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My Debt Free Story
How I used Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" to get completely out of debt. It took 4 years to pay off all our debt including our house.
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Making an Anvil out of Railroad Track
I took a 11.5 inch long piece of railroad track, that weighed 33 pounds and cut it into an anvil. I did it all with a 4.5 inch angle grinder. I basically flattened the top and cut a 4" horn on one end. When I was done it Weighed 28 pounds. When you hit it with a hammer it rings.
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Jig to Sharpen Planner Blades
This is an Easy jig to make with some scrap lumber. You can saw a couple slots in a board at the angle the planner blade's edge is machined. Insert you planner blades into the slots. Place some high grit sandpaper on a flat surface, and sharpen the blades by rubbing them on the sandpaper, while being held the correct angle by the wooden jib. If you make it and doesn't quite sharpen the edge of the blades, you might need to adjust the angle of saw, and make another one at the adjusted angle.
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New Gravel Driveway - The First Half
We have completed the driveway back to the old barn. We laid down road grade Typar and covered that with 2" rock. We then drove on it for a few weeks to make sure it was good and packed down. Then we topped it off with road pack gravel to finish.
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Dillon XL 650 - Bare bones - no extras
Just wanted to show what a bare bones stock Dillon XL 650 looks like. I wanted a get a progressive reloader, and decided to get the XL 650. Been saving for a while, and had just enough money for the Press with a 9mm conversion kit. I'm sure I'll get more accessories later, but for now it works just fine. I've set this press up using 2 LEE dies and the Dillon powder drop & flare. The dies thread in really far, but work. Now after making this video I've reloaded over 400 rounds with it. I can see the automatic case feeder being a very useful accessory. I've had a few times, that I've let the case feed tube run out. Not a big deal, you just end up with a few primers that you have to put back in the feeder.
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Deterring Deer from eating my Fruit Trees
About 3 days after we planted our Orchard and the Deer have decides to see how they taste. Some of the trees have had a majority of their leaves eaten. I am trying two methods, Irish spring soap and fencing around the smaller trees.
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Log Home Build Episode #9 - Acid staining the Basement Floor
We decided to Acid stain the basement floor to give a unique and finished look to the concrete floor of our walkout basement. We are in the Process of building a Countrymark log home. We are having some parts of the log home build contracted out, but some parts we are doing the work ourselves. This floor was just of the tasks that we are doing to finish our log home.
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Log Home Build   Episode #1 - Basement Construction
We are having a countrymark log home built to be our new home. The first step is the basement. The basement is walkout basement that overlooks our pond.
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Homemade Target Stands
Target stands made out of 2x4s. these are a dual purpose target stand, cardboard targets on furring strip uprights or steel targets on a 2x4 upright. These Target holders are cheep to make, around $4 a piece. I plan on using them for USPSA targets for now.
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Making a Brass Catcher
I made this brass catcher out of 1/2" CPVC pipe, mounting clamps for PEX tubing, and a mesh laundry bag. I had all the material except the laundry bag, and it only cost $2. The brass Catcher folds flat when done. I can be used on tripod or a table top. The dimensions are 18" X 20".
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Log Home Build Episode 11 - Standing Seam Metal Roof
We are building a Countrymark Log Home. The metal Roof just got finished. We had a standing seam metal roof installed. It is a hidden fastener style metal roof. I am hoping the metal roof will last 50 years, so I never have to replace it in my life time.
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RCBS Trim Pro Manual Case Trimmer Kit
Quick overview of the RCBS Trim Pro Case Trimmer.
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Campfire Pies using Cast Iron Pie Maker.
Making Campfire Apple pies in a Cast Iron Pie Maker. These pies are easy to make and good to eat. My kids make there own pies out of chocolate and peanut butter, maybe some marshmallows. So you don't have to limit it to pie filling, you can experiment with other ingredients.
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We bought 41+ acres!!!
We have saved for almost 2 years planning on buying some land in the country to live on, and now we just bought the land. We bought an old abandoned farm with 41.117 acres of land, including 3.5 acre pond. 18 acres is tillable that is rented to a local farmer. We are planning on moving out here in the next year or two. So that should give us plenty of time to get the place ready. We have lots of clean up and improvements to make. Stay tuned for more videos.
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Log Home Build Episode #4 - Wrap around Porch
Week 2 of construction on our countrymark log home. The builders have completed the wrap around porch decking.
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Frankford Arsenal Electronic Powder Scale
This shows the operation of the Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Electronic Scale. This scale is an inexpensive and fairly reliable gun powder scale. I have had this scale for over 3 months and have used it probably every week. It is easy to calibrate and use. The only compliant is when trickling powder onto the scale, is seems to pause or hang up and I put in to much powder and have to go back and remove some. It seems I need to go slower that I would like. But it works great for checking the powder charge that comes out of the Powder Measure.
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Built a Covered Shooting Range
I built a 10 x 20 covered shooting range shelter. It has a 12 x 21 roof to help keep the sun and rain of of me and my family when we decided to shoot.
