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Wrong Restaurant - Gun Control Funny Video
A Criminal Walks into a Diner to Hold it up.. What a Surprise..
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Harbor Freight #93762 4"x6" Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cut Band Saw
This is a review of the Harbor Freight #93762 4"x6" Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cut Band Saw... One modification made so far.. Good Saw. You will enjoy it, and be glad you bought it.
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Propane Burner for Blacksmith Forge or other applications.
Parts Needed: 1" short Nipple. 3/4" pipe 12" long 3/4 to 1" Bell Reducer 4" x 1/8" Pipe Nipple 1/8" cap 1/8" Street Elbow 1/8 to 1/4" Reducer from orifice pipe to your gas connection. #60 (.040) size drill bit to drill the orifice. NOTE: Avoid using any type of Galvanized material when you are dealing with heat. This was just a "Proof of Concept" build to test this style burner before buying the proper (black pipe parts) for a production model. It was also a quick prototype to test the cross pipe gas jet concept at the top of the reducer.. I prefer the simpler side arm burner design over this.. It is easier or just as easy to build, and once you adjust it, it won't move... But, this version for a shop unit that does not move around is fine. I was looking for something more portable at the time. Steps To Build. Drill the 1" to 3/4 Reducer to accept the 1/8" galvanized pipe.. (Slide through it) Drill this just below the lip, through the threads. Drill a .040 size hole in the center of the galvanized pipe with a #60 drill bit. Note to Above: You can also use a .040 mig tip for this kind of build, but, you will have to find a different way to mount the tip, since it won't slide in after you mount it... You can switch to a "Ward Brand" Tee, and leave the side open, and reduce the top down with a bell reducer and finally reduce it with a Male to Female reducer where the Female will accept the outer diameter of the 1/8" pipe.. Drill this reducer out to slide pipe through.. Before you slide the pipe through, and after you drill out the threads to accept the 1/8" pipe, make two cross cuts through the length of the threads like a "+" sign, so, when you slide the pipe through, and tighten the reducer, it will pinch and hold the pipe.. Then, tap the inside of the pipe for a 1/4" x 20 and screw a mig tip in the end with a .040 mig wire tip.. You will have the same working scenario, but a different way to do it.. See my Brick Forge to get a look at the finished product if this confused you. I don't do a close up, but, you will see what I am talking about. Ask if you can't figure it out. Screw everything together, and center the galvanized orfice pipe down the center of the pipe. (Hint: Hook up a water source to be sure you have the orifice centered in the pipe), but, no worries, you can adjust it by ear and flame without it. Some people say you have to have a certain type of 1 to 12 reducer made from Stainless steel.. The bell reducer works fine.. If you want to see a cleaner flame without the shards of orange flame jumping in and out of the blue flame, use something to cut the threads out of the bell reducer, not to upset the flow of the mixed gas/air.. I believe I found the design here.. http://ronreil.abana.org/design2.shtml But, I modified it a bit from the instructions.
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2004-2005 Dodge Durango Hydrolock Problem
The Dodge Chrysler 2004 and 2005 Durangos. The hydro lock problem. The factory defect in the water Cowling. An easy and quick $130 repair Dodge Chrysler hid from owners. Now a $7,000 repair.
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How to Remove Axle nuts without Sockets or using Chisels.
I ran into a axle Lock Nut larger than any of my sockets.. Make a quick tool to get it spun off and back on again.. A simple shop tool made in a few minutes and got the job done quickly.. There is always more than one way to skin a cat..
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Butchering Cornish Rock Chickens with the EZ Pluck
Butchering Cornish Rock Cross Chickens with the EZ Plucker.
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Home Made Copper Parrot for Distillery.
This is a Proofing Parrot for a distillery. It allows you to proof. Your spirits while you. are distilling. Built this for a friend. Enjoy.
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Converting a Klein Linemans Hammer to a Blacksmiths Rounding Hammer
I picked up a Kein Linemans Hammer for $20, and used my Home built 2"x72" Belt Grinder to convert it over from a Linemans Hammer to a Blacksmiths Rounding hammer. 2.5lbs.. These things cost somewhere between $100 and $200 bucks... This one works even better than a new one.. Ha..
