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East Hartford CT with the Pink Heals Tour  WOW!
Driving hundreds of miles at a time, carrying these signatures of very special people, mostly women, some men, a few children, boys and girls. We are just drivers with a special message, a message from them to all of us who've not fought this battle yet. They tell us to load our guns, rally the troops and come stand by their side, to at the very least show support and if we must join them in the fight to end this fight with one swift blow. What better way then to start this movement with the Fire and Police and joining forces for the people we elect to be our leaders in our communities. This showing of support from East Hartford Conneticut was that kind of support effort. Watch this video and feel the love of these people and the selflessness that was put into receiving these pink fire trucks into their City
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Pink Heals Tour 09 - Wentzville MO
Wentzville firefighters giving a parade for the women of their communities, they Care Enough to Wear Pink and believe Pink Heals. They are the first City to recognize how these pink fire trucks with all these signatures can rally people to support our women who are fighting this "Bully" Cancer!!! I believe they raised almost $15,000 dollars to be given to the women of their communites, Great Job!!!
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Pink Fire Trucks making a difference for 5 year old girl and Family battling Cancer!
Must Watch! Thousands of miles away these pink fire trucks and pink fire fighters made the day a little birghter for a 5 year old girl named Molly from Longmeadow MA. She is battling Brain Cancer and we where asked to make a little video to let her know she's loved and that we will be paying her a visit in the future to bring the love right to her room! Pink Heals!
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Pink Heals Tour visits one of our Chapters in Washington Courthouse OH
Visiting "Leah" one of our 23 pink fire trucks across the Country. Leah resides in Washington Courthouse Ohio and is the property of one of our chapters. We plan on having 100 chapters and 200 pink fire trucks in the next three years. Thanks goes out to Ryan McMurray and Jim Thompson for putting this chapter together. A shout out also goes out to Molly and Ashley for doing what they do to keep the chapter in working order, I am traveling with Ryan and Jim and of course I know they couldn't do this without some superstars helping them out.
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Pink Heals Tour 2010 Lufkin TX
Fire Fighters and community along with their Chief and Mayor came out to see the pink fire trucks. While there we met a young girl about four years old who is currently battling against leukemia. Cadence came to see the pink fire trucks, while there we took her for a ride through the zoo escorted by the Lufkin Fire Department.
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Talking with Leutenant John Brown of the Memphis Fire Department
While Driving to an event, Lisa and I talked to Leutenant John Brown of the Memphis Fire Department about his experience with Cancer. He Lost his wife to cancer about a year ago and we thought it would be great for him to be the Captain of "Elaine" as we got escorted to our next event. He signed on the drivers door on the inside of the Truck, he shared some great stories, we shared some tears and it was an awesome!!!!! moment for all of us in the truck.
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Interview in Palmer Ma
Hearing the people talk about what it means to have the pink fire truck visit somebody who just needs a little support! What a moment for all of us, we will never forget and we will never quit!
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Pink Heals tour with Thornton Fire Department
Thornton Fire Department Gives a nice donation to the Pink Heals tour after learning that the credit card machine lost all the transactions during a fund raiser. Thornton Fire Cares Enough to Wear Pink and rasied money for the Susan G. Komen organization in their local community.
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Escort with Las Vegas fire and police
This escort made history,,,, great job to the Las Vegas and North Las Vegas Fire and Police! Way to go!
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Memphis Fire escort with Chief Pillsbury
Thanks to the Memphis TN fire deptartment along with the Memphis motorcycle police, even in the rain they came and escorted us to our destination. Chief Pillsbury and his crew are making a difference for the ladies of Memphis! Great job Memphis!
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Dubois PA What a community!!!
So many small towns are jumping on board this program and so many people are coming together to support our women. It's very moving as we come into these towns with our pink fire trucks and we get this kind of support, thanks to everybody who has believed in Lisa and I and the rest of the Guardians. We will not let you down!!!!
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pink heals tour formerly pink ribbon tour Daisy Mountain Fire
Daisy Mountain Fire Department Cares Enough to Wear Pink to support our women who battle cancer
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Abilene Fire and their community really took care of us and the trucks
Getting a helping hand to preserve the signatures so that when we get home we can rap the truck with a clear rap and protect them. We had a great time and we where really impressed with the people in this great Texas town. The people in Texas are really nice and they have such a down to earth feel about them. We will miss Texas and we can't wait to come back on tour!!!!
