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This is a case of pyloric stenosis in an infant, with abnormal findings demonstrated by ultrasound, discussed by a radiologist.
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Ovarian Torsion Ultrasound Discussed by Radiologist
An brief discussion of pelvic ultrasound findings in a patient with ovarian torsion. Also review of key structures, and emphasis on approach to analysis of findings.
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CT Sigmoid Diverticulitis DISCUSSION
10 minute discussion of a CT showing typical findings of diverticulitis with abscess.
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Pyloric Stenosis Ultrasound DISCUSSION 1
This is a discussion of ultrasoundi findings in an nfant with pyloric stenosis, discussed by a radiologist.
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Central Sulcus: Key to the hemispheres
This is 10 minute discussion which will enable you to easily distinguish frontal lobe from parietal lobe on CT Head, and thereby allow you to clearly identify precentral cortex of the frontal lobe (motor cortex) and postcentral gyrus of parietal lobe (sensory cortex of the parietal lobe). It requires only recognizing the cingulate sulcus at the top of the brain, which is easy because it looks like a moustache!
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CT Abdomen Crohn Dz .mp4
This is a discussion of a CT abdomen in a patient Crohn disease with lower abdominal pain.
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CXR Pulmonary Vascular Congestion Discussed by Radiologist.mp4
Very brief discussion of two chest radiographs (CXRs) on the same patient, one normal, the other with pulmonary vascular congestion.
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CT Head Subarachnoid Hemorrhage DISCUSSION by Radiologist
This is a fairly classic example of findings on CT in a patient with subarachnoid hemorrhage. Discussion by a radiologist .
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CT Ruptured Aortic Aneurysm Discussion by a Radiologist
This is a 12min discussion of a CT abdomen of an elderly patient with a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. Case is discussed by a radiologist. Emphasis is on cross-sectional anatomy and anatomic relationships in multiple planes.
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CT Abdomen with Renal Cyst and renal anatomy DISCUSSION by Radiologist
This is a 4 minute discussion of a CT showing a classic renal cyst, with review of associated renal and renal arterial anatomy.
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CT Chest PE poor contrast opacif  DISCUSSION by Radiologist
This is a discussion by a radiologist of a case of PE (pulmonary embolus) demonstrated by CT. The case also illustrates the ability in some cases to detect PE even when IV contrast opacification of the pulmonary arteries is poor.
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CT Abdomen Lymphadenopathy DISCUSSION.mp4
Discussion of a CT abdomen performed on a 60yo male with lymphoma. Emphasis is on cross-sectional anatomy. 8 minutes
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Pulmonary Embolism CT Discussed by Radiologist
Pulmonary Embolism CT Discussion.mp4
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Mediastinal Anatomy on CT Discussion by a Radiologist
Five minute discussion by a radiologist of mediastinal anatomy with specific attention to mediastinal lymph nodes.
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CT Bowel Ischemia
CT of an 80yo with cecal ischemia, air in the bowel wall, and portal venous gas.
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Pediatric Chest X-ray Pneumonia DISCUSSION by Radiologist
This is a discussion of the subtle findings present on a chest radiograph of a 4yo.
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CT Abdomen and Pelvis BLOOD VESSELS / Vascular Anatomy Discussion
This is a discussion of the vascular anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis as demonstrated on CT (computed tomography). Every CT abdomen and pelvis holds countless findings of interesting anatomy and normal variations. This is especially true for abdominal vascular anatomy. Understanding findings in CT requires a high level understanding of cross-sectional anatomy. You can't get that from a text book. The only way is to dig through case after case, figure out what is normal and what is not, and recognize the variations in anatomy. It's fun! And, you will learn a lot.
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CT Abdomen and Pelvis ANATOMY Discussion by Radiologist
This is an 8-minute discussion of cross-sectional imaging anatomy on unenhanced CT Abdomen and Pelvis for basic ANATOMY part 1
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CT Abdomen Bladder tumor discussion by Radiologist
A discussion by a radiologist of a CT abdomen and pelvis in a patient with hematuria related to a bladder tumor.
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CT Kidneys and Bladder - Five pathologic cases discussed
A board-certified radiologist discusses five patients with kidney and bladder pathology: Chronic UPJ obstruction, bladder stone, pyelonephritis, bladder cancer, and crossed-fused renal ectopia. Less than 24 minutes long.
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Pulmonary Embolism / PE CT - Case Discussion by a Radiologist
This is a review of a CT chest for pulmonary embolism. This is designed to assist health care personnel to understand the approach to interpreting CT PE/pulmonary embolism studies. The discussion is provided by a board certified U.S. radiologist. There is an emphasis on cross-sectional anatomy and anatomic relationships in multiple planes.
