plates that could get you arrested.
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The cam device and the writing automaton designed Pierre Jaquet-Droz
A cam is a mechanical memory for a machine. It contains detailed and intricate edges to store complex actions. The edge of the cam turns circular motion into up and down or backwards and forwards motions. The writing machine, Writer, still survives. It was built in Switzerland by Pierre Jaquet-Droz. He successfully put 6000 mechanical parts inside the Writer's body.
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