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How we Plan to Lay out our Homestead
This is the overall plan on how we want our homestead to be laid out. What each area will be used for, where future buildings will go, fencing, etc. We have a grand plan for this property, it will just take a few years to achieve it. We go over the plan along with a video tour of the property.
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How to Hang AR500 Plate Targets
Hanging Steel Plate Targets with a compression spring to reset quickly. I am beginning to setup my own Shooting Range and these are my first addition.
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Episode 21 Propane tank installation
We are building our Dream home on 41 acres in the rural Midwest. We are building a Countrymark Log, because we have always wanted to live in a log home. We just finished installing our propane tank. This tank was already on this property when we bought it. It was part of the purchase agreement for the property. We relocated it to our new log home. We installed new regulators and plastic coated copper tubing to transfer the propane to the new house.
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New Reloading Bench
This is the new Reloading bench I just built. Now I have everything for reloading and shooting all in the location.
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Winter Living in a camper
We are living in our camper while building our house on 41 acres in the country. We finally had to make some changes around the camper to help withstand the cold winter weather.
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Log Home Build Episode 5 - Cabin Walls and Loft Floor
We are building a countrymark log home. Our builders now have 3 of the exterior walls up and the Loft Floor is on. We also started on installing some of the wiring in the wooden beams for the lights.
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Log Home build Episode #28 - The Circle Driveway up to the house
We have just finished building our dream home on 41 acres in rural southern Illinois. We built a Countrymark Hybrid log home. We just finished our circle driveway up to the front of our log home. We built this driveway in 3 sections over the last couple years, and we are just finishing the last section. Our driveway is around a 1/4 mile log, which add to the seclusion of our property.
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Log Home Build Episode #16 - Fireplace Veneer Stone and Limestone Hearth
We are currently building our dream home on 41 acres in the country. We are building a Hydrid Log home from Countrymark Log homes. We just had the Veneer stone installed on the Fireplace. We bought Natural Ledgestone, made by Dutch Quality Stone. And a custom 78" x 31" limestone Hearth.
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Homestead Update July 2017
Update on everything going on at our new homestead. We have started construction on our new log cabin. We now have Rabbits. We are continuing to work on our garden. And The chicks are ready to be introduced into the flock.
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Log Home Build Episode #13 - Septic tank installation
We are building a CountryMark Log home on 41 acres. We just had our Septic Tank installed. The tank was sized for a 3 bedroom home and had 250 of leach field. The tank was a simple septic tank without any mixers or aerators. The leach field is buried deep enough we can drive over it or even plant a garden on top of it. .
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Mountain Man's Breakfast - Bacon Lovers style
This is the way we make mountain man's breakfast when we go camping. My wife is not a big fan of sausage, but she loves bacon. So we make ours with lots of bacon. Mountain Man breakfast is typically cooked in a dutch oven. I prepare my over a propane stove, then bake it over charcoal.
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Tearing Down the Barn
We rented a Mini Excavator to Tear down a barn and to replace an old culvert. These tasks needed done to finish our road out to our build site. We just need to finish the water line out to the pond and we can complete the 2nd half of our driveway.
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Log Home Build Episode #6 - Timber Frame Roof
We are building a Countrymark log home out in the country on 41 acres. We have ended our 4th week of construction and the timber frame roof frame has been built. The roof is made of 4x8 white pine timbers. They rest on 5 x 22 inch laminated ridge beam. Soon they will be putting on the Porch rafters and the tongue and groove ceiling boards.
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Elevated Hunting Blind
Me and my wife worked many weekends on the hunting blind. The floor is 10 feet off the ground and the roof is eighteen feet from the ground. It is a 6' x 8' room with carpet on the floor to quiet your movement. The backside has a staircase leading up to a 4' x 4' deck. The deck was built to be able to have a door on the blind that would swing outward. I am planning on adding the door later.
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Cinder block Smoker
This is a simple smoker make out of concrete blocks.
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Log Home Build Episode 20 - Engineered Hardwood Flooring
We are in the process of building our dream home. We are building a Countrymark Log home. We are now installing our flooring. We decided on a engineered bamboo hardwood floor. It is called Elk Creek Bamboo flooring from lumber liquidators. It is a staple down floor and was easy to install compared to solid hardwood flooring.
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Growning Chestnut Trees from Seed
I started the process of the growing chestnut trees from seed last fall by cold stratifying them int he fridge over winter and planted them this April. I started with 71 chestnut seeds and by my last count 39 of those have grown into trees. That is about 55% germination rate. I bought my chestnut seeds from Chestnut Ridge of Pike country Illinois. 2 pounds of seed at $12.50 a pound, I spent $25. http://chestnutridgeofpikecounty.com/ I Learned how to cold stratify from John at Lake Erie Chestnuts. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3YZnDSqXobOn2pVTAAfD3w
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Marking your reloading Brass
This is a short video on a method I tried, to help me distinguish my brass from others at the shooting range.