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Senator Lisa Baker Harrisburg PA signing the Pink Fire Truck aka pinkheals.com
Senator Lisa Baker signed the Pink Fire Truck in honor of a family member, Senator Baker has recognized the Pink Heals Tour and will support the Cares Enough to Wear Pink Campaign.
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Pink Fire Truck support in New Hampshire "AWESOME"
Support for these pink fire trucks in New Hampshire was tremendous when we entered the State Line, bridges where lined with Fire and Police as they paid tribute to all the women who have signed these trucks. We are gaining lots of support across the Country and we are all getting in pink to honor our women and then marching on your behalf against cancer.
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Pink Ribbon Tour in North Las Vegas
the pink fire truck in North Las Vegas!
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East Hartford Fire what a showing of support!
Phoenix Fire Fighter Mike Montanez had on heck of a going away event on his last day, what an emotional day it was. East Hartford fire and it's community came out in full force to honor one of it's on Fire Fighters. Thanks Mike for taking time out of your life to come out and help, hope to see you again on the road.
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We love you Leslie Hulse, we will tell your story forever!!!!!
Hearing her story a year ago, we needed to come to Fishers IN to not only support all women in their town who battle cancer but also bring the pink fire truck to Leslie so she could sign "Elaine", our pink fire truck. We where given a police escort to her house and when we turned the corner she was waiting outside with her family. This is what we set out to do over 20 Months ago and we are getting to make a difference in peoples lives. Bringing love and hope in the form of a pink fire trucks, letting people sign their names to them so we can carry their stories across the Country. Trying to inspire those of us that have not experienced what she is going through, to get out and at the very least show her how important she is to us by wearing the color pink and telling her that we will stand up to Cancer before it gets all of us!!!!
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Pink Heals Tour 2010.flv
Our non profit mission is to provide a national movement for the support of women across the country by wearing her color pink. The National "Cares Enough to Wear Pink" days are Oct 25th 26th and 27th. We support all types of cancer relief efforts and focus on womenas a whole in whatever type of cancer they battle. As men it is in our nature to care for the women in our lives, this is another way to show love and support. Women are the most important people in our lives whether they are our mothers, wives, daughters or sisters.
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Pink Heals Tour visits an Angel in Baytown TX and gets her Autograph
Pat's autograph means more to us then any celebrity, she has been through so much and deserves a better life then the one she has been given. Does anybody realize how much cancer there is out here? Do you like us get a little tired hearing about somebody being diagnosed? Do you realize that it's knocking on all our doors but we can't hear it! Join our organization and stand up for all the people that we never get to meet to say we CARE! Let's do an about face in this Country and show our Love for our women and our own Communities then rally together to say enough is enough. We're a little tired but very humbled by these experiences, thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your lives.
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Pink Heals Tour Visits Christie in Pearland TX
The Pink Heals Tour met an Angel today and her name is Christie. With an escort from the Harris Country Sheriff Department and a coordinated effort from her husband and all her friends on facebook, it was a great success. We are very humbled to get to spend an hour with this wonderful family and hopefully we bightened her day a little. Christie is battling brain cancer and she has the determination to kick it's butt and the love from all of us to atleast let her know she's not alone. Please give a shout out and some Prayers to this wonderful person, it was an honor to meet you today!
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Pink Heals Tour visits with Judy in Tallahassee FL
Meeting people like Judy is what makes this tour so perfect, her strength and positive outlook on life helps everybody who meets this wonderful woman. Judy and so many others that are waging war against cancer need a little boost and these pink fire trucks, even if it is just for a moment, picked up her spirits a little. Judy hang in there and know that you are loved from a far and your story will live on forever.
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Pink Heals Tour visits an Angel in Baytown TX named Pat
While visiting Baytown and doing an event to help the women of the local area battling cancer a family asked us to pay a special visit to the matriarch of the family who is battling brain cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago and eventually it spread to her brain. Thanks goes out to the Baytown fire department, Harris County Sheriffs and most importantly to Pat's Family. Pat we Love you!
