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How To Shop Cheaply for Raw Dog Food And Cure All Food Allergies!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg61AiZllOM&t=302s Documentary tv "How A RAW Food Diet Fixed what meds didn't" Take a journey to the meat market and learn how to shop for meats and organ for your dog cheaply. Cure your dog of food allergies and escape vets costly medicines!! 52lbs of meat and organs for $62 Budget raw shopping 80lbs of meat and organs for $26.40!!! My dog shown is a Dogo Argentino that fully recovered from food Allergies!!
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Hero dog saves child!!
Rescued Pitbull saves 2year old boy from seizures.And later serves as a therapy dog.
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King of Dogs (Part 3)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B-194fv0wQ Kings of dogs 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHbJfVy4ktQ Kings of Dogs 3 Dogo Argentino at work play and being the dominant and also funny.He fell in love with the small dog at the park and became protective.A few clips from November.20 month old Dogo Argentino in these clips. Cameras used: Nikon L830,Gopro hero 4 Music by:A few clips from December.21 month old Dogo Argentino in these clips. Cameras used: Nikon L830,Gopro hero 4 Music by:The Greatest Beat Ever Song:Like a tycoon
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Raw Food Diet for Dogs vs Cooked
My Dogo argentino "Huey" took part in the taste test for raw meat and organ vs cooked.Find out what he chose and why.80% protein 10% bone 10% organs is the trick for balanced healthy diet. Is processed food good for you?? Contact your vet but also use common sense. When feeding a raw or home-made meat diet, it’s important to remember that you’re not just providing Fido with tasty (to you) muscle meat. Raw Fed Dogs recommends 80% meat/sinew/ligaments and fat, 10% edible bone, 5% liver and 5% other organs, while also recommending freezing certain meats for up to two weeks, such as pork or salmon, to eliminate the risk of parasites. Other diets, such as the BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) diet, recommend a much higher raw bone percentage over meat.
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Dogo Argentino(Jan.2017) puppies
New litter of Dogo Argentino puppy!I have my eye on a young plump female.The sire is a import from Verdes Pampas kennel in south america.
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King of Dogs (Part 2)
Dogo Argentino at work play and being the dominant and also funny.A few clips from November.20 month old Dogo Argentino in these clips. Cameras used: Nikon L830,Gopro hero 4 Music by:Wizzybaby
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Dogo Argentino eats Hambone
10 month old puppy eats a his favorite treat a Hambone.
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Love Story :Puppy update (uncut)
Keta puppy 1yr old Very protective but friendly
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Puppies 1st day at dog park
Flashback video of my Dogo Argentino.He was 4months 40lbs 9/10/15 old in this clip.He did pretty well for his first time. Nowadays we go to the dog park I'm worried about all the other dogs because he's so dominant lol
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Puppys attack my camera!(CUTNESS OVERLOAD)
Dogo Argentino/American Bulldogs 6 weeks old.Getting big fast and are very confident. Im picking up a female pup next week and starting her on a raw food diet.
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Dogo Argentino vs Siberian Husky
Dogo Argentino puppy loves playing with the most dominant dog at the park.He plays with a ten year old Siberian Husky.
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My Dogo Argentino meets a docile female pitbull in at the park in chicago.The pibull is two years old and very nice my boy was so excited !!
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King of Dogs
Dogo Argentino at work play and being the dominant and also funny.A few clips from October 2016.18 month old Dogo Argentino in these clips. Cameras used: Nikon L830,Gopro hero 3,Sony Handycam Music by: Youngchop
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American Bulldog Puppies (HUGE PUPS)
1 week old American bull dog X Dogs Argentino litter 2 female 4 males
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Man and service dog hired at Lowes
Lowe's is a company known for hiring veterans, but one store in Texas is taking that one step further. The store is hiring a veteran along with his service dog. KRBC reporter Amber Treybig has the adorable tale.
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Longboarding with my Dog
Longboarding with Huey dogo Argentino.Sector 9 longboard 39' Camera Gopro Hero 4 Music by Archduke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RScuMlUXTH8 .https://soundcloud.com/archdukedostuf..
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KIng of Dogs 5
Dogo Argentino at work play and being the dominant and also funny.A few clips from March 2017 22 month old Dogo Argentino in these clips. Cameras used: Sonyhandy HD Music by:Trepass
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American Bulldog feeding her Litter
Lulu feeds her hungry puppies The pups are about two weeks old in this clip.
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Training with a Dogo Argentino/Entrenamiento Con un dogo Argentino
Training and playing with my puppy Jehu Dogo Argentino.
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Dog Allergy treatment
Dogo Argentino 16months has a food allergy.Medicated Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Anti-ITCH Maximum Strength Formulation With 1% Lidocaine HCL 1% Pramoxine HCL and Colloidal Oatmeal Medicated Anti-Itch Spray for Dogs with Colloidal Oatmeal uses a proprietary formulation to help relieve your pets dry itchy skin. Helps minimize the number of ingredients dogs are exposed to Maintains digestive health Complete, balanced nutrition for all life stages
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Dog excited before dog park
Dogs Argentino cries everytime before playing with his buddies at the dog park.
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Dogo Argentino loves kids
Dogo Argentino puppy meets kids from the neighborhood.