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How to Fix a Laying Worker Hive (Without Dumping your Bees)
Some Recommend putting fresh brood in the hive after shaking the bees off of the frames.. Better suggestion... Pull a frame of Nurse Bees and Brood out of another hive, and spray them with Sugar Water or better, sugar water with some essential oils like Honey Bee Healthy, and slide whole frame in,, bees and all, and replace one of the frames with drone brood in them.. Place it in the same slot in the other hive, and watch how the bees uncap the drone brood, kill them, and ready the frame for the queen... You can do this two or three times.. YOu just might find the new nurse and worker bees convince the laying worker that she should not be laying.. Best to have a queen banked, and ready to go when they do.. Take a queen in a queen cage and lay her on top of the frames for a few minutes.. What do you see.. There can still be laying workers in the hive, but, they won't smell just like the "Real Queen".. How do the Majority of the bees treat her.. Remember. It takes several days to get a queen out of a queen cage.. When you have "Real Queen Pheremones" in the hive, My bet is, the Laying workers are either going to stop laying or, get run out of the hive.. Try that, or wait for them to stop laying.. Another: Split the hive between a couple of Nukes.. Wait a couple of days and check for eggs/larve.. If you don't see any, combine the hives that don't.. Shake the other/others, and reassemble with a new queen in a cage and see how they treat her. You are basically asking the Hive to choose.. Laying worker or "Real Queen".. Just make sure the queen cage has at least one or two attendent bees... There WILL BE, some bees that will try to feed them and the queen.. The queen should be able to hide from the bad bees.. A wooden/screen cage is the best.. Another: Split the hive into Nukes, and toss in a frame of fresh eggs/young larve and see if they try to make queen cells, and take care of the brood.. Best to put full frames that have a mix of capped brood and fresh eggs/larva and leave the nurse bees on the frame.. Make sure you spray them with sugar water or honey bee healthy.. You will know it if you forget to spray them.. As you lower the frame, you will hear the buzzing get loud very quick..
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$30 (2" x 72") Belt Grinder Home Made, No Special Tools Required.
I show how I built the 2" x 72" Belt Grinder without any special tools. Skill Saw, Jig Saw, Drill, File, etc.. Simple, anyone can do it with simple tools. There is one other video about this Grinder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsTc3c7upSE
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How do you Build a 6 foot Propane Burner to heat a 6 plus foot gas Oven? I didn't know either. Here we go.. So far, so good. Used a 1" Sched 40 Black Pipe, cut slots with a Portable metal Band Saw. Used Duct Tape to close one end off, and tried different jets (Propane and Natural Gas Jets) to play with the flow, while adjusting the air flow to get the flames back to blue. 4 inch spacing to begin with. This is the propane jets from an old barbq pit, with the standard regulator that came with it. We are going to use the oven to either Shrink the Heat Shrink Tube, or, heat the shafts and /or the plastic tubes that go over the shafts.. If we choose the plastic sleeve verses Shrink Tube, we will convert the oven to a horizontal water bath heater... Not sure which we will pick. I think it will be the Heat Shrink Tube, but, We'll see.
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Extended Burn Time - Large Rocket Stove for Cooking, 6 Inch Round with Slow 90
This is our next stove in the saga of finding the Best Type of Rocket Cooking Stove. This is a 6" diameter thick wall pipe with a slow bend 90 degree.. Works awesome.. We have extended burn times with this stove. 1 Hour on one load of wood.
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RocketStove-LongHorn Beginning Ideas Beginning Build-Long Burn Times
Our New Rocket Stove design.. A Tailgator's Special. Looks like a Field Goal, or the Texas Long Horn Stove. We added 2 more cooking surfaces, for a total of 4. Or, two cooking and two warming surfaces.. This one, or one light it is going to adorn my porch as a cook and conversation piece.. FOR SALE: This stove, or one like it (made from all 6 inch square) might be for sale. We are entertaining the idea of building a few, since they are such nice stoves.. I guarantee, they will turn heads when you go tailgating... And, if you are a Prepper, and you don't have one of these, you are not finished your plan yet.. What happens when you are out of Electric, and can't buy more Propane? These are highly efficient. I would not want to cut wood for some other stove... A Rocket stove cooking wood,, yep, I'll volunteer for that job.. No problem.. Easy..
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A Blacksmith FireBrick Forge
This is a Propane Fired Blacksmith Forge. The burner is a Modified Side Arm Burner. The forge is standard firebricks covered with a 1/4" layer of Refractory Cement, built inside of an Angle Iron Frame.. Low Propane Consumption, high heat, good efficiency.
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How to fix a Rusty - Pitted - Leaking Tin Roof during the Winter.
Watch how we gave new life to an old Rusty, Pitted, pin hole leaking Tin Roof. Patched bad areas with Roof Cement, then topcoated everything with a 50 degree and up roof coating. Will go back in the Spring/Summer with a reflective Top coat, and most likely not have to worry with this for another 7 to 10 years.