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It is an annual tradition that the Fire Chiefs dance in the Pink Fire Suits
What a great bunchof People that work for the Raleigh Fire Department, watch how they try to do the CANCAN dance in their pink fire suits! Thanks Krisitn for putting so much effort in planning this years stop, hopefully you will get more help next year, raising money for the women of your community that have cancer is what this is all about.
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A visit to a special person in Palmer MA
We had a very emotional day today with two visits in Two States and two great towns, Palmer Mass and East Hartford Conneticut. Our first visit was in Palmer MA, we where escorted to this wonderful womens home to offer her a little love and hope. It was a great showing of support by the local people and by the fire department in the area (Bondsville Fire Department)
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Pink Heals Tour Police support for our program
Buffalo Grove ILL was a great stop for our tour, because of the police starting to get involved in the program. Our "Cares Enough to Wear Pink" movement wants all tax based organizations to get involved, especially our Police. Our first line of defense in the Country is going to war for all our women in their battle against cancer.
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Maricopa, a small Arizona town that cares about their women, they care enough to wear pink!
The Mayor, City Manager, Fire Chief and the fire fighters along with some of their citizens came out to enjoy the three pink fire trucks, Elaine, Karen and Heather. They are wearing pink to support all their women, they are letting them know that they will stand by their side in their battle against all cancer. What a town!!!!!
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Tyler TX just donated a truck to us for a special woman who passed away to cancer
Tonya was her name and she was the wife of a firefighter here in Tyler TX. We are so grateful for the support we where given in Tyler, they showed why Texas was the first State to adopt our Cares Enough to Wear Pink program. We will take this fire truck home and paint it pink and carry her message throughout the Country and rally support for women afflicted with this disease.
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Pink Heals Tour Dave Graybill Interview Florida Capitol
Our fourtieth day on tour giving another interview on why we are marching across the Country in honor of our women battling cancer. A little tired and sometimes a little frustrated, the message is so simple but sometimes its hard for people to realize that this is passionately driven through love and selflessness. We have No time to be politically correct, these women and their families that have signed the thousands of stories on the truck have No time in their battle for life and we have to be proactive. We have to start taking care of our own and that starts with our own communities here at home. Pink will Heal if we do it in service to our women, only if we do it selflessly and without ownership. Last we checked Love is free, the universal color of Love is Pink and the color that best represents all women.
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City of Tyler TX donates Fire Truck to Pink Heals Tour "Tonya"
Tyler TX one of thousands of Cities to adopt the Cares Enough to Wear Pink campaign, donates a truck in honor of a wife of a local fire fighter who lost her battle to cancer. Tyler TX shows exactly why this program is perfect in bringing our communities together for our women.
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Georgetown TX was a smash and we will be back next year
This is total respect for the women on the truck, Georgetown Texas did a great job presenting the trucks to the people in their community. It was raining all day and it was wet but the people still came out to see and sign the trucks. Thank You, your fire department and your City should be proud!!!
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Tyler TX shows why the State of TX rocks!!!!!
What a welcome the City of Tyler TX gave us when we arrived, about two thousand people in a sea of PINK!!! We even got a great surprise as the City dedicated a fire truck in the name of a women who passed away due to cancer. "Tonya" will be our newest truck that we add to our Pink Army of Love and Hope!
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Bringing Love and Hope in the form of pink fire trucks to South Bend IN
Lynn a two year cancer survivor tell us what she thinks of the pink fire truck in South Bend IN.
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Getting ready for an escort into San Marcos Tx
Being passed from one town to the next, these women, men and some children who've had their names written on the truck are getting the respect they deserve. Thanks to the Buda Fire Department and San Marcos Fire Department for honoring our Pink Fire Trucks. It was a great day even in the rain and I want to thank the San Marcos Police for getting in pink and standing with us to honor their women, I am still looking for that Pink Police Car!!!!!