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Colon Cancer & CT Anatomy 14yo DISCUSSION by Radiologist
Remarkable but sad case of cancer in a young patient. Cross sectional anatomy of abdomen also discussed.
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CT Abdomen and Pelvis anatomy DISCUSSION
This is a 15 minute discussion of cross sectional anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis on CT. Abnormal findings are discussed.
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CT Head Trauma temporal bone fracture DISCUSSION by Radiologist
Discussion of CT Head in patient with temporal bone fracture and cerebellum hemorrhage.
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CT Chest for PE reveals Lung Cancer DISCUSSION by Radiologist
This is an 8 minute discussion of CT findings in a patient with primary bronchogenic lung cancer. Relevant affected mediastinal anatomy is discussed.
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CT Gastric Volvulus Case Discussion by Radiologist
Very rare finding of MesenteroAxial Gastric volvulus on CT, with detailed discussion by a radiologist.
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KUB and CT of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm DISCUSSION by radiologist
A discussion of findings on a KUB and CT of a patient with an abdominal aortic aneurysm
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CT Appendicitis
Discussion of a CT in a child with appendicitis.
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CT Hernia with Ischemic Bowel discussed by RADIOLOGIST
Discussion of a CT Abdomen showing an inguinal hernia with ischemic colon.
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Intussusception US and Reduction.mp4
Discussion of ultrasound (US) and fluoroscopic images of a two year old with intussusception, reduced with air enema under flouroscopy.
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CT Abdomen and Pelvis Portal Vein Thrombosis DISCUSSION by radiologist
Amazing rare case of portal venous thrombosis on CT, discussed by a radiologist.
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CT Cecal Volvulus DISCUSSION
Brief discussion of a CT in a patient with Cecal Volvulus.
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CT Head 74yoF w Facial pain w Trigeminal Impression  DISCUSSION by Radiologist
This is a CT of a patient with right-sided facial pain. The CT reveals a tortuous basilar artery which impinges on the trigeminal nerve in the ambient cistern, proximal to the Meckel's cave and the cavernous sinus.
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Chest CT Anatomy Discussion by Radiologist
This is a fairly detailed discussion of chest CT anatomy, including lung and mediastinal anatomy. This includes basic cardiac anatomy and the anatomy of the great vessels.
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MRI Brain Abscess + Anatomy DISCUSSION
This is a discussion of an MRI brain in a patient with brain abscess. Salient features of brain anatomy are discussed.
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Sclerosing Mesenteritis CT.mp4
Sclerosing Mesenteritis CT.mp4
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CT Mesenteric volvulus DISCUSSION
CT abdomen and pelvis in a patient with mesenteric volvulus
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Trauma CT Abd w hepatic laceration and adrenal hemorrhage DISCUSSION by Radiologist
Blunt trauma CT with hepatic laceration and adrenal hemorrhage
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CT Head HTN Hemorrhage w Herniation DISCUSSION by Radiologist
This is a 24 minute discussion by a radiologist of a Head CT of a patient with a very large hypertensive brain hemorrhage with severe brain herniation. There is significant intraventricular hemorrhage as well as severe midline shift.
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Mastoiditis Brain Abscess DISCUSSION
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CT Head Anatomy w MCA Hem Stroke  DISCUSSION by Radiologist
This is a discussion of a Head CT, with findings of a hemorrhagic stroke and mass effect. Brain anatomy is discussed in some detail.
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CT Trauma Abdomen hemorrhage DISCUSSION by Radiologist
Radiologist discusses CT Trauma Abdomen with Intraperitoneal and extraperitoneal hemorrhage
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CT Chest Lung Nodule Discussed by Radiologist
This is a 26min discussion of chest CT anatomy and findings in a pt with lung cancer
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Gallstone Pancreatitis DISCUSSION by radiologist
This is a nine minute discussion of a case of gallstone pancreatitis, beautifully and conclusively demonstrated by CT.
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Mediastinal Cross Sectional Anatomy on CT DISCUSSION by Radiologist
This is a 25minute discussion of mediastinal cross sectional anatomy on CT. It is fairly detailed and therefore advanced. It should be approachable by most students with a basic knowledge of mediastinal anatomy, including cardiac chambers and great vessels.
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Epidural Subdural Subarachnoid HEM discussion
Review of epidural, subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhages on CT.
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CROUP Anatomy and Pathology DISCUSSION by Radiologist
18mo infant with barking cough and difficulty breathing showing classic findings of CROUP (severe).
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DETAILED CT Anatomy Mediastinum discussion by Radiologist
This is a more detailed discussion of mediastinal anatomy than the earlier and briefer post. I appreciate any feedback.
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CT Pyelonephritis DISCUSSION
General discussion of a CT abdomen and pelvis in a patient with pyelonephritis.
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