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Jigs for making a Skewer, Steak Turner and Dinner Bell with a Forge
I built several Jigs for making a Skewer, Steak Turner, and a Dinner Bell triangle for some friends who were interested in Blacksmithing, and wanted to try their hand at it making something they saw made by someone else.. These are the Jigs that I made and some of the items made with them.
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4 Inch Square Rocket Stove Update - Final Product
This is an update to our 4 Inch Adjustable Head Rocket Stove. We shortened the feed tube, added a lid to the feed tube, a door and latch system to the burn chamber, and made a few more tweaks.. A real nice stove now..
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6 Inch (Stove Pipe) Rocket Stove: (Another short Video)
We experiment with Larger wood sizes and compliment with wood chips, which are similar to wood pellets. You have to meter them, or they will not burn fully...
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Rocket Stove Cooking - 6 Inch Square Tube Rocket Stove-Extended Burn Times
We wanted to design some Rocket Stoves for Cooking, not just warming up a pot of water.. We were looking for Extended run times, plus being able to control the temperatures and be able to control them over time.. We have done this, and it works very well.. If the SHTF, cooking will be a pleasure, and not such a chore.. Come and enjoy.. See the stoves actually being used to Cook Bacon and Pork Chops, while keeping another pot at boil, if it were cooking a chili, soup, stew, etc..
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Metal Finishes - Blacksmith Metal Finishes, Experimenting
Saw several comments about metal finishes... Did some experimenting because what I read and heard did not make sense to me.. Checked out.. Best scenario for paste wax for hot metal was the beeswax and Boiled Linseed oil mixture.
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Best Method for Treating Wood Decks on your Utility Trailer, etc..
NOTE: 5 Gallons of 42 to 46 Weight Hydraulic Oil to 1.5 Gallons of Kerosene is the proper mix. Treating Wood Decks on Utility Trailers can be Cheap and Easy, or tough and Expensive.. What you want is something that will last, either way... Try this mix.. You get both.. Spray or Roll on, and works great.. No Messy Burnt Motor Oil, etc..
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2"x72" Belt Grinder, Proof Of Concept, Prototype Build. $30.00 Success!!
A 2"x72" Belt Grinder for $30.00.. There is one more video on this: https://youtu.be/gtFQt4k1kA8 I have been wanting one of these for a couple of weeks now... Can't see paying $1000 to $3000 for one though.. And, I wasn't sure how much trouble it would be to build one, and I know lots of people would like to have one, and don't have welders, etc.. to build one, so, I decided to build one with very simple tools, everyone might have... Tools Used. 7.5" Skill Saw, Drill and Screw Driver, File Adjustable wrench and a pair of pliers.. A hand full of 3" deck Screws, a half of a hand full of 1-5/8" deck screws, 1- 1/4x3-1/2" bolt and Nut, 1-5/16 x 3-1/2" bolt 3 washers and one Nylox 5/16 nut. 1-5/16 x 2-1/2" bolt, 2-5/16 washers and 6-5/16" washers, and an old wash machine motor I had from years ago, and two 4-1/4" pieces of 5/4 deck boards, and about 1-10 foot 2x4... The only thing I bought was the Skateboard wheels and trucks... When I get ready to build a real one, tool stand and all, I won't mind buying a motor, and a set of real wheels for one.. I will build a cross between a Wilmont Grinder and an Austrailian grinder.. If I had a Lathe and Milling machine, I would build something the Market has never seen, but, is waiting for.. Ha.. I will be putting together a longer video about how anyone can build one of these for cheap, and with a minimum of tools.. I will go over what I did to build it.. It looks crude, but, it works, and if you put it in your shed or garage, it would last you a very long time... At least long enough for you to make some money, or save some money, and make you want to spend the cash to get a real one, and give this to some kid who would love to have it, and use it to broaden his horizons.. Cheers...
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Refrigerator Tool Box - CHEAP Tool Chest.
Build a Cheap Tool Box Chest with Drawers out of an Old Refrigerator.. Ever sit around thinking,, what can I build out of that old refrigerator?? Well, here you go.. Nice box and no one will know what you keep in there.. They never look.. Ha..Ha..