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Installing Driveway Culverts
This is the beginning to reworking the driveway at our future homestead. We have Graveled the area in front of the old Pole Barn and are installing culverts in the driveway. After the Culverts are complete we are going to be covering the driveway with Typar and Gravel.
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Log Home Build Episode #7 - Gable Entrance and Wooden Ceiling
We are in the Process of building a Countrymark Log home. The builders have finished the timber frame roof. Now they are installing the tongue and Groove wood Ceiling.
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Cleaning up old abandoned farm
We bought this old farm in the country. It hasn't been lived at in over 5 years. We have been cleaning up the property getting it ready for our future home. We hope to build a cabin on this property in next couple years.
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Outdoor Kitchen & Living Area
We have made some improvements to our Outdoor Picnic area. It is now our more of a Living space with a complete kitchen. At the moment we are living in our camper and this is a great space to relax and cook meals. The pellet grill is a smoker but it can also be used as an oven. It makes the outdoor kitchen capable of cooking almost anything.
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Removing the Grain Bins
We sold our Grain bins to the farmer the rents our fields. He has hired a crew to disassemble the grain bins so he can move them to his farm. It took a crew of 5 guys 2 days to disassemble the grain bins. It took a few more days for the farmer to remove the pallets of material.
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Log Cabin Build Episode 19 - Timber Frame Staircase
We bought 41 acres in the rural Midwest and we are building a Hybrid Log Cabin. Our log home is a countrymark log home and one of the options in the log home package is a timber frame staircase. The staircase is made of 4x12 eastern white pine timbers. It was put together with Mortise and Tenon joints.
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DIY Dueling Tree Part 1
I purchased a DIY Dueling Tree Kit from "The Target Man". I bought metal from a welding shop and welded together a dueling tree. The targets can be changed from centerfire plates to 22LR plates very easily. The centerfire plates are made of 3/8" AR500 steel so they should take most anything I can shoot at it.
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Winter Orchard Maintenance 2018 & Chicken coop clean out
We fertilize, mulch, and prune the homestead orchard. Also the wife cleans out the deep mulch from the inside of the chicken coop. Our Orchard has 8 apple trees, 2 sweet cherry trees, 2 pear trees, 2 plum trees, 3 peach trees, and 1 nectarine. WE planted the Orchard in Spring of 2016. We hope to have lots of fruit in a few years.
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Frugal Living  - Tips to lower your budget
We started the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover in January 2010. We paid off all our debt and mortgage. This helped us save money for our dream to move out to the country. We still today, 7 years later, live on a monthly budget. Here are some tips to help trim down on spending in your monthly budget.
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Planting Chestnut Trees
I grew some chestnut trees from seed. And now it is time to plant them. I am planting most of them in TreePro tree tube - tree shelters. They should protect the trees from the deer.
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Adjusting 9mm Reloading Dies
I'm demonstrating how I setup my LEE 9mm 3 Piece Carbide Die Set. I have my dies setup on a Lee single stage breech lock reloading press. I don't have a Factory crimp die, so I'm using the bullet seating die to apply a crimp. If I was using a progressive Press I would invest in the factory crimp die. The methods shown should work on most of LEE's pistol die calibers on a single stage press. Note: The crimp on the bullet seating die is dependent on case length and will vary from case to case slightly. I would only use the bullet seating die to apply crimp on straight walled pistol calibers. The crimp on the factory crimp die activates off the ram of the press and is a consistent crimp.
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Log Home Build Episode #14 - Spray in Foam Insulation and Blown in Cellulose
We are in the process of completing our dream home. We are building a countrymark log home on 41 acres in Rural southern Illinois. We just had the structure insulated. It was insulated with a combination of spray foam and blown in cellulose.
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Pie iron - Spam Egg and Cheese sandwich
I show how I make a Spam Egg & Cheese Sandwich in a cast iron square pie maker or sandwich maker. First I use the sandwich maker to fry up some Spam slices. I use Bacon flavored Spam. Then I cook the egg over the spam. Then I put the Spam, Egg and cheese between a couple slices of bread and toast it in the sandwich maker.
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Log Home Build Episode #10 - Log siding, windows and doors
We now have our log siding, windows and doors installed on our Countrymark Log home. We choose the hand hewn log siding for the exterior of the Log Home. It has dove tail corners and hidden fasteners.
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Potato Grow Bag Experiment
This year we decided to try growing potatoes. I have seen a lot of videos of grow bags and potatoes. Some people do well, others not so good. So we decided to compare grow bags to growing right in the ground. I believe the grow bags didn't do as well for two reasons. One is with the grow bag being on the ground the soil temperature in the bag was a lot higher. Potatoes would prefer a cooler temperature to grow. I believe this helped them grow fast in the early spring when it wasn't too hot yet. But once it got hot outside the soil temperature was too hot for the potatoes produce well. The other reason is the soil would dry out to quickly in the bag. Dryer than it would have been in the ground. You could see the leafs start to curl and wilt if you forgot to water them for a couple days.
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