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How To Become A Property Developer
3 pieces of advice on how to become a property developer. If you dream of making money from property development then this video is for you. To find more videos, blogs and more about getting started in property development head over to: www.prosperbyproperty.com
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Property Development For Beginners
In this short video I share 4 key items we had to identify during the due diligence stage on this site. The 4 items increase the cost of the build so it is important to identify. Over the coming months I am going to be sharing more key learnings when developing property. By sharing I hope it adds value to your property developing journey. Subscribe: www.prosperbyproperty.com
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How To Contact Homeowners Who Don't Live In The Property UK
Quick Tip - To Help You Contact Homeowners Who Don't Live In The Property In The United Kingdom You may come across the following: An empty property, & landlord owned property or a property on with a sales or letting agent but the agent isn't putting your offer forward - then this video is for you. For More Quick Tips & Property Advice: head to www.prosperbyproperty.com Also subscribe to my Youtube channel above!
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Quick Tip - Assess The Probability Of Gaining Planning Permission
In this video I share a quick tip to help you asses the probability of you getting planning permission for your development opportunity. There is many reasons why you may want to go out and get planning permission by using this tip shared in this video it can help you see the likely hood of you gaining planning. For more property tips subscribe to my fortnightly newsletter over at: www.prosperbyproperty.com
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How To Find More Property Deals - Quick Tip.
Quick Tip - How To Find More Property Deals. For more property tips, advice, blogs and more - subscribe to the youtube channel. & head over to: www.prosperbyproperty.com Keywords: property, how to invest in property, property investment, property development, property education, landlord, invest
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Quick Tip To Help You Find 1000's Of Empty Properties In Your Area
In this video i share a quick tip to help you find 1000's of empty properties in your area. By knowing where the empty properties are in your area you can then target them to strike up a deal with the owners. For more property tips subscribe to the fortnightly newsletter over at: www.prosperbyproperty.com
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Lease Option Investing Casestudy/Tour
In this video I share a property we have taken on a lease option. It will make us a net profit of £1000+ per month. You can do deals like this to. Head over to www.prosperbyproperty.com to download your free Ebook 'The Ultimate Guide To Rent- Rent & Rent - Buy. How To Create A Massive Passive Income From Property Options'
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Quick Tip - How To Get Information Of All Properties Going To Auction In Your Area
Quick Tip - Subscribe to a website called: www.eigroup.co.uk to get emails straight to your inbox about all properties going to auction within your search criteria.
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1v1 property mentoring client testimonial
In this video Sylvie shares how she got on during 1v1 property mentoring with ourselves. If you would like to get result from property investing just like Sylvie get in touch: info@prosperbyproperty.com www.prosperbyproperty.com
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1v1 Property Mentoring Testimonial
In this video Mike shares the success he has achieved by working alongside us at Prosper By Property. Mike mentored with us on a 1v1 bases. To find out more about our 1v1 property investing/developing mentoring you can get in touch via: info@prosperbyproperty.com www.prosperbyproperty.com
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Quick Tip - How To Find M2 Of A Property If There Isn't A Floor Plan
Here I share a quick tip you can use to help you find the M2 of a property if there isn't a floor plan. Understanding the size of a property is very important when it comes to knowing what you can do with the property and also in helping you work out the approx valuation.
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Free Property Development Tour Liverpool
If you are an inspiring/current property developer, what better way to learn from us than seeing one of our latest projects? Throughout the tour of one of the most historical music rehearsal studios in Liverpool, UK, we will be sharing how we sourced, will finance & pull together the team for the project & what are vision for the project & Liverpool is. The tour will start at 10.00am and the building is ‘slap, bang’ in the city centre of Liverpool (L1 postcode). Spaces are limited and so we will be working on a first come first serve basis. If you do wish to attend the tour on either the 17th November or 24th November 2018 then drop us an email ASAP at: info@prosperbyproperty.com Upon email I will come back to you to confirm your place & full address of the project. I look forward to seeing on Saturday. #propertydevelopment www.prosperbyproperty.com
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Quick Tip - Networking Is So Important In Property Investing To Create Opportunities
In this video Mike Howman talks about networking & shares a few tips to help you get more out of your property networking... He Shares; 1/ The Type Of Events You Should Be Looking To Find 2/ The Tools He Uses To Track His Results 3/ Why Networking Is So Important For Creating Opportunities
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