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Hold Down HardyTool for Anvil Build - Non Conventional Build
I didn't know enough to build one of these correctly.. I missed the part about, using stock about the size of your hardy hole, but, I got it to work anyway... Will have to build another correctly, just to have one that was made right.. But, I'll surely use this one, just because I works, and anyone who knows them would know it is pretty cool that it actually does work.. ha.. BTW, the video of the Home Made 2" x 72" Belt Grinder is here: http://youtu.be/RsTc3c7upSE
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Blacksmith: Applying Food Safe Finish at Black Heat to Steak Turners - Norval Walters
Applying the Food Safe Blacksmith Finish at Black Heat for use on the Steak Turners.. Please follow this link for how to use the Steak Turners.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHje-UYCXqc
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Moonshine Filter Cheap Easy and Effective 2 of 2: UPDATE
I added a simple Diffuser Plate and Filter that makes the Filter much better and easier to use.. Took all of 1 minute to fix and install. If you missed it, and want to see it, please see the first video here: https://youtu.be/xmc6rq8mf_0
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Making of a Flatter At the Tools to Make Tools Class with Lyle Wynn and Stan Bryant
This is a short video of 3 Strikers at the Tools to Make Tools Class with Lyle Wynn and Stan Bryant in Mendenhall, Mississippi taken in January of 2016.. I can't recommend their 5 day class enough.. Great Instruction, Great people to associate and learn from,, lots of Good Ole Southern Hospitality, and you "Take Home what you Make"... Contact Patricia for Scheduling at: Toolstomaketools@gmail.com Tell them you saw this video and Comment from Mark Thomas. I am in the Red Shirt and Blue Vest..
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Quick Way to Hook up a Generator to your House.. Safe and Easy
STEPS TO DO THIS.. For Reference.. GENERATOR IS OFF NOW... 1) Turn Main Breaker off.. (MUST) 2) Turn Generator Feed Breaker Off. 3) Turn Off any other 220V Breakers 4) Hook Up Generator Extension Cord 5) Crank Generator and let run 1 minute. 6) Turn on Generator Feed Breaker 7) Start adding loads to the Generator. A quick/easy/safe way of hooking up your generator to your house without spending a thousand dollars on a Generator Panel, and be able to use the connection for other things when you are not using the Generator.. Only for those of you with Common Sense though.. Those that talk about Safety 100% of their time on Youtube,, better not mess with this one.. Way over your head..Ha..
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Oxalic Acid Vaporizer (Home Made for Treating Mites in the Hive)
My Home Made Oxalic Acid Vaporizer for Treating the Varroa and Trachea Mites in the Honey Bee Hives. Best used when hives are broodless. Can be done in the middle of Winter, etc.. But, can be done 3 times, once every 7 days in the spring or fall to cut Mite counts down to nothing.. Also good to use after you make a Nuke to get it off to a good start.
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Moonshine Filter. Cheap/ Easy/Effective 1 of 2: See Update.
How to build a cheap, easy, effective Active Carbon Filter for your Water, Moonshine, etc.. NOTE: UPDATE: I added a diffuser Plate and primary Filter.. This works much better and only took a minute to fix. See the Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoe0AAZbg5o
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My Anvil Stand Video (Quiet down a RR Track Anvil) Easy to Build.
This is an Easy to Build and very effective Anvil Stand for your shop. Solid and one of the few stands that will Hush a piece of Railroad Track.. If you have not seen the Anvil Ring Test and Rebound test video, check it out. You can see what I am talking about..
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4 Inch Square Rocket "Cook Stove" With Adjustable Head
This is our First larger design. A 4" square tube "K" stove design.. A very good, very efficient stove, based on one of our 2" design tests.. See the video for design specifics and burn tests.
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Sound And Rebound Teston a Harbor Freight Anvil
This is a test of the 55lb Harbor Freight Anvil. $55.00 plus $7.00 shipping.. Just to give you an idea of the sound and rebound.. The rebound is actually much better than I expected.. You can see for yourself.
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Raising Cornish Cross Meat Chickens Day 18
Day 18 of Raising 50 Cornish Rock mixed and 25 male black Austerlorps.
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How To: Air Gate Valve For Your Forge
How to build a simple gate valve for your forge.. You are going to want one if you ever use a forge with one.. This is a simple version of it.. Stay tuned.. When we finish the forge upgrades we will be posting a video about the gate valve we designed for it.. Pretty slick.. It vents the extra air up the chimney when you are starting your forge, to create a venturi effect to pull the smoke out of your forge while you are cranking up..
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Large Rocket Stove-Extended Burner - 6.5" Feed Tube to 4" Riser- Broken Rules Rocket Stove
Generally Rocket Stoves use the same Diameter Feed Tube and Riser. We had some materials and figured they would work. A 6.5" Feed Tube to a 4" Riser.. Check it out.. A hot burner. You work it a little differently, but, it works great.