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Jeff Mccarroll one of our Pink Guardians goes down with a kidney stone
We could not do this without people like Jeff Mccarroll, he gave up more than 30 days of his life to travel across the Country in honor of men, Women and Children battling cancer. Although we march in pink to support women and their battle against cancer, we still believe we are representing all people that have been touched by this disease. Jeff started to get a little discomfort while we where in Universal City TX, so we took him into the Hospitol to get checked out, it was a short stay and yes he had a kidney stone which they where able to flush out. Thanks Jeff for your selflessness and thanks Anne for allowing your man to experience this great Journey. Jeffs wife Anne, is also a Breast Cancer survivor, her help with our project has been just as important to the overall success. Thanks Jeff and Anne.
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Pink Heals Tour Georgetown Pipes and drums.mpg
Having the pipes and drums really sends the message home for the community on the importance of rallying together to celebrate our women. This was very emotional due to the fact they had so many cancer survivors there in attendence.
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Pink Heals Tour drivers outtake 2
Introducing the drivers for our second leg of our National Pink Heals Tour spreading the "Cares Enough to Wear Pink" movement. Dave Cherrone, Mike Mullins, Ryan McMurray and Jim "Tatar Tot" Thompson should be celebrated for helping get these pink fire trucks across the Country. Each one of these gentleman are currently building their own chapters of the Guardians of the Ribbon in their own communities. Pink Heals!
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Pink Heals Tour Baytown event from an ariel ladder
Birds eye view of our event in the morning in Baytown, great support for the local community and all their proceeds from the event stayed in their community. This event lasted 6 hours and there were people there the whole day. They even requested the schools get out and come see the trucks and they did. These trucks have so much love on them and they should be used to teach our children the importance of community and outreach.
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Pink Heals Tour Rhode Island Chapter
While visiting our Rhode Island Chapter the batteries died on their fire truck named "Jackie" named after Ted's mom a three time cancer survivor.
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Pink Heals Tour Corpus Christi
The retail giant knows as the pink heals tour apparel line going to work at an event folding shirts. This is the only way we pay for our expenses so that these trucks can get across the Country to spread our message of love and hope. The Cares Enough to Wear Pink message via the Pink Heals Tour has become the fastest growing support effort for womena and their families battling cancer. It works because we do not have sponsors and we do this for free, we only go as far as our shirt sales take us. It gives us the ability to reach small communities and individual homes without any interference from the outside World. Please buy a shirt on www.pinkfiretrucks.org
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pink Heals Tour aka Pink Ribbon Tour with Joe Biden in Las Vegas
Political convention in Las Vegas the Pink Ribbon Tour was asked to come and be at the rally.
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Pink Heals Tour drivers outtake 3
Getting to know some of the drivers of the Pink Heals Tour. These men and women take vacation time for 10-18 days to travel across the Country in the pink fire trucks. We could not do this without their selfless support and thanks goes out to all of the them especially Bob Bidwell, Jason Birenkott and Steve Rusin.
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Pink heals tour
Pink fire trucks
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Pink Heals Tour Miami Dade and surrounding Cities celebrating their women by doing a photo shoot
Bringing Cities together to show our women that we Care and Love her, we then will march on her behalf against cancer. This takes a great deal of cooperation to get all these agencies together. Great work goes out to all the fire and police departments that put this together. We are a war against a "Terrorist" it's name is Cancer!
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Pink Heals Tour drivers outtakes 4
Having fun in New Braunfels TX, we can get these guys to do anything, hope it puts a smile on your face!
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Great support in Raleigh NC
Watching people get a chance to visit and see these great pink fire trucks is what it's all about, we carry these signatures to tell their stories and we hope people that have not been affected get out and help those that need a little lift by providing love and hope.
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Georgetown Texas "Cares Enough to Wear Pink
Here is a group shot of some of the people that came out to participate in the event in Georgetown TX.
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Rock for the Cure with the Pink Heals Tour
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Cheer for Pink Heals!
Cheerleaders from the Broomfield area out supporting the Pink Heals Tour in the Denver area. Thanks to Wendy Forbes from North Metro Fire for setting all our stops up here in Colorado.
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Tallahassee Matters-Pink Heals - YouTube.flv
A well done video produced in and for Tallahassee that explains the before during and after of a tour stop by the Pink Heals Tour. Please listen and understand what this program can do for your city if you use the program in the way is suppose to be used. We thank Tallahassee Matters for putting together such a great video! Remember all the money raised in your city should stay in your city to help those battling cancer.
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