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Dog DNA Test
Dogo Argentino is Dna tested and the test results are very interesting.Alot of people believe hes mixed because of his ears.This test proves everything along with the AKC paperwork
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Versatility of The Dogo
In the early 1920s Dr. Antonio Martinez wanted to create a super dog that was needed for hunting wild boars. He, with the help of his brother Agustin, began the breed with the Cordoba Fighting dog as a base. This fearless and aggressive crossbreed had a proven record in the dog pits of South America where it fought to the death. Such tenacity was necessary when up against a 400lb pig. However, Antonio used these dogs in hunting trips, and they would rather fight each other than chase the boar. Cameras used:GoPro Hero 3,Nikon L830,Sony Handycam This working dog rarely gets tired and always wants more more more when it comes to exercise,play and activities or they will become bored and destructive. Next Video:Top Ten Guard dogs Worldwide Music:"64" Artist: Archduke
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Dogo Argentino
Walking my 10 month old Dogo Argentino while long boarding.He loves it!
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Pitbulls at the Humane Society
Visiting the local humane society in search for a smaller dog or puppy.Terrier or compatible dog typically female. Most of these dogs are pit bull mixed breeds but you also have a mild variety. I had a close call with a pitbull but I still have all ten digits lol
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King of Dogs 4
Dogo Argentino at work play and being the dominant and also funny.He fell in love with the small dog at the humane society and became protective.A few clips from January 2017 21month old Dogo Argentino in these clips. Cameras used: Nikon L830,Gopro hero 4 A few clips from December month old Dogo Argentino in these clips. Cameras used: Nikon L830,Gopro hero 4
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Dogo Argentino plays fetch
My Dogo Argentino (Jehu)plays fetch.
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Dogo Argentino puppies with Dam
New litter of Dogo Argentino puppys!I have my eye on a young plump female.The sire is a import from Verdes Pampas kennel in south america.The Dam shown hear was purchased by the breeder in Texas from Montosa Dogo line.
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Puppy Nutrition
Tips how to feed new puppies when you bring them home. 16week old Dogo Argentino
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Pro Boxer saves boy from vicious pitbull
Former 1992 Olympian Heavyweight Danell "Doc" Nicholson saves a 8yr old boy from a 70lb pit bull.Cbs chicag news reported this in 2015. What can you do to prevent this? Chain,Exercise,Socialization,house your dog. Pro Record 42 - Wins 5 - Losses 32 - Knockouts Fought Wladimir Klitschko 2003-12-20 For the WBA Inter-Continental heavyweight title, L TKO-4
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This video contains some graphic.Minors get parents permission to watch. Breeding My DOgo Argentino with a American Bulldog. Dog Breeding"Huey" is 2yrs old "LuLu" Is 6 yrs old The puppies were born 4/22/2017
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Huge Dog
Weimaraner/Mastiff mix named Sheriff enjoys time at the dog park.He breaks up fights between other dogs and keeps the peace at the park. Hes 4yrs old and 200lbs plus
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TOP 10 Protection Guard DOGS
This video is about TOP TEN Protection Guard DOGS.This list is based on my personal opinion and experience. Whats your top dog?(comment below) 10 Doberman 9 Tibetan Mastiff 8 African Boerboel 7 Rottweiler 6.Bully Kutta 5.Pressa canario 4.Dogo Argentino 3.Cane Corso 2.Kangal 1.German Shepherd
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Dogs Love Snow/Dogo Argentino ama la nieve
Dogo Argentino plays in the snow.And also demonstrates protective side on command.
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My Dog Was Terrified
Longboarding with my dog and decided to have some fun with him.The joke was on me at the end of the video lol
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Bull Terrier vs Dogo Argentino
Puppy playtime after training session. They really like each other.
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Bermese Mountain Dog
Flashback video.2014 Bermese Mountain/St beard mix My old roommates dog
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Doberman vs Dogo Argentino
Doberman and Dogo Argentino tussle at dog park.This is a flashback from 12/5/15 the doberman (female)was 6months old My dogo was 7months old.The smaller dogs try to get involved but the doberman and dogo are the main event.Puppy play! Dogo Puppy Litter available https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHbJfVy4ktQ&t=25s Dogo litter with Dam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4FbJFVnqLw&t=6s
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Ultimate Protection Dog /Perro de protección final
Dogs Argentino puppy(10 months old) on high alert! He heard something on the next street and went into protection mode.
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Fox Terrier
An Interesting story on Fox Terrier.Im looking for a second dog to be compatible with my large dog(Dogo Argentino) Do you own a Smooth fox terrier or wire fox? Share your experience with me... Camera used:Gopro Hero 4 Music:RevelleDubstep Military Trumpet Wake up Call Gabe Miller Observatory Soundtrack Style Hip hop Instrumental
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German Shepherd mixed Vs Dogo Argentino (Snow Buddys)
Dogo Argentino play with his female friend Mia (shepherd/husky)In michigans first son day 6-8 inches of snow. Music by Gabs Miller:Nebula
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German Shepherd vs Dogo Argentino
Met a lady walking her White German shepherd 3yrs old.Meets Dogo Argentino 11mo this old in this clip.
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Dogo Argentino vs pitbull
Puppy Dogo Argentino yaps at bully pit.13 week old Dogo puppy and pit bull/Bully at the riverwalk in downtown detroit. How To Shop Cheaply for Raw Dog Food And Cure All Food Allergies!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j6EpDyrMCM&t=6s Dogo Argentino Puppy litter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHbJfVy4ktQ&t=13s Dam and Dogo puppies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4FbJFVnqLw&t=3s My Dogo 3months old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8oDqYP7Ye0
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Dog vs Balloon
Huey takes out intruder in back yard
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Dogo Argentino Info Super Breed
Information on Dogo Argentino. Huey plays with his bulldog friend.
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Dog Rope Pull(Like No Other)
Playing with my dogo argentino.His favorite toy is the rope toy. Music:Instrumental 'Like No Other"
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Dog at the car wash
My dogo Argentino visits the car wash with me.Sometimes he barks and growls but this day he was very calm during the wash
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