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6 Inch (Stove Pipe) Rocket Stove Testing-Several Designs in testing.
We did a bunch of testing on the 6" stove pipe, rocket Stove for cooking. We learned a lot that helped us build our larger prototype stoves.. Stay tuned, or subscribe to the channel to see new videos posted.
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Longevity Welding machines are Junk. No Warranty!
Longevity WeldAll 160 PI. SHIPPED TO ME DOA, STILL DOA AFTER 5 YEARS. The longevity warranty. You pay and we worship You More DOA units Until you're sick of wasting more money.
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6 5 to 4Inch Rocket Stove: Final Mods- Finished Product
We made some tweaks to the Rocket Stove. Removed an air restriction and ash catch, added a door for lighting the stove, added some to the Riser, and finish coated the stove. This is a really nice stove now.. Not supposed to work, but, works great.
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3 Year Review Of The $30 2"x72" Belt Grinder (SkateBoard Wheels and Trucks)
For those of you who think Skate Board Wheels and Trucks don't work?? Here you go.. 3 Years later, and they are still working..
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6 Inch Square Tube Rocket Stove - Wet Wood Burn
People don't really have any idea how much water split wood will soak up. Surprised us too.. We fired this stove off with Wet wood to see how it would work.. Had a little trouble starting it up, but, it worked like a champ when we got it going.. Experimented with extending the height of the feed tube 6 inches higher.
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8 Foot LED Integrated Fixture/Bulbs vs 8 Foot Fluorescent Bulbs.. LED Wins..
I've been testing several types of LED Fixtures against my old Fluorescent bulbs.. All T8 size, Clear vs Milky Lens, 4000K vs 6500K, Single Row LED vs Double Row V-Shaped bulbs, bulbs in old fixtures vs new Integrated fixtures, etc.. No Question for me now.. T8 Integrated V-Shaped Dual Row LED, 6500K (Daylight) with Clear Lenses deliver the best light for a workshop for seeing detail, reading plans, etc.. For the House/office, or office/warehouse,, 4000K, Milky lens, but, all need the V-Shaped(Dual Row LED) Integrated Bulbs and Fixtures together. Simple install, and can daisy chain if needed in a big area.. Ordered 25 Integrated fixtures for the conversion from old style T8's to LED's..
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Picaroon: The Ultimate Firewood workers Tool
The Picaroon.. The Ultimate Firewood Workers Tool.. Save your back while enjoying the flexibility of moving firewood around easily..
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Making Colloidal Silver, Then Making Salves, etc..
Making Colloidal Silver, what you need to have and know. Then making salves, etc. with the Colloidal Silver.
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Kathy n Tina First Blacksmith Project - Skewers and a Leaf
This is to share a video with Kathy and Tina and friends.. This was their first ever Forge project.. They have been interested for a while, but, today, it was time to take a shot at it.. They both did great, and we had a lot of fun.
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Colloidal Silver Power Supplies.. What actually is happening.
This is a quick video to show you,, it really does not matter what type of power supply you use to make colloidal silver.. The solution is the limiting factor, not the power supply.. I did not make silver for a long time, because everyone was arguing about what makes good silver.. Of course it was those selling their products.. The truth is,, it is all the same, except the ppm they are selling.. There is little to no difference between the products,, but, if you make your own, you are sure what went into it.
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Raising Cornish Cross Meat Chickens Day1 2 Receive, Transfer, and settle in.
Receiving Day old Chicks from the Hatchery, installing them in the brooder, checking them out, weighing them, day 1 and day 2.
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Cheap/Easy Router Table built from shop scraps in 15 minutes
This is a cheap/Easy/Effective router table built from shop scraps in 15 minutes or less.. I built this for a job where I had to cut a 1/4" groove in 60 pieces to build some inner covers for some bee hives. The only special item is some longer screws for your router base. CELL PHONE/SMARTPHONE Tripod Adapter Build Video: https://youtu.be/MOFCQ3sHh7M
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Variable Speed Motor Controls for Forge Blowers Etc.
Blacksmith Variable Speed Motor Controls for Forge Blowers, Belt Grinders, etc.. They work.. Guaranteed. I have had too many of them for too long to let someone say they "Won't work".. Watch and see. I have since found many motors that won't take variable speeds.. They are Induction motors and quite popular.. I have no idea how I have been so lucky over the years to Not find them.. Ha..
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